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Start the 4D WebSTAR Admin Client and login to your WebSTAR 5 server. Certificates are usually kept in a registry so other users may check them for authenticity. Internet that you might want to assure is properly protected – based on the industry. Mws reader 5 keygen learn more here.

Activation code serial number (registration key) algorithm in .NET

Skies of war crack. Network solutions private key definition. Enroll in the Microsoft Partner Network. A private cloud strategy may be comprised of hardware hosted locally at a facility owned by a business, or it may be hosted by a cloud service provider.


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Saltines crack candy trisha. The company offers credit card management, loan and collections management. When plaintext is encrypted with the public key, only the private key can decrypt it, not the public key. Xiamen SlowMist Technology Co, Ltd, headquartered in Xiamen and founded by the team with over ten years of front-line cybersecurity defensive experience, specializes in ecology security of blockchain industry.

The Definitive Guide to Encryption Key Management Fundamentals

Some routing protocols allow the definition of the maximum number of routes to be accepted from a routing peer. Metropolitan Municipality, which includes neighboring towns and has a population of about 3.44 million, making the combined most municipality one of the. A network security key usually refers to the password or alphanumeric key that end users enter to access a local area network. For example, a bank may be running a private blockchain operated.

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A set of resources, lesson plans, and training programmes that help educators teach computing with confidence. Activator microsoft office 2020 preview. Below is an example of a Public Key: 3048 0241 00C9 18FA CF8D EB2D EFD5 FD37 89B9 E069 EA97 FC20 5E35 F577 EE31 C4FB C6E4 4811 7D86 BC8F BAFA 362F 922B F01B 2F40 C744 2654 C0DD 2881 D673 CA2B 4003 C266 E2CD CB02 0301 0001. Pretty Good Privacy (PGP): Pretty Good Privacy or PGP is a popular program used to encrypt and decrypt email over the Internet, as well as authenticate messages with.


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Related Term(s): public key, asymmetric cryptography. Be a part of our growing professional network. IPSec's _____ provides end-to-end security between devices or hosts, such as between a client and server or for Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol (L2TP)virtual private network (VPN) solutions for remote access. A private key (secret key) refers to a key used for symmetric encryption; also, the member of a public key pair that must be kept secret.

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NsProtect Secure SSL Certificates include the highest level of SSL encryption available, from bit to bit security. Define Private network. The private key is installed on the origin server and never shared. Mobile hacker from mobile9 software.

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Squad steam game hacks s https://sneakers-top.ru/forum/?download=8593. An encrypted network of servers and clients that connect users to websites anonymously, making it difficult to trace users or website operators. Network security is any activity designed to protect the usability and integrity of your network and data. That means only Bob's private key can unlock it. Alice can be sure that the trunk is actually from Bob, and not an impersonator, if it's locked with his private key.


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LANs connect computers in a limited area. IT professionals must be well-versed in network security vulnerabilities, methods, and solutions in order to keep private company data as safe as possible. Openssl says I need a private key file which is a file that ends [HOST], I do not have [HOST] I do have the CSR file that I created which is can be viewed with notepad. To send an encrypted message to someone, the recipient's public key is used, which can be published anywhere or sent.

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See complete definition virtual private cloud (VPC) A virtual private cloud (VPC) is the logical division of a service provider's public cloud multi-tenant architecture to support See complete definition. Coc hack no survey 2020 form. Since its formation in January 2020, as the first and the world's leading security company in China to. Ideal for dynamic businesses that need to add new branches and scale bandwidth on demand.


[OWL WATCH] Summary of "IOTA TIME" 24-32;

This is the summary of my IOTA-followup "IOTA TIME" 24-32;
I did this (translation) for my korean readers for the last posting.
why not sharing this here again as the last posting?
I think the dice is already cast.
The expectation of 'backup' from the IOTA makes me reluctant to respond properly to the 'crisis' of this covid-era in my business,
so I'm leaving crypto space until early next year.
I wish all the best for you and me.

According to the foundation, more than 120 companies worldwide are working on the first test beds and implementations of the iota open source protocol.
120개 이상의 회사가 아이오타 프로토콜의 실행을 위한, 테스트 베드에 참가하고 있다.

12 cities including Austin and Taipei want to use the technology to build elements of smart city.
미국의 오스틴과 대만의 타이페이를 포함한 12개의 도시가 스마트시티를 구현하는데, 아이오타 기술을 사용하기를 원하고 있다.

