Top 15 Best Sageuk (Historical Korean Dramas)

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Seungri (BIGBANG), Jimin & Mina (AOA), Hong Jong Hyun, Lee Yoo Ri, Jung Yu Mi - Episode 436 @ Running Man (190127) [ENG SUB]

Seungri (BIGBANG), Jimin & Mina (AOA), Hong Jong Hyun, Lee Yoo Ri, Jung Yu Mi - Episode 436 @ Running Man (190127) [ENG SUB] submitted by Bren42 to kpop

Watching Historical Dramas in Chronological Order, 2020 update

I first posted this list here seven years ago. Due to its age, commenting is no longer allowed. Also, new dramas have come out since then. So here is an updated list of historical Korean dramas in chronological order. I think reddit will let you post comments for up to a year.
When I began this list, I based it mainly on what was available on DramaFever. Now that DramaFever is out of business, I use Viki, and I have now added dramas and movies from Viki's "Historical" and "Costume & Period" categories, though I've omitted some that seem to be set during my lifetime. I have also added some from Netflix. I have added an informational link to each title, usually to MyDramaList.com, and I have used the title used by the linked page. I have also added streaming links, identified as Viki, Netflix, Tubi TV, or YouTube. Where a different title is used, I have noted this in the streaming link. Several don't have streaming links. MyDramaList provides streaming links too. I have tried to provide at least one where I can. I have now gone through the Korean dramas on Tubi TV, mainly adding links. There was very little new content to add.
While Viki has plenty of Chinese historical dramas, I plan to keep this list focused on Korean historical dramas. While I have included various Korean movies, it's not a priority. Since this is mainly supposed to be for dramas, I have separated the movies into their own section.
Within a week after I added links to TubiTV for dramas, TubiTV got rid of them all. It looks like it has only one Korean drama left, and it's not a historical drama. So, I removed the links. TubiTV still has the Korean movies I linked, though.
For my own reference, I am putting in boldface what I have already seen. I have also split this list up into time periods for easier reference. Last update: September 20, 2020

Three Kingdoms: Goguryeo, Baekje and Silla: 57 BC to 668

  1. Jumong (Founder of Goguryeo)
  2. Kim Soo Ro (Founder of Gaya Confederacy, takes place during reign of King Namhae of Silla (4-24 CE))
  3. The Kingdom of the Winds (Jumong's grandson, Muyeol)
  4. Ja Myung Go (An older Muyeol and his son)
  5. King Geun Cho Go (13th King of Baekje, lived from 324-375, contemporary of Goguryeo's 16th King, Gogugwon)
  6. King Gwanggaeto the Great (19th King of Goguryo, lived 374 - 413)
  7. The King's Daughter, Soo Baek Hyang (Daughter of King Muryeong of Baekje, who reigned 501-523)
  8. Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth Viki (King Jinheung of Silla, lived 526 – 576)
  9. Ballad of Seo Dong (30th King of Baekje, reigned 600 - 641)
  10. Queen Seon Duk The Great Queen Seondeok on Viki (Silla queen, lived 606 - 647)
  11. Gye Baek (Baekje general, died 660, who fought against Silla)
  12. The Great King's Dream (King Muyeol of Silla, lived 604-661; The alleged DOB here does not fit with his portrayal in Queen Seondeok, listed above, where his mother is Seondeok's twin)
  13. Sword and Flower (or The Blade and Petal) (Set in Goguryeo shortly before being conquered by Silla in 668)

Unified Silla: 668 - 935

  1. Emperor of the Sea (Takes place in Unified Silla, focusing on Jang Bogo, who lived from 787-846)

Goryeo: 918 - 1392

  1. Emperor Wang Gun (Taejo of Goryeo, lived 877-943)
  2. Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo (941; time travel)
  3. Shine or Go Crazy Shine or Be Mad on Viki (Prince Wang So of Goryeo, later King Gwangjong, lived 925-975)
  4. The Iron Empress (Empress Cheon Choo, granddaughter of Goryeo's founder, lived from 964–1029)
  5. Heaven's Order (Set during King Injong's reign, 1122-1146)
  6. God of War (Focuses on Goryeo military leader Kim Jun, beginning just before the rise to power of Choi U in 1219 to Kim Jun's death in 1268)
  7. The King in Love The King Loves on Viki (about King Chungseon, who lived 1275-1325)
  8. Empress Ki Viki (Yuan empress of Korean birth, lived 1315-1369/70; Prominent character in Shin Don)
  9. Shin Don (centers around the monk Shin Don, who ruled Goryeo as regent during part of King Gongmin's reign (1351-1374), beginning before Gongmin becomes King and mainly ending with Shin Don's death, then quickly wrapping up the rest of Gongmin's reign)
  10. Faith The Great Doctor on Viki (a.k.a. Faith) (A time travel drama set during the early reign of King Gongmin. Watch Shin Don first to understand the history of this King. With elements of Outlander, City on the Edge of Forever, and the X-men, this drama does not even pretend to be historically accurate.)

