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Towards a better understanding of the 90 foot stone suggestion.

In the ongoing effort to show how the BS details you and I are given in this mystery betray the nature of the suggestions I'm going to discuss a few thing about the 90 foot stone characters that, quite frankly, don't exist in real life at the same time they have a life as details in stories floating around as "evidence" for something. I've said it many times before, and I will say it again. The alleged events of ca. 1804 that describe a shaft that has the features of Enoch's vault have no supporting evidence in Nova Scotia. The accounts of these events only surfaced much later (after Haliburton had written his account of a treasure search in Chester Bay that caries the suggestion of Enoch/freemasons). No one has ever produced this stone. We have stories about it being placed in John Smith's chimney, which should ring some alarm bells because Haliburton's character, John Smith, is described as having a chimney whose mantle is displaying ominous symbolic clues in that story. NS legend imitating literary suggestion? Possibly. Literature imitating legend? Not according to Haliburton. In his preface he says that the stories are entirely fictional. Without a stone we somehow have managed to acquire symbols published in other later literary works. Some people desperate for them to be real have gone out of their way to suggest enough to cloud the waters and keep the possibilities intact for the gullible. The 90 foot stone is an essential element in the legend of Enoch's shaft. It is said to be covered in mysterious hieroglyphs that cannot be deciphered, and it is located just above the vault. The characters we are given are similarly without meaning. Today you can put them into powerful cryptological tools that test for letter to symbol ciphers and see for yourself that the engines cannot return solutions for the symbols into English. Yet, someone did apparently solve it by direct translation to English (!). The solution appears to work, but the clincher is that one cannot get from symbol to translation if that is the way we start. Conclusion: the translation is reverse engineered. That's actually what a lot of people believe anyway since admission about this apparently exist. There are still the die-hards that will defend the legitimacy of the characters. That is where we can go further and show other things. Going on the insane assumption that the modern fools are actually excavating into Enoch's shaft looking to get to the proverbially unattainable vault, we can go ahead and assume the symbols have no meaning as symbols. I've done this before to show how one can simply count the symbols and produce a very basic 8 digit numbering scheme that represents it. Here's what that looks like. That allows some similar basic treatment of the numbers to show a few neat properties. The numbers summed as they are given (in two rows) produce a 4 number series that is made up of the same numbers one would get if the consecutive numbers in the single row series were added. Fortuitous occurrence? Well, we can actually examine that and see on what order of chance this sort of thing might pop up if you simply generated any 8 digit series of your own (omitting zero). You' ll be trying for a while to fall on one. The vertical sum of digits appears to be suggested by the layout. Since there are considerable number of ways that one could fudge numbers to behave this way among 98 possibilities it does imply that there may be a desire for the vertical sum to be yielding desired information on another level. This is where it helps to understand the nature of the games that are being used in the hermetic texts that are the philosophical basis for Freemasonry. The calendar dating scheme is one of the most often seen of the number games. On the hunch we are seeing that here we can consider 13,10,8,9 as an example of this. Does it yield anything? 1310 as a number for years and 89 for a number for days does. That's the calendar puzzle equivalent to March 30, 1310. Significant? Yes. 1310 is the year that King Phillip slaughtered the Templars. March 28th is the day they were sentenced. March 30th happens to fall on Easter in that last fatal year for these zealots. It was the last time they celebrated Easter (the ultimate vertical projection). The relevance of Easter in the Rosicrucian canon of texts is front and center. Those form the fictitious literary groundwork for the imaginary order of men in which there is " The Chemical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz" that turns around events surrounding Easter (with plenty of suggestion it is pointing to Easter, 1310, and Templars). Once again, I submit that you are being punked by Freemasons here. This is not a stone attributable to Kidd, other pirates, the Spanish, the French, the natives or the Acadians. Someone is trying to goad you into discovering their stories so that they may appear to have a reality. It's no different from the look I had regarding the 1762 surveying of the Island by a local Freemason and how Nolan's cross comes out of it. The place has a thoroughly biased story being told that is a fiction based in a fiction which is based in a fiction. The most basic fiction is religion itself. You would not have any of this if it were not that a bunch of New-Age German/Anglo Reformation era philosophers had not labored so hard to establish a story for a population of gullible fools to buy into in the hopes that it would stop them from slaughtering themselves in bloody religious wars (not a bad end to work towards). The post 1850 searcher era of OI is the period where most of the Masonic detail is exploited for gain by other Masons. Someone presumably wanted a free look at the legends (just in case!) or wanted to defraud. Someone had to foot the bill. The costs were paid by the ones who got interested in it just enough for it to separate them from their money. Can you blame the duped? Well, the story was made consistent with lot of things people thought they knew. Moral of story: know your past and don't believe in interesting stories. An entire bunch of people are exploiting the same interest today just to get a free look, just in case! Don't hold your breath waiting for success, and maybe rethink your vacations.
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[ONLINE][5E][GMT-5] The Sinsister Secrets of the Ghosts of Saltmarsh