One city in germany is still missing, but with the new marketplace, an innovation project with established germany industry is starting.
새로이 개발하고 있는 마켓플레이스를 이용해, 규모있는 독일 산업체가 참여한 혁신 프로젝트가 시작되고 있다.​

People should be patient, but we're definitely doing something in Japan.
We have many projects there and when they are ready, they will be announced.
일본에서 많은 프로젝트가 진행중이고, 준비되는 데로, 공개가 될 것이다.

the testnet is already built but keeps private (testing, testing, testing (all internal)). Once we ready, it will goes live as a public testnet
in progress, a lot is happening
크리2 테스트넷은 이미 완성되었으나 내부적인 테스트 중이다. 충분히 준비가 되었다고 여겨지면, 그후 퍼블릭 테스트넷에 공개될 것이다. 많은 것들이 잘 진행되고 발전하고 있다.

in a private Corporate testnet (hornet nodes) with worldwide more nodes than the current mainnet I ran over 1120 ctps (same mwm as mainnet) for some hours, 3 weeks ago.
전세계에서 1,700여개의 노드를 사용해서 프라이빗 기업주체 테스트넷에서 시험한 결과 1120ctps에 도달했다. 3주전에.[자신의 비용을 들여 전세계에서 1700여개의 노드를 운영해서, 1,000 이상의 ctps가 나오는 지 확인해본 주체가, 기업이라 하니, 뭔가 거대한 프로젝트가 가동을 준비하는 듯 하다]

domToday at 12:22 AM
Ofc I'm super optimistic and excited for what is coming
​상당히 낙관적이고, 앞으로 다가올 상황들이 기대된다.

David Sønstebø오늘 오전 6:35
[2 to 3 weeks in testnet was mentioned in the AMA, or was it sth else?]
u/PaddIOTA That is correct. We aim for mainnet EOY with the only caveats being that 1) There's no critical bugs and 2) The exchanges need more time to integrate(수정됨)
2-3주 내에 테스트넷이 나올것이고(크리설리스 2), 메인넷에는 연말을 목표로 한다. 치명적인 버그가 없고, 거래소가 통합할 시간을 더 필요로 하지 않는 한.

I can say that Chrysalis v2 pretty much fixes all of the companies' concerns.
크리설리스 2는 기업의 모든 근심 걱정을 해결해줄 것이다.

There's always tons of stuff bubbling behind the scenes, but also in the scenes. Just look at the recent https://twitter.com/iot2tangle/status/1316683592286834689
This was entirely organic
We're naturally in dialogue with a lot of major players,
보이지 않는 곳에서 진행되는 것도 많지만, 보이는 것도 대단한 것들이 있다.
자연 발생적으로 진행되는 상황을 주목해봐라.

dom어제 오후 11:37
I'm already all in IOTA
나는 이미 아이오타에 올인하고 있다.

Krzysztof Taraszka [IF]어제 오후 11:38
not only you u/dom
나도 그래

Antonio Nardella [IF]어제 오후 11:38
u/dom my wife won't let me..
나도 그러고 싶은데, 와이프 때문에...

Everyone is focused on Chrysalis P2 for the throughput increase, but in reality it enables so much more. If you look at our second layer solutions: IOTA Streams, Identity, Access, Smart Contracts and Stronghold. You'll notice that all of them are reaching very important milestones lately. Identity, Streams and Stronghold can actually support real-world use cases, using the Chrysalis P2 network as a stable and feeless DLT,
모두가 크리2에 초점을 맞추고 열심히 작업하고 있다. (크리1 보다 처리해야 할 작업이 상당히 방대하다고 한다.) 거기다가 아이오타 스트림, 아이덴티티, 액세스, 스마트 컨트랙트, 스트롱홀드 등의 세컨드 레이어 솔류션에 주목하라. (마치 레고처럼 기본 부품들이 모두 설계되어, 제작 바로 직전까지 도달하였다. 필요한 부품을 그때 그때 조합하여, 엄청난 것들을 만들어 나갈 수 있는, 그 시너지가 상당하리라 예측된다)

I am looking forward to the product release announcements from IOTA integrators. Obviously it will still take some time, but the foundation to build on top of is basically ready to go before the end of this year
나는 (아이오타가 아니라) 아이오타를 통합한 기업이 (제품을) 발표하는 시점을 고대하고 있다. 시간은 다소 걸리겠지만, 그 기본 토대는 연말이면 완성되리라 본다.

IOTA integrated in real products by large companies Q1 2021 is a big stretch. Exchanges however will have a lot easier time integration ED25519 instead of WOTS, so that should give you some nice extra exposure that you are hoping for.
대규모 기업의 아이오타를 통합한 진정한 제품은 내년 1분기 정도에 출시되는 것이 기대된다.
재사용주소로 인해 거래소에는 좀더 빨리 적용이 가능해, 기대했던 시장에의 노출(홍보)이 가능하겠다.

many things will be able to be optimized, and getting confirmations down to 5secs can definitely be achieved.
많은 부분들이 최적화되면, 컨펌시간을 5초로 줄일 수 있을 것이다.

All the key research questions in coordicide have been answered. The challenges lying are implementing and testing our solution. We are implementing our solution into the Pollen Testnet and typing it up into our research specifications
코디사이드의 모든 핵심 의문점은 해결되었다. 남은 과제는 그것을 시행하고 테스트하는 것이다. 지금은 그것을 폴른 테스트넷에 적용시키며, 스펙을 작성하는 중이다.

We often have the situation where a company reaches out to us and wants to use the IOTA token, but they are simply not able to due to uncertainties in regards to taxes, accounting, legal and regulatory questions.
현재, 회사들이 우리에게 연락해와 아이오타 토큰을 사용하기를 원하지만, 세금, 회계, 법적 규제관련 불확실성 때문에, 지금 당장은 사용하기 어려운 상황이다.

