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[Table] IAmA: I'm the iFixit guy who took apart the new Retina MacBook Pro, and I'm on a mission to make your stuff repairable. AMA.

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Date: 2012-06-14
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Questions Answers
Just to say... love your guys work. Your speed and attention to detail are great! The drops of humor are icing on the cake. IFixit's goal is to teach everyone how to fix all their stuff. If the world can't have the manufacturer service manual, then by golly we're going to work together to write new manuals that are free to the world.
Edit: I do have a question. Has Apple ever threatened you for anything? Exposing parts, etc? Thanks! 7oby is right, Apple has consistently used legal threats to keep their manuals offline and make sure they're the only ones who know how to fix Apple hardware. Apple has generally left us alone because we're very careful: everything on iFixit is original content, made by either the community or by us. So there's not much they can do about us, as much as they probably prefer we didn't exist. Copyright law was designed to encourage creativity, and I think that its application to encourage planned obsolescence and prevent repair is a bad thing for society. There are some efforts to pass legislation like Right to Repair that would force auto manufacturers to make their documentation available.
Copyright law was designed to encourage creativity, and I think that its application to encourage planned obsolescence and prevent repair is a bad thing for society. Oregon is worse. Wow, that's pretty obnoxious. Why would they do that?
How much do you spend on stuff to take apart... (I assume you get free stuff and have sponsors too...) And how often do things not work when you put them together again? We buy products at retail just like anyone else. When what we want isn't sitting on the shelf, well… that's a story in itself.
We go to lengths to get hardware. Big, seriously long lengthy lengths. When it comes to acquiring devices, really no length is too long. As long as it's (mostly) legal and it doesn't require sacrificing any ewoks. Because I'm kind of attached to the furry guys.
When really high profile devices come out (iPads, iPhones, etc) we generally take the "I-don't-care-how-much-it-is-I-need-it-now!" mode of operation. We'll do what we gotta to make sure that we get gizmos first, even flying to the other side of the world on occassion to take advantage of the ~18 hour time difference.
Concerning Sponsors: This guy is usually our main sponsor. But every once in a blue moon, a manufacturer will help us out with a teardowns. The "Will it Blend?" folks sent us a blender for reference when we did the teardown on that blending behemoth, and their engineers helped fill us in on some technical questions that we had. But that's the exception—it's almost always just us and Ricky Bobby.
Since the MacBook Pro was rated so low, what would be a laptop that has a high repairability rating? Generally I'd assume that laptops are harder to repair vs desk tops by nature. Easily removable bottom panel and readily accessible battery connector allow for easy repair of most components without touching the battery screws.
Unibody design allows for easy access of most components with minimal amounts of extra work needed to get to them.
Tri-wing screws limit the average person from replacing their own battery.
LCD replacement is still very tricky, which could easily result in shattering the front glass panel. But at least they're separable.
Lack of service documentation. There's no way we'd ever give a 10 to a company that used legal threats to keep their service documentation out of the hands of independent repair shops.
Dell deserves top marks for a lot of their laptops, and they make service documentation available. They don't get enough credit for that, IMHO. It's important.
I'm an Apple technician. Is there anything you'd like to know about my end? Do you know if there's a service manual for the iPad or iPhone?
Hey Kyle! Thanks for doing an AMA - Love your site! I can't recommend the retina machine for reasons I outlines in the Wired article. I suspect that it's the recently updated MacBook Pro (non-retina), but I can't say that for sure until I get my grimy little paws on it. I'm guessing it's pretty similar to the previous MacBook Pro, which is why I recommend it. So if you're listening, awesome product designers that don't work for Apple, make something awesome and I'll buy it! Or don't, and Apple will make the kittens pay.
In your opinion, what is the best laptop available on the market today? What are some essential components that make it the best? Things that might change my mind: proprietary screws on the bottom, glue on the battery, changes to the display assembly that make repair expensive. The core problem is that Apple is so far ahead of the competition. I was really optimistic about the Dell Adamo, but they were never able to get the price reasonable. We don't take apart a lot of non-Apple laptops because we don't hear about exciting ones very often.
Are you honestly saying there isn't one laptop on the market that compares to the apple? Not even one? I can't help but feeling there may be some bias here... I'm certainly biased, because I've spent most of my time with Apple products. But the Adamo is the only non-Apple laptop I've used that I liked aesthetically. HP is doing some interesting things, and I'm interested in trying them out. I'm open minded, and I think we need to look beyond Apple!
Also, what's one tip you want to tell everyone in regards to what you've found while working with the products you do? Anything you've come across that would be really handy or helpful? It's a solid machine, and it runs Diablo III well. Which is all you can really ask for. I did all the upgrades myself, and it's only missing one screw! (Which fell out after the repairs, I swear!)
