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If you do not have access to the internet at the time of activation, please contact Clark Labs. KB/s Idrisi Selva ISO 17-Sep-2020 2, 838 KB/s IDRISI 17.02 The Selva Edition 23-May-2020 2, 235 KB/s. Internal website statistics show that REF files are most popular with users in China and those running the Windows 10 operating system. The increase in the number and [10] Rubel, F, Kottek, M, 2020.


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Clark Labs for Cartographic Technology and Geographic Analysis, Clark University, Worcester, MA 01610 USA, 2020. Releases Office of Pollution Prevention & Toxics Chemical Engineering Branch Washington, DC May 2020 Beta Version 1. ChemSTEER Chemical Screening Tool for Exposures and Environmental Releases. Elba was born on 6 September 1972 in Hackney, London, the son of Winston, a Sierra Leonean man who worked at the Ford Dagenham plant, and Eve, a Ghanaian woman. IDRISI offers the most extensive set of GIS and Image Processing tools in the industry in a single, affordable package.


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Pixy's revealing lie

Pixy's long record of record of disgraceful and suspiciously Islamic behavior is too long to type up for you right now. Pixy's revealing lie is found here:
I've archived the comment here in case Pixy tries to delete it.
Whoever Pixy is (is Pixy a woman? So Pixy claims, but such claims cannot be trusted, especially when the topic of Islam under discussion, with its taqiyya deception tactics - Muslims are taught to lie to gain political advantage over non-Muslims, againts whom they view themselves in a state of permanent war.
Let us take into account the context of the comment, and why it is so revealing and damning of Pixy.
On June 12, 2016, Omar Mateen, an Afghan Muslim living in Orlando Florida, entered the Pulse nightclub, armed with a semi-automatic rifle and a Glock handgun. He murdered 49 people and wounded 53 others, before being killed by Orlando police.
Among the events that accompanied the massacre, was a blatant campaign of censorship on reddit. A glance at the search results for "orlando" on /subredditcancer will give you a taste of what I mean:
This censorship was widely discussed. It was even discussed in the Washington Post. VICE Magazine did a story on it.
What you are witnessing in these incidents of censorship on reddit are the effects of a totalitarian war. You are witnessing is something that I have been keenly aware of for years now: all over Reddit, Muslims are waging a massive campaign of deception and propaganda. Telling lies, issuing subtle threats, censoring news and accurate commentary on Islam. Muslims have infiltrated the moderator groups of many large subreddits, including /news, /Europe, /UnitedKingdom (/BritishEnglishPolice has been called repeatedly out for censoring stories about Muslim crime)
They do this to further the ends of Islamic jihad. If one knows enough about Islam (as I do, but you may not), you may learn to see through the lies told by Muslims. Muslims will lie in many many ways to further the cause of Islam. They want you to be terrified (hence all the terrorism), but they also want you to be in the dark and confused about their aims. They don't want Infidels to be informed and aware of the war being waged against them.
The reddit censorship of the Orlando jihad massacre (the jihadi who did it called 911 beforehand and declared his allegiance to Caliph Baghdadi of ISIS to the dispatcher) included censorhip of blood donation sites. People were posting blood donation center locations to threads on the shooting in /news, and the mods were deleting them!
Think about it: what would motivate people to delete links to blood donation centers, and to take time and effort to do so? Would most people you know, if they were mods of /news do something like that?
What would motivate people to censor public awareness of blood donation locations, on the day of a massive jihadist massacre, carried out in the name of Islam, complete with prayers and a pledge of allegiance to Islamic State?
Islam is what would motivate someone to do this.
In the thread, we have this comment :
[–]RafiIdrisi 1 point 4 months ago
The fiasco of /findbostonbombers is no excuse for massively censoring a major news story. And its certainly no excuse for removing links and comments pointing to blood donation centers.
[–]PixyFreakingStix 1 point 4 months ago
The fiasco of /findbostonbombers is no excuse for massively censoring a major news story.
It is when you're doing it because you don't have the details yet. Censoring the Boston Bomber "Reddit detective" stuff would have been censoring a major news story, no?
And its certainly no excuse for removing links and comments pointing to blood donation centers.
Yeah, but that was just one mod going bonkers.
Yeah, but that was just one mod going bonkers.
Pixy, by definition, cannot know that the removal of blood donation links was "one mod going bonkers!
Pixy is not listed among the moderators of /news, and thus cannot have access to the modqueue. Nobody but the mods of /news, and the admins can know which of the many mods were removing the links to blood donation sites (any more than I can know which mod of /SamHarris removes a comment that I made. reddit does not report it to the user).
Thus Pixy is telling an outright fabrication. "that was just one mod going bonkers" is a lie, one that appears to exculpatory of the Muslim censhorship of the jihad massacre and of the locations of blood donation centers.
Telling lies about Muslim jihad censorship. That Pixy would make up a lie like that to make the blood donation location censorship seem innocous (one mod going "bonkers") is revealing: Pixy has bloodthirsty hatred toward non-Muslims.
Pixy, is a Muslim jihadist.
And of course, the rest of Pixy's comments in the thread are relentlessly exculpatory of Islam. Pixy does everything she can to make it seem as if Islam is not responsible for the various evils discussed in the thread.
How much longer are going to keep allowing this person to moderate /SamHarris ?
submitted by EmirOfAbsurdistan to EmirOfAbsurdistan