The EU is taking a great stance with their new proposal (called MICA) to provide exactly this type of regulatory clarity and guidance we need. So we are very happy about that and see this as a great development for the adoption of IOTA.​
EU가 이런 규제관련 명료성을 제공하기 위해, MICA라는 새로운 제안을 하는 것이 고무적이다. 이는 아이오타의 시장 채택에 도움을 줄 것이다.

We are very active in INATBA (in fact Julie is still on the board), are in the Executive Committee of the Digital Chamber of Commerce (https://digitalchamber.org) and are actively working with other regulatory bodies around the world.
우리는 EU의 이런 정책에 영향을 끼치는 이넛바(INATBA)에 주도적으로 참가하고 있으며 (아이오타에서 일했던 줄리가 여전히 이사회 멤버이다), 디지털 커머스 체임버의 집행위원회에도 소속되어 있으며, 전세계적으로 다른 규제 관련 위원회와도 능동적으로 작업을 하고 있다.

in 2021, we will be much more pro-active with our outreach and efforts to push for more regulatory guidance (for the IOTA Token, for Tokenization, Smart Contracts, etc.). We are already talking with companies to start case studies around what it means to use the IOTA token
우리는 이미 회사들과, 아이오타 토큰을 사용하는 것이 무엇을 뜻하는지에 대한 사례연구를 시작하기 위해 논의중이다.

We will most probably see a slight delay and see Nectar early 2021 instead.
현재는 크리2에 집중하느라, 넥타(코디사이드 2단계)는 다소 지연되어 내년 초에 가동될 것이다.

In fact, with coordicide research coming to an end, we have already started to look into sharding.
코디사이드 연구는 끝났고, 샤딩 연구를 시작했다.

All the key research questions in coordicide have been answered.
코디사이드 관련 모든 핵심 의문점은, 모두 해결되었다.

We are in contact currently with OMG, and they are advising us on how to draft our specifications in order to ease the standardization process. Coordicide, or Iota 2.0, actually provides us a chance to start off with a clean state, since we are building it from the ground up with standardization in mind.
표준화단체 OMG가 코디사이드 관련 스펙을 작성하는 방법에 대해 우리에게 조언을 해주고 있다. (코디사이드 스펙이 완성될 때까지 표준화 절차가 잠시 보류되는 것 같고, 아이덴티티, 액세스, 스트림등, 아이오타 2단계 레이어 솔류션도 같이 표준화의 길을 가는 듯 하다)

about price?
We are quite frankly not worried about that. Knowing everything that we have in the pipeline, our ecosystem and how everything around IOTA will mature over the next few months, I am sure that the entire crypto ecosystem will wake up to IOTA and its potential.
향후 몇 달 동안 우리의 생태계에서 아이오타가 어떻게 성숙해 나갈지를 알기 때문에, 현 가격에 대해서는 솔직히 걱정하지 않는다. 전체 크립토 생태계가 아이오타의 잠재력에 눈을 뜨게 될 것이다.

[Will 0.3.0 be drng and 0.4.0 mana?]
you are correct!
0.4.0 isnt far away
현재 폴른은 0.3.0 이 발표되었고, 0.4.0에서는 마나가 구현될 것인데, 그 시점이 그리 멀지 않다.

Congrats for the successfull trade but the story is not over, yet :p Hopefully you manage to get back in early as well :p The next weeks and months are full of little surprises ;)
아이오타를 괜찮게 팔았다니 다행이지만, 너무 늦지 않게 다시 아이오타로 돌아오는 것이 좋겠다. 향후 몇 주와 몇 달동안 놀라운 소식들이 많이 들려올 것이다.

Mat Yarger
u/dltMOBI is a consortium dedicated to bringing the mobility industry together to agree on standard practices and requirements, which is what the EVGI standard represents.
HOWEVER, try to find another #DLT that could scale this standard for the industry better than u/iotatoken
But all signs point to the Tangle and our ecosystem as the best option for bringing this standard to reality and uniting energy and mobility industries for max impact
MOBI는 모빌리티 업계에 EVGI 표준화를 추진하고 있는데, 이를 실현할 다른 DLT가 보이지 않는다.
모든 증거들이, 결국은 탱글과 우리의 생태계를, 이런 표준화를 실현시키는 데 있어, 최적의 대안으로 보이게 한다.

Bas어제 오전 2:43
Yesterday I was asked how a reasonably big company no one has heard of could best move forward implementing Access for thousands of locations worldwide. (Sorry for the vagueness, it’s all confidential.) They read the article and want to implement it because it seems to fit a problem they’re currently trying to solve. Such moves will vastly increase the utility of protocols like IOTA, and is what the speculation is built on. I do not think you can overestimate what impact Access is going to have. It’s cutting out the middleman for simple things; no server or service needed.
어제 상당히 큰 회사가 어떻게 ‘액세스’를 전세계 수천개의 지점에 시행할 수 있을지를, 나에게 물어왔다. 그들이 ‘액세스’ 관련된 기사를 읽고, 이것이 자신들이 봉착한 문제를 풀기에 적합하다고 생각한 것이다. 나는 ‘액세스’가 가져올 영향이 엄청나리라 생각한다. 그것은 어떤 서버나 서비스가 필요없이, 중간자를 제거해서, 효율을 높이는 방법을 제시하기 때문이다.

