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Chapter 3
submitted by Trunckdruck to shortstories

The curious crash at Tuskar Rock, Irelands worst Air Crash remains unsolved. Official theories range from metal fatigue to military accident and cover up. With two investigations spanning 30 years the truth behind the Crash of Air Lingus flight 712 to this day is unknown.

This is part of a series of write-ups & documentaries I'm doing going from nation to nation covering each nations most prominent mysteries, the first 'season' begins with Ireland. My first entry can be found here on the Kerry Babies. More info at the bottom.

Here is the story of the Tuskar Rock Air Crash, a Crash which to this day remains unsolved despite two investigation spanning 30 years. The cause of the crash i speculated to be from structural weakness, to bird strike, mid air collision and military accident.
The Day of the Crash.
The morning of the 24th of March 1968:
Plane: Viscount Type 803 EI-AOM
Captain: Bernard O'Beirne First Officer: Paul Hefferman
  • 10:32 Air Lingus Flight 712 departs from Cork airport en route to London on what appeared to be a normal flight.
  • Upon reaching 7 Thousand feet flight 712 was given clearance on course over Tuskar, eventually clearing 17 thousand feet.
  • 10:40 Air Traffic Control in Cork suggest that if desired the flight can redirect over Strumble. No response received from flight 712.
  • 10:57 Flight 712 was instructed to change to London Airways frequency of 131.2 which was acknowledged with the reply of '131.2'.
  • 10:58 London Radar intercepts a call which has been confirmed to of said 'Echo India Oscar Mike with you' (EI-AOM)
  • 10:59 (Approx 8 Seconds after last communication) London Radar intercepted a call saying 'Five thousand feet descending spinning rapidly'*
  • This was the last call of Air Lingus Flight 712.
*Later audio inspection concluded the initial interpretation to be incorrect, the call actually said 12 thousand.
At 11:10 London advised Air Lingus flight 362 to descend and search West of Strumble yet no crash site or signs of survivors were found. Between 11:13 and 11:25 efforts were made to make radio contact with the flight but to no avail. At 11:25 a full alert was declared. Both UK and Irish officials began a hectic search, but no signs of crash were located on the first day. The following day the 25th of March ships from the UK had sighted the wreckage and recovered 13 bodies 6 nautical miles north-east of Tuskar Rock. A total of 13 bodies were recovered over the next few days, there were no survivors.
A total of 57 Passengers and 4 crew perished in the crash.
[Source 1970 investigation].

The 1970 Investigation.
A huge issue with this crash is the lack of any Black Box or flight recorder. Despite being invented in 1953 this flight didnt have one and across Ireland it wasnt common for airplanes to have one. This left investigators without a key piece of evidence which could have helped massively.
Initially the flight crew were examined-
Captain Bernard O'Bierne: Was aged 35 years at the time of the crash and served 3 years in the Irish Air Core from 1953 to 1956. Joined Air Lingus in 1956 and was trained on multiple aircraft such as: Viscounts, Boeing 720-048,707 to name a few. Captain O'Bierne had a total of 6683 flying hours, of which 1679 were on Viscounts. 25% of his total flight time were on Viscounts.
First Officer Paul Hefferman: Was aged 22 years at the time of the crash. He completed training with Airwork services in Perth 1965, Joined Air Lingus in 1966 as he held a commercial Pilots licence and successfully passed the Viscount course. Paul Hefferman had a total of 1139 hours of flight, 900 of which were on viscounts he was fresh in the role but rapidly gained experience. Just before the crash Hefferman had become a licensed Senior Commercial Pilot.
No red flags were recognized in their work history or personal life, although the crew were young there was a lot of experience including military with considerable flight hours overall. specifically on the viscount making up a total of 2579 hours being 32% of their combined flight time.
Aircraft Records and Wreckage -
The investigation moved on to the aircrafts records and the crash site. The records showed there to be nothing out of order with its certificate of airworthiness being given just a month earlier on February 1968 which would be valid to February of 1969.
The debris of the wreckage was analysed heavily, the aircraft was totally demolished by te violent impact at sea and was clearly unsurvivable. The bulk of the wreckage was found in the same 39 Fathoms of water (71 meters) as all parts were lying in very close proximity. Approximately 60-65% of the aircraft by weight was recovered. This included major parts of three engines and only a few of the fourth. All propellers were recovered as well as the complete primary structure of the wings. Parts of the fin and rudder were recovered. Basic visual inspection showed no sign of fire or explosion, with no signs of pre-impact damage to any of the engines or propellers.
