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Oryx 3 Release and Patch Notes 07/22/20

Oryx 3 Release and Patch Notes 07/22/20

The Cosmos shall rain his wrath down upon you!

The ground quakes from his splendor!

Behold, the glory of a god above all others…

Oryx’s Sanctuary is officially out and open to all abominable knaves and feeble ants to try their hand at defeating the Mad God’s new and mighty final form. We hope you are ready to face him and his entourage! They are ready to face you. Here is what this release brings!

New Content

  • Added Oryx’s Sanctuary to Realm Exalt (only!).
  • Added new UT items to Oryx’s Sanctuary. Oryx 3 drops:
  • Archbishop Leucoryx drops:
  • Treasurer Gemsbok drops:
  • Chancellor Dammah drops:
  • Chief Beisa drops:
  • Added the Heavenly Angelic Bard ST Set to Oryx’s Sanctuary (drops from all minibosses and Oryx).
  • Added new T14 weapons, T7 abilities, and T15 armors to Oryx’s Sanctuary.
  • OST by WangleLine: Added the Wine Cellar Theme to (you guessed it) the Wine Cellar.
  • New O3-related cloths: They drop from bosses and minions. Cloths and Cloths drop from the respective bosses. Sanctuary, Steel, and Plate drop from the minions in the dungeon.
  • New style of HP scaling known as adaptive scaling. Instead of a linear percentage, enemies in Oryx’s Sanctuary use a more sophisticated exponential formula for HP scaling. This means that the HP difference between the first few people is very minor, but eventually slopes up and becomes increasingly steeper for each person. We aim for this to allow smaller groups to benefit and not contend with levels of HP scaling mostly meant to match larger parties, and may implement this new style across the game at a later date.

Realm Fixes and Improvements

  • https://www.realmofthemadgod.com will now redirect to the Realm Exalt page. Flash version is accessible through https://realmofthemadgod.com/legacy/.
  • Realm Exalt client will be set as the default on Steam later today. Flash is still available in the drop down menu.
  • Fixed an issue where newly spawned enemies could be instakilled.
  • Players are now Silenced and Stunned in addition to Invincible for the first three seconds upon entering a dungeon. You can also no longer be damaged by terrain during this period and shots will pass through you.
  • Added a ‘Credits’ button in the main/ESC menu (those are not final!).
  • 'Release' Pet button now shows and functions properly.
  • Cursor is now disabled when players use the /pause command.
  • Fixed an issue where item info bubbles would disappear upon walking over chests and other inventory displaying objects.
  • Fixed an issue where players could not drop items while the Player Stats/Attributes panel is open.
  • Fixed an issue where players’ names and text bubbles could appear flipped upon entering a new area.
  • Fixed an issue where players’ pet briefly displays as the Caretaker upon entering a new area.
  • Fixed an issue where the player indicator icon was sometimes not displayed on the minimap.
  • Fixed some disparities in displaying 3D objects in Unity and Flash.
  • In the Snake Pit, the breakable walls now have a distinct color on the minimap.
  • The 'Quit' button now disappears from the screen once you load into the Nexus/Dungeon (when the player presses the 'ESC' key while on the loading screen).
  • Fixed a number of UI display issues.
  • Stability and performance improvements.

Other Fixes

  • Added new Realm Eye lore in the Cursed Library.
  • Fixed a rare bug with the Rock Dragon which could softlock the realm from closing.
  • Fixed Honeytomb Snare’s tooltip.
  • Fixed typo in Fractured Gemstone Wakizashi tooltip.
  • Made improvements to the Wall of Fame.
  • Nest Colony (encounter) yellow explosion projectile no longer pierces armor.
  • Removed the Arena portal from the Nexus (on Flash).


  • New Skins
  • Removed the Music Note tokens from the game
  • The long-promised FREE PACK is waiting for you in the in-game shop! It will be up until July 28th - 12:00 PM UTC, so hurry up and get it!
And finally, don’t forget to check out the official RotMG Discord for a special Oryx 3 giveaway where you can win an ST Set of choice!

Let his reign begin!

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Patch Notes - Oryx changes, Discord Nitro Boosting Rewards and more

Hey there Realmers,
We have quite a few changes and improvements for you today! Some small ones like tooltips and inconsistencies that have been bugging you and us for a while now. Some big ones like changes on Oryx 3 and his loyal followers. We have those and a little something at the end, so keep reading and we hope you enjoy this update!