IOTA Foundation along with initial launch partners, Jaguar Land Rover, STMicroelectronics, EDAG, RIDDLE&CODE, NTT DATA Romania, ETO GRUPPE and BiiLabs, announces global, open-source framework for smart device access control able to manage billions of machines
‘액세스’의 초기 런칭에는 재규어, STM반도체,에당(EDAG), 리들앤코어, NTT 등이 참가했다. 이들은 아이오타의 ‘액세스’의 파트너임을 트위터등을 통해 확인해 주었으며, ‘로이터’에까지 기사가 나왔다

Big credit goes to
who have initiated #FROST and further developed the project for 3 years and have now given it to community. Really excited what
is working on right now - you can expect more news soon how they solve Transparency & Trust in #AI with #IOTA
‘액세스’는 ‘XAIN'에서 3년 전에 시작된 프로젝트이며, ’XAIN'은 아이오타를 이용한 ‘인공지능’ 관련 프로젝트를 진행중이다.

[will iota access be possible on stmicroelectronic modules that support iota?]
dom오늘 오전 12:01
that's what we will work on, yes.
STM의 반도체 모듈이, 아이오타 ‘액세스’를 지원할 것이다.

Christoph F. Strnadl
2/2 I am working on an #SAGTechRadar entry for #IOTA right now -- which will be definitely much farther to the right on the adoption scale and higher up on the relevance scale. My first guess is somewhere in the vicinit of "Open Telemetry". But this is also a team assessment.
아이오타의 현재 위치를 평가하자면, 다른 암호화폐에 비해, ‘현실적용성’에서는 보다 오른쪽으로 (높이) 위치하고 있으며, ‘현실관련성(적절성)’ 에서도 더 높이 위치하고 있다. 다른 암호화폐가 초기 단계라면, 아이오타를 실제 사용되고 적용되는 기술, 바로 직전 단계라고 하겠다.

IOTA is being adopted organically by major players. One of the biggest service providers in Germany just told us casually in a call last week that they had 'over 80 entities' inquiring about IOTA. This is what we've been fighting for.
독일의 한 서비스 제공업체가(아마 시스템 통합업체), 요전 날 전화통화에서 우리에게 전했다. 그들의 고객중 80군데 이상이 아이오타에 대해 문의해오고 있다고.
이렇게 자연적으로 아이오타가 세상에 적용되기 시작하고 있다.

David Sønstebø오늘 오전 6:13
Personally, I keep 95%+ of my wealth in IOTA. That's the strongest sentiment I can express
나의 재산의 95% 이상을 아이오타로 가지고 있다. 이것이 내가 아이오타를 어떻게 생각하고 바라보는지를, 가장 잘 표현해줄 것 같다.
submitted by btlkhs to Iota

Meet Brock Pierce, the Presidential Candidate With Ties to Pedophiles Who Wants to End Human Trafficking

