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I have the game preloaded and all, I have my IP set in Japan with HotSpot Shield and I made sure it is working, but when I open up Steam to go play, it doesnt let me and says the game unlocks in 3 hours? How do I go about playing this earlier?
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Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin Bosses SL1 Tier List - Who is Objectively Worst? [Very Long Post with Naughty Language]

Many moons have there been since this accursed, low-level wanderer sat by the OneBro bonfire and spun a yarn about the objective baddery of Dark Souls bosses, and now he has returned.
So following my somewhat successful (I think...Relatively) post ranking DS1 bosses by objective badness here is the follow up. All bosses, from DS2:SotFS, ranked, objectively, by objective badness as rated by the Board of Official Objective Baddery (BOOB), in ascending order, 1 being least objectively bad and eightmillionandtwelve being most objectively bad. *
So put on your reading glasses, strap in, relax and prepare for a long list because mathematicians are still unsure as to whether to classify the number of bosses in Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin as an infinity.
\Note: For clarity it should be specified early that there is little objective about any of this, it's a bit. Go with the bit.*
1. Dragonrider – He usually throws himself off the ledge in embarrassment at the fact that you can slay him with about ten taps of a rotting hardware store hammer. He’s also built like Brock Lesnar’s fatter, more muscular uncle, and wearing heavy armour, making you wonder about the enormous strength of the dragons he used to ride.
2. Old Iron King – He can’t navigate doorways. You can avoid all but one attack by using the best shield in the game – ‘The Threshold’. Given that he’s supposed to be a Great Lord on par with DS1s Gwyn he’s a massive disappointment and easy as piss. That hole in the ground on the back wall of the arena probably accounts for more deaths.
3. The Last Giant – Then who and/or what the fuck is Yhorm? Or does ‘Time is convoluted’ just mean you can ret-con bollocks? Either way he beats Iron King because you can’t just stand under a lintel and not get hit. He also pulls him arm off to beat you with it and that’s pretty metal, but he does die from you tickling his feet, so possibly not so much.
4. Skeleton Lords – Do you remember The Catacombs-Tomb of Giants from DS1? It’s that - the boss fight, which weirdly makes it easier. A bunch of skeletons come at you and you grind them to bonedust with a mace whilst running in circles.
5. Prowling Magus and Congregation – Do you remember that gank in DS1 on the way to the Gargoyles? It’s that – the boss fight! Scholar is absolutely chock full of standard enemy ganks that are all harder than this, or the previous entry.
6. Covetous Demon – Ever wanted to fight Jabba the Hutt’s sperm in a windmill that is apparently milling depleted uranium into a toxic poison powder? Who hasn’t, right!? Well now’s your chance and he’s about as agile as you expect. His main attacks are being fat and fucking stupid, the second one is more effective.
7. Flexile Sentry – The boss that looks cooler than it is effective. Carrying four amazing weapons and somehow finding no way to make up for the fact that its weird conjoined middle is there for an attacking.
8. Demon of Song – Froggy’d be lower if not for the fact than he can hit quite hard, especially at SL1. Otherwise, Damon of Snog is a roll and a few stabs away from being trivial. His strong love of face-hiding turtleneck sweaters is also a saving grace.
9. The Pursuer – He’s ‘Baby’s First Training Fight’, let’s be honest. Probably the first of the non-trivial bosses on this list but also at the bottom because even if you don’t take the route of parry-ballista-ballista, he’s just parry-smash-roll-hit-roll-hit-parry-smash. If you had trouble with him on your first regular playthrough, an SL1 of this guy will make you ashamed of your past self!
10. Royal Rat Vanguard – The last of the non-troubling ganks, but it’s still a shit-ton of rats. That’s what this fight is. It’s a room full of rats. Kill some rats and a special rat with a hairstyle comes out and that rat has more HP than the other rats, presumably because of his cool hair, and gets a red bar. You can tear through them all with a rapier and chomp on some gems if you find yourself in trouble because they don’t do a lot of damage.
