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Cloud Warming in style or what is NVIS?

The term NVIS, or Near Vertical Incidence Skywave is in my short experience as an amateur heaped with scorn and ridicule. Terms like cloud-warmer come to mind when people discuss the principles associated with NVIS, but that does happen in the context of where I live, that is, one of the most isolated cities on the planet, Perth in Western Australia.
NVIS has several advantages over other forms of HF communication, it can be done with low power, there is little or no signal fading, simple antennas work well, it has low path loss, better signal to noise ratios and if you're in a valley, you can still use it.
So what exactly is NVIS?
In the past I've talked about long distance HF communication. Your radio signal bounces off the ionosphere, bounces back to earth and so-on. Like skipping a stone on a pond, the angle at which your signal hits the ionosphere determines what happens next. In general, shallow is good, steep is bad, much like the plop you hear when you don't hit the pond just right, a radio signal can go through the ionosphere, never to be heard again.
NVIS is about hitting the ionosphere at a steep angle, in such a way that it reflects back to earth. Without going into detail, generally you can use 40m during the day and 80m at night with some variation depending on the solar cycle and whom you want to talk to.
NVIS gives you communications less than 1000 km away, plenty to talk to everyone in your city and surrounding area. In the case of an emergency that's also likely enough to get out of any emergency affected area, so plenty of excuses to set up and try for yourself.
I can start talking about angles, maximum usable frequencies and so-on, but I won't. These all relate to specific circumstances, depend on what antenna you're using, what the ground conductivity below you is and as is typical in our hobby, many other variables.
What I can say is that NVIS to NVIS station works best, so if you're going to test this with a friend, it will help if you both set up a similar station while you learn the variation associated with this kind of communications.
Now I did mention up to 1000 km, that isn't enough to leave Western Australia, Perth to the border is about 1500 km, but if you live in the Netherlands, you can get to 15 or so countries. Depending on where you are, NVIS will give you different outcomes and what I'm talking about affects each station differently.
For me, the attraction of NVIS is solid communications on 40m and 80m, something that has eluded me so far. It also allows for a low simple wire antenna, an inverted vee dipole, two bits of wire strung up on a pole, 6m in the middle 2.5m at the end will get me up and running. Perfect for a field-day, excellent for a local contest and brilliant if you're only using low power as a beginner.
Because the antenna is close to the ground, it's pretty much omni-directional. If you set-up an antenna for 40m and then cross that with an 80m antenna and feed them both from the same point, you'll have a configuration that will operate well for 24 hours without needing to move antennas in the dark.
I have no illusions that an NVIS antenna will help me make contact between Perth and Japan, but then it's not intended for that. I've spoken in the past about finding the right tool for the job. NVIS is a tool, it has a job and it's very good at doing that. It's not for everyone, all the time, but it's a tool that you as an ambitious amateur should know about.
I'm Onno VK6FLAB
submitted by vk6flab to amateurradio

Timeline of Government Secret Projects PART 4

I had to break it down to 4 parts because the article is longer than 40,000 words

1990 (A) According to an anonymous BBC television reporter, Dr Louis West headed up the medical oversight for the Ft. Meade remote-viewing operational unit. (Constantine, Alex, "'Remote Viewing' at Stanford Research Institute or Illicit CIA Mind Control Experimentation?") West was also a "Member of the medical oversight board for Science Applications International Corp. remote-viewing research in early 1990s. (B) RF MEDIA/ 1990, CIA: Electronic, multi-directional subliminal suggestion and programming Location: Boulder, Colorado (Location of main cell telephone node, national television synchronization node) Targeting: national population of the United States Frequencies: ULF VHF HF Phase modulation Power: Gigawatts Implementation: Television and radio communications, the "videodrome" signals Purpose: Programming and triggering behavioral desire, subversion of psychic abilities of population, preparatory processing for mass electromagnetic control Pseudonym: "Buzz Saw" E.E.M.C. (C) TOWE CIA, NSA: Electronic cross country subliminal programming and suggestion Targeting: Mass population, short-range intervals, long-range cumulative Frequencies: Microwave, EHF SHF Methodology: Cellular telephone system, ELF modulation Purpose: Programming through neural resonance and encoded information Effect: Neural degeneration, DNA resonance modification, psychic suppression Pseudonym: "Wedding Bells" (D) More than 1500 6-month old Black and Hispanic babies in Los Angeles are given an "experimental" measles vaccine that had never been licensed for use in the United States. CDC later admits that parents were never informed that the vaccine being injected to their children was experimental.