thedailybeast.com | Sep. 20, 2020.
The “Mighty Ducks” actor is running for president. He clears the air (sort of) to Tarpley Hitt about his ties to Jeffrey Epstein and more.
In the trailer for First Kid, the forgettable 1996 comedy about a Secret Service agent assigned to protect the president’s son, the title character, played by a teenage Brock Pierce, describes himself as “definitely the most powerful kid in the universe.” Now, the former child star is running to be the most powerful man in the world, as an Independent candidate for President of the United States.
Before First Kid, the Minnesota-born actor secured roles in a series of PG-rated comedies, playing a young Emilio Estevez in The Mighty Ducks, before graduating to smaller parts in movies like Problem Child 3: Junior in Love. When his screen time shrunk, Pierce retired from acting for a real executive role: co-founding the video production start-up Digital Entertainment Network (DEN) alongside businessman Marc Collins-Rector. At age 17, Pierce served as its vice president, taking in a base salary of $250,000.
DEN became “the poster child for dot-com excesses,” raising more than $60 million in seed investments and plotting a $75 million IPO. But it turned into a shorthand for something else when, in October of 1999, the three co-founders suddenly resigned. That month, a New Jersey man filed a lawsuit alleging Collins-Rector had molested him for three years beginning when he was 13 years old. The following summer, three teens filed a sexual-abuse lawsuit against Pierce, Collins-Rector, and their third co-founder, Chad Shackley. The plaintiffs later dropped their case against Pierce (he made a payment of $21,600 to one of their lawyers) and Shackley. But after a federal grand jury indicted Collins-Rector on criminal charges in 2000, the DEN founders left the country. When Interpol arrested them in 2002, they said they had confiscated “guns, machetes, and child pornography” from the trio’s beach villa in Spain.
While abroad, Pierce had pivoted to a new venture: Internet Gaming Entertainment, which sold virtual accessories in multiplayer online role-playing games to those desperate to pay, as one Wired reporter put it, “as much as $1,800 for an eight-piece suit of Skyshatter chain mail” rather than earn it in the games themselves. In 2005, a 25-year-old Pierce hired then-Goldman Sachs banker Steve Bannon—just before he would co-found Breitbart News. Two years later, after a World of Warcraft player sued the company for “diminishing” the fun of the game, Steve Bannon replaced Pierce as CEO.
Collins-Rector eventually pleaded guilty to eight charges of child enticement and registered as a sex offender. In the years that followed, Pierce waded into the gonzo economy of cryptocurrencies, where he overlapped more than once with Jeffrey Epstein, and counseled him on crypto. In that world, he founded Tether, a cryptocurrency that bills itself as a “stablecoin,” because its value is allegedly tied to the U.S. dollar, and the blockchain software company Block.one. Like his earlier businesses, Pierce’s crypto projects see-sawed between massive investments and curious deals. When Block.one announced a smart contract software called EOS.IO, the company raised $4 billion almost overnight, setting an all-time record before the product even launched. The Securities and Exchange Commission later fined the company $24 million for violating federal securities law. After John Oliver mocked the ordeal, calling Pierce a “sleepy, creepy cowboy,” Block.one fired him. Tether, meanwhile, is currently under investigation by the New York Attorney General for possible fraud.
On July 4, Pierce announced his candidacy for president. His campaign surrogates include a former Cambridge Analytica director and the singer Akon, who recently doubled down on developing an anonymously funded, $6 billion “Wakanda-like” metropolis in Senegal called Akon City. Pierce claims to be bipartisan, and from the 11 paragraphs on the “Policy” section of his website it can be hard to determine where he falls on the political spectrum. He supports legalizing marijuana and abolishing private prisons, but avoids the phrase “climate change.” He wants to end “human trafficking.” His proposal to end police brutality: body cams.
His political contributions tell a more one-sided story. Pierce’s sole Democratic contribution went to the short-lived congressional run of crypto candidate Brian Forde. The rest went to Republican campaigns like Marco Rubio, Rick Perry, John McCain, and the National Right to Life Political Action Committee. Last year alone, Pierce gave over $44,000 to the Republican National Committee and more than $55,000 to Trump’s re-election fund.
Pierce spoke to The Daily Beast from his tour bus and again over email. Those conversations have been combined and edited for clarity.
You’re announcing your presidential candidacy somewhat late, and historically, third-party candidates haven’t had the best luck with the executive office. If you don’t have a strong path to the White House, what do you want out of the race?
I announced on July 4, which I think is quite an auspicious date for an Independent candidate, hoping to bring independence to this country. There’s a lot of things that I can do. One is: I’m 39 years old. I turn 40 in November. So I’ve got time on my side. Whatever happens in this election cycle, I’m laying the groundwork for the future. The overall mission is to create a third major party—not another third party—a third major party in this country. I think that is what America needs most. George Washington in his closing address warned us about the threat of political parties. John Adams and the other founding fathers—their fear for our future was two political parties becoming dominant. And look at where we are. We were warned.
I believe, having studied systems, any time you have a system of two, what happens is those two things come together, like magnets. They come into collision, or they become polarized and become completely divided. I think we need to rise above partisan politics and find a path forward together. As Albert Einstein is quoted—I’m not sure the line came from him, but he’s quoted in many places—he said that the definition of insanity is making the same mistake or doing the same thing over and over and over again, expecting a different result. [Ed. note: Einstein never said this.] It feels like that’s what our election cycle is like. Half the country feels like they won, half the country feels like they lost, at least if they voted or participated.
Obviously, there’s another late-comer to the presidential race, and that’s Kanye West. He’s received a lot of flak for his candidacy, as he’s openly admitted to trying to siphon votes away from Joe Biden to ensure a Trump victory. Is that something you’re hoping to avoid or is that what you’re going for as well?