However there were two items of note, an Elevator Spring and the Auto Pilot. Which will be fully reviewed later.
Post Mortems -
Lastly post-mortems from the 14 bodies recovered from sea, in all cases there was evidence of gross damage to vital organs with severe head and leg injuries. No evidence of drowning in any case, no evidence of combustion and no significant quantity of carboxyhaemoglobin.
Analysis -
The 1970 investigation focused on the two stand-out items of the wreckage firstly the spring tab which proved to be most curious.
  • This spring tab was responsible for the fore and aft control of the airplane.
  • It was found 6 months after the crash and approx 7 miles west of the main crash site
  • It could not float and the currents of the sea do not travel in the correct direction to deposit it where it was found.
  • It was found roughly below the flight path.
This all could be associated with a structural failure to the elevator or of the tail as a whole. Yet no other evidence of massive pre-crash structural failure was found and it was deemed the spring could not have come undone itself but would have required an external force.
The second item being the auto-pilot was found to have suffered damage which could not have been caused by the impact. Yet once conditions were recreated and damage was replicated (specifically in the pitch datum motor potentiometer) it was found that this particular defect could not have been the initiating cause of the crash. As it does not create a hazardous condition on its own, and only has a minor effect on the flying characterists of the airplane.
The investigators had generated a string of events which could have brought down the plane. An unknown major event effected the plane and displaced the spring which effected flight capabilities drastically, causing a spin and rapid descent and finally impact. The 1970 report concluded with 'For a reason that cannot be determined from the eviddence available, the aircraft went into a spin or spiral dive or similar manoeuvre at 17 thousand feet.
30 years later a new investigation was opened which may have found more questions than it answered.
[Reference 1970 report]
The 2000 investigation.
The 2000 investigation did not conduct any further physical primary research yet reviewed the original case and all pieces of the investigation while opening new lines of questioning into multiple different areas. This investigation examined the likelihood of separate causes of this type of crash in the Viscount. This was done by examining similar Viscount crashes, the investigation found the three highly likely initial causes of the crash are as follows:
Door Strike: This theory believes the door separated from the plane and struck either the tail or the wings. Viscounts suffered from a number of Door defects, a study conducted by the 2000 investigation found that in the 10 years before the crash there were 20 non-fatal door malfunctions/separations.
Bird Strike: This theory is built upon the crash of Viscount 754D, which was due to a bird strike at 6000 feet over the United States. One Swan struck and penetrated the port tail causing massive structural weakness leading to the planes crash, similar to Flight 712 the wings on this airplane were mostly intact at the crash site.
Flutter: Viscount 812 operated in Indonesia and was witnessed ‘Shuddering’ subsequently the starboard elevator, then the port side of the tail were observed separating from the aircraft. This chain of events occurred due to fatigue of a spigot in the elevator.
Structural Failure: There a number of prominent structural failures regarding the fuselage which occurred under similar conditions which were reviewed, as well as a notable crash of another Viscount was brought down due to metal fatigue leading to structural failure. This too was considered a high possibility.
Mid-Air Collision:
The 2000 investigation brought up new lines and questioning and theories which were initially considered bizarre or were overlooked by the 1970 investigators. The theory of a mid-air collision became so strong after a brief review it was officially investigated. This was due to eye-witness accounts making the presence of another aircraft to be inescapable and undeniable. A number of eyewitnesses described a similar object flying at low altitudes which could not have been the Viscount. Similarly photos were taken of a wreckage at sea (by a civilian) which was not the Viscount, and were given to Authorities but were subsequently lost and were never officially reviewed. This wreckage sank after approximately 2 hours and was never located. These accounts were originally ignored as they were given by uneducated people and provided inaccurate time frames.
Drones were first examined.
Tuskar Rock is Roughly 90 nautical miles from LlandBedr a British Military Airfield from which drones are launched. The Drones in use at the time being the (JINDIVIK) and the (METEOR) had ranges of 400 and 100 nautical miles. Both drones can reach tuskar rock and both have a flight ceiling of over 17000 feet in all conditions.