GIS FAQ 1993 -- BBSs and Usenet still main GIS support back in early 1990s. Safe to assume most links are dead after 27 years, except ESRI. Source: Retirement purge

Subject: GIS Frequently Asked Question List
Date: Thu, 7 Jan 1993 18:29:05 GMT

Frequently Asked Questions and General Info List (Long!)
Periodic Posting to GIS-l and comp.infosystems.gis
Note: We have not yet added What is GIS?
Also, I'm still working on typos.

GIS FAQ List (93-01-08)

This is the list of frequently asked questions (FAQ) about Geographic
Information Systems (GIS) along with answers to these questions. This
FAQ is posted as a resource to the `comp.infosystems.gis' newsgroup
which is connected to the GISL LISTSERVER mailing list.


If someone askes a FAQ, please e-mail the answer instead of posting.
You should also include information on how to access the FAQ. (see
question 1)

If you have information that you think should be included in the FAQ,
please e-mail the information to Lisa Nyman <[[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])> or
Virgil Sealy <[[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])>. Feel free to discuss the
information on the net to get a consinsus as to how canonnical the
answer is.

If you believe that some information in the FAQ is wrong, please e-mail
us. We don't want the FAQ to generate more postings than it saves! We
are not the authors of much of this information, only the compilers. Credit
is given for contributing information gotten from the Net.
We will work with you and the author to resolve the issue.

The FAQ is also crossposted to `news.answers'.

Virgil Sealy <[[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])>
Lisa Nyman <[[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])>



1: How do I get the FAQ list?
2: What is the difference between the newsgroup and listserv?
3: What are the major vendors, e-mail addresses, and addresses?
4: What colleges and universities offer coursework in GIS?
5: What public domain GIS software is avialable and where is it?
6: What are the NCGIA anon ftp sites and what can be found there?
7: What are the United States map accuracy standards?
8: What is the Vector Product Format and where can I get information?
9: What is this SDTS thing?
10: How do I order USGS maps?
  1. What are some other related mailing lists, ftp sites and internet
    addresses for useful resources?
  2. What are some books available on GIS?

1: How do I get the FAQ list?

This list is posted to the comp.infosystems.gis and news.answers
newsgroups on a monthly basis. The most current version is available
via anonymous FTP on the system dg-rtp.dg.com ( in the
file /gis/faq


2: What is the difference between the newsgroup and listserv?

The newsgroup comp.infosystems.gis is a Usenet special intrest news
distribution scheme that allows individuals with access to Usenet
to read and post articles. The system is somewhat like e-mail
but involves a network of news 'feeds' that pass the news along.

