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Picked up Yakuza 0 back in Jan 2020, just beat 5. Loved the ride so far! Some thoughts (walls of text, spoilers)

Obviously, I plan on playing 6 and 7 eventually. I did all the side content for 0 and K2, not so much for K1/3/4/5 (I might go back for some of those). I have a habit of reading wikis and such, so I spoiled myself on some pretty big twists. I'm okay with that, though - I'm more about seeing how those things are executed in the literary/film-making sense rather than wanting to be wowed or stunned by what happens. So if you haven't played any of the games, there's going to be a lot of spoilers in this post. Stop and close this if you don't want that.
Like, right now.
General/multi-game stuff:
  • The progression system from 3 was by far the most linear and least interesting. 5's was very similar, so it also sucked. As far as progression/upgrade systems go, I would rate it 0 > K2 > 4 > K1 > the others. 0 is the best largely because of how the money multipliers incentivize you to do better in fights (feeding into its excellent combat), while the K2/6 system heavily incentivizes you to explore the city and do shit, and 4's incredible flexibility in buying upgrades is very nice.
  • Seeing the polish and changes accumulate from 3 to 4 to 5 was interesting, especially seeing the things that stuck, and the things that were repurposed. It also made certain aspects of other games easier to appreciate, like sprinting, the Endless Stomach perk (or K2's digestion system), and not wasting 30 seconds on animations whenever you pick up a locker key or phone card.
  • Pedestrians feel weird until 0. I'm not sure how to describe it, but something about them becomes noticeably different from 0 onward. The same is true of street encounter detection/intros, but at least with those, I could see how they changed over time.
  • FUCK sprint/chase segments, my god. So stupid.
  • Tiger Drop is fucking sick. Like, legit one of the best-designed and coolest moves in brawlers/hack-and-slash/action games. It seems to be the most ridiculous in K1 and 5. Every time I fought someone with Tiger Drop, though, it was terrifying! Especially in 5 when they do it without me attacking and it's unblockable!!!
  • Akiyama is fucking fantastic. He doesn't appear to have returned in 7, but I hope they keep him around for future Yakuza games. I actually want to hear what he would sound like in a dub - Koichi Yamadera is also the voice of Spike from Cowboy Bebop and Beerus from Dragon Ball, in case you want ideas.
  • Saejima is a good addition. I don't find him quite as interesting as Kiryu/Majima/Akiyama, though.
  • As interesting as Tanimura and Shinada were mechanically, and as contrasts to the other protagonists, I don't feel like they were THAT crucial to their respective games. As much as I'd like to see them again, I can kinda see why they've effectively been retired.
  • Kiryu and Majima are honestly two of the best fictional characters I've ever seen, in any medium. Their breadth, depth, flaws, and multiple dimensions are really fucking impressive. My only issue is that 0 is muddling/ret-conning some of 4 and 5 when it comes to Majima. Well, that, and...
  • Man, Yakuza really loves weirdly specific clichés. Every time some important character dies or is reported to be dead, I doubt it. I'm side-eyeing every fucking secondary character, because it feels like one of them is always the mole or the mastermind. And every time a fight finishes, I'm waiting for someone to pull out a gun. Like, after the third time some dude Kiryu kicked the shit out of gets up and pulls out a gun, shouldn't he take the fucking hint and at LEAST hit them three more times before walking away?
  • While we're here, Daigo really REALLY needs to overhaul his hiring practices. Every other year the Clan almost falls apart in a civil war if not for the intervention of Kiryu and his pals, all because some new guy was a shithead the whole time! C'mon dude, you gotta be pickier with promotions!
For 3 specifically:
  • Aged the worst in terms of some relatively minor things like animations, going into and out of street fights, some aspects of the presentation (especially for minigames/side-quests like the Hostess Maker), not being able to order more than one item in restaurants, etc.
  • It felt strange to see Kiryu become so attached to the Ryudo Family in one year. I feel like his reaction to Rikiya's death was stronger than to that of Shinji, or even Yumi. And I definitely expected Joji to get shot at some point, but that never happened...also, Joji's "English" was unintentionally hilarious.
  • I feel like if Mine were written in 2020 instead of 2009, he would likely be gay/bi. But Yakuza (and a lot of Japanese media, really) is already borderline homo-romantic (not quite the same as homosexual, BTW), so I guess that wouldn't actually be a significant change outside of representation.