Oh no. This is a very serious campaign. Our campaign is very serious. You’ll notice I don’t say anything negative about either of the two major political candidates, because I think that’s one of the problems with our political system, instead of people getting on stage, talking about their visionary ideas, inspiring people, informing and educating, talking about problems, mentioning problems, talking about solutions, constructive criticism. That’s why I refuse to run a negative campaign. I am definitely not a spoiler. I’m into data, right? I’m a technologist. I’ve got digital DNA. So does most of our campaign team. We’ve got our finger on the pulse.
Most of my major Democratic contacts are really happy to see that we’re running in a red state like Wyoming. Kanye West’s home state is Wyoming. He’s not on the ballot in Wyoming I could say, in part, because he didn’t have Akon on his team. But I could also say that he probably didn’t want to be on the ballot in Wyoming because it’s a red state. He doesn’t want to take additional points in a state where he’s only running against Trump. But we’re on the ballot in Wyoming, and since we’re on the ballot in Wyoming I think it’s safe—more than safe, I think it’s evident—that we are not here to run as a spoiler for the benefit of Donald Trump.
In running for president, you’ve opened yourself up to be scrutinized from every angle going back to the beginning of your career. I wanted to ask you about your time at the Digital Entertainment Network. Can you tell me a little bit about how you started there? You became a vice president as a teenager. What were your qualifications and what was your job exactly?
Well, I was the co-founder. A lot of it was my idea. I had an idea that people would use the internet to watch videos, and we create content for the internet. The idea was basically YouTube and Hulu and Netflix. Anyone that was around in the ‘90s and has been around digital media since then, they all credit us as the creators of basically those ideas. I was just getting a message from the creator of The Vandals, the punk rock band, right before you called. He’s like, “Brock, looks like we’re going to get the Guinness Book of World Records for having created the first streaming television show.”
We did a lot of that stuff. We had 30 television shows. We had the top most prestigious institutions in the world as investors. The biggest names. High-net-worth investors like Terry Semel, who’s chairman and CEO of Warner Brothers, and became the CEO of Yahoo. I did all sorts of things. I helped sell $150,000 worth of advertising contracts to the CEOs of Pepsi and everything else. I was the face of the company, meeting all the major banks and everything else, selling the vision of what the future was.
You moved in with Marc Collins-Rector and Chad Shackley at a mansion in Encino. Was that the headquarters of the business?
All start-ups, they normally start out in your home. Because it’s just you. The company was first started out of Marc’s house, and it was probably there for the first two or three months, before the company got an office. That’s, like, how it is for all start-ups.
were later a co-defendant in the L.A. County case filed against Marc Collins-Rector for plying minors with alcohol and drugs, in order to facilitate sexual abuse. You were dropped from the case, but you settled with one of the men for $21,600. Can you explain that?
Okay, well, first of all, that’s not accurate. Two of the plaintiffs in that case asked me if I would be a plaintiff. Because I refused to be a part of the lawsuit, they chose to include me to discredit me, to make their case stronger. They also went and offered 50 percent of what they got to the house management—they went around and offered money to anyone to participate in this. They needed people to corroborate their story. Eventually, because I refused to participate in the lawsuit, they named me. Subsequently, all three of the plaintiffs apologized to me, in front of audiences, in front of many people, saying Brock never did anything. They dismissed their cases.
Remember, this is a civil thing. I’ve never been charged with a crime in my life. And the last plaintiff to have his case dismissed, he contacted his lawyer and said, “Dismiss this case against Brock. Brock never did anything. I just apologized. Dismiss his case.” And the lawyer said, “No. I won’t dismiss this case, I have all these out-of-pocket expenses, I refuse to file the paperwork unless you give me my out-of-pocket expenses.” And so the lawyer, I guess, had $21,000 in bills. So I paid his lawyer $21,000—not him, it was not a settlement. That was a payment to his lawyer for his out-of-pocket expenses. Out-of-pocket expenses so that he would file the paperwork to dismiss the case.
You’ve said the cases were unfounded, and the plaintiffs eventually apologized. But your boss, Marc Collins-Rector later pleaded guilty to eight charges of child enticement and registered as a sex offender. Were you aware of his behavior? How do you square the fact that later allegations proved to be true, but these ones were not?
Well, remember: I was 16 and 17 years old at the time? So, no. I don’t think Marc is the man they made him out to be. But Marc is not a person I would associate with today, and someone I haven’t associated with in a very long time. I was 16 and 17. I chose the wrong business partner. You live and you learn.
You’ve pointed out that you were underage when most of these allegations were said to take place. Did you ever feel like you were coerced or in over your head while working at DEN?
I mean, I was working 18 hours a day, doing things I’d never done before. It was business school. But I definitely learned a lot in building that company. We raised $88 million. We filed our [form] S-1 to go public. We were the hottest start-up in Los Angeles.
In 2000, you left the country with Marc Collins-Rector. Why did you leave? How did you spend those two years abroad?
I moved to Spain in 1999 for personal reasons. I spent those two years in Europe working on developing my businesses.
Interpol found you in 2002. The house where you were staying reportedly contained guns, machetes, and child pornography. Whose guns and child porn were those? Were you aware they were in the house, and how did those get there?
My lawyers have addressed this in 32 pages of documentation showing a complete absence of wrongdoing. Please refer to my webpage for more information.
[Ed. Note: The webpage does not mention guns, machetes, or child pornography. It does state:“It is true that when the local police arrested Collins-Rector in Spain in 2002 on an international warrant, Mr. Pierce was also taken into custody, but so was everyone at Collins-Rector’s house in Spain; and it is equally clear that Brock was promptly released, and no charges of any kind were ever filed against Brock concerning this matter.”]
