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Album of the Year #??: Lil Uzi Vert - Eternal Atake / Lil Uzi Vert vs. The World 2

Artist: Lil Uzi Vert
Albums: Eternal Atake / Lil Uzi Vert vs. The World 2
Apple Music
Symere Bysil Woods was born on July 31, 1994. Symere seems to have had a rather normal childhood. Like many children, Symere’s parents were split up, but he had a healthy relationship with both sides. Overall, he had a a loving, yet somewhat strict family, attended school and enjoyed cartoons and anime’s. In high school, however, Symere became a bit of an oddball. He enjoyed unconventional music, such as his idol, Marilyn Manson and Paramore among other things, wore fox tails to school and often wanted to stand out in a crowd. Bullied and teased for his music taste and weird tendencies, Symere was as happy as could be, taking pride in being a bit different. Symere’s love for music would even inspire him to play the trumpet in his marching band. Symere would eventually decide to try his hand in hip hop, after seeing the attention and popularity other people, including his friend, William Aston, got from it. Symere would find that he actually was pretty decent at spitting, so Aston invited him to join a rap group he had made with another friend. This group would be known as “Steaktown”, believed to be called that due to Philadelphia’s reputation for cheesesteaks. From here, Symere’s life would forever change. Symere, now going by the name “Steaktown Verticle”, actually going that he enjoyed rapping and the type of attention he got with it. Though he loved rapping and had gotten very into the genre, Steaktown broke up, putting a bit of a damper on Symere’s plans. However, don’t let that fool you into thinking he had given up on a hip hop career. Symere knew he had it in him and would not give up on the dream. Symere doubled down on his efforts to become a star, including dropping out of school, quitting a job as a bag boy after four days and even getting a tattoo that said “Faith” on his face (the first of many). Symere moved into his grandmother’s place within a nursing home. His grandmother was very supportive of his dream and Symere would constantly upload songs to Soundcloud. One day, a listener to his music on Soundcloud would tell him he sounded like a “Lil Uzi” since he rapped so fast, leading Symere to taking that and combining it with Vert, short for Verticle. From here, Lil Uzi Vert was born.
Uzi’s hard work would finally pay off when DJ Diamond Kuts would hear one of his songs from his first project, Purple Thoughtz Vol. 1. This would lead to Uzi getting one of his songs played on Philly’s Power 99 Station. At this time, Don Cannon was driving around Philly and he would eventually run into this song on the radio. Cannon reached out to Uzi and produced his first mixtape, The Real Uzi. After the release of The Real Uzi, Uzi signed you Atlantic Records through Generation Now. From here, he would go on tour with Fall Out Boy and Wiz Khalifa and feature on many artists’ songs. He had done it. He had achieved the fame he wanted. However, Uzi still wanted that superstar status and would take his next big step towards it by releasing his first big project, Luv Is Rage.
Luv Is Rage was released to a much wider audience then Uzi normally got and instantly drew many new people to him. It got very positive reviews and earned Uzi the title of being a breakout star of 2015. The project did feature a much different character then Uzi previously portrayed however. Now, instead of focusing mostly on hip hop exclusively, he set to combine it with styles of other influences he had, such as My Chemical Romance or Nirvana. This new style was very melodic and had a rockstar vibe, which many would gravitate forwards. Life was great for Uzi. He was making it big, had a hit project, a loving girlfriend by the name of Brittney and an all around solid fanbase. But this wouldn’t be all, as a few months later, he would release his biggest song yet, Money Longer. Immediately following that, he would release his second big project, Lil Uzi Vert vs. The World, strongly inspired by Scott Pilgram vs. The World.