For 4 in particular:
  • That was one of the dumbest twists I think I've ever seen. They didn't even do us the decency of explaining HOW they put those rubber bullets in Saejima's guns! Did they put that shit in the ammo boxes Majima got alongside the guns or something? smh
  • Seeing some minor characters from previous Yakuza games turn up was a trip. The fucking gang leader from Yakuza 1 running a chop shop?! Fake Kiryu came back?!
  • Subverting "guy who got his ass kicked pulls out a gun and kills someone" with the wad of bills was a very nice touch.
  • I love LOVE what they did with Hamazaki. I got so hype when I realized that it was Kiryu's faith in him that led to Hamazaki reciprocating Saejima's faith in him, a 1-2 punch of seemingly unwarranted trust. Such a fantastic execution of redemption - Haruka's reaction to him makes it even better, because turning over a new leaf doesn't mean any trust is deserved. Instead, he fully accepts this, and lets his actions earn it. Weird that this is in the same game as "rubber bullets".
For 5 in particular:
  • Half the goons wearing face masks is kinda amusing considering current events. I know it's a thing in Eastern Asia, but seriously! Even the muggers randomly picking fights care enough about the common good to wear masks!
  • Some of the boss fights are very "wait we need a boss fight, eh just make up something". Shinada vs Baba really sticks out as an example of this. The Aizawa twist also feels a little bit like this.
  • This might be cultural dissonance or something, but Park feels like a shitty parent selfishly trying to shove their kid into sports/acting/etc to vicariously live out their failed dreams, without regard for what the kid actually wants. It feels like a huge contrivance that someone didn't call her out on this, or that Haruka didn't express more reservations up-front about the whole idea. Like, someone saying your dad has to fuck off for the whole thing to work should be an instant non-starter!
  • Not to mention the whole thing where Haruka was the bastard child of a dead politician who was in cahoots with the yakuza and was laundering their money to fund secret prisons! And her mother was associated with the yakuza, too! Seriously: Yumi grew up in an orphanage run by yakuza, she worked in a bar frequented by yakuza, her two best friends grew up to be major yakuza figures...if they thought Kiryu being ex-yakuza was going to cause problems, an idol career should NEVER have been viable for Haruka at all! Nice research, you dumb bitch.
  • Oh, and #LetHarukaFight #DaughterOfTheDragon
Well, I'm going to start 6 this weekend. I'll probably pre-order 7 and maybe put 6 on the backburner, since I'm obviously aware of the most important part of 6's impact on the series going forward, and what I hear suggests 6 is a less refined version of K2 gameplay-wise.
If you're still here, you're crazier than Majima. Thanks for reading, kyodai.
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Trying to escape a toxic person that likes getting people in big trouble while this person has dirt on me

Hi so i got a problem with blackmail and scared of being "exposed" from a friend that is no longer my friend, and how i need help stopping it.
If you dont want to read the whole detailed story i put a short summary at the end, i really need help im lost
I need to stop it because im having terrible anxiety and everday im feeling more and more depressed and scared.
So I'm going to explain how it started and what's going on and why i need to get away from this.
So i first met this person on snapchat i had them added and they saw my story of a musical artist we both shared interest in.
Nothing much happened we chatted for a good 3-5 minutes and then i went back to watching whatever i was watching.
A couple days later about a week or so i was added to this groupchat i can't remember what happened exactly, but i remember
they asked me to dox someone so i did what they said and did it (i dont do this stuff anymore) i made friends with this person who i mentioned before,
i also became friends with her bestfriend aswell. We all continued to talk and became pretty cool with eachother.
So everything is going good, one day i hang out with my good good friends, at the time there was an account that
was roasting kids, being rude, and once or twice told some kids to harm/kill themselves, and this kid leaked an underage kids nudes getting the police even got involved.
I said to my friends im gonna make a spinoff (no i wasnt going to tell people to hurt themselves) When i made it i mostly didnt even be that mean.
I took some photos that i found of people i didnt like vaping and smoking weed and made jokes about how bad they did this and did that.
People figured out it was me (no big deal) because in the eyes of an adult or teacher i didnt more good than bad.
By the way nobody got in trouble for this it was all for jokes.
Eventually people said they were gonna take me to court and me having kinda bad anxiety deleted the account.
I deleted the account and everyhting was fine i just explained this for backround. So back to the "person",
We got into so many fights in the first 2 weeks of being friends, for stuff that was petty and dumb.
