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If someone has the capacity to hack RLC to allow ALL priveleges to a basic account. A Counter-Strike 1.6 (CS1.6) Skin Mod in the Weapon Packs category, submitted by bugmenot2. Experience the awesome gameplay, highest quality and. The Black Market: 1 /0/ 0. Join Date: Apr 2020. GameRage: Home of Free Online Games powered by Smilegate West, Inc. Computers & Internet Website. Crossfire Dark VIP hack is under constructing.

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Nancy`s Blog: October 2020

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Bugs and Grievances: A list of what I've found.

I love this game, but it's still got some issues. Hopefully, this compilation can help get all the rough patches filled in quickly. Keep up the excellent work, DICE.
The bugs and grievances listed below are in no particular order: I wrote them in the order I encountered/thought of them. The critical ratings I've assigned are subjective: other people may find certain issues to be more or less important than I do.
I've marked each issue with a critical rating between 1 and 5, with [1] being a low priority annoyance, [3] being an important but temporarily bearable problem, and [5] being a critically game-breaking issue that needs to be resolved immediately.
  • [5] Unable to spot when keybound to anything besides Q.
  • [2] While locking on to enemy aircraft (using any FAF weapon), the red indicator sometimes is not visible, even though audio continues to play correctly. This seems to happen most often when you start locking on to an enemy aircraft shortly after it uses flares.
  • [1] While setting mouse keybinds, the game recognizes axis movement far too easily. It makes it very difficult to assign a mouse button to an action without picking up the mouse completely.
  • [2] While setting joystick keybinds, the game recognizes axis movement far too easily. It makes it very difficult to assign a joystick button to an action if that button is located on the moving portion of the joystick.
  • [1] After setting a keybind that was previously assigned to another action, the menu auto-scrolls so that the recently assigned key is at the bottom of the screen. This behavior is annoying, since it forces the user to scroll back down to their previous scroll position.
  • [1] In the keybind menu, the mouse scroll wheel does not scroll the menu up and down.
  • [3] If we're not going to get a proper full map, the minimap needs to automatically zoom all the way out when enlarged, and return to its former zoom state when minimized.
    • [3] Map zoom settings are not persistent. The zoom level should not reset with each death: if you set it to be all the way zoomed out, it should remember that setting until you manually change it.
  • [3] Unable to chat during score screen between games.
  • [4] Unable to customize loadouts during score screen between games.
  • [3] Unable to access options menu while dead. Being killed with the options menu open forces the menu to close. I haven't determined whether your settings are force-saved or force-lost when this happens, but either way is unacceptable: the options menu should never be force closed for any reason besides the game ending (and not even then, if possible).
  • [2] Vertical flight controls are not consistent between mouse and keyboard. With controls set to "inverted", pulling back on a joystick will lift your nose up, but pulling back on a mouse will push your nose down. This behavior either needs to be consistent, or we need to be able to set mouse and joystick preferences separately.
  • [3] Unable to queue for full servers or servers changing maps. Unable to attempt reconnecting to a full server quickly because of the connection throttle.
  • [4] No colorblind support.
  • [3] No battlerecorder.
  • [4] No ingame VOIP.
  • [3] Knifing does not reliably register on enemy targets using mounted guns.
  • [3] If you attempt to deploy to a location just as it becomes unavailable (a squad mate as they die, a jet as someone else gets in it, or a flag as it is lost), your location selector is automatically moved to an adjacent location, and you are spawned there. This is tremendously inconvenient. Any time your spawn point selector is force-moved, there should be a short lock delay to ensure you don't accidentally spawn somewhere you didn't intend to.
  • [4] When using an underslung weapon, the crosshair will frequently disappear if you sprint after your first reload.
  • [4] The ingame chat is abysmal. It is significantly too large, and interferes dramatically with your vision of the field. Each line of text needs to be a single line, color-coded as global [white], team-only [blue], and squad-only [green], without the "TO> ALL" tautology.
  • [5] Negative mouse acceleration.
  • [1] THANK YOU for letting us change our Origin name. Now, please make it easier for us to get the name we really want. Ideally, allow us to have a superficial, non-unique soldier name. Alternatively, let us use more special characters beyond dash and underscore, and let those special characters affect the uniqueness of the name.
  • [4] At times, the camera will change to spectator / 3rd person view while you are playing.
