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Harry Styles' Drag Race - Episode 1

Harry Styles' Drag Race - Episode 1

Episode 1: What Makes You Glamourous
The first Queen enters.
CRM: Wow! It's a room.
(Confessional: Hello, I'm Carly Rae Muckduck. I'm a huge fan of Carly Rae Jepsen ever since my high school bully got trampled to death by the flashmob of I Really Like You.)
TAK: C'mon season Styles, let's get sickening! fails death drop and breaks her left hip.
(Confessional: Hey hey, I'm Trixie Alaska Katya, okurrr. I've been watching Drag Race ever since its first season, when Aquaria won. My hobbies are making lesbian fanfics about the Queens and sending death threats to any person of color.)
Samba: É vencedor samba do Brasil!
TAK: Why is she speaking Italian?
(Confessional: Olá, sou Samba Mabelz, sei perfeitamente falar inglês, mas vou fingir que não, para poder enganar essas vadias.)
Beatrix: fall from the ceiling. Hiii! There's something weird in the air!
(Confessional: Good night, I'm Beatrix Weirdo, I'm known for my weird weirdness and being weirdly weird. Did I mention that I'm weird?)
CRM: whisper I think she's weird.
Alexa: Drags of a feather...
Siri: Frock together!
(Confessional: Wassup bitches, we're Alexa and Siri Grady, the first Siamese twins to compete on Drag Race.)
CRM: Wow, I like your glove, girls.
Alexa: Oh this? It's because we're linked...
Siri: By the middle finger.
Dora: Squeeeeeeeeeee!
(Confessional: OMG! OMG! I can't believe I'm here! breathes in the plastic bag. I-I'm Dora the Rectioner. I'm totally not a Harry Styles superfan pretending to be a Drag Queen so I could stalk him.)
Dora: Hey girls! Have you seen Harry Styles yet?
California: That's hot.
(Confessional: I'm California Thunderfuck, the unofficial drag-daughter of Nebraska Thunderfuck, who also happened to be her makeover partner on Some Stars 5. )
TAK: Wow! You're from Alaska's vagina?!
(Confessional: I-AM! Nu'Dolls! Me CAAAAAMP Queen. Camp is love, camp is life.)
Nu'Dolls: Wassuuup whip tongue around. How are you- BITCHEEEEESSSSSSS?!?
Alexia and Siri use their pepper sprays on her.
Granny: Hello young girls, I baked you some cookies.
(Confessional: Hi young fellas. My name's Granny Fierceness. With my 90 years of age, I'm the second oldest Drag Queen to ever compete after Raja.)
The lights turn off.
Nyxtamore: Someone wanted a legend? she appears in a cloud of smoke.
(Confessional: Greetings peasants. I am Nyxtamore, a Ballroom Queen. I choose my name after the Goddess of the night and also because it sounds like "Nique ta mère" in French.)
Tammie: Arrives. Well well, you all look fracking beautiful!
Dora: Squeee! It's Harry Styles!
Tammie: I'm Tammie Brown you dumb whore. Anyway, for the first mini-challenge is gonna be a photoshoot while jumping from a plane. The winner of the mini-challenge earns a parachute.
TAK: Excuse me?
Tammie: Yes?
TAK: When are we gonna meet real Drag Queens? Like Trixie, Alaska, or Katya?
Tammie: I hope you fail.
A few hours later. The Queens are all in bandages, except Nyxtamore.
Tammie: Well Nyxtamore, you're the only who didn't broke a single bone, how did you manage this?
Nyxtamore: Blast! I'm used to jump from taller heights.
Tammie: As the only Queen who isn't injured, you won the mini-challenge! Now let's move on to the maxi-challenge. Oh, Fur Crew!
Furries arrive and roll a table with boxes on it.
Tammie: Do you see those boxes, ladies? Well, each of you will have to craft a wonderful look from the material inside it. Nyxtamore, as the merry woman who won the mini-challenge, you get to choose which Queen gets which box.
Nyxtamore: I choose to have all the boxes.
Tammie: Well frack...
Yuhua: Hm sorry.
Dora: Oh, it's Blackpink!
Yuhua: Who's that stupid bitch?
Tammie: Don't pay attention to him.
Yuhua: Now that I'm reading the bootleg chart of Drag Queen rights, it's forbidden to keep all the boxes for yourself.
Nyxtamore: Fine.
Dora: Oooh, can I have the Watermelon Sugar box, please?!
Nyxtamore: Shut up.
Nyxtamore gives each Queen her box. Herself ends up with the Two Ghosts box. Only the TPWK box is left.
Yuhua: Hmm, isn't that strange? One box is left. I wonder what's inside...
Serena: pop up from the box. Hola perras!
(Confessional: Hola hola! I'm Serena Cha Cha, the Drag scholar. You might recognize me as I was a guest judge on two episodes of season 5 of Drag Race.)
Tammie: Well, isn't that fracking Serena Cha Cha?
Yuhua: The surprise contestant!
Later on the runway.
Harry Styles: Hey, tonight on the runway, the Queens were tasked to craft a look out of boxes. Do you like boxes Tammie?
Tammie: Who the hell is that?
Yuhua: That's Harry Styles, the host of the show.
Tammie: Why?
The Queens show their looks.
Harry: Nyxtamore, California, Beatrix, Alexa, Siri, Trixie. You're all safe.
Trixie: This is bullshit.
Tammie: Shut up and go curl your pubes in Untucked.
Harry: The rest of you represent the tops and bottoms of this week. Nu'Dolls.
Nu'Dolls: Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!
Tammie throws a peanut in Nu'Dolls's throat.
Harry: So your box was Sunflower, which was full of farming material. And came on the runway in a potato sack with Camp written on it?
Nu'Dolls: It's camp! It's fun!
Yuhua: It's trash, honey.
Harry: Next up, Serena Cha Cha. Your box was TPWK, which stood for Trash Phashion Werk Kunt.
Yuhua: First off, I want to say that I love the fabric of your dress, how did you make it?
Serena: Well I used the wings of the flies from the garbage can you gave me.
Tammie: You harmed insects?
Serena: Hum well.
Tammie: You heartless slut. How could you wound a fly?
Harry: Next up, Granny Fierceness. You had the Golden Box.
Yuhua: Wow, you're serving Golden Girls extravaganza on the runway! This knitted molten golden fantasy is everything!
Harry: Next up, Dor-
Tammie throws a book at her.
Harry: So, your box was Watermelon Sugar, which was full of Summer Party stuff. And you used it to craft a statue?
Dora: It's a bust of the greatest artist of all time!
Tammie: Schubert?
Dora: No! Harry Styles!
Harry: Oh...
Yuhua: Sweetie, Donald Trump run over by a truck looks better than the shit you called a bust.
Harry: Next is Carly Rae Muckduck.
All three judges: Low.
Harry: Well, it's just you left, Samba. Your box was Sweet Creature, filled with candy and sweets.
Yuhua: How did you make this sublime look?
Samba: Eu dei o doce para algumas crianças em troca de tecido.
Harry: Wow, this is so inspiring... While you ladies untucked, we will stare blankly at the floor while the producers tell us what to say next.
After Untucked.
Harry: Serena Cha Cha, tonight you redeemed yourself. You watered our crops and ended poverty in the whole world. Condragulations Samba Mabelz, you're the winner of this week's challenge. Serena, you're safe...
Yuhua: Granny Fierceness, you showered us with gold, you're safe. Carly, you were supposed to make New York with a look, but instead, you gave us New York in its current state, miserable. Nu'Dolls, what was planned to be a farm Queen ended up being a shitty scarecrow.
Tammie: Dora, you're up for elimination tonight.
Dora: What?
Yuhua: Same for you Nu'Dolls. Carly, you're safe.
Harry: Tonight, you were tasked to lipsync to Kill this Love by Blackpink.
Yuhua: But because of copyrights, it's gonna be the nightcore speed up version.
Tammie: Good luck and remember, fuck fracking.
As soon as the song starts, Nu'Dolls grab Dora by the hair and smash her everywhere.
Harry: Hold up! Hold up.
They both stop fighting.
Harry: Nu'Dolls, can you smash Dora again? the camera needs a better angle.
They return to their fight until the lipsync ends. Dora is carried away on a stretcher.
Harry: Well, this was kinda awkward... Nu'Dolls, contact sport isn't Drag. Sashay Away.
Nu'Dolls: WHAT?! But I'm camp!
Yuhua: You're eliminated.
Nu'Dolls: You can't eliminate camp! CAMP IS EVERYTHING!
Yuhua: Security?
Nu'Dolls is dragged away by furries.
Tammie: Good luck!
submitted by WatchoutforaSerena to RPDRfantasyseason