11. Executioner’s Conjoined Horse – The chariot is not a boss, I refuse to acknowledge it as such. There are some skeletons and there’s a horse, that’s the boss. That said, it can and will hurt you if you’re not careful. Bow-cheese doesn’t even make this trivial because it takes ages, but it’s still relatively simple.
12. Dragonriders – No I said “…riders”! It’s plural! Second verse very similar to the first but with an echo that carries a bow and arrow. That can make this fight tricky until you realise Mr. Bow and Arrow is wearing eggshell armour, cracks with a light tap, and once you’ve taken one out, the rest is as easy as beating a Dragonrider. So far three of them have been spotted, no dragons with them. What the hell are they riding? That’s like meeting up with Lewis Hamilton in the post-fossil fuel future and calling him ‘Cardriver’.
13. Ruin Sentinels – This lower-mid pack gets tough. I put the ruin sentinels here because they’re not bad, but they do have some tricky range and jumps. Add in the fact that they are a bit of a gank, and they can prove troublesome. They get shredded by the mace, though, and if you can get some lightning lube on it they’re stripped of HP quick.
14. Mytha, the Baneful Queen – Poison mistress and head-carrying Medusa rip-off, this is a boss you can be forgiven for summoning for because Jester Thomas is a straight-up SuperBro. Even if you don’t summon, though, the poison moat is more annoying than she is. With few, if any, non-telegraphed attacks the most annoying of which is her crazy-range spear thrust. You’ll take her out in no-time, even at SL1.
15. Old Dragonslayer – If you try to take him on when you can first reach him he falls about here on the list. Go back with a further upgraded mace and you’ll grind his meat faster than Maneater Mildred with a hankering for Ornstein Pie. It’s fake Ornstein, with less oomph and less impressive moves.
16. Scorpioness Najka – Is it Naj-ka, is it Nay-ka or is it Na-ka? Who knows!? All I know is attack while her stingers are underground, except when the rest of her is. She gets a few points of objective baddery for soul spears, the range of her thrust, and definitely that rangey tail whip. They will all hurt at SL1. Of the arachnid waifus she’s no Quelaag.
17. The Rotten – Another disappointing Great Lord, but at least he’s not stumped by a door. He’s basically Mildred, Nito and Quelag rolled up and smoked. This lava-surrounded, butcher knife wielding amalgam of dead junk is so easy he is often bonfire asceticked (I’m verbing it. That and the verb ‘to verb’ are getting verbed) to get early access to Drangleic Castle. Beat him four times and you’ve got the souls to proceed.
18. Belfry Gargoyles – It’s the Belfry Gargoyles from DS1, only more of them. Just like how Dark Souls II is basically Dark Souls but more of them. This is a real pain in the perineum. The gargoyles go down relatively quickly, but a tricky moveset and the fact that there can be 4 of them out at once means you can, and will, get swamped.
19. Smelter Demon – If this were based on personal experience he’d be in the single digits. My first ever DS2 run Smelter was a nightmare, so I had a feeling of dread when I came back for him at SL1. Only when I got there it wasn’t a snorting, orange-glowing, bull-headed demon wielding a frightening sword. It was a small ginger tabby kitten with tickle-scratchy claws. That said - heavy weapon, awkward moveset and an obnoxious AoE effect on his body. Definitely in the realm of bullshit.
20. Giant Lord – It is tough to know where to put this one. He can be as easy as tickle his tootsies until he falls. Every now and then, though, you’ll have a hard time. He is one of those DS2 bosses for whom the run up is more frustrating than he is. Smelty above is just the same.
21. The Duke’s Dear Freja – What happens when you have a spider for a pet and feed it growth hormones and magical pebbles? Freja. At SL1, being accidentally in the way of its leg moving can kill you. At the same time, it’s so pattern based that the most annoying aspect of the fight becomes managing the smaller spiders when you’d rather be two handing your weapon instead of carrying a torch.
22. Aldia, Scholar of the First Sin – He’s a fire tree. Since when were trees scholars? They’re made of wood, how do they cope being permanently on fire? What is the first sin? Is it lust? So many questions and yet, no answers. Why? Because as far as big challenges at the end of the main story go, he isn’t one. Basically just don’t walk into his fire and you’re fine.
