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Understanding the Models of Community Hospital

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Speaking as a minority, black people have way more privileges in society than any other minority race

I'm mixed race (part Asian, part hispanic/filipino). I believe black people have way more privileges than other minority races for the following reasons:
  • Black culture permeates everyday life in America. Rap, hip-hop, jazz, sports, movies. Almost every single niche in art has some form of black influence in it. A lot of us know about the black struggle and black history just from casually absorbing American culture. Do any of us know the nuances of Iranian, Taiwanese, or Indian culture despite large numbers of these people living in the US? I doubt it.
  • Black celebrities and artists are amongst the highest paid people in the country and in the world. Tyler Perry is worth 800 million. Denzel Washington is worth 200 million. Kevin Hart is worth 150 million. Eddie Murphy is worth 160 million. These are sums of money that are simply incalculable and unimaginable for most people in the country, much less minorities and amongst them, impoverished minorities. If America is an oppressive country towards blacks, how in the world do these people live in such utter, grandiose luxury?
  • You have to tip-toe around black race issues. You don't have to with any other race. There are many people who openly joke about Asians, Middle-Eastern, and Indian people. But the second someone even dares to utter the 'n' word or even make a loose, racial statement about black people --- this behavior is immediately shunned upon and punished. This goes from canceling YT accounts and reddit bans to actual physical assaults in real life. You touch upon black culture with anything less than respect, you pay the price. But saying Asians have small dicks? Hilarious!
  • Black applicants can take advantage of institutional programs to move up the socio-economic ladder. This includes lower standardized test scores to get into advanced schooling, lower barrier to entry to popular professions via race-based scholarships (coding, medicine, law), and a culture that encourages black mentorship and celebrates black excellence. Black grads routinely get featured in magazines/social media for overcoming adversity. The chinese/indian who clawed their way out of their impoverished homeland to make it in America? Hardly a peep.
  • Black males enjoy a hyper-masculine image in society.
  • Black males are over-represented in professional sports and become celebrated millionaires. MJ, Curry, and Kobe are beloved heroes in American culture. How can a racist, oppressive society have children idolizing these people with posters on their wall and proudly wearing their jerseys?
  • Black people are seen as attractive and charismatic. ex. Michelle, Barack Obama
  • Black celebrities are fashion trendsetters.
  • Black people are politically formidable and can have their private interests furthered via political movement or else politicians risk national outrage.
In summary, the reason why movements like BLM frequently paint "white people" and the "oppressive institution" as synonymous is because white people are arguably the only race in America that have more privileges than blacks (though even that is arguable nowadays). If we compare the black community to any other minority community, we can see they simply have much more advantages.
The key takeaway (opinion) is this: is life for black people unfair? sure. But is it more unfair than life for other people of other races? Absolutely not.
Edit: Additionally, the dichotomy of black vs. white being framed as some sort of good vs. evil, liberal vs. conservative, progressive vs. racism is just utterly moronic and reduces a complex multi-faceted issue into simple soundbites in order to generate votes in a heated election year. But this is worth its own post.
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/r/anime Awards 2020 Romance Jury Discusses "Yesterday wo Utatte"


This post was collaboratively written by the Romance Jury of the 2020 /anime Awards. It was also organized, edited and put together by their category host, JoseiToAoiTori. Yesterday wo Utatte was chosen by vote for this discussion which isn’t fully indicative of its position in the jury’s final rankings as each juror’s individual perspective is subject to change. Similar perspectives of individual jury members are grouped together for clarity.
Jury Members: Caynze, Combo33, concerned (alias), CT_BINO, JellyNeko, max_turner, naxhi24, nyhuset, oncheese, PsychoGeek, Ricardo Reis (alias), Splitter_Triplets, WinzKay

Yesterday wo Utatte has often been referred to as a 'relatable' show. How true do you think this is?

Poignant and Familiar

Yesterday wo Utatte is familiar for a lot of people who can relate to the anxiety of adulthood. Its characters find themselves struggling with stagnancy in their life endeavours. Rikuo's situation is particularly relatable for those who have stepped outside the education system and found themselves struggling to decide on a path in life. On one hand, Rikuo has a sense of security working at his part time job with the knowledge that he can quit at any time. On the other hand, he feels like he's being left behind by his peers. The disaffected air, lack of direction/ambition, fear of commitment and the feeling of life leaving you behind…all of it rings very true to our own life experiences. The problems in Yesterday are relatable on a human level even if you personally haven't been in the same situation as its characters. The muted character interactions, the tranquil and easygoing atmosphere all do a great job at making Yesterday more relatable on a personal level. The show's setting is really an understated part of what makes it so relatable for a lot of people. As an adaptation of a manga written in the 90's, it feels oddly resonant for people who have experienced that time. All of these factors come together in a great way to create a unique atmosphere and feeling.