The listserv system is a mailing list of e-mail addresses which
allows members to send messages to the GIS-L mailing list. The
GIS-L mailing list consistes of a large number of people
interested in GIS who receive GIS related articles using their
normal e-mail software. The GIS-L mailing list is maintained by
the listserv software and by the human David Mark who is the
manager of the GIS-L mailing list.

Articles sent to either of the above will be sent to the other so
there is no need to post to both groups.

It is important that people remember that messages to GIS-L end
up on Usenet and those with Usenet access should read new user
information in the news.announce.newusers group. One highlight to note
is that while product information can be valuable to a group, please
post only one article per product, as this should not become a
commercial advertisement center.


3: What are e-mail and paper addresses of some vendors?

Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI)
380 New York Street,
Redlands, CA USA 92373
(714) 793-2853
[[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])

For Help with ESRI products, you can send email to the above
address. In correspondence be sure to include your name,
organization, system, OS revision, ARC revision and your ESRI
client number (if you know it).



GeoVision's email address: [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) (or
u/geovision.gvc.com). If you don't know who you want (as was the
case with the original poster) try `postmaster'.

For a complete USMail address list of GIS and mapping vendors, consult
the GIS Sourcebook (annual) from GIS World Magazine.


Ingres (Intelligent DataBase), An ASK Company
(this may be of new interest here because of the ability to define
data types in the database, such as polygon, line, etc )

1080 Marina Village Parkway
Alameda, CA 94501-1041
510-769-1400 or (NA only) 1-800-4-INGRES

Ingres' email address: [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
A volunteer address for referals: [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])

4: What colleges and universities offer coursework in GIS?

Many schools throughout the world offer coursework in GIS and
related studies in different academic departments including
Geography, Computer Science, and Urban Planning among others.

Sources of Information:

  1. Geo Info Systems May 1992, Academic GIS Directory: GIS in
Higher Education.

 This is a list compiled by John Morgan with Barbara Fleury (Towson State University) which includes course offered by University departments all over the world. Listing are by University, department type, and by state and country. Information in the listings include course titles, school addresses and persons to contact. 

  1. Guides to Geography Departments, annual publication
of the AAG.

 This publications provides graduate and undergraduate programs for geography departments at US and Canadian Universities. Info provided includes faculty, program options and requirements, and lab facilities. 

 Contact the AAG, 1710 16th Str NW, Washington DC 20009-3198 for ordering information. AAG phone: 202-234-1450 BITNET: [email protected] 

Note: Many faculty participate in Usenet and listserv
discussions and are directly accessible via Email.


5: What public domain or shareware GIS software is avialable
and where is it?



>From: [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) (paul friberg)

First let me post an anonymous ftp address where people can grab
the latest version of the GRASS GIS (V 4.0). It's at

[uxc.cso.uiuc.edu](https://uxc.cso.uiuc.edu) []( 

under pub/grass. This is a great public domain GIS for anyone
wishing to get started in this area. It comes complete with a full
database containing SPOT, DEM and other interesting data sets.



MOSS can be found on csn.org [] in the /COGS/MOSS

Contact: Bill Thoen <[[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])>


Arc Digitised Raster Graphics (ARDG)

>From: [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) (John Schuster)

Code for viewing ADRG (Arc Digitised Raster Graphics) files is
available on the GRIPS II CD-ROM. The U.S. Army Engineer
Topographic Labs (Juan Perez) gave me permission to post the code
on the net, so I've posted adrg.zip to spectrum.xerox.com. The
GRIPS II (Gov. Raster Image Processing Software) CD-ROM is
available from CD-ROM Inc. at 1-800-821-5245 for $49. Special
thanks to Peter Z. Simpson for pointing this out.


(from OZ GIS distribution materials)
OzGIS is a software system for displaying geographically referenced
data, such as Census data, as maps and diagrams on screens, printers
and plotters.