23. Guardian Dragon – 22 to 25 is a quadrilogy that, for me, are interchangeable and I place them in the order I do based upon my own experience. Guardian Dragon is exactly the same guy you have to beat to get to Old Dragonslayer just as an actual boss. The annoying fire-breaths stop this being a trivial fight but to me the least objectively bad of this group.
24. Velstadt, the Royal Aegis – He carries a giant metal acorn on a stick with a bell in it. That scares the hell out of me, and it should because he has a couple of annoying swings that can hit you in weird places. That said, he also spends a decent amount of time doing stuff you can just walk around, while stabbing him. It seems inefficient.
25. The Lost Sinner – Dark room, fast moves and a distinct lack of ADP boosting gear before doing this fight make it a real tough point. Anyone used to fighting her earlier will have a distinct advantage but otherwise she is a challenge. Rumour has it she spends all her time in darkness so you can’t see how hot she is, rawr!
26. Looking Glass Knight – Absolutely not the worst of this quadrilogy by any subjective measure but objectively it’s a minor gank and a pain in the dick. Any time there are multiple targets it increases chaos and decreases predictability, thus making it more objectively bad for the SL1 player. That’s what happens here. I, subjectively, would put Guardian Dragon at 25. Objectively, though, Guardian Dragon doesn’t randomly summon a potential human player halfway through the boss fight just to fuck with you.
27. Vendrick – I suppose he can fall somewhere between “Objectively as hard as cellular respiration” and “I’d rather masturbate with rusty nails!” depending on your Giant Souls but his moveset is sluggish and predictable and he’s deliberately intended to be a grim spectre of a potential final boss, so he’s not so bullshit unless you get caught on the tip of that 320 degree swing.
28. Elana, the Squalid Queen – I’ll level with you, this might be here because of subjective reasons but I am not going back to re-do this part just to find it if I’m gud, flukey or plain lucky. Basically I didn’t find Pooshandra all that tough or bullshit, especially if you don’t get a Velshidt summon. It took me around a handful of tries and I was expecting more from a DLC boss.
29. Nashandra’s Curse Orbs – Nashandra herself is an utter disappointment as a final boss. To make up for her shortcomings as a challenging fight the developers decided they should surround her in a circle of orbs that can curse you. Curse in DS2 works by just being damage. They’re take-care-ofable but they caused me a decent amount of trouble.
30. Sir Alonne – One of my criteria for objective baddery is enjoyability. This should put Sir Alonne lower down this list but for one thing. He has a sword thrust that turns the middle of his blade into a vacuum cleaner that sucks you onto it even if you’re thousands of miles away. That is objectively bad. Alonne is an excellent fight, a fantastic tussle but that one little thing ruins it.
31. Fume Knight – Very similar to Sir Alonne. In my experience a very satisfying fight, a two-way tussle where you have to learn when is safe and when is not safe to stab. Honestly, stick by his side, learn your roll timing and you can pretty much stab away! Definitely high up the objective baddery for his magic swords that hit you with the air trail behind them as if you just got run over by a monster truck, though.
32. Ancient Dragon – Objectively bad because it’s like fighting a brick wall that sometimes drops a brick down on you that knocks you out. It is the easiest method for the hardest fight in the game and a true test of patience. Tickle his toes and he’ll (eventually, sometime next century) fall.
33. Sinh the Schleepy Dragon – He’s so sweet. He got a little sick, so he took a nap and then he’s grouchy when you wake him up. Not too tanky to seem like a chore at SL1, but has a few juggernaut-hits and sometimes he decides to rack up the frequent flier miles rather than fight.
34. Blue Smelter Demon – Same as the orange one except for two things, magic passive AoE and delayed hits. Nowhere near as bad as I remembered from my levelled run on the SL1, though. A bit of a disappointment actually.
35. Royal Rat Authority – Yeah, this objectively bad. One of the worst damn bosses in all Soulsborne. A decent aim on an upgraded bow will turn this fight from ridiculous gank twattery into mere hitbox hell. It’s not even a rat! Have you seen a rat that looks like that!? It’s a damn mangey mutt gank!