Relatable Experiences with Unrelatable Characters

Yesterday is a show that's very comfortable to watch. Its portrayal of chasing after unrequited love out of a sense of devotion and loyalty is somewhat relatable. Rikuo and Rou's struggles regarding their career paths and aspirations are generally relatable but other aspects of them are not. In fact, most of the characters and their relationship dynamics are unapproachable. A lot of the relationship drama is intentionally drawn out which breaks immersion while many of the characters can be quite insufferable at times. In Haru's case, her eccentricity and single-minded pursuit of Rikuo is often annoying while in Rou's case, his relationship with his brother is never meaningfully explored with the focus being on Shinako's relationship with Yuu instead. This is odd because loved ones passing away is a more common occurence in the real world. The adult characters are also quite irrational at times, particularly Shinako. All of this makes the writer's designs for the story quite obvious as many characters have parts that would be interesting about them stripped away to put more focus on their romantic feelings instead. Yesterday wo Utatte is marginally relatable on a surface level but not exceptionally so.

Difficult to Relate to and Largely Unapproachable

A vast majority of the experiences portrayed in Yesterday are difficult to connect to. While Rikuo's situation can be familiar, the way he behaves is difficult to reconcile. Rikuo and Shinako's indecisiveness regarding their relationships and inability to let go of the past is incredibly frustrating. Characters like Haru and Rou come off as immature while Shinako's situation is particularly baffling as she struggles with a dead crush for years. Many characters romantically pursue people who they know won't reciprocate their feelings rather than moving on or trying out other options. Most of the show's drama relies on misunderstandings that could be easily solved through communication. Thus, the show feels like an exercise in antiquated storytelling techniques rather than an earnest attempt at being genuine or authentic.

What do you think of the show's exploration of adult relationships​?

Misguided or Disinterested

Yesterday wo Utatte doesn't seem to be interested in exploring the dynamics of adult relationships as much as the drama surrounding them. Rikuo and Shinako's relationship is often sidelined to focus on the other pairings despite being more fleshed out. It seems to focus more on age-gaps and grief over the passing of loved ones instead. In essence, the show seems to be disinterested in exploring adult relationships.
Many of the relationships in the show were formed during adolescence but despite the characters now being adults, they still seem to treat them the same way as they did back then. This leads to copious amounts of complicated love triangles, unease, tension and drama. A lot of adult relationships aren't like how they're presented in the show and it fails in regard to portraying them. Either the show fails to explore adult relationships or it never intended to do so in the first place.

Quite Flawed with Exceptions

Yesterday wo Utatte's exploration of adult relationships leaves a lot to be desired. Despite being college graduates, the adults in Yesterday behave like high schoolers. When your adult characters act emotionally immature, it raises the question why they're even cast as adults in the first place. Rikuo relentlessly pursues Shinako without considering the possibility of trying things out with Haru. In fact, most characters in the show doggedly chase after one person, thinking that persistence is the only option and that they'll either 'win' or miss out. Haru and Rou are also very clingy with their love interests and the fact that they get what they want in the end without changing their ways is incredibly unrealistic. Rou also seems to not care about Shinako or Rikuo's feelings and is particularly selfish by constantly getting in their way. However, this can be forgiven since they’re not adults. But when Shinako and Rikuo actually go out towards the end, they don't even kiss after 3 months. This is a gigantic stretch of the imagination as it’s really not how most adults would behave. Shinako’s childish attitude towards relationships constantly mars any exploration of adult relationships. The show intentionally introduces obstacles, unnecessary and irrational moments rather than taking an earnest approach to its relationships.
In the show’s defense, Minato and Chika, as characters with low screentime, are more mature than most of the cast. Minato is able to move on after being turned down by Haru and pursue his dream of becoming a photographer. Chika accepts the reality of her actions and the effects they have on other people while ensuring that her staying at Rikuo's place doesn't lead to any misunderstandings. Minato isn’t even an adult yet he’s shown to be more mature than some of the adult characters. It really goes to show that age isn’t everything when it comes to emotional maturity. In terms of atmosphere, the slow-paced dialogue and developments mirror the steady, slow and mature thinking of adults regarding important life decisions as well. The show does a good job at times of creating proper 90's Japan moments of adult relationships such as the idea of continuing to be friends after breaking up. To conclude, Yesterday wo Utatte’s relationships are flawed with notable exceptions.

