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Why it's harder to get kills in ranked match nowadays?

Is it just me? I was playing on a normal mental state (not emotionally-rushed), and warmed. Here are the situations that usually occur: I meet an enemy on a junction, and my reflex aims and shoots perfectly to his upper body, and it happens only under 1/2 - 1/4 second (I'm currently on Master 4, ranked SnD match), but nevertheless I'm the one who's gonna get killed. When I see the killcam, he/she already see my character for 1 - 2 seconds, and shoots just like I do. The weird part is that they have been seeing my character slightly longer than me. I'm using iPhone 11 on low setting max FPS, with a 50mbps wifi stable <20ms ping. Is this the server issue? Like the desync or some stuff. Is there any secret or something, I'm just wondering how those top frags players always get their kills. I am quite sure that my aim doesn't miss, as I've warmed up 2-4 casual matches before, and last season I reached legendary rank with +- 12500 points.
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Make 2K Fun Again, Please

This isn’t necessarily a diss to 2K, and this isn’t just a rant post. These are some solutions to the NBA2K.
I didn’t get involved with the MAKE2KFUNAGAIN hashtag the other day, I just watched everything happen. It was interesting to see everyone’s opinions.
Lemme say, creators are paid to play this game. They have every right to complain. If they’re fine with the game, that’s cool. But if I go to work, and I have to work on a shitty computer all day, with a bad response time and a screen that is glitching all day, I’m gonna complain. It makes my JOB HARDER. If I had to deal with that for years in a row, I’d look for a new job. Content creators can expand their channels, play new games, but if the majority of their fan base is subscribed because of basketball, they probably don’t wanna see someone play COD every single day.
We can’t bitch about content creators ruining this game by complaining. They have a platform, they can speak for us and someone might listen. They can do things like make MAKE2KFUNAGAIN trend worldwide. I watched one of Agents videos the other day, and he has a lot of issues with the game, BUT he also mentions quality issues like how hard it is to just join your friends in Park. It might be small, but it would be dope if that was fixed. He’s using his platform to HELP.
But when I’m writing this, I see how ridiculous this is and why people are so frustrated. We pay so much for this game (call me a broke for saying it cost a lot, but for a game that doesn’t work, it’s a lot). We pay for an unfinished product. Man I would never buy a brand new iPhone and expect them to send it to me with bugs and glitches. I’d be filing a lawsuit. Even when there is bugs and glitches, they patch it within DAYS. 2K has people interacting with players on Twitter, and still ignore the issues.
And not only that, but this game is full of micro transactions now. It isn’t necessarily pay-to-win, but it may as well be. I’ve put hundreds into this game, I enjoy playing casually, competitively. So I know when I buy this game, every year, I’m not just buying the game. I’m gonna be spending more on upgrading my player, new clothes, boosts, etc. Not everyone can do that.
To make 2K fun again, a lot needs to happen.
We need to give players, who can’t afford to upgrade their players by buying VC, a fair chance to earn VC. The spin rarely gives them anything. I got a friend who is new to 2K, he can’t play on HoF to get more VC, it’s too hard for him. He’s a newbie. He works too much to grind career for that long. Have more events, with bigger prizes. Allow more people to win big. It’s fun for everyone then. Have different events at different difficulties. Just add some variety instead of the same shit every year.
Stop advertising EVERYWHERE. I know 2K makes money from letting companies advertise in the game. But do I need to see them when I’m actually PLAYING A GAME? It makes it lag for everyone. Just show me them when I’m walking around, make it disappear when I’m in a game. Stop forcing us to see it everywhere we go. I can’t think of another game that advertises this bad.
Just reduce the lag and delay. I know this is hard. But there is small things 2K can do. Instead of having every game in the park playing out in real time, give us the option to watch if we want to. Upgrade your damn servers 2K. I don’t know exactly how much 2K is worth, but they make toooo much money not to upgrade their servers. It’s expensive, but it’d be so worth it in the end. So many of my friends won’t play because of the lag. And it isn’t their connection, they’ll jump right into Rainbow Six Siege and their connections are fine.
The city is dope. We are so thankful, it’s amazing. But there are 4 affiliations and only 100 players in a session. Let’s split it equally and say that’s 25 per affiliation. So I can only play against 24 other players in my affiliation? And if I wanna go to another park, let me get there faster. The pace is so slow. It’s not that enough people haven’t gotten next gen yet, there just isn’t enough people in a session.
Give us ranked. Pro-AM is not ranked. There is NO matchmaking. You rarely play a team that is at a similar level. Give us some fairness, make it competitive for both teams. REC and Pro-AM are so whack.
Ronnie2K is damaging your reputation. I don’t diss on the guy often, he’s just doing a job. But he’s not doing THE job. Yes, he interacts with the community, he streams, etc. But he falsely advertises your game. Just go on YouTube and search for a Ronnie2K capping compilation. There’s a reason he gets called Ronnie2cap. There’s a reason nobody respects the guy. His interests are becoming famous and being close to celebrities. Which is great for a company, but does anyone really like the guy? Just look at the video with Bryce and Bronny, nobody wanted that photo but Ronnie. He’s a clout chaser. He’s bans people for boosting, cheating, but won’t ban The Game for doing it because he’s a celebrity. You need a Digital Marketer who will do their research. Who will interact with players and listen, instead of dismissing everything and saying the community is just ungrateful. He’s unprofessional.
Get content creators or loyal casual players to play and test your game before it launches. Have meetings with them to actually discuss issues. Do more. Games have been through this before and allowed their communities to get involved to make the game better. Hire more devs, get better devs, who tf cares. Just invest the money you make FROM US, into making the game better FOR US.
The list of issues is endless, so feel free to add your own opinion. I know we complain, and still buy the game every year. But don’t bother rushing over to next gen, it’s a mess. This is the last year I waste my money on this game until we see improvements. I’ll buy the next one when it goes on sale.
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