HAVE: Four different Aglaonemas and some rooted Cebu blue Pothos cuttings

EDIT: CLOSED - Thanks so much, y'all! I've gotten some trades set up, so I'm going to leave this for another time! I might have more rooted cuttings by then!

Long time lurker, first-time poster...
I love lurking in this group and seeing what everyone has and the lovely reviews you all leave for trades, and I've been wanting to attempt a trade and finally worked up the courage to give it a shot.
US only, and trades only for right now.
Dieffenbachia Camouflage, Dieffenbachia Panther, Dieffenbachia Sarah, N'Joy Pothos, Philodendron Prince of Orange, Philodendron Black Cardinal, Monstera Stiltepecana, Scindapsus Pictus Exotica, Syngonium Randy, Dog Tail Cactus, Fairy Tale Cactus, Hoya Bilobata, Hoya Oblovata, Black Pagoda Lipstick, Twister Lipstick, Teddy Bear Vine, Tahitian Bridal Veil, Goldfish Plant, Peperomia Frost, Tradescantia Nanouk, Tradescantia Albiflora, Tradescantia Quicksilver
You can check out my full wish list here, but I listed the things I felt were fair trades, the others are kind of long shots, but it can't hurt to ask, right?
**HAVE: (**There is nothing wrong with any of the Aglaonemas, they just aren't sparking joy for me anymore.)
Edit to include image links that I completely blanked on before, sorry about that
https://i.imgur.com/FIEXKFS.jpg Group photo: Clockwise from top left: Maria (No longer available), White Calcite, Pink Aglaonema, Cebu Blue in the bottle (no longer available)
https://i.imgur.com/dPNitV1.jpg (Close up of Golden Fluorite)
Maria Aglaonema (x3 plants), White Calcite Aglaonema (x1 plants), Some sort of Pink Aglaonema, I'm unsure of the exact type (x2 plants), Golden Fluorite, these are a little sad, only two leaves, but should perk up with a chop and propagate (x2 plants), Cebu Blue Pothos rooted cuttings (x5)
I have lots of other stuff rooting in water, but right now it's not really ready unless you want unrooted cuttings that have been in water.
More Cebu Blue Pothos, Raven ZZ, Peperomia Polybotra, Philodendron Brasilhttps://imgur.com/89J9JBU
PM me if interested in anything! Thanks so much!
Edit: Pots not included, I will ship bare root
submitted by dresupi to TakeaPlantLeaveaPlant