I've been looking into getting an ssd and removing my optical drive. Do you recommend installing the ssd in place of the original drive and putting the hdd in the optical bay our just adding the ssd and not touching the original hdd? Also, which drive do you have your OS and such installed on? I believe I put the SSD in the original HDD slot because I thought it might be higher performance, but I don't have anything but intuition to back that up.
The standard setup is to install your OS on the SSD and put your user profile and data on the HDD. I've tried it the other way and it worked all right, but now I'm back to running the OS on the SSD. I'm pretty happy with the setup, although there are some interesting issues when you're running Filevault on both drives.
Just curious what's the business model behind ifixit? How do you afford to buy and take apart all these neat gadgets? We seriously considered a donation model similar to Wikipedia. But I couldn't stand the thought of forcing the community to look at my face for a donation drive every year.
So we figured, let's just sell parts and tools and if people want to support us then we can give them something for the money. You're welcome to use our manuals without buying something from us. If you do support us, it gives us the ability to publish more manuals and do more advocacy work.
I am seriously considering buying a MBP very soon. Is it worth the extra money to purchase the new one or should I get the last generation at a discounted price? And you know, if you have any extra stuff laying around, I like stuff... I always buy used or refurbished hardware. It's better for the environment and better for your wallet. A time-honored strategy is to wait until the big product announcement and then buy last year's machine off the suckers customers that are upgrading to the newest model. Last year's model FTW!
How do you plan to combat the soldered-in RAM? or is it going to be impossible for a user to upgrade? Weep for the future, Na'Toth. Weep for us all.
I've raised the flag of surrender on this. At this point, the RAM is completely non-user replaceable.
Unless your surface mount soldering skills are beyond superb, it's not feasible for a user to upgrade/replace the RAM without replacing the logic board. The same goes for flash memory on products like the iPhone.
That said, it is possible. I have a lot of super smart service tech friends overseas in electronics markets in Delhi, Cairo, and Nairobi that would think nothing of swapping out BGA parts for higher capacity chips. I spent a bunch of time filming them work last year, and I'll be telling their story in our upcoming documentary, Fixers.
On average how many parts do you have left over when putting something back together again? Oh, you know. One or two.
Edit: Serious answer time. We're extremely careful during teardowns. We bag and label everything, and count screws, and take photos of cable routing, and anything else we can think of to make sure they go back together right.
Because once we're done with the teardown, we put it back together. Then we take it apart again, photographing it more methodically, and write the repair manual.
Usually the first time you take anything apart, you break something. Our repair manuals are there so we do the suffering for you ahead of time. So you can actually put it back together!
What do you say to those who try and defend making a un-repairable product because it will stimulate the economy? And that if they make a gadget service able the product will fail? The article here. Great question! I wrote a whole post about that particular article. What do you think?
One thing to keep in mind is that the manufacturing jobs are all overseas (unless you're in China), but the repair and refurbishment jobs are local. The aftermarket automotive repair market is huge and very critical to our economy. I don't see any reason why electronics repair can't be just as big.
Hey Kyle, big fan of your site! I was able to successfully install a SSD+Optibay on my MBP thanks to you guys. USB missile launchers are critical for operational security. Link to i.imgur.com
Beside your trusted ifixit kit, what else so you have on your workspace when doing a tear down ? can you post some picture of your lab? (Also, that's an ESD safe workspace and we have anti-static wrist straps. But the Pro Tech Base Toolkit is all we really ever need for most work.)
Wiens?? Are you Mennonite? That's my last name. My grandparents were; moved to the west coast from the Midwest. And visiting Vienna is sure a blast!
Soldering RAM on seems to be a hot topic. Do you have any numbers regarding the MBA's RAM failure rate? If a chip goes bad, does it ignore that chip, or does it simply fail to boot? I get the sense that modern RAM selected by Apple has a very, very slim failure rate. You're right, RAM failure is quite rare. The primary issue with non-upgradeable RAM is that you can't extend the life of the device. For example, the millions of MacBook Airs that Apple sold with only 2 GB of RAM will end up getting disposed of prior to upgradeable MacBooks sold with the same amount of factory RAM.
Have you ever broken a device while disassembling it and had to purchase a second one? We generally only need one device for our teardowns. If we do break the device, it usually isn't something noticeable, and if it is we can usually hide it when we take the pictures.
However, we did go though three or four iPad 2s when we were doing the teardowns and repair guides. We hadn't quite figured out the ribbon cable placement and definitely sliced though a bunch of expensive touchscreen cables.
So yes, but we really, really try to avoid it.
Awesome ty. Got any coupon codes perchance? ;) All right, you talked me into it. Coupon code REDDIT good for $8 off for the first 20 redditors to use it.
Will you be buying the new Macbook Pro? Already did. I'm the canary in the coal mine—I buy things so you don't have to. Link to i.imgur.com
