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Respect Peter Parker, the Amazing Spider-Man (Marvel, 616)

"With great power, comes great responsibility."

Respect Peter Parker, the Amazing Spider-Man!

This Respect Thread was done by globsterzone, TheKjell, TheDrunkenDreamer and KerdicZ in a group effort

Special thanks to shadowsphere and kirbin24 for helping us review and add some feats.
Bio: When the wimpy high-school nerd Peter Parker was bitten by a radioactive spider while attending a science fair, he was gifted with amazing powers corresponding to the abilities of a spider! He initially used his abilities to simply make money as a wrestling star, but after his uncle Ben was killed by a burglar that Peter failed to stop he devoted his life to crime-fighting, driven by the guilt. Peter spent much of his life throughout high-school and college juggling his responsibilities as a crime fighter with his personal life and job as a photographer for the Daily Bugle, a newspaper whose editor was determined to smear the name of Spider-Man as a thief and a villain. Peter made a number of bizarre and dangerous enemies during this time, and served alongside a number of superhero teams such as the Avengers and the Fantastic Four. After graduating from College, Peter started his own business, a millionaire multi-national technology company called Parker Industries, which he then sacrificed to save the world and go back to the status quo.

Rogues Gallery:
These are the classic rogues, known by all and frequently battled by Spider-Man - who sometimes defeats them, and sometimes is defeated by them, which gives you an idea of who he is capable of fighting on the regular.


Peter has the proportional strength of a spider, which allows him to lift and strike at a level far beyond any human. However, he hardly ever uses his full strength, pulling his punches to not seriously harm his opponents.
Lifting, pushing, pulling and throwing


Peter's body is far tougher than the average human, enabling him to remain more or less unharmed when hit with attacks that would kill most people. He tires out much more slowly than a normal human, is able to fight for extended periods of time while wounded and can hold his breath under water longer than regular humans. He has a healing factor that lets him heal from wounds very quickly compared to normal humans outside of battle. However, he has no noticeable piercing durability.
Blunt force
Chemical, drugs and toxins
"Healing Factor"

Speed and agility

Spider-Man has the proportional speed of a trapdoor spider, with reflexes 40 times faster than normal humans. This lets him evade attacks easily and makes it much harder for opponents to dodge his strikes. His strength also allows him to move his body at superhuman speeds. In addition, he can travel very quickly by using his webbing to swing between buildings.
Combat and reactions
Agility and acrobatics
Swinging, traveling and running


Peter's webs are stored in liquid form in cartridges on his waist and wrists. They expand very rapidly when exposed to air, and he is an expert at manipulating them into unusual and useful shapes, using them to swing around the city or capture criminals.
Strength and durability
Formula modifications


Spider-Sense is a "sixth sense" that warns him of any imminent danger to himself, and occasionally others nearby. It is used to avoid ambushes, as well as to help him in combat by letting him avoid attacks before they happen. It has other uses outside of simple combat precognition, as it helps him make safe choices and can even function as a kind of primitive Radar-Sense.


Peter can make any part of his skin be adhesive. He generally uses this to climb along vertical walls and the bottom of ceilings but it has a few combat related uses as well.
Misc. usages


Peter Parker was a genius from a young age, creating his famous webbing at 15 years old that not even top scientists have been able to replicate. He continued his success in science throughout his life, designing many inventions. He is treated as one of the top scientists on Marvel Earth, often brought in to discuss very important matters with other top scientists, albeit far from the level of Reed Richards or Tony Stark.
General intelligence
Technology, inventions and creations
Quick thinking


It is worth noting that Spider-Man has very well defined limits and hardly ever uses his powers to their full extent, specially his speed and strength, for multiple reasons related to what he believes in, who he is fighting against, his mindset at the moment or simply how his day is going. He doesn't make use of any formal training and actual martial arts, so even though he has immense experience fighting, highly skilled fighters are always trouble, even if there is a physical gap between the two. Furthermore, his speed, agility and Spider-Sense, while amazing, don't make him untouchable. He is consistently tagged by slower opponents and Spider-Sense is not completely infallible either. His webshooters don't work proprerly on cold temperatures and he feels quite out of the loop whenever his webbing runs out or when he doesn't have Spider-Sense.