  • [1] A more prominent Quit button on the score screen would be appreciated.
  • [3] As mentioned during beta, the new squad menu needs to have one or two "extra" squads, beyond the 32-player cap, so that people can form squads with friends even if there are a bunch of partially-full squads already created.
  • [3] Need ping display ingame.
  • [2] Need to be able to select a spawn location by clicking that location on the map.
  • [2] On the spawning menu, it can be very difficult to tell where you're about to spawn, especially in crowded areas on larger maps. A much more noticeable indicator, like two lines that intersect at your spawn point, would be appreciated.
  • [1] There are occasionally issues with the death camera if you die right as you enter a vehicle, or when you are killed inside of a vehicle without the vehicle actually being destroyed (sniped out of a chopper, for instance). The camera will usually pull out to third person, as if you were still in control of the vehicle, and you don't notice you are dead until the death message pops up a few seconds later.
  • [3] Stat saving seems to be very delayed - is it only happening at the end of each game? If so, can we please have it save stats/progress more often? It's frustrating to lose a ton of progress because you are disconnected or kicked for a VIP member near the end of a match.
  • [3] Game needs an FPS_max command. This is especially important on lower-end computers, where having an FPS throttle can prevent overheating.
  • [1] The 'Join Squad' button is hard to notice, and poorly located.
  • [5] There appear to be visual glitches and crashes when using two Crossfired 5770's. Some people are reporting problems with all Crossfire combinations in general.
  • [2] If you switch to the coax gun in a tank, start firing, then switch back to the main cannon while still firing, the coax SFX will continue playing.
  • [2] The capture point radial indicator that shows up when you are near a flag in Conquest is very large and intrusive.
  • [3] Camera mode is not persistent if you exit / re-enter a vehicle.
  • [1] If possible, the map name should be shown in the score screen. Ideally, the upcoming map would also be displayed.
  • [1] It would be nice to have an indicator showing when someone destroys your equipment (SOFLAM/Mobile spawn/etc.)
  • [1] It would be nice to have some sort of clearer indication of how many empty vehicles are available at each spawn location. Perhaps little icons next to their names on the spawn menu?
  • [1] Some users report not being able to bind melee to mouse thumb buttons.
  • [3] When joining a server as a party, the players from the party will sometimes be split across multiple squads, or even worse, different teams.
  • [5] PunkBuster seems to be making a lot of false positive catches, kicking people from servers for no reason. Meanwhile, a lot of cheaters are playing just fine. :D
  • [4] Tehran Highway appears to have unusually poor networking performance.
  • [4] Pulling up the comm rose (and according to some players, spotting in general) causes you to leave scope/ADS.
  • [1] In single player, please allow us to keybind the quicktime event keys.
  • [1] When reloading an RPG, it will sometimes show the loaded mesh for a second or two before switching to the empty mesh and loading in the next round.
  • [4] XBOX players in a party are unable to join a server via quickmatch.
  • [3] Please allow us to access/change our loadouts during the pre-game countdown.
  • [3] Please allow us to filter servers by password protection and number of max players.
  • [9] Beep beep I'm a jeep.
  • [10] No dinosaurs.
See also: KeyboardChemistry's compilation
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For those that do not know the game Crossfire by Smilegate.

Let me explain to you guys my background with the game "Crossfire". Growing up in Queens, New York, where the majority of the community was made up by Asians, this FPS shooter game was one of the most popular game around. Although some people may not know Crossfire, it is one of the most grossing games there is in Asia. Being of Asian Ethnicity myself, I can vouch that this game is a HIT with the majority of Asians. I can't describe to you how much people like this game. For example, there was a VIP weapon patch for the game itself, I couldn't believe how much people were willing to spend 125$ on an virtual weapon, let alone on other accessories also. I cannot express how excited I am to see that ICX (my strongest portfolio) has partnered up with the company behind me and my friend's favorite childhood game. Smilegate is a 6.7 billion dollar company, and with its presence in Asia, this partnership will bring ICX closer into the gaming industry. Let alone the previous post of ICX being accepted in a Pinoy Game store...
Keep in mind. Temporary drops are fine. Stay positive and keep in mind that this project is one of the most stable ones. Good things come to those that wait. Do your own research guys. This is simply my take on it. I loved Crossfire and ICX, and together this will change the gaming industry.
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