36. Lud and Zallen – Perhaps a surprise but despite the difficulty of the snowcats, these two are HP scaled to suit their gank and the time in which you may have to deal with two at once is minimal because you’ll either kill or be killed. They’re bad, but they’re not that bad.
37. Throne Watcher and Throne Defender – The real final boss of Scholar. Nashandra is less worrying than her curse orbs and Aldia is only as effective as you are actually stupid. These two, though – wow, what a shitty gimmick for the SL1. Requiring you not only manage your health, your stamina, any buffs you may have but also manage their HPs so you can kill them within about 15-20 seconds of each other to prevent the rez. If you refuse to use Brightbugs through your run these are the guys who will waver your conviction.
38. Darklurker – Half of this fight is like slapping an infant. There’s a danger you might get slapped back, but you’ll probably stop it, or it won’t hurt and you can just keep on slappin’. Then Darklurker decides to split into two and at that point you’re entirely at the mercy of your own capacity to actually split your vision and keep a conscious eye on two things at once, as well as multitasking by controlling a virtual avatar avoiding the things the two things you are watching are doing. This fight is so objectively bad it turned me into a pyromancer! Not kidding, this was the fight where I learned that DS2 has possibly the richest assortment of paths you can take as an SL1 character and I went full pyro build for him. Trying to get in close to one, watch the other and get stabs, slashes or smashes in did not work, but dancing around and dropping Flame Swathes? That changed the game for me.
39. The Shulva Sanctum Super Squad – aka The Gank Squad, aka Cerah the Old Explorer, Ancient Soldier Varg and the Afflicted Graverobber. It takes a lot to be considered objectively worse than this in my opinion. A lot. How a fight against three cosplayers is more tedious than giving a giant dressed as a dragon a mani-pedi is beyond me. How a fight against three pseudo-PvPers is more irritating than a poison dograt gank is beyond me. If you were to ask for my subjective worst, here it is. You want the subjective baddery, the subjective bullshit, this fight has it all. Try and take them on fairly and you’ll last seconds before a dragon tooth squashes you so your options are cheese or Benny Hill and neither of those feel in any way satisfying. You can’t even make fun of this fight, it’s like being invaded by a squad of ten year olds who think they’re being clever. Everybody loses in the end. Are they, objectively, the worst though?
40. Burnt Ivory King – You thought that previous gank was bad? How about a gank that makes you do more of a DLC to make it even remotely tolerable, and even then it will still throw a curveball at you for that gank by making your army of buddies about as potent as a fart in a hurricane! Add to that the fact that those buddies sacrifice themselves to make the gank stop and then act like total tools as the real boss comes out and does that boss have a weapon with lingering hitboxes? That bane of SL1? YOU BET HE DOES! Put a bonfire between the gank and the King and you’ve got a fan of this setup, as it is it’s objectively bad for SL1, SL100 or even SL-damn-1000! It’s a needless annoyance that at SL1 becomes a literal barrier. I said to my partner, who was watching as I did this fight, that once I got passed the gangwar section I’d have the boss beat within five attempts. It took me two. It took me many, many more than that to hold off a bunch of immolated imbeciles and stop my own Sid-from-Ice-Age’s in armour from dancing around in circles as they got whacked. Dull structure that ruins a good fight.
41. Aava the King’s Jank – It’s paws are actually twice the size they appear on screen and they are made of a special type of rubber that stretches physically without doing so visually. Combine that with a tongue made up of inescapable black holes and you have, objectively, the worst fight for SL1 in Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin.