Digitised map data (e.g.Census boundaries, GIS) and attribute data
(e.g. sales, environmental) are accepted as Ascii files and preprocessed
(e.g. amalgamation, line thinning, polygon construction, subsetting)
before display. Maps of polygons, lines and points can be displayed
according to one or two attributes along with various overlays. About 80
provide extensive options for interactively designing the layout and
appearance of the map, and for attribute handling, classification,
interrogation and saving maps. Maps can be output on plotters,
printers and various file types.
OzGIS is distributed as a "shareware" system.
OzGIS is very extensive, (it is the product of over ten man-years effort),
but also very cheap at A$100.

OzGIS is available for evaluation via anonymous ftp from:
Either Internet: [] garbo.uwasa.fi
Or Internet: [] WSMR-SIMTEL20.Army.Mil


6: What are the NCGIA anon ftp sites and what can be found there?

>From Richard Johnson <[[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])>:

The NCGIA and UCSB (National Center for Geographic Information and
Analysis at U. C. Santa Barbara) now has a publicly available FTP
area in which are located various Technical Reports as well as our
Annual Reports.

To access this information, "FTP" to "ncgia.ucsb.edu"
( as the user "anonymous" with any password, and
"cd" into the "pub" directory. In the "pub" directory the
organization is as follows:

Initiatives - Papers/Reports related to specific initiatives which
are not considered "Technical Reports".

annual-reports - NCGIA annual reports in both plain text and
postscript form.

new-reports - Temporary repository for new reports being submitted
for public FTP from ncgia.ucsb.edu.

tech-reports - Selected NCGIA Technical Reports in both plain text
and postscript form.

dems - USGS CTOG DEM files. (From Mark Kumler)

etc - Other random programs and files which are being made
available for public FTP.

Some directories have subdirectories of "text" and "postscript".
When these are present, they contain the papers/reports in plain
ascii text and in Adobe Postscript(*) forms respectively.

Under tech-reports/text and tech-reports/postscript there are
plain text and postscript forms of the Publication list (named
"pub-list.txt" and "pub-list.ps" respectively). These can be used
to determine the publication number. Then the publication can be
retrieved using that number to locate the file.

Some technical reports have separate "title" and "body" sections.
Both of these should be retrieved and the "title" section should
be placed before the "body" section after printing. Some
technical reports have whole subdirectories. In this case, all
files in the subdirectory should be retrieved, printed, and
ordered according to the numerical sequence of the filename.

Some papers available are:

89-1 Accuracy of Spatial Databases: Initiative 1 Specialist Meeting
90-10 Language, Cognitive Science, and Geographic Information Systems
90-9 A Spatial Decision Support System For Bank Location
91-1 Fractal Geometry and Spatial Phenomena
91-12 GIS Laboratory Excercises: Volume 1
91-19 The Use of a Geographic Information System for Second-Order
of Spatial Point Patterns
91-20 The NCGIA Guide to Laboratory Materials - 1991
91-22 Bibliography on Animation of Spatial Data: A Guide to Literature,
Video and Movie Media
91-24 German GIS/LIS Standards
91-26 Initiative 7 Specialist Meeting: Visualization of Spatial Data
(This paper is incomplete currently and has been known to be
unprintable in postscript form on some postscript printers.)

These are available in both postscript and ascii text form. All
of them were produced on a Mac, so the best form in which to read
them would be postscript, however the textual form should be
usable for a quick reference or if you don't have access to a
postscript printer.

All of these documents are also available via the WAIS system also
under "NCGIA Technical Reports". For more information about WAIS,
FTP to quake.think.com where the software distribution is kept.

If you have questions/comments/complaints, please direct them to
the Email address <[[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])>


7: What are the United States map accuracy standards?