Two of the stupidest things that happened was 1. we made a lot of groupchats and in one of them my friends girlfriend
had an argument and i said that i favored her as a friend more because she was a pretty cool chill person, easy going not a snowflake by any means,
the person that i mentioned first ill jsut call her person 1 said she "didn't care" because she knew me for a week.
Guess what? She did. Her bestfriend i will call her bestfriend was pretty hurt too.
So that was dumb and for 2. Everytime i sided with my good friends that i can trust with my life, when i was on their side
and i believed that i was right and we were right about this, she said im ganging up on her, so pretty much stating what i think is right
and agreeing with that is ganging up.
Now all that happened was my troubles worsened, the arguments got worse, Ill say it right now i support trump,
im not 18 so my opinion really does not matter, but i just believe he is the better candidate and if you support biden, good for you!
Its not my place to think that you cant, but back to the situation, apparently supporting trump makes me a pedophile, racist, homophobe, and sexist.
im not homophobic or racist or sexist and i'm 100% not a pedo, but because of my thoughts and the stuff i shared im all of those.
Several times person 1 stopped being my friend and my stupid stupid forgiving self always apoligized when she said so.
Ill admit i wasnt 100% clean i said a couple rude things but no where near did i say what she said to me. It was apology after apology,
but somehow i forgave and "forgot" what she did. Now one day i decide that im going to make another offensive account or "tea" account as we called it.
I make it and dont use it. Also i forgot to mention i met an ethical hacker(will be important later).
Ok so i made this account didnt use it for a while, i made a post that was a good thing at a time and got a few follows.
One day person 1 messages me and says "wanna make a tea account im bored" so yeah i agreed i said i have one, i gave her the pass and email and shes in.
Almost immediately person 1 starts making posts i make a few posts that where fake but didnt name names, on the rare times it did i knew the person would just laugh.
Like for example "someone in our grade has an addiction" (no names). But person 1 on the other hand is making post about underage people in [email protected] ways like
"bob has a shrimp" of course i delete that stuff its stupid and mean i try to keep it at a bare minimum for myself not making jokes about people who would get angry,
mostly what we did is compare people to animals, person one made a good amount of body shame jokes and i made 1 on a person i knew would laugh their ass of about it.
So eventually a hacker gets my full name from my email and says "verbally apologize on live i will tell you when and when to stop" pretty damn professional so i prepare for what i will say.
person 1 of course faces no punishment they do their best changing passwords. -----Forgot to mention they disrespected many parents-----
But this is where... this is where everything goes all hell, this person screen recorded the live of me apologizing with my voice and my blanket was shown as well and its a purple blanket too.
They recorded this thought its was funny and sent it to me, and i thought i could trust them, i could have of said please delete it and they would've but i didnt, i trusted her.
So this person is an "alt" girl, obsessed with dr*gs and shoplifting all this, screenshots everything while i dont do anything to plead any cases. One night things gets ugly i cant quite remember
how it started but i remember a good portion of it, So the part where i remember it starting i think is i called her racist, not to black people, but to white people,
a big portion of her post showed signs of racist behavior to white people, she even said so herself white people can face "micro racisms" which in her case means nothing.
So i don't really care im not the type to be offended, but im pissed at her and want to get her angry she has a couple friends also angry at me, we create a groupchat to "talk it out"
I add all my friends to it because i know that its to harrass me, and even with my friends there, she did just that, calling me ugly saying im worthless all the "good" stuff. I say i can make your feelings
get hurt pretty damn bad, she eggs me on to do it but i stay "civilized and don't do it"
My friends are having mini war, it keeps getting later and later and more and more fighting. We get to this point where they are saying they are going to fight us, me and my friends are guys as you guessed,
and we say no. They keep saying fight us and then person 1 says fight us, pull up, hurt us, then we will call the police because you are men. And my friends grandpa recently died and hes sad about that,
my friend says i cant i have to go to my grandpas funeral. Person 1 actually says this word for word "f**k your grandpa". I am a thread away from snapping.
My friend says something pretty terrible. He says "you deserved your trauma" he didnt say trauma but i think you might know what im talking about if not just know it was not good.
Of course thats a screenshot. Me and my friends are in a party and we think it would be funny to throw around offensive racial stereotypes, we said it all jokingly and stated we are messing around
while doing it, it was such a dumb idea adn of course my jokes get screenshotted, it makes me look like a racist when im the oppisite.
Im blinded by rage, we have almsot no evidence of anyhting that these people did that is wrong. then these people have the audacity to call the group chat, 2 friends join i think.