Realm Exalt Fixes and Improvements

  • Animation of spinning the Mystery Boxes has been improved.
  • Character selection screen now shows full HP/MP for all characters and the selected character shows the current stats for HP/MP.
  • Fixed DCs from account without a name.
  • Fixed DCs when using Magic Wand.
  • Fixed issue with duplicate text in Nexus Shop items’ tooltips.
  • Fixed issue with moving items and their tooltips around when the cursor is not in the game’s window (when the game is not in full screen).
  • Fixed scaling on 16x16 character skins.
  • Fixed the “Verify Deletion” dialog description.
  • Fixed the tooltips of items. Goodbye “/n”!
  • Fixed tooltip of the pets in the Pet Wardrobe in terms of their rarity.
  • Implemented music by WangleLine in the Candyland Hunting Grounds! Check the track here!
  • Improved the “Forced Password Reset” message and procedure.
  • Invincibility after teleportation is now set to 2 secs in dungeons and 3 secs in Realms.
  • Textures are now slightly brighter to match Realm on Flash.
  • The “Change Name” button no longer gives an infinite loading screen when there is insufficient gold.
  • The in-game package popup now shows only once, the first time you log into the game (as it is on Flash).

Other Fixes and Improvements

Balancing improvements on Archbishop Leucoryx, Chancellor Dammah, Chief Beisa, and the Mad God himself, Oryx 3, as well as much bigger changes to Treasurer Gemsbok.
Oryx 3
  • Fixed invulnerability not working during portal and line beams taunts
  • Fixed Oryx not checking if enough damage had been dealt to trigger the outro during his Desperation Move stagger
  • Fixed typos

Chancellor Dammah
  • Fixed the ability to purify some instances of the Sick counter.
  • Added a delay to the corner portal attack.

Chief Beisa
  • HP: 250K -> 200K
  • New failsafe for loot that spawns out of bounds.
  • Oryx Elite Brutes “Shield” attack removed.
  • Oryx Elite Brutes now attack with long range armor piercing knives when they would do a shield bash.
  • Oryx Elite Falcons now correctly appear as enemies on the minimap.
  • Adjusted movement speed, projectile speed, enemy movement and added projectiles for some of Beisa’s phases.

Archbishop Leucoryx
  • HP: 500K -> 400K
  • Invulnerability at the start of attacks: 3sec -> 2sec
  • Orb of Light HP: 6000 -> 3000
  • Orb of Chaos HP: 8000 -> 4500
  • Candle Paralyze Shot Range: 2.8 tiles -> 2 tiles
  • Orb of Light and Orb of Chaos now move 2 times slower when Leucoryx is in the middle of the room.
  • Fixing beams during the counter not reaching the bottom of the room.
  • Fixed typos.
  • Added counter and transition animations.
Treasurer Gemsbok

  • HP: 175K -> 200K
  • Slightly modified Gemsbok’s base sprite and added several new animations.
  • Buffed all gem bomb attacks substantially in damage and changed their status effects, with reduced radius.
  • Phase 1 always uses four chains of shots instead of expanding each time and he will stay at each point longer, but will also explode into bolts with each teleportation.
  • Added a brand new phase sequence at 70% to come between phase 1 and his shuffle phase, using colored-modified attacks at each wall and a periodic survival phase in the center, in addition to orbiting coins shooting inward from an outside rotation.
  • Shuffle phase retains a combat threat with outside coins continuing to shoot during the shuffling sequence.
  • Following phase has a longer time between volleys of gem bombs, with outside coins continuing to shoot inward.
  • Final phase is less abrupt with its charging coin attacks.
  • This list is not exhaustive! There are plenty of minor changes and additions as well, so be prepared for a fairly new experience!
  • Fixes on T7 trap (incorrect stat bonuses), T7 seal (uneven buff times) and T15 heavy armor (FP equalized with the other T15 armors).

Discord Boosting Rewards

Starting now, you can earn in-game Realm gold for nitro boosting the discord server!
On the first day of every month, starting September 1st, all nitro boosters will receive gold based on how long they have been boosting the server (including before this announcement). The rewards go as follows:
  • 100 gold if this is your first consecutive month
  • 150 gold if this is your second consecutive month
  • 200 gold for each month you continue boosting afterwards
BUT! If you ever stop boosting the server, you will be reset back to 100 gold if you start boosting again. Additionally, boosting more than once will have no effect.
We will currently only limit 100 people to be able to earn gold through nitro boosting. If you boost after there are already 100 boosters on the server, you won’t receive any gold reward.
Important! Nitro boosters must link their account to be eligible for gold - you can link your account in #bot-channel using !link


  • Fixed description of Ghost Captain Rogue Skin.
  • New Skins

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