>From: [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) (Robert White)

United States National Map Accuracy Standards

With a view to the utmost economy and expedition in producing maps
which fulfill not only the broad needs for standard or principal
maps, but also the reasonable particular needs of individual
agencies, standards of accuracy for published maps are defined as

  1. Horizontal Accuracy. For maps on publication scales larger
than 1:20,000, not more than 10 percent of the points tested shall
be in error by more than 1/30 inch, measured on the publication
scale; for maps on publication scales of 1:20,000 or smaller, 1/50
inch. These limits of accuracy shall apply in all cases to
positions of well-defined points only. Well-defined points are
those that are easily visible or recoverable on the ground, such
as the following: monuments or markers, such as bench marks,
property boundary monuments, intersections of roads, railroads,
etc.; corners of large buildings or structures (or center points
of small buildings); etc. In general what is well defined will
also be determined by what is plottable on the scale of the map
with 1/100 inch. Thus while the intersection of two road or
property lines meeting at right angles would come within a
sensible interpretation, identification of the intersection of
such lines meeting at an acute angle would obviously not be
practicable within 1/100 inch. Similarly, features not
identifiable upon the ground within close limits are not to be
considered as test points within the limits quoted, even though
their positions may be scaled closely upon the map. In this class
would come timber lines, soil boundaries, etc.

  1. Vertical Accuracy, as applied to contour maps on all
publication scales, shall be such that not more than 10 percent of
the elevations tested shall be in error more than one-half the
contour interval. In checking elevations taken from the map, the
apparent vertical error may be decreased by assuming a horizontal
displacement within the permissible horizontal error for a map of
that scale. 3. The accuracy of any map may be tested by comparing
the positions of points whose locations or elevations are shown
upon it with corresponding positions as determined by surveys of a
higher accuracy. Tests shall be made by the producing agency,
which shall also determine which of its maps are to be tested, and
the extent of such testing.

  1. Published maps meeting these accuracy requirements shall note
this fact on their legends, as follows: "This map complies with
National Map Accuracy Standards."

  1. Published maps whose errors exceed those aforestated shall omit
from their legends all mention of standard accuracy.

  1. When a published map is a considerable enlargement of a map
drawing (manuscript) or of a published map, that fact shall be
stated in the legend. For example, "This map is an enlargement of
a 1:20,000-scale map drawing," or "This map is an enlargement of a
1:24,000-scale published map."

  1. To facilitate ready interchange and use of basic information
for map construction among all federal map making agencies,
manuscript maps and published maps, wherever economically feasible
and consistent with the uses to which the map is to be put, shall
conform to latitude and longitude boundaries, being 15 minutes of
latitude and longitude, or 7.5 minutes or 3-3/4 minutes in size.

US Bureau of the Budget

Issued June 10, 1941
Revised April 26, 1943
Revised June 17, 1947


8: What is the Vector Product Format and where can I get information?

> From: [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) (Thomas Misek)

The document that lists the format & form of the Vector Product
Format is:

Military Standard Vector Product Format MIL-STD-600006 13 April 1992 

This 200+ page doctument has a complete discription of the

I received mine from:

DMA (PRS) 8613 Lee Highway Fairfax, Virginia 22031-2137 

(703) 285-9240 - I'm not sure about this phone, I 
wrote them.

Since the VPF has been created as a means for transmitting digital
geographic databases, I, for one, would be interested in any
programs that make use of the format.


9: What is this SDTS thing?

> from: esri!marlow![email protected] (Peter Aronson)

SDTS is a large complex standard, including many elements not
contained in most other transfer standards: a feature coding system
with thousands of codes; data quality information (although DIGEST and
VPF both also can carry this); a complete attribute data dictionary
(required for attributes that are not part of the built-in feature
coding system).
Where most standards will specify a standard way of representing a
spatial object, SDTS usually species half a dozen. For example,
Lines can be represented using X,Y coordinates, X,Y,Z coordinates or
as sequences of other linear features, including curves. They may be
specified as planar or nonplanar. They may have left/right polygon
information and they may have start and end node information, both, or
neither. (And unfortunately, since SDTS node objects are allowed (but
not required) to have a coordinate, it is unclear whether the first
and last coordinate of a line with node information is stored on the
node only, or is redundantly stored on the line as well).
SDTS was at one time clearly intended to be a US-only standard: an
earlier version of the standard only allowed Lat/Long, UTM and State
Plane coordinate systems. However, it now allows additional
transformations to be defined using projection information (either by
storing projection parameters as attribute, with their meaning stored
in the data dictionary (not to be confused with graphic codes which
also can have their meaning stored in the data dictionary)), or by
using sets of transformation points (rubber-sheeting is left as an
exercise for the reader).