Vs. The World was a big hit. For many, it’s the defining project of 2016 and, among many younger people, is hailed as one of the best mixtapes ever made. Hell, back in 2016, people I knew were only listening to this tape as far as music went and were constantly quoting it. Uzi, his purple hair, eccentric fashion choices, melodies and, of course, his girlfriend, Brittney, were and still are absolutely iconic to the year 2016. However, this was only the beginning to an absolutely insane year. Next, Uzi would take part in what is possibly the most legendary XXL Freshman Cypher ever, alongside Denzel Curry, Lil Yachty, 21 Savage and Kodak Black. Though the Cypher was a blast, many agreed that Uzi and Curry were the standouts and many new fans were drawn to Uzi from it. Also around this time, he was featured on Migos’ smash hit, Bad and Boujee, and also on Future and DJ Esco’s hit, Too Much Sauce. Things wouldn’t be all good though, as around this time, Uzi would break up with his girlfriend and find that he had many fake friends around him. Regardless, he would then go on to release his second mixtape of 2016, The Perfect Luv Tape. This tape focused much less on vocals and melodies and was mostly a return to rapping. It was a fun and light hip hop tape, that featured many hit songs such as Do What I Want and Erase Your Social. This hype train was far from over, however, as three months later, Uzi would drop a collab tape with trap legend, Gucci Mane. This tape would be a bit of a spin off of Lil Uzi Vert vs. The World, called 1017 vs. The World. To cap off his legendary 2016, Uzi had a tour with The Weeknd to look forward to. Little did we all know just what that tour would bring and how what would happen next would propel Uzi to absolute superstar status.
You see, Brittney and Uzi’s break up affected him more then he let on. He went through some troubles afterwards, even worsening his drug use. During these hard times, he wrote much more somber songs. One of said songs would find its way to an EP called Luv Is Rage 1.5 (a prequel to his upcoming album, Luv Is Rage 2). The song, called XO Tour Lif3, as a reference to the tour he was on with The Weeknd, would be an absolute smash hit and possibly one of the most iconic songs ever made. This song would popularize what is now known as “Emo Rap”. The style wasn’t new, as it was being done by other artists, such as Yung Lean, Lil Peep and Bones, among others, but it had never been popular on this scale before. After this, Uzi would run with the emo aesthetic as a way to hype up Luv Is Rage 2. Taking massive inspiration from Marilyn Manson, he would put on a devil worshipping front and would go all in with the punk rockstar aesthetic. When released, Luv Is Rage 2 was everything this new aesthetic promised. We got deep cuts detailing his broken relationship, such as The Way Life Goes, songs that showed how much of rockstar he can be, such as Early 20 Rager, personal cuts about his family, such as Dark Queen and even new iconic bangers, such as 20 Min. This album was a hit with the numbers, received positive reviews and is well loved by many. It even would get him nominated for best new artist at the Grammy’s. Uzi was on top of the world. However, some pretty rough times were coming up.
Uzi has a fairly mundane 2018 at first. There were some positive moments to come out of it, such as his hilarious verse on Lil Tracy’s Like a Farmer remix, teasing many iconic snippets and him getting clean after the death of Lil Peep, an artist he greatly admired, but it was mostly a year of us riding the high that 2017 Uzi provided. Uzi would set the rap world on fire when he revealed the cover art for his next album, Eternal Atake. Immediately, everyone was hyped due to the very interesting concept the cover had, in that it was modeled after the Heavens Gate logo. Uzi then started going with a new alien/cult leader type aesthetic, abandoning the Marilyn Manson aesthetic of 2017. That October, Uzi released, what was at the time, the first single from the album. This song, called New Patek, was a six minute banger teased in an iconic snippet and was universally praised and hailed as one of his best songs. The world was watching. Everyone was expecting a legendary album to dropped.