An Earnest Attempt

The relationships that the show explores are portrayed in an earnest manner. Rikuo is forced to confront how the relationship dynamic between him and Shinako has changed as he struggles to spend time with her. Despite that, they're still able to spend time, reacquaint and move past their issues. The period where Shinako and Rikuo are together is the best example of this. Both characters try their best to adjust to their relationship and go through an awkward phase that's handled well. They also realize that their relationship cannot work after actually going out and that both of them want different things from a romantic partner. Rikuo breaks up with Shinako when he realizes that he has changed as a person and no longer has the same ideals as he used to. The theme of clinging to the status quo and a reluctance to change course so as not to risk emotional pain is something that adults can relate to best. Ironically enough, it's Haru who is most aware of this pain despite not being an adult. On the other hand, Rou is suitably immature for his age and contrasts well with the other characters in the show.

What do you think of Shinako's overall character and arc?

Great Portrayal of Stifling Grief

The way Shinako’s grief is portrayed in ​Yesterday is one of the strongest aspects of the show. Little everyday things remind Shinako of her loss. Shinako’s grief isn’t necessarily always at the forefront of her mind consuming every moment of her day, but it’s always there, lurking in the back, waiting for something to bring it out. Even as Shinako thinks that she has a handle of her feelings, Rou’s momentarily resemblance to his brother opens the floodgates and brings about a deluge of tears. It rings incredibly true to life. Shinako’s frustration at her inability to deal with her feelings and move on is a compelling aspect of her character. She attempts to hide her feelings and this eats away at her until she decides to give dating Rikuo a try and use him for support. Even after she and Rikuo start dating, her dead lover casts a massive shadow on their relationship; in fact, part of the reason Shinako pursues a relationship with Rikuo in the first place is because she is desperate to move on. You could say she uses Rikuo for emotional support but it's very brave of her to take that step in the first place. Shinako can’t help but compare any prospective relationship to her somewhat idealized love for Yuu, and find it lacking. It also affects her relationship with Rou, who is so tangled up with her past memories of Yuu-kun that Shinako can’t see him as independent of his brother. In the end, although her relationship with Rikuo doesn't work out, the resolution is amicable and helps everyone involved to grow as people. Thus, Shinako’s arc ends up being one of the most compelling aspects of Yesterday wo Utatte.

Flawed but Serviceable

Shinako's lingering feelings for Yuu (Rou's older brother) are quite understandable and her hesitation with Rikuo is also handled well. Her obsession with Yuu verges on melodramatic but it's still an interesting part of the story to explore. Her development can be abrupt but the fact that she learns to live with her past rather than get over it is interesting in its own way. Shinako as a character takes things at her own pace which fits the show's and despite the odd frustrating moment, her development and overall character feels fitting. The ending does take away from her character quite a bit and feels like a step back. However, the show's clearly trying to portray that sometimes people can't completely let go of their past. It feels fitting that Shinako never completely gets over Yuu but instead finds a way to move on while keeping his memory close to her heart.

Failed Potential

Shinako's inability to get over Yuu is plausible as she still feels committed to him and considers getting together with Rikuo as cheating. However, this trait is what holds the show back from progressing and slows things down to a crawl. Shinako's behaviour is incredibly frustrating and immature. Her antiquated way of thinking is never questioned and seems to be heralded as a mark of virtue. The fact that she goes out with Rikuo for three months towards the end of the show and they don't even kiss once is out of the realm of plausibility. Shinako also refuses to confront Rou's feelings for her and allows him to chase after her while pretending to be the adult in their relationship. She makes him feel guilty for getting over Yuu while she hasn't which comes off as incredibly tone-deaf. While Rou has a vested interest in Shinako moving on so he can date her, many other characters make failed attempts to get Shinako to move on. At times, it feels like Shinako is stubbornly unwilling to move on from her past. In the end, her behaviour is simply a contrived plot device to prolong the narrative. Even if you have a soft spot for Shinako's behaviour, the show ruins it by denying her any opportunity to completely move on from her past.

Does the series do a good job of portraying people getting over their romantic pursuit?