1991 (A) SRI’s remote viewing project moved to SAIC (B) Desert Storm According to Defense News, April 13-19, 1992, the US deployed an electromagnetic pulse weapon (EMP) in Desert Storm, designed to mimic the flash of electricity from a nuclear bomb. The Sandia National Laboratory had built a 23,000 square meter laboratory on the Kirkland Air Force Base in 1989 to house the Hermes II electron beam generator capable of producing 20 Trillion Watt pulses lasting 20-to-25 billionths-of-a-second. This X-ray simulator is called a "Particle Beam Fusion Accelerator". A stream of electrons hitting a metal plate can produce a pulsed X-ray or gamma ray. Hermes II had produced electron beams since 1974. These devices were apparently tested during the Gulf War, although detailed information on them is sparse.
1992 (A) Eldon Byrd told me [Dick Farley] about it [lawsuit w/ Randi] over dinner at C. B. "Scott" Jones home one evening of several we spent together back in '92 and '93 there. "Byrd said that Uri Geller put up $10,000 for his legal costs. Byrd and Geller are good friends, from back in the '70s..."
"Byrd says he had been "set-up" by postal inspectors - part of some initiative to discredit him because he was too public with his personal interests in "psi," etc. He'd allegedly had some Navy security clearance issues dog him, which contributed to his early retirement as one of their senior most civilian scientists." "When he was still with the Navy, Dr. Byrd was the contract manager for some of the research Michael Persinger did on 'neuro-impacts' of various EMFs and ELFs. Something about wave-propagation and influences on submariners if somebody "beeped" them with mind-influencing EMF signals, etc. That kind of thing." (Farley, Dick, "False Memory Spindrome") (B) John Alexander. Last year, Alexander organized a national conference devoted to researching "reports of ritual abuse, Near-Death Experiences, human contacts with extraterrestrial aliens, and other so-called anomalous experiences", the Albuquerque Journal reported in March 1993. (C) December. "The U.S. Army's Armament Research, Development, and Engineering Center is conducting a one-year study of Acoustic Beam Technology ... The command awarded the 1-year study to Scientific Applications and Research Associates of Huntington Beach, CA. Related research is conducted at the Moscow-based Andreev Institute." (From "U.S. Explores Russian Mind Control Technology", by Barbara Opal, Defense News, Jan 11-17, 1993. Research by Harlan Girard and others.) (D) Dan Smith [the Aviary's physicist "Chicken Little"] was for a while engaged to marry the illustrious Rosemary Ellen Guiley, who numbered Von Ward, Jones, Colin Andrews, and a host of others on her "Center for Crop Circle Studies" advisory panel back in '92-93. Rosie's moved ahead (upward?) to the angelic realms, following the market and the money.