What can you tell us about slo_roller's mom!? Go Mustangs, btw =P. She prefers Mustangs, I can tell you that.
1) Once you remove the optical drive of the (older) Macbook Pro, is it possible to use it as an external optical drive (over USB)? Yes, you can. There are two options: get an external enclosure or just get a SATA to USB cable adapter.
2) Do you recommend buying the extended warranty on a Macbook (Air, Pro, or Retina)? On something like this Retina machine, I'd say it's a necessity because no one but Apple will be able to service it. On the existing Pro, I don't generally recommend it because hiring an independent professional or servicing it yourself is more cost effective. (Of course, it depends on your lifestyle.)
3) Do you think that there is a possibility of putting 16 GB of RAM in the non-retina Macbook Pro? Yes, I do. It's on my list of things to try. 8GB SODIMMS are available, I just have to test compatibility.
Sweet! I think it's actually getting better. There's a lot of people out there making a lot of money fixing smartphones. iPhones are really worth $600, something many people don't realize until they break theirs and Apple refuses to warrantee it.
As proponents of repairing (which is awesome in a lot of ways), would you say that a career as a technician for electronic devices is a good move, or has that ship sailed long ago? Our manuals have opened up a lot of opportunities. You can open a Mac repair business without having trained on every single Mac because you know we have comprehensive manuals. Same thing goes for game console repair. We're working hard on comprehensive Android repair manuals, but that's a big challenge and we need help.
Frog and Peach or Bulls? Spike's.
Love the website! I might come in there soon if I can find some free time to add some desktop stuff. Fixing servers, motherboards, external hardrives, and all that good stuff too! Absolutely, the Arduino guys are great. We've got a bunch floating around the office and we like using them for projects!
Just a few questions. Do you like Arduinos and other microchip stuff? What is the most ideal (reasonable) warranty that you could think of? European warranties are required to be 2 years. Many cars have five year warranties. California requires manufacturers make service parts available for seven years. In my ideal world, five to seven years seems reasonable. It would make products cost more, but it would be worth it for the reduction in total unites manufactured.
I am a life long non apple customer, what (non apple) brand/model of laptop do you suggest that is equally repairable/upgradeable and still is decent laptop to use on a daily basis? Both Dell and HP make service documentation available on their website. That's a big plus.
Is there not a certain point at which technology needs to incorporate these workarounds to reach the levels of thin-ness they're starting to hit? For example, do you guys do teardowns of cell phones? They need to solder their parts down to achieve reasonable levels of thin-ness, as well. Yes, we absolutely do take apart cell phones. There, we focus primarily on repairability. Take a look through our cell phone repair manuals!
Hey, I have an iPad 3 with a home button that's a little less "clicky" than I would like. In other words, it's a little mushy. My GF likes it and thinks it makes it more "sleek" and I guess it's all just personal preference, but if I wanted to fix it, what are my options? I assume I'd have to simply order a new button part and take the screen off in order to get to it (more or less), right? Or, are there other options? Also, do you have a guide on your website to do such a thing for an iPad 3? Absolutely! Our iPad 3 repair manual isn't quite done, but here's a sneak peak.
Cool; do you guys sell replacement parts? If not, where should I buy them from? Can I buy an OEM home button, or what it be made by some third party? Absolutely, check out our iPad parts store.
What Android cellphone would you say is the best for being able to be repaired DIY, cheapest/easiest? Mainly if the screen were to get messed up, battery needed replacement (pretty much all have user replaceable batteries but some "don't"), and or the shell needed a replacement. We haven't analyzed as many as we would like, but we've been really impressed by the serviceability of Motorola Atrix.
Thanks for the excellent toolkit i just bought from you! Thanks for supporting the free repair manual!
Heard you on NPR this morning! Didn't really pay attention but you kicked ass! Phew! I wasn't really paying attention either!
To give a back story, iFixit's website was down for about 3 hours yesterday after they announced they were doing a teardown of the new MBP. Yeah, that was exciting. I spent all day yesterday babysitting our servers. We use Amazon EC2, so we can scale up to add more servers, but had never tested reddit-level traffic. Y'all effectively DOS'd us for about two hours before I was able to get everything calibrated correctly. We'll be better prepared next time!
Traffic level: reddit. The alien invasion is a success!
Just want to say thanks for your website...i have fixed both my son's ipods using your guides...keep up the good work..much appreciated. You're quite welcome! Thank you for fixing things.
Hi,Kyle Wiens, Is there any place I can get some parts of Mac book pro then I can assemble one,just like DIY our pc.thanks. Well we sell MacBook parts. So you could get them from us. But it would be much cheaper to buy a couple broken machines and try to combine them into a functional unit.
It's here: Link to www.ifixit.com edit://Or the fantastic Pro Tech Base Toolkit has it. What he said.
Where you able to put it back together? Can I have it? i need a leptop. Yes. No. (We have since taken it apart again.)
Last updated: 2012-06-19 05:26 UTC
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My suggestion for Direction of Hots Development

