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Digiday: Facebook Updates Have ‘Wrecked The Ad Platform On The Backend’

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Ad buyers’ gripes about Facebook are nothing new. However, updates to the platform that are consumer-facing (like its new design which was rolled out this past summer) as well as on the backend (like targeting capabilities and location data), have affected performance and made it more difficult for buyers to roll out new campaigns easily.
In the latest edition of our Confessions series, in which we trade anonymity for candor, we hear from a frustrated media buyer who says he’s fed up with the platform breaking and that he wants more support from Facebook. This conversation has been lightly edited and condensed.
Lately, you’ve been having trouble running ads on Facebook. Can you tell us what’s going on?
When Covid started, we were seeing Black Friday [level success] with sales through the roof. At the same time, that’s when the big updates to the interface and the backend started. Facebook is more worried about making [the platform] look good, like a Fisher Price toy, than how the [ad] platform actually performs. Facebook is always rolling out updates, but ever since July/August they’ve been rolling out pretty big updates. They changed the graphical interface for Facebook users themselves to make it more simple, more of a mobile look. Just by doing that, it has wrecked the ad platform on the backend.
How so?
You logging into your business manager trying to access accounts and it freezes, it crashes, there are so many [new] bugs and errors that it’s a daily nightmare. There are days where you can’t even load up your creative because Ads Manager just sits there frozen. There are other days where you go to create custom audiences and half of the audiences are not even there. Something is way off. Manual bidding is not working, cost caps are not working, campaigns will work for three to four days and then just completely die out. The way it should work is that you launch the campaign and the longer it runs the better it gets.
Are you reaching out to Facebook to alert them to these issues?
The biggest issue is no support. I’ve been through I don’t know how many reps in the last year. I lost access to the live chat feature [months ago, it’s] pretty much useless anyway, but it can be nice to have when you’re trying to get something resolved. So when something goes down I have no way of reaching out to anyone. I’m spending hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars a month on the platform between clients and my own money. I haven’t had a new rep in a long time.
So you’re not hearing from Facebook’s support or sales team?
The only ones who reach out are the tier one reps who’ve never run an ad on the platform and they’re going by some script telling me to run traffic ads for conversion campaigns. But people who are spending this kind of money shouldn’t be hearing from reps who’ve never run an ad on the platform and don’t even know how it works. It’s very, very frustrating from our end. I’ve had to reach out to friends’ VIP reps to fix issues for me. I’m lucky to have people to get it done for me.
Are you advising clients to move to different platforms?
It depends. There are some clients where the numbers are still there depending on the mark-up of the products. But it feels like you’re just giving clients excuses because you have no explanation [for why this is happening] and clients are getting frustrated. Then for us, as media buyers, it can be really frustrating to feel like you’re making excuses every day because you don’t know what’s going to happen [on the platform].
Aside from performance, how have the changes affected your day-to-day work?
We’re rebuilding campaigns from the ground up every few days on the platform over and over again. On other platforms, that’s not the case at all. You build a campaign and then it’s good to go. You keep an eye on it and tweak it depending on the data you get back, but you scale from there. It hasn’t been like that for a while on Facebook.
What do you wish Facebook would do to help buyers in this situation?
Communicate with media buyers. There’s no feedback. It’s pretty clear that whoever is building Ads Manager and all the tools has no experience buying ads on the platform. We all want the platform to work how it’s supposed to work. But it just keeps breaking left and right. I understand why [there’s a lack of communication as they] have been concentrating on the election but it just feels like they don’t care about the ad platform performance. Facebook needs to understand that a lot of businesses rely on the platform to make a living. When there’s no communication and [tools in Ads Manager] are broken for months on end, you’re affecting a lot of businesses and jobs. It’s a chain reaction. It’s not just hurting media buyers — but small businesses.
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Change of Plans - Mike Facebook Update

Change of Plans - Mike Facebook Update
A Change of Plans is not a lie!

There's one name in the DCS community that triggers a lot of emotions. As soon as we mention him in a title, viewer numbers skyrocket. Everybody knows him, the admin of the Boycott Group. His attitude is well known. Hundrets, maybe thousands got kicked and yelled at. Just because. If you have EDs back or mention that BIGNEWY is actually a decent guy on a bad day, you'll get into trouble. Or if you dare talking back to him. He treated a lot of people very bad and has a nasty habit when speaking about others. He has a lot of bad days, but it's not as simple as that.

He's also a highly intelligent person, and behind his facade there's more empathy and sensitivity than you would expect. In addition, he's VERY knowledgeable about DCS, owning most modules and knowing them in and out. We've seen him helping new players into the sim on a daily basis. People did a lot of bad things to him over time and ED didn't treat him nicely. He can be very critical about DCS and makes some legit points.

As we all know, ED can't take that very well. So they and their sycophants went wild on him. Over and over again. His own way of treating people of course played a role, too. The worst kind of interactions. He's getting swarmed and attacked on a daily basis. Even ED employees got caught calling him out on his real name on an anynymous internet platform. Making offensive, personal remarks instead of addressing his actual points. This has been going on for years and didn't help making his aggressive behaviour any better.

We have a history with him, too. Bonzo and him agreed about a lot of things and often criticized the same issue. Met on ED forums once and fought for the same thing without recognizing each other. Had a good laugh about it later when they found out. Since then, they got along well. Bonzo intervened on some occasions when people ganged up on Mike. But he turned on us when we wrote about him to counter some serious accusations made by EDs COO.

Mike wasn't happy about Bonzo telling her, obviously expecting him to take the blame for his lies. So during the founding days of this project, they broke. Mike threw Bonzo out of his group and said a few nasty things. Yet people still believe he's behind this and we're taking a lot of fire since then. But who cares, honestly? Mike only comes here to troll every now and then. At some point we decided to revoke his posting rights.

These realms are free of his influence. No matter what you post, there will be no Mike-attack. When he creates a new account and we find out, we'll ban that, too. We had planned to feature an own section exclusively dedicated to him and his history with the community. But that plan has changed. We had it, to be honest.

The Mikey Orbital section has been closed. It won't be reopened any time soon. We do believe there's a serious issue behind his behaviour and we'll not take part in picking into that. The whole facebook-drama-shitshow is beneath us. And it should be beneath our intelligent readers as well.

Our team despises both his attitude, and the way people are treating him. In our opinion, all that fighting and drama is a HUGE waste of energy. For these reasons, we will from now on enforce a Zero Tolerance Strategy on hating on him. And on his own bullshit. There are plenty of facebook groups around where you always have a free roll for that. Please understand that this is not the purpose of this place. Furthermore, we decided to delete all our content about him.

Thank you for reading, and Good Luck Out There!
We hope you enjoy beeing our guest on DCS Exposed.
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