But she does have the corner on American expertise on Wicca, and her close relationship with former (now retired) Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) "weird desk" and senior "applied anomalous" guy Dale Graff ... who was from my contacts with Scott Jones'. [Aviary's Prince Hans Adam- & Laurence Rockefeller-funded retired Naval Intel Cmdr. Cecil B. "Scott" Jones] Affiliated with Sen. Claiborne Pell, with Dale Graff being the latter's "inside man" at the DIA. The " Aquarium Conspiracy" by Dan Smith and Rosemary Ellen Guiley In the beginning, there was "eschatology" - the branch of theology dealing with the end times. Having spent many years first studying physics and then metaphysics, Dan came to the conclusion that the scientists have been looking at the World upside-down. Mind - not matter - is the foundation for all realities. Moreover, the materialist paradigm was in danger of imminent collapse, being subverted on the inside by its own contradictions and on the outside by the growing body of evidence for the paranormal. Creating and maintaining a reality is no easy game. It requires a lot of magic and a lot of conscious critters like ourselves who are pretty good at collective self-deception. Fortunately - or perhaps unfortunately - our particular reality game has about reached its natural conclusion, and we are waking up to the fact that mind and matter are not separate. We are undergoing an exciting-but-stressful revolution in our collective consciousness. This revolution - or global spiritual emergency - will bring upheavals and overloads in our global consciousness that will impact the material Earth for better-or-worse, and may quickly get out-of-control. We also will be opening up to other realities that will be impacting us as well. Our present very tidy sense of 'reality' and its boundaries is due to become much more fluid and permeable. Every spiritual tradition takes very seriously its prophesies about the End of the World. But for the first time, we are seeing these prophesies turning into believable predictions of Earth and reality changes. That is how Dan fell from physics into eschatology. [This last remark tells us that Rosemary is the one doing the writing here.] After experiencing numerous slammed doors among his former scientific colleagues, he decided that the most logical place to find fellow eschatologists would be in various intelligence agencies and among investigators of the paranormal. Dan next addressed how to communicate about the eschaton. Even a small hint that the Government is worried about the End of the World might start a chain reaction of panic, which could possibly serve as a trigger for the eschaton. On the other hand, people inside the Government might be wanting to set up a kind of civil defense network vis-a-vis the eschaton. And so they would be looking for people on the outside who could much more freely network among the general public. An important link in the communication chain is what has become known as the "Aviary". This is the final link next to the public network, and so it must be heavily disguised by its own surrealistic smoke screen. The Aviary functions best by amplifying people's own misconceptions about the paranormal. It does this by helping to overinflate individual pieces of the puzzle so that particular investigators get pushed further into their own blind alleys. People are encouraged to be so "distracted by the trees that they fail to see the forest". This cacophony by people looking for truth in all the strangest places provides an excellent cover for the deadly serious business of clearing the decks and battening down the hatches for the eschaton event. It is like a Manhattan Project going on behind the scenes of alien grays and praying mantises having sex with humans. However, this eschaton conspiracy is being orchestrated by higher powers. And we don't mean the "Committee of 300". Very few of the people even near the center of the orchestration have a clear picture of what is coming down. But they do know that something is coming, and that they will have front-row seats. [note: Interesting that Guiley compares the government actions behind the scenes to the Manhattan Project, since that resulted in the most destructive weapon known to historical man up to that time. And now, subconsciously, Ms. Guiley has revealed to us the agenda: Total destruction of the masses of humanity except for those few elite who "help the project" and "sign agreements" to keep secrets - such as herself. "When you dance with the Devil, the Devil doesn't change - the Devil changes YOU.] The "Manhattan Project" relative to the eschaton is a global civilian network of people who will serve as a lightning rod for the cosmic energies coming in during the consciousness revolution. They will be looking to channel these energies into expanded realities. Thus, they will provide a degree of protection for those people who can find their places alongside the network.
Outside of the network, there will be greater levels of trauma and confusion. The pieces of the network are already in place. The remaining task is to properly activate and link the pieces into a critical mass of awareness. This last step is now underway. This is how an 'Aviary' helps to spawn an 'Aquarium', and how 'birds' learn to swim. The Aquarium is our business, and we are working to reach people who are ready to be activated in the consciousness revolution. And here Ms. Guiley has described exactly what the Cassiopeans have described for us and have helped us to uncover - that the Negative Hierarchy has created the New Age Movement, the Human Potential Movement, the "Contactee" and Gray Abduction Phenomenon for the express purpose of locking the planet into total Control - to make it a "headquarters" for the Lords of Darkness.