Joseon: 1392 - 1897

These are broken down by century, but ones at the ends may cover adjoining centuries.

The Founding of Joseon: Late 1300s

  1. The Great Seer (Begins ten years before the reign of King Gongmin and ends with Lee Sung-Gye's founding of Joseon in 1392. This zooms through the life of King Gongmin. So watch Shin Don first for a better understanding of what is happening.)
  2. My Country: The New Age Netflix (Set during transition from Goryeo to Joseon)
  3. Six Flying Dragons YouTube (On the end of Goryeo and the founding of Joseon by King Taejo, focusing on late 1300s)

15th Century: The 1400s

  1. Maids (Set during reign of King Taejong, 3rd king of Joseon, before death of King Taejo in 1408)
  2. The Great King, Sejong (Sejong, 4th King of Joseon, 1418-1450)
  3. Tree With Deep Roots Viki (Sejong, 4th King of Joseon, 1418-1450)
  4. The Princess' Man (Set during the end of King Munjong's reign of 1450-1452, the duration of King Danjong's reign of 1452-1455, and the beginning of King Sejo's reign of 1455-1468. The title princess is Sejo's daughter.)
  5. Queen Insoo Viki (Title character lived 1437-1504. Spans from the time of King Sejong to the princes who became King Yeonsan-gun and King Jungjong.)
  6. The King and I (Spans from King Munjeong, 1450, through King Seongjong, ended reign in 1494)
  7. Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency Viki (Mentions a Queen Yoon. One by that name lived from 1455-1482.)
  8. The King and the Clown (Film set during King Yeonsan's reign, 1494-1506)

16th Century: The 1500s

  1. Saimdang, Light's Diary Viki (about the artist Shin Saimdang, who lived 1504-1551)
  2. Jewel in the Palace (a.k.a. Dae Jang Geum) (set during the reigns of King Seongjong (1469–1494), King Yeonsan-gun (1494–1506) and mainly King Jungjong (1506–1544))
  3. Queen for Seven Days Viki (Queen Dangyeong of Joseon, lived 1487-1557; Queen from 1506-1525; Wife of Jungjong)
  4. Hwang Jin Yi Hwangjini on Viki (set during King Jungjong's reign, 1506-1544)
  5. Ladies of the Palace (Spans from King Jungjong (1506-1544) to King Injong (1544-45))
  6. Flowers of the Prison The Flower in Prison on Viki (About a girl born in prison; set during the reign of King Myeongjong (1545-1567)
  7. Mirror of the Witch Viki (A fantasy romance between a young Huh Joon and King Myungjong's daughter, set mainly during King Seonjo's reign (1567-1608). I'm not sure the daughter was a real person.)
  8. Hur Jun(a.k.a Huh Joon) (Court physician, lived 1537-1615)
  9. Hur Jun, the Original Story (Remake of Hur Jun, or new series on same historical figure)
  10. Gu Family Book Kangchi, the Beginning on Viki (About Gumihos. Includes Yi Sun-sin, who lived 1545-1598)
  11. Immortal Admiral Yi Soon Shin (1598)
  12. Goddess of Fire Viki (Set before Prince Gwanghae ascends the throne as King Gwanghaegun)

17th Century: The 1600s

  1. The King's Face Viki (Focuses on Prince Gwanghae before he becomes King; Set during King Seonjo's reign (1567-1608))
  2. The Crowned Clown Viki (about King Gwanghae being replaced by a clown)
  3. Secret Investigation Record (circa 1609)
  4. Hong Gil Dong (Set late during King Gwanghaegun's reign of 1608-1623)
  5. The Take of Nokdu Viki (Set during King Gwanghae's reign. Includes Injo as Prince Neungyang.)
  6. Splendid Politics (a.k.a. Hwajung) (set during reigns of King Gwanghae, 1608-1623, and King Injo, 1623-1649)
  7. Cruel Palace - War of Flowers Viki (Focuses on King Injo (reigned 1623-1649) and Crown Prince Sohyun; Provides backstory for other dramas set during King Injo's reign, mainly from 1636 onwards.)
  8. The Reputable Family (1636, set early in King Injo's reign)
  9. Tamra, the Island Viki (set during King Injo's reign, 1623-1649, prior to mid-1645)
  10. Iljimae (set during King Injo's reign, 1623-1649)
  11. The Return of Iljimae (set during King Injo's reign, after Iljimae)
  12. Strongest Chil Woo (set during King Injo's reign, mainly after mid-1645)
  13. Chuno (set in King Injo's reign after mid-1645)
  14. Horse Doctor The King's Doctor on Viki (The King is Hyeonjong, who reigned 1659-1674)
  15. The Emperor: Owner of the Mast (Crown Prince Lee Sun, later King Sukjong, lived 1674-1720)
  16. Jang Ok Jung [Jang Ok-Jung on Youtube] (King Sukjong, lived 1674-1720)
  17. Dong Yi Jewel in the Crown on Viki (a.k.a. Dong Yi) (set during reign of King Sukjong, 1674-1720)
  18. Damo Viki (1692)
  19. Queen In-hyun's Man (1694 and 2012; time travel)