10: How do I order USGS maps?

It's easy. Just call (in the US) 1-800-USA-MAPS

End of the GIS FAQ


  1. What are some other related mailing lists, ftp sites and internet
addresses for useful resources?

Internet Resources [and bitnet lists] for GIS/CARTO/Earth Science
by Bill Thoen
[FAQ editor's note: This list has been shortened *a lot* in the interest
of space. A full version is available by anonymous FTP to
csn.org in the COGS directory. Much climatology and
geology has been deleted. Disclaimer deleted
but still implied. LN 8-26-92]

Usenet News Groups (excluding c.i.gis)
  1. comp.graphicsGraphics, image processing
  2. sci.geo.fluids Oceanography
  3. sci.geo.geology Geology
  4. sci.geo.meteorology Meteorology

Bitnet Discussion Lists
ACDGIS-LWIIMC12.BITNET Regional GIS discussions for German-speaking countries
Topics include GIS, CACartography, Remote Sensing and Image
Processing as related to GIS, Geo-Statistics.
list owner: Zoltan Daroczy
Dept. of Geography
University of Economics and Business Adminstration
Vienna: [email protected]

[email protected]
ASTRA is a joint database project of the IBM Europe and the Italian
Council of Research, located in Pisa (italy). It is accessible from an
EARN (or BITNET (?)) node, you have to install the ASTRA client software.
The services are free, the questions and the answers are interactive
messages or can be sent via the EARN mail function.
**To get information about the service:
VAX/VMS Users: SEND [email protected] GET ASTRA INFO
**To get help about using the server:
VAX/VMS Users: SEND [email protected] HELP
**To get the user interface:
VAX/VMS Users: SEND [email protected] ASTRAVAX
To share ideas and experiences, a news group is established
on [email protected]. To subscribe to the group send the message
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Anonymous FTP Sites
directory: COGS
Contains COGS diskettes and other software collected from
COGSnet BBS including geologic, gis, mapping, earth science
software for the PC and Macintosh.
Contact: Bill Thoen [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) (internet)

pub/proj-3.1.tar.Z - cartographic projection package (Unix C)
pub/mapgen-4.2.tar.Z - MAPGEN digital cartographic software system (Unix)
pub/graphics-4.6.tar.Z - PLOTGEN plotting package for use with MAPGEN
pub/xzoom-2.01.tar.Z - interactive vector graphics display program for
use with MAPGEN and PLOTGEN (Unix/X11)
pub/GCTP-II.tar.Z - most recent version of the GCTP map projection
software (FORTRAN)

doc/geography/US.lat-long - lat/long coordinates of major US cities
doc/geography/CIA_World_Map - directory of CIA world map database

graphics/USmap.Z - digitized outline of the U.S.
pub/Census/slc.part1.Z - 1980 U.S. Census county boundaries

pub/graphics/data/cia-wdb/* - CIA World Data Bank

directory: [.USGS.GCTP]
Source code the USGS General Cartographic Transformation Package

directory: [.USGS.SDTS] <- VAX Systen, take note
Text to Spatial Data Transfer Standard (SDTS)

directory: pub/gmt
Contains the Generic Mapping Tools, software for map projections,
spatial interpolation, contouring, 3D persective, raster
processing (C code for workstations)

In addition to the GRASS GIS source code, there is an extensive
database for the Spearfish (South Dakota) area to be used with
grass. Although intended for GRASS, some of the data could easily
be used for other purposes and systems.

directory: /pub/khoros/release
Khoros is an integrated software development environment for
information processing and visualization, based on X11R4. Khoros
components include a visual programming language, code generators
for extending the visual language and adding new application
packages to the system, an interactive user interface editor, an
interactive image display package, an extensive library of image
processing, numerical analysis and signal processing routines, and
2D/3D plotting packages.

directory: pub/map
USGS DLG (all scales), DEM, DTM, TIGER
Data exchange site for all kinds of public domain map data.
**Probably the best site for finding map data in this list.

directory: pub/gifs/misc/landsat
Landsat photos in GIF and JPEG format. Great views of Boston,
Washington DC, Cape Cod, NYC, Western Europe and other places.