My DS1 and DS3 lists for objective baddery have a tendency towards ranking via difficulty but DS2 really bucks that trend by ruining its bosses with –ank factors. Jank and Gank. Sometimes you can see what they were going for, but it was executed badly, sometimes you’re just left scratching your head and sometimes it is apparent that the Souls community shot itself in the foot with all its elitist nonsense and ‘git gud’ attitudes. There is a definite element in Scholar that while in other DS game you rage and call objective baddery because of the way fights are deliberately designed (e.g. Friede – who is still, objectively, the worst designed SL1 boss but only because she was never ‘designed’ with that in mind) but in DS2 a lot of the most objectively bad bosses are there because of accidents of design. Aava is number 1 not because of difficulty, length, moveset or anything like that. It’s because she’s a Dark Souls 3 speed boss in a Dark Souls 2 paced game with hitboxes that are nothing remotely like the limbs being used to hit and a grab attack that can literally suck you in from distance. Sir Alonne has a vacuum blade that ruins a fight that I would otherwise put somewhere 1-10 on the list because of how damn enjoyable it is, even if it is difficult!
With that said I thoroughly enjoyed every boss challenge on my scholar all-bosses run, but there were things that were objectively bad that I raged against and hated.
Welcome to the true most objectively bad bosses in Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin – Environment Edition!
1. Huntsman’s Copse – This area killed my CoC challenge. My SL1 run was paused here for a very long time and only after a couple of hours of perseverance on returning did I realise I still had CoC on. The bridge approach to Executioner’s Chariot is a pain in the arse when one of those dark whip guys can knock you down so easily, and those narrow runs up to the bonelords are a thrown dagger to the dick.
2. Iron Keep/Run to Smelter Demon – Apparently Alonne knights have the anime power of doubling the speed and framerate of your game when running at you from far away, and there’re TONS of them. Think you can dodge and make it to that fogdoor? So did I, THEN I TOOK AN ARROW TO THE EVERYTHING! One of the most frustrating design elements for the SL1 runner is the ability to get stunlocked out of entering a damn door! Add in an uninspired design that feels most ‘gamey’ of all DS2s environments and it’s…it’s not good.
3. Shrine of Amana – Really? This is a shrine? A shrine to what? I reckon the only reason they think it’s a shrine is because every adventurer who goes there is like “HOLY FUCKING SHIT WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH THIS PLACE!?” It’s a lake of dickbags, some of whom angrily throw magic at your face, some of whom are weird priests and what the hell even is a milfanito? A tiny Spanish milf!? Get outta here.
4. Black Gulch – Oh so you like exploring? Screw you, here’s a crossfire of poison spit, a potential Dark Spirit Forlorn hotspot with creepy hand monsters that jump out of the puddles you run by. It’d be higher up if it was more a marathon than a sprint.
5. Iron Passage – More like back passage.
6. Dark Chasm – How about we make you use a resource to repeat an area we filled with deliberately bullshit enemies so you can face that tough boss. How about we make that area about as visually inspired as “shit cave” too, while we’re at it.
7. Memory of the Old Iron King – You might not remember this area because the human brain has a great capacity for selective amnesia when it comes to traumatic events so my apologies for reminding you it’s that bit where Alonne Knights violate you in all your holes (including lachrymal ducts) whilst giant salamanders shoot fire so you can try and make it to a boss.
9. Undead Crypt – One reason…DING DING, DING DING, DING DING, DING DING.
10. The Frigid Outskirts – Absolutely, positively, objectively the worst thing in any souls game ever. If I wanted to spend my time running away from giant, death-dealing horse-deer hybrids in a snowy hellhole I’d stick on my moosebait suit and move to fucking Sweden! Yeah you can carry a big stick and some repair powders so that you can fail to the boss and do it all over again. The worst.

Scholar is a weird one. I can see the faults in the game, but I'll also defend it. DS3 was such a rehash of DS1 that was itself very derivative of Demon's Souls that the amount of things 2 does different is worthy of applause in my book. That said, it's a difficult second album and it hits a lot of bum notes. The environments thing is not just a bit, it truly has some of the worst environmental design not just for SL1, but in general, of any soulsborne title. Some of those environments are a legitimate chore and the reason I would recommend savescumming to anyone doing all bosses. What's sad is I think if they had had a visionary behind the game who could tell them what to cut, what to highlight, what to emphasise and what to minimise DS2 had some major potential.

That's that, then. DS3 to go and then I suppose I'll have to do some kind of overall top objectively bad Souls moments or something. For now, peace, love and bonfires.
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