And as the C's have said regarding the "Higher Powers" that Ms. Guiley reverentially refers to above: A: At those levels, there is only one "Master." Q: (L) "Those levels"? What 'levels'? A: Levels that can hand down orders to bury or suppress. ... Those who are at that level have been bought-and-paid for by both giving knowledge of upcoming cataclysmic vents, and promised survival and positions of power after. It is not difficult to realize that there is a body of such types in positions of power already. Power is not only attractive to such types, but they are also the kind most easily corrupted by it. We also notice that Ms. Guiley has compared the process to that of "birds learning to swim". In other words, she and Mr. Smith are giving their signature as part of the Scale Gang - the Reptilian Overlords, as opposed to the Avian followers of the All Giving Mother.
According to Dan Smith - who undoubtedly is privy to a wealth of accurate though not widely known UFO information - this data is being released through him due to the grave concern by high government officials about impending metaphysical catastrophe - the eschaton, or the End of the World. What we see, however, is that Dan Smith and Rosemary Ellen Guiley are being used to further the agenda of the World Controllers who do, indeed, suspect the "End of the World", but have their own plans to survive it at the expense of most of the human population.
It is this agenda that Ms. Guiley is now actively promoting in her writings and columns in Fate Magazine, which has become an organ of COINTELPRO, etc. We do notice that Ms. Guiley - like Whitley Strieber and the rest of the gang who play ball with the Matrix Controllers - have NO TROUBLE whatsoever getting "30 books published" and "hobnobbing" with the CIA.
1993 (A) John Mack: According to Dick Farley - former aide to C.B. Scott Jones - Laurance Rockefeller funneled "$194,000 to Mack's Harvard- affiliated Center for Psychology and Social Change via the Washington, D.C. chartered Human Potential Foundation, Inc. in the 1993-1994 period.
Mack's group then started "PEER" (Program for Exceptional Experience Research) and operated an "alien abductee support group" who - among other functions they served - became fodder for Dr. Mack's 1994 Abductions. According to Donna Bassett - who infiltrated Mack's abductee support group - the Center for Psychology and Social Change (co-founded by Robert Jay Lifton) receives $250,000 a year from Rockefeller. Rockefeller also gave $194,000 to PEER along with various other donations. According to Bassett, Mack claims to have received funding from an ex-CIA source. (B) Kit Green. Director of General Motor's Biomedical Research department. Attended closed meetings with Dr. Igor Smirnov under the auspices of his membership in the National Academy of Sciences panel on 21st Century Army Technologies. (Defense Electronics, 7/93. Reprinted in Flatland). Smirnov gave a series of closed meetings in Northern Virginia - starting on 3/17/93 - to the FBI, CIA, DIA, and ARPA concerning Russian developments with a device that allegedly implanted thoughts in a subject's mind. The FBI was considering using this device to implant the voice of God in David Koresh's mind, telling him to surrender. Other, non-intelligence participants included Dr. Richard Nakamura of the National Institute of Health [note: I think he may now be the director]. This technology was supposedly used by the Russians against civilians in Afghanistan and possibly on the Red Army to prepare them for battle. The American rights to this technology is owned by a Richmond, Virginia company called Psycotechnologies Corp. (Defense Electronics, 7/93. Reprinted in Flatland #11) (C) February 28, beginning of 51-day siege on the Branch Davidians at Waco Texas which ended in the death of more than 80 people. Until this incident, the electromagnetic weapons had kept a very low profile. But in the documentary video "Waco: The Big Lie Continues", footage from the British Broadcasting (BBC) shows at least 3 EM weapons used by U.S. Government agents. First, the noise generators used against the Davidians. Second, a powerful strobe light, shown during a nighttime sequence. And the third was the Russian psycho-acoustic weapon considered, but agents deny use of this weapon against the Waco people. FBI agents met with Dr. Igor Smirnov in Arlington, VA to discuss the possibility of using the weapon against the Davidians. (from "A Subliminal Dr. Strangelove", by Dorinda Elliot and John Barry, Newsweek, Aug 22, 1994). Janet Reno is also publicly connected to John Alexander (e.g., the recent "Non-Lethal Warfare" conference). See also: The Man Who Knew Too Much - What really happened at Waco? Carlos Ghigliotti thought he had the answer, and now he's dead. Was he a victim of conspiracy, or his own obsession? Ghigliotti - an expert in thermal imaging - was retained by the House Government Reform Committee last year to probe allegations that FBI agents - despite their vehement assertions to the contrary - had fired their weapons at members of the Branch Davidian sect, trapping helpless women and children inside the burning compound