Telnet addresses
EPA National Library on-line database can be accessed for bibliographic

martini.eecs.umich.edu 3000 [] []
Geographic Name Server
Zipcode, population, lat/long other stats from 1980 census for US
cities. Enter name of city at the (non-existant) prompt and
press Enter. Include state (as in Ipswich, MA) or you'll get
that city's info in every state it is found.
Contact: Tom Libert (GNS author) Univ of Michigan
[[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])

NSSDC On-Line Data and Information Service. Includes *NASA Master
Directory* -- an online search system providing brief overview
information about NASA and many important non-NASA space and earth
science data, and data information systems.
login: nodis

Science & technolgy Information Service STIS is maintained
by the National Science Foundation.

U.S. Naval Observatory Automated Data Service
login: ads

Bulletin Board: GISnet BBS [FAQ editor's note: subliminal msgs deleted :)]
This is a PC Bulletin Board System dedicated to
GIS, digital cartography, desktop mapping, remote sensing interests
Mapping software, data trasnlation, image processing, world-wide
databases, 3D color GIF maps and landsat photos, daily weather maps
and satellite photos, etc.
To reach GISnet, fire up your modem and telecommications software,
and dial (303) 447-0927. Set your protocol to 8 data bits, no
parity, 1 stop bit, and you can connect at speeds up to 9600 baud
(V.32), The system is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
Some files are free, but for the "real good stuff" there is a small
fee for full access.
1401 Walnut St., suite C
Boulder, CO 80302
(303) 786-9961 (voice)

12: What are some books available on GIS?

[Ed. Note: Will the originator of this list let him/herself
be known so I can give credit here. LN 1/8/93]

____ Proceedings: 5th International Symposium on Spatial $50.00
Data Handling. IGU Commission on GIS, August 1992, Charleston, South Carolina. Two volume set contains more than seventy selected papers representing the state of the art in geographical information processing. 

____ Time in Geographic Information Systems, by Gail $40.00
Langran. Taylor & Francis, 1992. Thorough examination of the conceptual, logical, and physical design of temporal GISs. This book reviews the literature; discusses implementation issues such as clustering, quality control, and volume control; and introduces original and previously unpublished research on the extension of existing spatial data structuring techniques to a three-dimensional space-time application. 

____ Accuracy of Spatial Databases, edited by Michael $77.00
Goodchild Taylor & Francis, 1989. Detailed treatment of error and accuracy, particularly of modelling uncertainty and reliability, testing accuracy, and the practical implications for use of spatial data. 

____ Analytical and Computer Cartography, by Keith Clarke. $52.00
Prentice Hall, 1990. 

____ Applications of Spatial Data Structures, by Hanan $45.25
Samet. Addison-Wesley, 1989. Applications of hierarchical data structures in computer graphics,image processing, and GIS. 

____ Building Databases for Global Science, edited by Helen $93.00
Mounsey. General Editor: Roger Tomlinson. Taylor & Francis, 1988. Papers from the first meeting of the International Geographical Union's Global Database Planning Project. 

____ Design and Analysis of Spatial Data Structures, by $43.25
Hanan Samet Addison-Wesley, 1990. Hierarchical (quadtree and octree) data structures. 

____ Fundamentals of Geographic Information Systems: A $60.00
Compendium. ACSM, 1990. 
____ Geographic and Land Information Systems for $45.00
Practicing Surveyors: a Compendium. ACSM, 1991. 