What do you make of the allegations against Bryan Singer? [Ed. Note: Bryan Singer, a close friend of Collins-Rector, invested at least $50,000 in DEN. In an Atlantic article outlining Singer’s history of alleged sexual assault and statutory rape, one source claimed that at age 15, Collins-Rector abused him and introduced him to Singer, who then assaulted him in the DEN headquarters.]
I am aware of them and I support of all victims of sexual assault. I will let America’s justice system decide on Singer’s outcome.
In 2011, you spoke at the Mindshift conference supported by Jeffrey Epstein. At that point, he had already been convicted of soliciting prostitution from a minor. Why did you agree to speak?
I had never heard of Jeffrey Epstein. His name was not on the website. I was asked to speak at a conference alongside Nobel Prize winners. It was not a cryptocurrency conference, it was filled with Nobel Prize winners. I was asked to speak alongside Nobel Prize winners on the future of money. I speak at conferences historically, two to three times a week. I was like, “Nobel Prize winners? Sounds great. I’ll happily talk about the future of money with them.” I had no idea who Jeffrey Epstein was. His name was not listed anywhere on the website. Had I known what I know now? I clearly would have never spoken there. But I spoke at a conference that he cosponsored.
What’s your connection to the Clinton Global Initiative? Did you hear about it through Jeffrey Epstein?
I joined the Clinton Global Initiative as a philanthropist in 2006 and was a member for one year. My involvement with the Initiative had no connection to Jeffrey Epstein whatsoever.
You’ve launched your campaign in Minnesota, where George Floyd was killed by a police officer. How do you feel about the civil uprising against police brutality?
I’m from Minnesota. Born and raised. We just had a press conference there, announcing that we’re on the ballot. Former U.S. Senator Dean Barkley was there. So that tells you, when former U.S. Senators are endorsing the candidate, right?
[Ed. note: Barkley was never elected to the United States Senate. In November of 2002, he was appointed by then Minnesota Governor Jesse Venture to fill the seat after Sen. Paul Wellstone died in a plane crash. Barkley’s term ended on Jan. 3, 2003—two months later.]
Yes, George Floyd was murdered in Minneapolis. My vice-presidential running mate Karla Ballard and I, on our last trip to Minnesota together, went to visit the George Floyd Memorial. I believe in law and order. I believe that law and order is foundational to any functioning society. But there is no doubt in my mind that we need reform. These types of events—this is not an isolated incident. This has happened many times before. It’s time for change. We have a lot of detail around policy on this issue that we will be publishing next week. Not just high-level what we think, not just a summary, but detailed policy.
You said that you support “law and order.” What does that mean?
“Law and order” means creating a fair and just legal system where our number one priority is protecting the inalienable rights of “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness” for all people. This means reforming how our police intervene in emergency situations, abolishing private prisons that incentivize mass incarceration, and creating new educational and economic opportunities for our most vulnerable communities. I am dedicated to preventing crime by eliminating the socioeconomic conditions that encourage it.
I support accountability and transparency in government and law enforcement. Some of the key policies I support are requiring body-cams on all law enforcement officers who engage with the public, curtailing the 1033 program that provides local law enforcement agencies with access to military equipment, and abolishing private prisons. Rather than simply defund the police, my administration will take a holistic approach to heal and unite America by ending mass incarceration, police brutality, and racial injustice.
Did you attend any Black Lives Matter protests?
I support all movements aimed at ending racial injustice and inequality. I​ have not attended any Black Lives Matter protests.​ My running-mate, Karla Ballard, attended the March on Washington in support of racial justice and equality.
Your platform doesn’t mention the words “climate change.” Is there a reason for that?
I’m not sure what you mean. Our policy platform specifically references human-caused climate change and we have a plan to restabilize the climate, address environmental degradation, and ensure environmental sustainability.
[Ed. Note: As of writing the Pierce campaign’s policy platform does not specifically reference human-caused climate change.]
You’ve recently brought on Akon as a campaign surrogate. How did that happen? Tell me about that.
Akon and I have been friends for quite some time. I was one of the guys that taught him about Bitcoin. I helped make some videogames for him, I think in 2012. We were talking about Bitcoin, teaching him the ropes, back in 2013. And in 2014, we were both speaking at the Milken Global Conference, and I encouraged him to talk about how Bitcoin, Africa, changed the world. He became the biggest celebrity in the world, talking about Bitcoin at the time. I’m an adviser to his Akoin project, very interested in the work that he’s doing to build a city in Africa.
I think we need a government that’s of, for, and by the people. Akon has huge political aspirations. He obviously was a hugely successful artist. But he also discovered artists like Lady Gaga. So not only is he, himself, a great artist, but he’s also a great identifier and builder of other artists. And he’s been a great businessman, philanthropist. He’s pushing the limits of what can be done. We’re like-minded individuals in that regard. I think he’ll be running for political office one day, because he sees what I see: that we need real change, and we need a government that is of, for, and by the people.
You mentioned that you’re an adviser on Akoin. Do you have any financial investments in Akoin or Akon City?
I don’t believe so. I’d have to check. I have so much stuff. But I don’t believe that I have any economic interests in his stuff. I’d have to verify that. We’ll get back to you. I don’t believe that I have any economic interests. My interest is in helping him. He’s a visionary with big ideas that wants to help things in the world. If I can be of assistance in helping him make the world a better place, I’m all for it. I’m not motivated by money. I’m not running for office because I’m motivated by power. I’m running for office because I’m deeply, deeply concerned about our collective future.