Good butt
submitted by SpiderManRT to respectthreads


Respect the Superior Spider-Man (Marvel, 616)

Respect Otto Octavius, the Superior Spider-Man!

Farewell, Peter Parker. Know this, I will carry on in your name. You may be leaving this world, but you are not leaving it to a villain. I swear. I will be Spider-Man. Better yet, with my unparalleled genius-- --and my boundless ambition-- --I'll be a better Spider-Man than you ever were. From this day forth, I shall become... The Superior Spider-Man!
While Peter Parker was visiting a dying Otto Octavius, a contingency plan in the form of a small robot allowed the dying Otto to swap minds with Peter, taking over his body and assuming the mantle of Spider-Man. Originally intending to use his new body and connections for his own personal gain, Peter's memories and personality began to resurface, gradually teaching Otto the true importance of great power and great responsibility.
Despite his change of heart, Otto remained a much more brutal hero than Peter Parker ever was, maiming several villains and taking over parts of New York in his quest to eliminate crime. When a group of supervillains, criminals, and citizens tired of having their rights trampled formed a coalition against Otto, he realized the error of his ways and allowed Peter's mind to assume control of Spider-Man's body once again.
Link to the 616 Peter Parker respect thread, and to Otto's respect thread with his own body.

Source Key

  • The Amazing Spider-Man (1963) - ASM
  • The Amazing Spider-Man (2014) - ASM'14
  • Avenging Spider-Man - AVS
  • All-New X-Men (2013) - ALXM
  • Cataclysm: Ultimate's Last Stand - ULS
  • Daredevil (2011) - DD
  • Deadpool (2013) - DP
  • Inhumanity: Superior Spider-Man - INH
  • Journey Into Mystery (2011) - JIM
  • Mighty Avengers - MA
  • Morbius: The Living Vampire - MB
  • Nova (2013) - NV
  • Superior Carnage - SC
  • Superior Spider-Man - SSM
  • Superior Spider-Man Team-Up - SSMT
  • Scarlet Spider (2012) - SS
  • Wolverine (2014) - WV


Otto, in Parker's body has the proportional strength of a spider, which allows him to lift and strike at a level far beyond any human. Unlike Peter, he tends to not hold back and is not very concerned with the injuries caused by his strikes.


Spider-Man has the proportional speed of a spider, allowing to him evade attacks easily and makes it much harder for opponents to dodge his strikes. He is also able to perform superhuman feats of acrobatics and can travel very quickly by using his webbing to swing between buildings.


Peter's body grants Otto superhuman durability, enabling him to remain unharmed when hit with attacks that would kill or severely injure ordinary people. He tires out much more slowly than a normal human, and is able to fight for extended periods of time while wounded.


The Spider-Sense is a precognitive sixth sense that warns Otto of incoming attacks or danger, mainly used to evade ambushes and help dodge attacks in battle.


Otto Octavius is one of the smartest beings on Earth, knowledge in several different disciplines, and uses his intellect to prepare for various enemies and make inventions to assist his life as Spider-Man.


Improving on Peter's web formula, Otto uses the webs for a variety of purposes, primarily combining it with his superhuman agility to web-sling around the city and restrain opponents.


Otto has the ability to make his skin adhesive, allowing him to crawl and walk on walls and other surfaces.

Gear and Equipment

As part of his quest to be the Superior Spider-Man, Otto designed several pieces of equipment to assist him, and established several support bases to expand his reach.

The Spider Suit

On-Person Gear


The Spider Army

SpOck enlisted a private army of henchmen to assist in his war against crime in New York. These goons are referred to as Spiderlings, with the large spider-shaped vehicles they pilot being called Arachnaughts.




Otto is much more brutal, cruel and unforgiving than Peter when dealing with criminals and super-villains, the point where several of his friends and fellow heroes noted his change of approach. Despite this, Otto was not without compassion and demonstrated empathy on several different occasions.

Notable Fights

submitted by MyNameIsJeffHarrison to Jeff_Harrisons