My suggestion for Direction of Hots Development

Heroes of the Strom chose a very difficult path ‘Compelling team-play’. I think current Hots needs a lot of development to achieve the goal. Following are my suggestions. (English is not my own language, there might be many grammatical errors. I didn’t mastered all heroes so some suggestion examples might need improvement/feedbacks.)


Heroes of the Storm was designed for the team-play game. But many players experience/feel individual-play because this game doesn’t have enough UI/system for team-play. And influence of one player is very small(or just players feel so) and players think “even if I play better a little bit, that can’t make visible change in this game”
5 + 1 main points to discuss.
  • I. Many skills are boring/meaningless if there is no good situation(ex. the combo of teammates) for that skill. And sometimes, that good situation hardly come in a match.
  • II. Some heroes depend on comp too much.
  • III. Team communication UI needs improvement.
  • IV. A system that controls team-play manner is needed. (compliment/criticism/report system)
  • V. Lack of system for making a party for a specific condition. (party finder, clan)
  • +. Hero League is the most problematic mode in this game.
So my suggestions.

I. Players should feel more pleasure in using basic abilities.

This change would make players focus more on one’s play. And this experience is stable because it comes from basic abilities.

a. Increase feeling-of-Hit

  • Raynor : Increase basic attack sound
  • Valla : Increase basic attack sound based on her hatred stack

b. Give a temporary reward (which is standard, not talent) for good skill-shot and make those have a visible/noticeable effect.

(Because of snowball effect, giving long-term quest talents as standard can be bad decision)
  • Nova : Snipe Master talent as standard (3 step, the talent makes 2 more step)
  • Lunara : dealing with trait longer than 00 seconds reduce mana/cooldown next time gradually. (similar with Greymane)

c. Increase influence of good skill-shot of basic abilities.