on April 19, 1993. Last fall, I had quoted him in The Post as saying that infrared surveillance tapes - as well as regular videos made by the Media - contained proof that the FBI fired. "The gunfire ... is there, without a doubt." In March, he was finalizing his report to Congress. He also had been advising attorneys waging a $100 million wrongful death suit against the Government on behalf of the Davidians and their heirs. "I still have a lot of shocking evidence to show you," he wrote in a March 28 letter to Michael Caddell, the lead attorney in that case. When his body was discovered, Ghigliotti's office got the scrutiny that Vince Foster's warranted after his suicide. Police sealed the premises and carted off computers and files. Rep. Dan Burton (R-Ind.) - whose committee had retained Ghigliotti - called for "a full and thorough investigation." The Justice Department's special counsel on Waco - John C. Danforth - asked a federal court to take control of all evidence from Ghigliotti's firm. I'd spent hours in that workshop reviewing tapes on his 8-monitor JVC video console, looking for evidence of Government perfidy in grainy images, debating theories while his beloved cats - Simone and Sipowicz - lolled at our feet. Carlos could be exasperating - brusque, inflexible and short-tempered, a fireplug of a guy who carried himself like a street fighter - but he had a soft side. More than once, he admitted to breaking down in tears while examining Waco evidence. Someone had to speak for the dead, he told me that he believed with all his heart that he had finally uncovered the Truth. "I've solved the case," he announced during one of his calls in March, urging me to come once again to his lab to review videotapes. "I know exactly what happened." But I was busy on other stories and never made it back. Now there was one more mystery to unravel: Was Carlos the final victim of Waco? The Russian government is offering to share with the United States - in a bilateral Center for Psychotechnologies - the Soviet mind-control technology developed during the 1970s. The work was funded by the Department of Psycho-Correction at the Moscow Medical Academy. "Acoustic psycho-correction involves the transmission of specific commands via static or white noise bands into the human subconscious ..." The Russian experts - among them former KGB General George Kotov - present in a paper a list of software and hardware available for $80,000. (From Opal article, "U.S. Explores Russian Mind Control Technology".) (D) High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program, HAARP The HAARP Program is jointly managed by the US Air Force and the US Navy and is based in Gakona, Alaska. It is designed to "understand, simulate, and control ionospheric processes that might alter the performance of communication and surveillance systems". The HAARP system intends to beam 3.6 Gigawatts of effective radiated power of hig- frequency radio energy into the ionosphere in order to (warning: all of which follows may be disinformation): ● Generate extremely low frequency (ELF) waves for communicating with submerged submarines ● Conduct geophysical probes to identify and characterize natural ionospheric processes so that techniques can be developed to mitigate or control them ● Generate ionospheric lenses to focus large amounts of high frequency energy, thus providing a means of triggering ionospheric processes that potentially could be exploited for Department of Defense purposes ● Electron acceleration for infrared (IR) and other optical emissions which could be used to control radio wave propagation properties ● Generate geomagnetic field aligned ionization to control the reflection/scattering properties of radio waves ● Use oblique heating to produce effects on radio wave propagation, thus broadening the potential military applications of ionospheric enhancement technology (E) During 1993, John Alexander and his team were working with Dr Igor Smirnov
1994 (A) By controlling the nature of the magnetic fields and causing them to simulate brain patterns, Persinger is able to stimulate strong emotions and hallucinations including the illusion of touch and movement. (Blackmore, Susan, "Alien Abduction: The Inside Story", New Scientist, 11/19/94, pg 29-31.) Persinger is shown demonstrating this device on the British TV show Horizon entitled "Close Encounters", written-and-narrated by Susan Blackmore. For their efforts, both Persinger and Blackmore have been accused of being in the Aviary.) Persinger was on the board of advisors for the False Memory Syndrome Foundation. Also an informal advisor to SRI's remote-viewing program. (B) As of 1994, Smirnov has worked at Moscow's Institute of Psycho-Correction using subliminal technology as therapy for drug abusers and others. The Institute has been strapped for cash after the fall of the Soviet Union, but it has refused to accept business from the Russian Mafia. (Elliott, Dorinda and Barry, John, "A Subliminal Dr. Strangelove", Newsweek, 8/22/94, pg 57) However, Smirnov works with the Human Potential Foundation and John Alexander. [note: I'm not sure how Smirnov's device is supposed to work.