I also join, its all of them joining. We play our game and they are talking to us ------i remember in one of the arguments i said im playing minecraft rn, and they acted like i should focus on them and only them.
Anyways of course they are mad this isnt my main priority, but now they are saying stuff i cant take, they said that one of their brothers would jump my sister and my sister is 10.
I snapped i dont take this stuff, make fun of my looks ok cool, but im not letting them say they are going to hurt/kill my family. I said the same thing my friend said, the trauma thing,
i said person 1 deserved it, the second i said it i regretted it, wish i could take it back, wish i could time travel and reverse it. I try playing it off as i ddint like saying, i mean you
deserve all bad things coming your way. ----forgot to mention they knew they were wrong a while back because they said can we end this already after they were the ones harrasing us-----
Later on everything cools down i block them and i think its all fine we are done, right? Wrong. I wake up the next morning check their story, guess what they "exposed" me later on that day i face 1 or 2
quick convos over tiktok in comments sections with them. I knew i was screwed but wasnt thinking so my mind was numb. My friend messages me later and says if you apologize they will take it down.
I do that i right out an apology i meant, sent it to them in a groupchat. I pre-wrote it so i pasted it and of course they said oh you didnt write that (its person one and bestfriend)
Bestfriend was ready to forgive and forget already but person 1 wouldn't, oh the lies she told, "we talked down on your friends dead grandpa after the trauma stuff" untrue.
The hypocrisy, "you tell jokes but cry when it comes to you" most untrue thing that ever came out of her mouth, ----forgot to mention earlier they have a photoshopped picture of me saying the n word----
I have no evidence to show that she is the bad guy. Eventually after reasoning she says "unblock me da fawk" i reluctantly do so and i have no idea how but she becomes my friend again, i go along wiht it of course,
but what the hell?? the huge fight and she is my friend???? All she wants is for people to get in trouble, and for them to suffer more, and then "forgives" them its gotta be a trap
but its not, she always calls me bipolar which makes no sense either. So i actually am stupid a few days in and i forgive, my friend again, the 50th times its happened.
Im so dumb after all the stuff of her saying she's goign to send people to hurt my family, i forgot to mention she told me multiple times to harm and k*ll myself, and she wipes down a good friends dead relative??
How do you think im going to forgive you?? She says that what i did the one insult that made fun of her trauma that i apologized at least 4 times about and they were paragraph apologies, im the bad guy, its understandable,
im not a good person and i did do something wrong and i know that i said horrible stuff and that its not right to say that, and if they are reading this for the 20th time im truly sorry for saying that.
Back to what happens next, i give persm back in discord, she builds my server a bit, and i invite the ethical hacker he is racist i guess you can pput it he called them the n word, they forgave him and played roblox for 4 hours in a call.
I got in an argument with a girl on tiktok while they were in the call and she figures it out and is pissed to the max at me, she tells the ethcial hacker and he says to call me a skid or whatever, idk.
She sends me that vid and says your own friend talks bad about you, i message him and tell him that she is the skid and she takes it the wrong way not knowing what it means.
He sends it to the server and they force me to go into a call and apologize again for the bad stuff that happened at that time i told about a good amount of lines up.
I apologized damn near cried i was so nervous and guilty, now here is the start of this blackmail. They almost force me to spends 30$ on robux. I have 40$ because i jsut made a big purchase on something.
I dont know what to do i cant just ask my dad to buy it for them he will ask questions, the ethical hacker saves me and says if i say another good apology he will pay i do it, its over i apologized so much that with every word meaningful i possibly could.
Late im added to this group chat i allow them to push me around and laugh at me telling me im a piece of s**t but then they ask Mr. ethical hacker if he supports gay rights, he does he says,
i do too, they ask trans rights, i say yes, he says no. They are pissed at him. It draws attention him they harrass him for his political beliefs and send a full report on why trump is racist.
They argue and he leaves. Later he says he hates gays and trans people and says the n word 200 times. He late messages me and says hes watching their stories and has people watching(lie)
person 1 sends a fbi report for being "scared" thats how you know they want to get people in trouble. its stupid. ---keep forgetting to say this stuff, person 1 says this is my last chance and they are so nice to me-------
ok almost done with the background story everything is going good ig im cool with them. We have our convos every 3 days the next months. But im realizing that im stupid. i realize that i need to get away from these people.
it wasnt extreme at first. One night she was with a friend and they kept calling me and my friend, saying dumb stuff saying racist stuff jokingly, and then the said as half joke half not, you
are our boyfriend now if you don't agree we will leak you apology(they recorded the discord apology) i panicked she said she was joking because i panicked and said she wasn't petty.