There are many QM games that an elementary Kerrigan(for example) player beats a veteran Kerrigan player easily just because of a good comp. Individual play should take bigger influence than now.
  • Alarak : Make Negatively Charged as standard (reduce basic damage, bonus damage should be adjusted, talent make bigger bonus damage)
  • Diablo : Give significant damage to the return of fire stomp. One unit is only hit once. (enemy player should move to avoid returning fire stomp, increase mana/cooldown, mouse position becomes 0 angle direction)
  • Malfurion : Increase revealing the time of Moonfire. (might need increase of mana cost/cooldown, and a new talent of Moonfire might replace Scouting Drone)
  • Xul : Increase damage of Spectral Scythe based on distance from starting point.

II. Flexible/diverse play experience.

Some heroes depend too much on team comp. Someone might say that “Quick Match is not the main mode and for the enjoyment of draft, the influence of comp should be big” But this problem gives big stress in Hero League experience not only QM. And making decent comp needs too much knowledge/experience now. Talents should work to break this invariable hero experience.

a. Reduce weakness against countesituation by taking talent at late lvl

examples * Chogall : new talent that reduces their hp and increases damage. (similar to Liming’s glass cannon) (This change may reduce pressure of skills like Tychus’ minigun, chogall still have weakness from lane strategy and skills like Anub'arak’s Cocoon) * Butcher : new talent that makes him invisible while charging(can be revealed by damage), all enemy heroes have the mark on head and hear the sound effect. (knowing who is target of butcher is a big weakness of butcher) * Tyrael : Take Imposing Will back to a lvl 20 or 16 talent.

b. Reduce dependence on single ability/combo/talent (which have too much importance of that hero)

  • Chen’s fortifying brew(trait), Leoric’s drain hope (W) : Nerf these skills, give more influence to other basic abilities or might buff HP/armor.
  • Kerrigan : Buff mobility talents (Q talent at lvl 7, rush talent at lvl 13) ‘low risk, low return’
  • Samuro : reduce damage from clones and increase damage from real Samuro (distinguishing clones should be more meaningful)
  • Mediv : Leave alone main build/talents, make other talents mid-risk & buffed mid-reward(which is good for particular comps).
  • Cassia : Advantage against auto attack heroes is enough for blind skill. She is too biased to anti-auto attackers. Comp simply chooses whether she wins or loses now.

c. Add new strength

  • Lunara : Lunara has an ability like nerfed Cleanse as a trait. Late level talent buff to normal Cleanse. (This change may reduce pressure to Supports who don’t have Cleanse, Lunara pick can be more viable in many games)
  • Lili : Healing is now targeting and reduce blind/slow effect (big rework is needed)

d. Make skill meaningful by making more quest talents

  • Stitches : new quest talent that gives a ability increasing sight temporarily if he hooked all enemy heroes. (Stitches’ hook can be meaningless in the early part of the game if there is the lack of combo from a teammate. This change gives users what to do preparing late part of the game. )
  • Tyrael : new quest talent about Righteousness(W, shield ally)’s blocking damage (reward : range or shield quantity)
  • Thrall : new quest talent about Feral Spirit penetrating enemy hero once. (make other talents about Feral Spirit viable)

III. UI for team communication (Ping)

a. Role Ping

There should be many options of ping and player should set 1~3 as the option for shortcut per each hero.
  • “It’s time to engage/make a team fight” (as bruiser)
  • “I gonna take exp/take down enemy fort” (as Gazlaw/Probius etc)
  • “I need combo support soon” (as stitches, etc, kerrigan etc)
  • “Be ready to receive my healing” (as uther, auriel etc)

b. General ping

  • alt-click enemy hero portrait on top bar “Check the position of (kerrigan/nova etc.)” (when that hero is missing)
  • alt-click ally hero portrait on top bar “Check position of (gaz)” (when one of the team is far from an object and should avoid team fight)
  • alt-click dead ally hero portrait on top screen “(illidan) rebirth/respawn in 00 seconds” (when team gonna fight when one is dead)
  • ping should be shown on the specific place not only in a map to warning nova/zeratul/valeera/abathur’s mine etc.

(c. Voice Chat)

For a party in Quick Match, Team League first. I’m not sure Blizzard can punish insult in voice chat properly(Especially in Hero League).