Hello! I'm looking to form a group to go through the Ghosts of Saltmarsh. As a DM I'm looking to establish a group of cool cats who want to get together, roll some dice, and have some fun. Especially now during these times, it's best to get the social interactions where we can!

As a player, you will get the following from me as a DM:

1). A great story for your character and an overarching narrative. You will face obstacles, but ideally come out successful. That doesn't mean it will be easy! I love delving into backstories, but with the understanding y'all starting at level one; you have a history before this game but no one should have been an accomplished warlord, or a king. This is where you get that experience to finish your tales! I am going to put you, as an individual player character, and as a group in situations that are going to challenge your beliefs. I will build tension between the world and you, and maybe even between the party; but that tension stays in-game and does not leave the game. Everything that is done is done to tell a good story for your character, and for the overarching narrative.

1.b.) I want you to be active in this world. Use your down time. Make decisions for yourself. Have your agency. Have those RP moments where the party disagrees. I'm here to narrate, you're here to participate. But with that in mind, the reason your PC is with the party is completely your responsibility. I'm not going to force PCs to stay together, but that's part of the social contract we agree to in order to play a cooperative game. You'll all have your own motivations, but what will you do with that?

2). Punctuality and consistency in time. I'm just finishing up another campaign that, over a year we missed only three sessions. Two were because of football, and one I was on vacation. At the same time, I spend the day of the session doing my formal planning, which takes anywhere between four and eight hours.

3). Pirates. Who doesn't fucking love pirates? Sea ship battles! Exploring! But I honestly do not know if we will keep this in the Forgotten Realms or move it to Wildemont, which is a possibility.

As a DM, here is what I'm looking for:

1). Players who understand that this is a cooperative game between DM and players. While I'm playing your obstacles, it will always be my intention to do what's best for the story. There is no "you vs me". It's "us vs the story." Let's make it one to remember.

2). A mix of genders, new players, old players, forever DMs and forever players. In a perfect world, we can rotate DMs between adventures in Ghosts of Saltmarsh. I'm not at all interested in running a game for young people. I'm 28, and am looking for a group of 20+. I want and enjoy diversity from all aspects of life. I run a accepting table from all walks of life. You matter. So if you're going to be at my table, you need to be accepting.

3). WotC published content. Anything from a published book is allowed (SCaG, Volo's, XgtE, EgtW, GGtR, etc). I'm honestly not interested in homebrew classes, races, or subclasses.
4). In a perfect world, someone who would be willing to DM down the line. I'm the forever DM. Out of playing for six years, I've been a player once. Kind of sucks, but oh well.
We will start at lvl 1. VHuman does not start with a feat. I'm US Central Time (GMT-5). Looking to start this week. Discord and Roll20 usage.

Please fill out the survey below and feel free to drop me a line.

[Player Survey](https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSd3ym9uX-3ciKT16RhCOYJ-KhAEp17goo6t4pyuLw_vR1YvDQ/viewform)
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