____ Geographic Information Systems: A Management $57.00
Perspective, by Stan Aronoff. WDL Publications, 1989. An excellent introduction to GIS principles and applications for users and managers. 

____ Geographic Information Systems: An Introduction, by $51.00
Jeffrey Star and John Estes. Prentice Hall, 1990. Introductory textbook for students and professionals. 

____ Geographic Information Systems and Cartographic $51.00
Modelling, by Dana Tomlin. Prentice Hall, 1990. Introduction to cartographic modelling, emphasizing environmental decisions, that develops a high-level cartographic computing language. 

____ Geographic Information Systems for Resource $60.00
Management, edited by William Ripple. ACSM, 1986. Papers on land suitability; water, soil, and vegetation resource management; and urban and global GIS applications. 

____ Geographical Information Systems: Principles and $295.00
Applications, edited by David J. Maguire, Michael F. Goodchild and David W. Rhind. John Wiley & Sons, 1991. Two-volume boxed set contains sixty new papers; the most ambitious, extensive, and authoritative GIS book to date. 

____ The Geography Coloring Book, by Wynn Kapit $10.00
Harper Collins, 1991. A creative and expert study aid for learning geography. Contains coloring plates and index. 

____ Handbook of Relational Database Design, by Candace $46.00
Fleming and Barbara von Halle. Addison-Wesley, 1989. 

____ Intelligent Infrastructure - the Movie and the $99.95
Workbook. UGC Corporation, 1990. Management-level primer on GIS with accompanying video. 

____ Interpreting Space: GIS and Archaeology, edited by $79.00
Kathleen M. S. Allen, Stanton W. Green and Ezra B. W. Zubrow. Taylor & Francis, 1990. The first book to address the use of GIS in archaeology and anthropology. 

____ Introduction to Database Systems, Vol I, by C. J. Date. $46.25
Fifth edition. Addison-Wesley, 1990. 
____ Introduction to Database Systems, Vol II, by C. J. Date. $45.25
Addison-Wesley, 1985. 

____ Introduction to Urban GIS, by William Huxhold (cloth). $49.95
____ Introduction to Urban GIS, by William Huxhold (paper). $32.50
Oxford University Press, 1991. 

____ Introductory Readings in Geographic Information $39.00
Systems, edited by Donna Pequet and Duane Marble. (paper). Taylor & Francis, 1990. Selection of articles on various aspects of GIS. 

____ Map Appreciation, by Mark Monmonier. $41.00
Prentice Hall, 1988. Teaches how to work with maps and promotes graphic literacy. 

____ Map Generalization: Making Rules for Knowledge $95.00 Representation,
edited by Barbara Buttenfield and Robert McMaster. John Wiley & Sons, 1991.
This book is the first to focus on the development of a rule base for digital mapping. It identifies the problems involved in the development of a rule base for digital maps used in GIS, and it provides a framework to help solve these problems, improve efficiency, preserve consistency, and incorporate sound principles into digital mapping. 

____ Mapping the Next Millenium: The Discovery of New $30.00
Geographies, by Stephen Hall Random House, 1992. Contains reports from the scientific frontiers where virtually every aspect of the physical cosmos is being mapped, including the floor of the ocean, the hole in the ozone layer, the interior of the earth, atoms and chromosomes, the farthest planets of the solar system, the large-scale structure of the universe, and even the mathematical construct known as pi. 

____ Principles of Geographical Information Systems for $44.00
Land Resources Assessment, by P. A. Burrough. Oxford University Press, 1986. Textbook for more advanced GIS specialists. 

____ Statistics for Spatial Data, by Noel Cressie. $90.00
John Wiley & Sons, 1991. The most comprehensive and readable text to date on the analysis of spatial data through statistical models. It unifies a previously disparate subject under a common approach and notation. 

____ Three Dimensional Applications in Geographic $66.00
Information Systems, edited by Jonathan Raper. Taylor & Francis, 1989. Survey of approaches and problems in modelling real geophysical data. 

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