One night they asked me to doxx someone and i did it. They asked me how to swat someone too idk why i said i knew, i have no idea, so i said anything you do is on you, they screenshot me giving them a method,
and they got mad when i screenshotted me saying before i have nothing to do with this. This next thing is the worst encounter i had feeling wise, my old friend who is no longer my friend
made fun of their friends dead brother, its a terrible thing to do so i said ill dox him, end up no results, the person i was trying to dox is adopted. I say i will ask my friend to tell me the parents name.
He says no i said ok, i tell them and they say we will swat him if he doesn't, of course i tell him that they said that he is my best friends he asks them about it and the call me a snitch, rat, and opp.
They wont stop getting mad at me, i faint, like actually pass out, i cant move for a couple seconds and i cant think, im having a panic attack im feeling s*cidal, it eventually passes and i get my way out.
I message them saying I will not doxx anyone for you anymore and i want the drama to stop. they haven't asked me to doxx anyone since which is good but i developed super bad anxiety from that.
I worried that they might message me at anytime when im with friends or family, sometime person one makes me so scared than if i cant answer the messages what she will do. 50% she says something thats a joke
but makes me extremely uncomfortable. Another thing that i hate so fucking much is she sends p*rn, not the regular kind, but disable people, crippled people, its disgusting.
I want to block her and her best friend (bestfriend so i dont get added to any group chats) and that's kinda the whole background i still get messages every so often and every time i want to cry and my anxiety skyrockets.
ALSO the tea account i had the worst and i mean the worst anxiety about it for a month before school started backup, so i cant have it shown and ill explain in the summary.

So im gonna write out a summary for people who dont want to read all that or cant read over my horrible spelling/grammar

Basically i met this alt girl that shared similar music taste, we became friends, i made an instagram account that was very very mean and my whole school district knew.
I apologized on live and the alt girl that im friends with screen recorded it. Me and the alt girl got into many fights and she always had a dumb reason on why im the bad person.
I called her racist because, well, she kinda was. She got mad. We had a big fight my friends vs her's. She talked crap about my friends recently deceased grandpa. I said a few offensive racial
stereotypes to my friends and they said some back jokingly. She said her friends little brother was going to jump my 10 year old sister. All of this was screenshotted except the ones she said to me.
I snapped and said she deserved the bad trauma she had as a kid from an incident. I instantly regretted and apologized 4 times. She forgave and somehow wanted to be my friend.
I became her friend again, im dumb i know. I called her a skid to a guy i met. He exposed me. He said he was going to sell/show our info. She sent an FBI tip(didnt work).
She asked me to doxx people for her, I tried but failed, she asked how to swat people, i gave a method and said i had nothing to do with this and said don't do this 10x.
She screen shotted the method i sent her. She jokingly? said she will swat my best friend. I got overwhelmed and fainted. I need to find a way how to block her and get her out of my life.
-things to note
-she loves getting people in trouble
-she hates people based of their opinions
-she is an overall creep
-she has evidence that can get me in big trouble now and potentially can hurt job oppurtunities
-i have actually learned many lessons from this for once in my life

things she did that give reasoning on why i shouldnt like her
-she said her friends brother would jump my little sister
-she said f**k your grandpa after my friend said he had to go to his funeral
-she tried fighting us
-she ruined a random kids life
-she wants to swat people/asked someone to do it for her
-photoshopped a picture that makes it seems like i said the n word
-got into many arguments and thinks she is always the right one
-has the power to blackmail me and says she will
-blackmailed her brother into buys 110$ worth of stuff
-trys to get me to buy her stuff
-says your racist, sexist, homophobic for liking trump
-sends disgusting images to me sometimes
-almost got me into doing dr*gs

Things I did wrong
-said bad things about her trauma
-got into arguments with her

I think she has more bad stuff on me because i sent a few things i shouldny have of (not that kind of stuff if your thinking that)

So in the end i really have no idea what to do its to the point where im asking random people on the internet to help me im scared my anxiety is gettign worse im getting bad grades in school.
Ive already talked to a trusted friend, multiple friends. I cant talk to a parent or anything, and no im not talking to a therapist or counseler, my only strategy is to simply wait it out,
its what less than 8 months till summer then i dont think it will affect me then but its so hard to keep moving with life right now i already was feeling sad and this makes it worse.
if anyone can help, all i can say, please.
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