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Advice for the father of a preteen girl who has recently came out Lesbian.

Where do I start? I want to give as much Context as possible.
First, let’s get me and my wife out of the way. We are both cisgender, heterosexual, middle class parents of 3. We are very progressive but haven’t always been. Both of us come from extremely conservative Christian families but neither of us are practicing Christians today. I personally have always, even in my most pious times, felt that love is love and that regardless of what form it takes Love could never be a “sin”.
My daughter is a very beautiful, extremely funny, shy, artistic, amazing person. Like myself, she has a hard time talking to crowds of people but opens up a lot around close friends and family. I wish she had more confidence and my wife and I try to cultivate that in her everyday.
My Daughter and I have a very strong relationship and she recently came to my wife and confidently (unlike her) told her that she was a Lesbian and that she already had a girlfriend on Roblox (online game). Since I monitor her interactions with people online very closely I kind of saw this coming, BUT I wanted her to tell us in her own time.
When my wife told me the news (my daughter asked her to tell me) my reaction was kind of all over the place happy for her but sad for other reasons. One, she is too young to have a “girlfriend” lol but we all had relationships when we were too young. YAY she was able to come to us, but why didn’t she want to tell me herself. Did I do or say something to make her not want to tell me herself. AND OH SHIT OH NO our families what are they gonna say? Am I gonna have to lose my shit on my extremely religious conservative mom/sister when they tell her that they believe what my daughter is doing is a sin and would send her to hell. I still haven’t fully grappled all my feelings yet.
So here are my questions.
What did your parents do or what do you wish they had done to help you feel safe, confident, and accepted?
What pitfalls do I need to avoid as a parent?
Are there any resources you would recommend for parents of a member of the LGBT community?
How do we approach members of our family who might not be as accepting of her?
While she is still young and figuring things out, If someone isn’t accepting of her do we as her parents decide to cut that person from her life or do we let her make that decision? (Including micro-aggressive, passive aggressive members of our family who say the still love her, but don’t accept her lifestyle.)
And any advice/tips that aren’t directly solicited would be welcome.
Thanks in advance!
Edit 1: Thanks everyone for the advice so far, me and my wife have been reading every comment. It means a lot.
submitted by Krockett to lgbt


Help with Xbox related gift purchase.

Hello everyone. I am asking for some advice from you dear XBox experts. I hope this is allowed but if not, perhaps you could point me in the right direction instead, and I am sorry.
For Christmas, my daughter, EV has decided she wants to buy her dad something Xbox related.
The problem is I have no idea where to start, and neither does she (she is 8 and has an Xbox too but basically only plays Roblox and some pony game). EV said she'd like to buy a game, but I think that might be a bit too risky? Could you guys please recommend either a game or an accessory/hardware that you think could make a decent gift?
It's going to be difficult but I'll try my best to explain what I know about her dad’s gaming preferences etc.:
I believe that he usually buys his games online but I don't know for sure, it's just that I don't see many discs around but I assume he has more games than what I can see.
Game wise, I'm going to do my best to describe what I understand as to the types of games he appears to play. So here goes (pretty please no hate):
  1. Right now he is playing a game called 'something something: Valhalla'. I can't remember what the first two words he said were though. The character is pretty damn fine looking if I do say so myself.. he has the sides of his head shaved and long hair and face tattoos. I’m assuming he is supposed to be a Viking and I believe there is an option to play as a female character as well.
  2. I have watched him play a game that looks a lot like the Mad Max movie. Not Road Warrior (I think that's what the first Mad Max movie was released in the US as), but the new-ish Mad Max movie. There’s a lot of driving around in a crazy-looking car, I think with the player being outside/on top of the vehicle if that makes sense;
  3. Pretty sure that in the past he has played a game called The Witcher;
  4. He doesn't play Fortnight or Minecraft (games that I’ve heard of because my teenage daughter plays);
  5. I think the types of games he prefers are called 'role-playing' or something.. which sounds a bit kinky but that's not what we're talking about here.
  6. He has pre-ordered that new game that's release date was recently postponed and has caused some giant hoo-ha.
  7. Some of the games I have seen him play look like post-apocalyptic/dystopian, first-person kind of games. E.g. one had these weird sick looking cows that had been damaged by radiation or something and it looked like the player was building settlements for the survivors of some humanity/civilization ending disaster. In another one he was riding a horse around and I think he had a dog following him. There seems to be a lot of collecting of things, buying/trading of things and customizing of clothing/armor etc. Generally, there is fighting, a lot of times with swords and hammers/axes etc and less-often with guns/grenades etc.
Hopefully that's helps a bit as to what kind of games he plays. He doesn't play on-line (or whatever it's called where you wear a headset and talk to other gamers).
In terms of hardware: I think the console he has currently is called an X-Box OneX. It's black and has red graffiti-like designs on it and he recently bought that to replace a white console that was purchased about some years ago. I don't think the current console was particularly expensive. I'm not sure if there is a newer or better console that he'd appreciate or is worth buying and is affordable. I heard something about a new Xbox console that was going to cost about $800 (Australian Dollars) but that is more than EV has in her piggy bank lol. I’d consider chipping in for something like that if I knew he’d definitely want it and it really was the bees knees.
I’m not sure if the type of telly we have is relevant to any of this.
Accessory-wise is it worth looking into new controllers or charging stations or something else that I haven't heard of?
Honestly, I don't know whether to look at games or what else would be a decent gift? Perhaps I should get EV to think of something else completely for her dad? It's just that she was really excited by her idea to get something game-related and I thought you guys would be better to ask than me going into a store and asking for help, but if you think that there really isn't anything that would make a good gift, please say so!
Thank you to anyone who has taken the time to read this... and thank you so very much to anyone who comments (without calling me an idiot for having no idea what I'm talking about. I haven't intended to offend anyone or anything like that so PLEASE no hate). Perhaps you guys have a bit of spare time on your hands while waiting for that new game to be released lol (that game was apparently first
Thank you again, and cheers from down under!
submitted by helencolleen to xbox