Later reports claim it would work using inaudible, subliminal suggestions (spliced into phone conversations in the case of David Koresh). The device is definitely supposed to make the subject "hear" voices, as the FBI wanted to use Charlton Heston as the voice of God. This is definitely a different strategy from other subliminal techniques which are designed to produce mere suggestions.] (C) With a technique called "gene tracking," Dr. Garth Nicolson at the MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, TX discovers that many returning Desert Storm veterans are infected with an altered strain of Mycoplasma incognitos - a microbe commonly used in the production of biological weapons. Incorporated into its molecular structure is 40 percent of the HIV protein coat, indicating that it had been man-made. (D) Senator John D. Rockefeller (D-WV) issues a report revealing that for at least 50 years, the Department of Defense has used hundreds of thousands of military personnel in human experiments and for intentional exposure to dangerous substances. Materials included mustard and nerve gas, ionizing radiation, psychochemicals, hallucinogens, and drugs used during the Gulf War.
1995 (A) James Randi: "I told an audience at the annual meeting of the American Physical Society about the hilarious claims that Eldon Byrd made in court concerning important projects he'd been working on as a parapsychologist.
One was a wristwatch that would protect the lucky wearer against the deadly effects of hairdryers and electric razors that bombard the brain with those 60-Hertz electrical waves.
The watch would sense the phase of the offending waves and generate an opposing field to protect the subject....
But by far the best laugh of the trial was generated by Byrd when he proudly announced that as a result of reading and believing the book The Secret Life of Plants, he had a project going to train seaweed so that it could warn naval divers of danger." (Randi Hotline, 3/27/95 ) (B) SAIC - military contractor, located in California. Click here for their home page. [I couldn't find anything on remote viewing.] SAIC took over the research aspect of the remote-viewing program from SRI when director Ed May and his Cognitive Sciences Laboratory moved there in 1991. "SAIC - previously indicted on 10 felony fraud counts by the Justice Department relating to its management of a Superfund toxic cleanup site - has several prominent board members. Admiral Bobby Inman, former NSA Director and Deputy Director of the CIA; Melvin Laird, Richard Nixon's Defense Secretary; and retired General Max Thurman, Commander of the Panama Invasion. Previous board members include Robert Gates, former CIA Director; William Perry, current [1995] Secretary of Defense; and John Deutch, current [1995] CIA Director." SAIC owns Network Solutions, Inc. (NSI), which in September, 1995 took over control of Internet Domain Name registration from the National Science Foundation ("Spooks Spook Net Users", Paranoia, Issue 12, pg 26). SAIC is also working with non-lethal weapons, but I haven't heard any details. (Brandt, Daniel, Mind Control and the Secret State). U.S. Government admits that it had offered Japanese war criminals and scientists - who had performed human medical experiments - salaries and immunity from prosecution in exchange for data on biological warfare research. (C) Dr. Garth Nicolson uncovers evidence that the biological agents used during the Gulf War had been manufactured in Houston, TX and Boca Raton, FL and tested on prisoners in the Texas Department of Corrections.