There are two possible scenarios; the first suggests that a ‘near collision’ occurred at 17000 ft, with the drone leaving undamaged but by reason of evasive manoeuvre or wake of turbulence the Viscount goes into a spin setting into motion the crash. If the drone survives however it could not have been described as low flying as it would have continued its course at 17 thousand feet until as the drone cannot be guided at this distance from Llandbedr.
The second scenario suggests the drone was also damaged, and thus its trajectory could not have been predicted. However the ability for the drone to correct its flight course at low altitudes after receiving damage is highly unlikely and this theory was considered to be incapable at identifying the aircraft.
The only possible missiles for a mid-air collision were the medium and long range surface-to-air missiles launched from a ship or a land based RAF missile such as a Bloodhound.
However the Sea Slug missile would be the most likely culprit if it were to be a missile and had a range of 15 nautical miles and was equipped on 6 British ships HMS Devonshire, Hampshire, Kent, London, Glanmogan.
A direct collision would be ruled out due to no evidence of fire or explosion on the airplane yet a near collision was considered which could have caused evasive maneuvers or turbulence which initiated the crash. Yet none of the 6 British ships which were equip with this missile was in the area on March 24th and so the possibility of it being a missile is considered low to none.
-Manned Aicraft-
Finally the possibility of a mid air collision with a manned aircraft was officially considered and examined.
Rumblings of a secret training session were identified by Irish Authorities. This was a joint training session between German and British forces in the general airspace of the crash on the 24th of March 1968. These rumblings opened up the possibility for a catastrophic event occurring during training which at the time could not be confirmed by either the British or the German authorities as bilateral military activivity was covered by ‘Defence secrecy’.
The factual basis of this rumor is a phone call given by a Royal Air Force operations officer to a fellow Irish officer to keep the Irish aircore on the ground and not fly in the vicinity that day. The 2000 team inquired with both the RAF and the German Air Force yet both denied any air activity on this day.
A separate rumor which was caught by investigators was that the US military industry and Navy were conducing a demonstration or testing flight including three assets: A Drone, a Plane controlling the drone both which would have taken off from RAE Boscombedown. The theory being either the plane or the drone had a near collision with the Viscount.
The basis of this rumor was the presence of a Canberra (A British Bomber) in the search area on March 24th, which would have put it in close proximity to the Viscount.
The 2000 investigators built a potential timeline to include these possibilities: (condensed)
  • After reaching an altitude of 17 thousand feet Air Lingus Flight 712 comes into close proximity of another airplane
  • The military plane informs the Viscount on London Airways ‘Echo India Alpha Oscar Mike With you’ which in military usage means ‘I am very close to you, do not change course’
  • For whatever reason the two planes later collide, specifically the military pilot collides with the port tail of the Viscount at the level of the spring tab.
  • The Viscount enters a spin and the co-pilot reads ‘5000 feet descending spinning rapidly’ to London airways.
  • The other aircraft turned away from the Viscount sustaining damages. The pilots later ejected from the aircraft and it crashed at sea with the wreckage being covered up or they landed it back at base with the damages being swept under the rug.
However a lot of the evidence surrounding this theory is not entirely concrete and the trust worthiness of the eye-witness statements could be considered weak by some, and no eye witness actually saw the collision. The investigators went as far to compare this theory to the inverse of a 'Murder without a corpse'.
[2000 Investigation]
Closing remarks
The Crash at Tuskar Rock was devastating and really did get the attention of the nation. The cause of the crash has never been directly identified and the absence of Black Boxes shows how technologically behind Ireland was at the time.
Most likely it was a door strike, bird strike or structural fatigue. However even the investigators could not entirely rule out the possibility of a military mishap and a cover-up.
Usually when discussing these types of accidents it is very easy to forget the human aspect and the very real world impact these events cause. The truth is members of the deceased families are still alive today and still searching for answers, a single family lost both the mother and sister in this crash.
This was the curious crash at Tuskar Rock.
If there are any questions which I might be able to answer I will.
This is part of a larger series I began work on in quarantine, if you would like the link to the documentary I created which was made using radio and video from the time can be found below.
All sources are below, for the most part the 2000 & 1970 investigations make up the bulk of my research. They are dense, technical documents which can prove to be a difficult read. Many other sources were used for contextualization. The two below were the ones I found most useful.
[1970 investigation]
[2000 investigation]
[50 Years on]
[1999 Article]
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