IV. User rating system (compliment + criticism/report)

Currently, when a game ends, 5 users appear including MVP that system determined. I can write 3 problems.
  • 1. Influence of Individual is not that big/noticeable in this game. System might figure out who did the best, but It is difficult for individual players (many players just think they carried the game)
  • 2. “System already determined MVP, why should I decide again and is that meaningful?”
  • 3. Sometimes I want to appreciate teammate’s good manneteamwork/nice role playing. But that guy might not show on MVP screen.

I suggest ‘User rating system’

  • After MVP animation, MVP player takes middle space and there should be 5 players each side.
  • User rating page should be available at exp/data/talent page as a new tab.
  • Raised ally’s morale/good manner
  • Great ordecommunication
  • Great role play (name ‘great supporter play’ for example)
  • Good pick (Only in HL, I’m not sure this is needed yet)
  • Depressed ally’s morale/bad manner
  • Individual play/neglecting communication
  • Selfish/reckless picks (Only in HL, I’m not sure this is needed yet)
  • Abusive chat
  • Intentional death’/disturbance
  • Intentional afk’ etc
  • Great role play’
  • Intentional death
  • Grade each item differently(especially grade report high score), and visualize the sum on player’s profile.
  • To reduce stress, visualize a status(4 level classification) not specific numbers of the sum.
  • Rating from the same player should become smaller each time.
  • There should be a limit of criticism/report per day, but compliment can increase the limit of criticism.
  • If a player received complimented from other, that player receives notice about that, so they might make a party/friend(even from the enemy).
  • If you criticism/reported someone, you can avoid that player as a team by setting. (but your searching time might increase)
status of User rating (should be named like Team-play Status)
  • Red status : HL/TL(2/3 party) is unplayable, big negative effect on searching time in every mode
  • Yellow status : small negative effect on searching time except ai mode
  • Green status : nothing
  • Blue status : can show good visual effect off (may be easily chosen for party/Clan)

V. Clan, Party finder, and Friend UI

a. Clan or Team

Fundamentally, it is not easy to make good team-play with people who met randomly(draft, play-style, language etc.) A system like Clan is needed with rewards/symbol of Clan.
  • Clan/Team Loot account : Playing as full Clan/Team make another Loot account. Players would prefer to play as Clan/Team constantly. This change would help to activate TL.
  • BanneSpray (or bonus effect of BanneSpray) of Clan/Team
  • Chat channel of Clan/Team
  • Invitation to Clan should be easy after QM/HL

b. Party Finder improvement

A clan can be uncomfortable for some players. And find party can be also useful for recruitment of Clan. A lot of improvement is needed. New UI needs larger space.
  • Check modes to play with (ex. AI only, QM/TL)
  • ‘Team-play rating’ qualification (ex. ‘blue status’ players only) (you should be same with/higher than that status too)
  • Only similar mmr player condition(or HL/TL rank condition)
  • ‘should use voice-chat’ condition
  • Role condition (4 division or more subdivided condition) (I’m not sure this is needed or possible)
  • If a player makes Party Finder, that player should be able to receive and decide submits after check submitter’s profile.

c. Friend UI/System improvement

  • Friend Loot account : Playing with a Friend make another Loot account. Players would prefer to play with friends constantly. This change would help to activate TL.
  • Sending message should be possible when a friend is offline. (when friend return, can check message)
  • Play Time/Mode graph (can be private by setting)

+. Hero League

Hero League is a very problematic mode for this game. Make decent comp is very difficult in this game, but for 5 players who met at random, it becomes much stressful.
  • Teammates might prefer same role and decision what to play in short time is not easy.
  • Many heroes are biased to a specific comp which means need deep team communication at a draft.
  • Someone might really hate a teammate’s favorite hero.
  • Meeting the same player that had trouble with oneself at the last game is very stressful and affect the draft.
  • QM : Playing what one want. TL : less stress from a teammate. HL : not either.
  • Someone always picks as he pleases and someone always fills for a team, the latter may feel unfair.
  • Hiding username and show as player1~10/hero name until the game ends(check at result page) might be a good solution for many troubles. I really hope that Hero League becomes enjoyable mode when problem I~V is solved.
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