You’ve said you’re running on a pro-technology platform. One week into your campaign last month, a New York appeals court approved the state Attorney General’s attempt to investigate the stablecoin Tether for potentially fraudulent activity. Do you think this will impact your ability to sell people on your tech entrepreneurship?
No, I think my role in Tether is as awesome as it gets. It was my idea. I put it together. But I’ve had no involvement in the company since 2015. I gave all of my equity to the other shareholders. I’ve had zero involvement in the company for almost six years. It was just my idea. I put the initial team together. But I think Tether is one of the most important innovations in the world, certainly. The idea is, I digitized the U.S. dollar. I used technology to digitize currency—existing currency. The U.S. dollar in particular. It’s doing $10 trillion a year. Ten trillion dollars a year of transactional volume. It’s probably the most important innovation in currency since the advent of fiat money. The people that took on the business and ran the business in years to come, they’ve done things I’m not proud of. I’m not sure they’ve done anything criminal. But they certainly did things differently than I would do. But it’s like, you have kids, they turn 18, they go out into the world, and sometimes you’re proud of the things they do, and sometimes you shake your head and go, “Ugh, why did you do that?” I have zero concerns as it relates to me personally. I wish they made better decisions.
What do you think the investigation will find?
I have no idea. The problem that was raised is that there was a $5 million loan between two entities and whether or not they had the right to do that, did they disclose it correctly. There’s been no accusations of, like, embezzlement or anything that bad.
[Ed. Note: The Attorney General’s press release on the investigation reads: “Our investigation has determined that the operators of the ‘Bitfinex’ trading platform, who also control the ‘tether’ virtual currency, have engaged in a cover-up to hide the apparent loss of $850 million dollars of co-mingled client and corporate funds.”]
But there’s been some disclosure things, that is the issue. No one is making any outrageous claims that these are people that have done a bunch of bad—well, on the internet, the media has said that the people behind the business may have been manipulating the price of Bitcoin, but I don’t think that has anything to do with the New York investigation. Again, I’m so not involved, and so not at risk, that I’m not even up to speed on the details.
[Ed note: A representative of the New York State Attorney General told Forbes that he “cannot confirm or deny that the investigation” includes Pierce.]
We’ve recently witnessed the rise of QAnon, the conspiracy theory that Hollywood is an evil cabal of Satanic pedophiles and Trump is the person waging war on them. You mentioned human trafficking, which has become a cause for them. What are your thoughts on that?
I’ve watched some of the content. I think it’s an interesting phenomenon. I’m an internet person, so Anonymous is obviously an organization that has been doing interesting stuff. It’s interesting. I don’t have a big—conspiracy theory stuff is—I guess I have a question for you: What do you think of all of it, since you’re the expert?
You know, I think it’s not true, but I’m not running for president. I do wonder what this politician [Georgia congressional candidate Marjorie Taylor Greene], who’s just won her primary, is going to do on day one, once she finds out there’s no satanic cabal room.
Wait, someone was running for office and won on a QAnon platform, saying that Hollywood did—say what? You’re the expert here.
She won a primary. But I want to push on if we only have a few minutes. In 2006, your gaming company IGE brought on Steve Bannon as an investor. Goldman later bought out most of your stock. Bannon eventually replaced you as CEO of Affinity. You’ve described him as your “right-hand man for, like, seven years.” How well did you know Bannon during that time?
Yes, so this is in my mid-twenties. He wasn’t an investor. He worked for me. He was my banker. He worked for me for three years as my yield guide. And then he was my CEO running the company for another four years. So I haven’t worked with Steve for a decade or so. We worked in videogame stuff and banking. He was at Goldman Sachs. He was not in the political area at the time. But he was a pretty successful banker. He set up Goldman Sachs Los Angeles. So for me, I’d say he did a pretty good job.
During your business relationship, Steve Bannon founded Breitbart News, which has pretty consistently published racist material. How do you feel about Breitbart?
I had no involvement with Breitbart News. As for how I feel about such material, I’m not pleased by any form of hate-mongering. I strongly support the equality of all Americans.
Did you have qualms about Bannon’s role in the 2016 election?
Bannon’s role in the Trump campaign got me to pay closer attention to what he was doing but that’s about it. Whenever you find out that one of your former employees has taken on a role like that, you pay attention.
Bannon served on the board of Cambridge Analytica. A staffer on your campaign, Brittany Kaiser, also served as a business director for them. What are your thoughts on their use of illicitly-obtained Facebook data for campaign promotional material?
Yes, so this will be the last question I can answer because I’ve got to be off for this 5:00 pm. But Brittany Kaiser is a friend of mine. She was the whistleblower of Cambridge Analytica. She came to me and said, “What do I do?” And I said, “Tell the truth. The truth will set you free.”
[Ed. Note: Investigations in Cambridge Analytica took place as early as Nov. 2017, when a U.K. reporter at Channel 4 News recorded their CEO boasting about using “beautiful Ukranian girls” and offers of bribes to discredit political officials. The first whistleblower was Christopher Wylie, who disclosed a cache of documents to The Guardian, published on Mar. 17, 2018. Kaiser’s confession ran five days later, after the scandal made national news. Her association with Cambridge Analytica is not mentioned anywhere on Pierce’s campaign website.]
So I’m glad that people—I’m a supporter of whistleblowers, people that see injustice in the world and something not right happening, and who put themselves in harm’s way to stand up for what they believe in. So I stand up for Brittany Kaiser.
Who do you think [anonymous inventor of Bitcoin] Satoshi Nakamoto is?
We all are Satoshi Nakamoto.
You got married at Burning Man. Have you been attending virtual Burning Man?
I’m running a presidential campaign. So, while I was there in spirit, unfortunately my schedule did not permit me to attend.
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