1996 (A) NIDS established. At one point, millionaire Robert Bigelow offered to provide funding to the tune of a million dollars for a cooperative research effort of the "Big Three" of ufology - MUFON (Mutual UFO Network), CUFOS (Center for UFO Studies), and FUFOR (Fund for UFO Research). This effort - sometimes referred to as "the Coalition" - fell apart reportedly when Bigelow tried to control the direction of the group. UFO skeptic Philip Klass reportedly accused John Alexander of causing the break-up, although Alexander denies it. Maccabee has recently worked with the National Institute for Discovery Sciences (NIDS) and probably worked with-or-near Eldon Byrd, as the two both worked at the Naval Surface Weapons Center at the same time. (B) Courtney Brown, author of Cosmic Voyage, Dutton, 1996. Brown was trained in remote-viewing by Ed Dames and took courses at the Monroe Institute. Brown's book details his psychic conversations with aliens and repeats allegations similar to those made by Dames, Ingo Swann, Joe McMoneagle, and others. Among them are: ● Martians live among us and seek our help to return home. They live in South America and under the mountain Santa Fe Baldy. ● Brown psychically contacted Jesus, Guru Dev, and Buddha. ● The idea for the "Star Trek" television series was inspired by aliens to get humanity accustomed to the idea of working with alien races in a Federation. ● Specific plot elements of the "Star Trek: Next Generation" series were suggested to someone on the show via an implanted telepathy device. Many of Dames' claims concerning the Martians are presented in Brown's book. But Brown implies that this is the first time any of this has been revealed to the remote-viewers, even though the sessions took place in 1994. Dames made similar claims as early as 1993 (see Stark, Debby, "Talking to Ed Dames", NM MUFON News, June/July 1993) Courtney Brown founded the Farsight Institute in 1995. The Institute teaches a Scientific Remote Viewing course called "Farsight Voyager" which costs around $3,000.00. Here's the Institute's home page. (C) Radin is currently working with Joe McMoneagle in a project involved with remote-viewing future technology. (Compuserve On Line Conversation w/ Joe McMoneagle, 1/4/96) (D) Edgar Mitchell briefed then CIA director George Bush on the activities and results of the Institute of Noetic Sciences (Mitchell, Edgar, The Way of the Explorer, GP Putnam's Sons, 1996, pg 91). (E) Department of Defense admits that Desert Storm soldiers were exposed to chemical agents.
1997 (A) In April, 1997, millionaire Robert Bigelow donated $3.7 million dollars to the University of Nevada to found the Bigelow Chair of Consciousness Studies, which allows students to take undergraduate courses dealing with parapsychology for college credit. These courses are related - though not formally linked - to Dean Radin's research at the University's Consciousness Research Laboratory which Bigelow once funded. Tart is currently teaching at the University of Las Vegas as part of Robert Bigelow's Bigelow Chair of Consciousness Studies (Patton, Natalie; "UNLV recruits authority in ESP", Las Vegas Review-Journal, 7/10/97). (B) 88 members of Congress sign a letter demanding an investigation into bioweapons use and Gulf War Syndrome.
1999 (A) Michael Persinger: "My research has not been 'funded by U.S. interests'. All of the money for our human research for the last 30 years has been from my personal income as a professor. The only funding ($10,000) we ever obtained from the U.S. was from the U.S. Navy - thanks to Eldon Byrd - to evaluate the effects of 0.5-Hz rotating magnetic fields upon the degranulation of mast cells in the rat brain. The effect was small but statistically significant." (Letter to Wes Thomas, 1/6/99) (B) 2000 Terminal experiments are being carried out on women, babies, and men of all ages.
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