Well Done and Realistic

Yesterday handles its relationships with a lot of tact by showing different approaches to romantic pursuit instead of settling on a singular theme. Shinako gradually getting over Rou's brother is handled well as she tries to form a relationship with Rikuo. She never truly gets over Yuu but accepts that she doesn't have to limit herself. Rikuo's situation is significantly interesting because he doesn't realize what love is until he's felt it which makes him realize that he doesn't truly love Shinako. Rikuo and Shinako's relationship is the result of misplaced intentions and lingering feelings from college days but the resolution of it allows them both to move on. Haru's persistence is also a key reason why Rikuo ends up falling for her while Rou also doesn't give up on his love for Shinako. Haru is a fascinating character who struggles for independence and throws herself into pursuing Rikuo over a lack of idealism. With her cynical views on love, she's able to accept being Rikuo's 'back-up' and throw away her pride. Aside from having lived a rough life, her resolve is also tested quite often. This variety in the characters dealing with their emotions is portrayed really well. Yesterday understands that it’s sometimes impossible to completely move on and each person deals with their past in different ways. This perspective is part of what makes Yesterday such a unique show.

A Mixed Portrayal

Yesterday wo Utatte can really struggle to show people getting over their romantic pursuit. Haru's never-ending pursuit of Rikuo despite knowing he likes Shinako is very frustrating and annoying. Rou also seems to only exist to prevent Shinako from moving on by reminding her of Yuu despite telling her to move on (so he can date her). He also lashes out at both her and Rikuo and never really gets over Shinako, instead looking for any opportunity to grab her attention. Rikuo's persistence over Shinako early on is also very pushy, particularly how he’s so fixed over her and dismissive of trying out all other options. The show's saving grace is how Rikuo and Shinako are able to talk things out and decide that they're not right for each other. It's quite realistic when they're forced to be logical rather than see their relationship through to the bitter end. However, this leads to Haru ending up with Rikuo instead and it feels like the show is rewarding her for being persistent and immature until she gets what she wants. Rou is in a similar position where he's rewarded for never getting over Shinako. As a result, these relationships don't feel genuine at all and don't have much of a foundation to build on either. Shinako and Rikuo's self realization only ends up being used by Rou and Haru so it feels like the show is encouraging not moving on from your romantic pursuit until the person you like starts liking you back.

What do you think is the overall message of the show and how well do you think it's executed?

Lacks a well-defined message

Yesterday wo Utatte has a mixed message that isn't conveyed very well. It changes depending on each character's point of view. From Haru's perspective, it's "to pursue your crush to the very ends of the earth because if you stick around, he might finally decide to love you back." From Rikuo's point of view, the message seems to be about realizing what you want in a relationship and improving yourself. In Shinako's case, it's about moving on from her childish ideas about relationships. However, when all of these perspectives come together, they become muddled and none of them are really executed very well. Characters spend a large portion of the show reminiscing and not getting over their past until the very end. Yesterday lacks a well-defined message and if there's anything to take away, it's that Yesterday is a cautionary tale. Communication is key in interpersonal relationships but characters in Yesterday hold back their thoughts at critical moments and aren’t completely honest about their feelings. This not only slows down each character's development but also contributes to the rushed nature of the ending. In a lot of ways, it feels that somewhere along the way, the show itself lost sight of its core message.

Moving forward and looking towards tomorrow

The overall message of Yesterday wo Utatte is about getting over the past and looking towards the future. This might seem like a simple concept but it's actually very easy to get mired down in the past. For characters like Rikuo and Shinako, the past weighs heavier for them and they struggle more than anyone in the show. It can be very seductive to just live out your life like a passenger in your body but actually moving forward in life requires risks. These risks bring with them the possibility of failure and emotional pain. The possibility of getting hurt and hurting someone is what haunts people like Rikuo and Shinako. It takes a lot of bravery for them to get over this fear. Regardless, Rikuo makes great strides in finding his passion for photography and being upfront about his feelings. He realizes that his future lies with Haru who had persistently chased after him throughout the show without being concerned with their past. Shinako struggles with Yuu's death but decides that she can't completely move past it. She realizes that she won’t ever be able to forget about Yuu but that she also doesn’t have to let the memory of him limit her. She also realizes that she can't see herself without her relationship with Rou and that it’s possible for them to support each other as people affected by Yuu’s passing. Rou in particular doesn't want Shinako to keep living in her past and promises to become a man worthy of her. Each character in Yesterday makes significant strides to move on and though they may not fully succeed, it's the sincerity of their effort that matters. As Haru says, Liars don't lose anything, but they don't gain anything either. Haru herself is able to shed her high school persona and forge a new identity. Rou also moves on from his brother's death to mold himself into the kind of person Shinako would like. Other minor characters in the show such as Minato and Chika are similarly sincere in their confessions. Yesterday makes a point that the future is scary and uncertain. Moving forward in life isn't easy and your decisions may end up hurting people but nothing's really going to change if you don't make an attempt to move on. Rikuo and Shinako who gave their relationship a try but realized it wasn't what they wanted, embody this theme best.
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