18th Century: The 1700s

  1. Rooftop Prince YouTube (time travel drama about a prince (King Gyeongjong?) before he came to power in 1720)
  2. The Great Merchant (About Kim Man Deok, who lived 1739-1812)
  3. Haechi Viki (about King Yeongjo as a prince, born 1694, crowned 1724)
  4. Secret Door Viki (King Yeongjo, reigned 1724-1776; Prince Sado, lived 1735-1762)
  5. Jung Yak Yong (Title character lived 1762-1836)
  6. Yi San (King Jeongjo, 1752-1800)
  7. The Painter of the Wind (set during King Jeongjo's reign)
  8. Eight Days Mystery of Jeong Jo Assassination (set in middle of King Jeongjo's reign)
  9. Conspiracy in the Court (a.k.a. Seoul's Sad Song) (set during King Jeongjo's reign, 1776-1800)
  10. Sungkyunkwan Scandal Viki (set during King Jeongjo's reign, circa 1780s or 1790s)
  11. Warrior Baek Dong Soo Viki (about King Jeongjo's bodyguard)

19th Century: The 1800s

  1. Love in the Moonlight Viki (Crown Prince Lee Yeong at age 19, so about 1828)
  2. Time Slip Dr. Jin Dr Jin on Viki (21st century doctor goes back in time to Joseon in 1860.)
  3. Mr. Sunshine (1871)
  4. Gunman in Joseon Viki (begins in 1876)
  5. Jejoongwon (circa 1884-1895)
  6. King Maker: The Change of Destiny Viki (includes the last king of Joseon)
  7. The Nokdu Flower (Set in 1894-1895)


These dramas take place in Joseon, but the time cannot be narrowed down much further than that.

20th Century: The 1900s

Korea under Japanese Rule: 1910 - 1945

  1. Different Dreams Viki (Focuses on the March 1st movement in 1919, which led to the the formation of the Provisional Government of the Republic of Korea that same year)
  2. The Hymn of Death Netflix (1920s)
  3. The Bridal Mask (1930s)
  4. The Little Nonya (1930s)
  5. Freedom Fighter, Lee Hoe Young (Japanese Occupation of Korea, World War II)


  1. Basketball (Between Japanese Imperialism and the division of Korea into North and South)

Korean War: 1950 - 1953

  1. Comrades (Korean War)
  2. Road No. 1 (Korean War)

Post-War South Korea

  1. Lights and Shadows (1960s)
  2. Giant (1970s)
  3. Sandglass (1970s-1980s)


  1. The Warriors (Film set in 1375 about Goryeo warriors who travel to Ming China)
  2. Memories of the Sword Viki (Set in Goryeo)
  3. The Great Battle Viki (Focuses on Tang invasion of Goguryeo in 645 AD)
  4. A Frozen Flower Viki (A film based on King Gongmin)
  5. Romantic Warriors Viki (Movie set at end of Goryeo period)
  6. The Pirates Viki (Film set on the eve of the founding of Joseon)
  7. The King's Letters Viki (Movie about Sejong, focusing on his creation of the Korean alphabet)
  8. Forbidden Dream TubiTV (Movie about King Sejong)
  9. The Legendary Courtesan Hwang Jin Yi (Set during King Jungjong's reign, 1506-1544)
  10. Kundo: Age of the Rampant Viki TubiTV (Film set in 1862)
  11. The Throne Viki (Movie about Prince Sado, 1735-1762);
  12. Rampant Viki (Film set in Joseon with fictional King and zombies)
  13. Detective K: Secret Of Virtuous Widow TubiTV (Movie set shortly before or in 1795)
  14. Blood Rain (Film set in 1808)
  15. Assassination (Movie set between 1911 and 1933)
  16. Anarchist from Colony Viki (Movie about Park Yeol, who lived 1902-1974)
  17. The Battle of Jangsari Viki (Korean War film)
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