Then we waited. We waited a long time. Well, turns out there was tons of behind the scenes drama going on with the making of this album. Uzi, DJ Drama and Don Cannon all had a falling out, as they wouldn’t let him release it. On top of that, the remainder of the Heavens Gate cult was threatening Uzi with a lawsuit. Uzi even briefly retired from rap. Hell, recently we learned there was an album he was making with Pharrell that was scrapped in all this chaos. It was a mess. This would all cumulate in Uzi dropping a track called “Free Uzi” which turned into a campaign supported by multiple people. Worst part is that a lot of tracks, many of which are hailed as Uzi’s very best songs, from the Eternal Atake sessions leaked, pretty much destroying any chance of getting the OG album. Two of those leaks, Sanguine Paradise and That’s a Rack, were eventually officially released, however. 2018 and early 2019 were hard on Uzi. Many wondered if he’d ever be able to get back on his feet. Fortunately, JAY-Z stepped in and “freed” Uzi, signing him to Roc Nation. After this, Uzi still withheld the album. He teased it many times, but it never would release. Fans then wondered if it’d ever drop. Most just gave up hope that it was even real anymore. Eternal Atake was looked at as the new Detox. Dead in the water, just another scrapped album.
Then something happened. Uzi dropped a new song, Futsal Shuffle 2020, claiming it was Eternal Atake’s first single. Yeah, okay. He’s probably capping. Then a couple months later he dropped That Way, a song with an amazing Backstreet Boys sample and said it was from Eternal Atake. Again, yeah sure. Then in February of 2020 he said Eternal Atake would drop in two weeks. Nobody really took it seriously. Then he dropped a high budget trailer, returning to the alien cult leader aesthetic in the process. Okay, it’s getting interesting. He then let the fans pick out the new cover for Eternal Atake. Could this be real? Then three days later he dropped it early. Eternal Atake was not only real, but it was here. Then, the next week, Uzi promised a deluxe with all the grails people begged for. He then revealed that it was not only a deluxe, but a second half to Eternal Atake, this half being a sequel to his album Lil Uzi Vert vs. The World. Two Uzi albums in one year. One being one of the most hotly anticipated albums ever and the other a sequel to a beloved mixtape that some consider a classic.
So here we are in present. Symere Woods is one of the most iconic artists in the game. Known for his many face tattoos, constantly changing hairstyles, crazy outfits and wide ranging music. He is an icon, he stands out in the crowd, he has a very... interesting look, a unique sound and he has a devoted fan base. Uzi is now the king of the world. But in a new world where COVID-19 ran rampant, Uzi thrived as a major source of entertainment in these times. He is often said to have carried 2020 on his back even. But is this statement true? Were the releases that good? Did they live up to the hype? Are they even worth a listen? Well, I think I can offer my two cents.
Review Part 1: Eternal Atake
I think I should clarify this. I was a pretty big hater of Uzi’s this time last year. I thought his music was subpar and had not heard a whole lot of it. However, Eternal Atake changed that. When I went in not expecting something that had a massive concept and lyricism, I was greeted with a very versatile, yet consistent body of work that had a pretty slick concept and story. I would later find more music of Uzi’s with some substance and more to say on other projects, but I think here he very smartly just sticks to having a blast and taking the audience on an upbeat trip through his world. This is not a darker project with some deeper cuts in there like Luv Is Rage 2, this is just Uzi is his most fun loving form yet. Some fans will not like that, as they wanted a more hard hitting Uzi like we got last time around, however, I think it was the way to go for this project, as it not only creates a nice parallel to Uzi’s last major release, but it also helped to have some upbeat music amidst the Coronavirus, racial injustices, riots, etc. It was the album I felt we needed and to make life a little bit better in the trying times.
The album does have a story to it that is told through skits. The story is about Uzi being abducted by aliens, encountering a cult on the ship, while trying to escape. The cult may symbol how he has a “cult following”, which is hinted at in a song in the second half of the album. It’s a pretty unique concept and is fun, I also appreciate that he put the extra effort in. While Uzi is messing around in the ship, he travels to different world trying to make it home, each one he travels to introduces a different persona.
We start the album with the persona of “Baby Pluto”. Baby Pluto is the persona Uzi has seemed to have stuck with for most of 2020 as well, especially on then upcoming his collabs with big Pluto himself, Future. Baby Pluto is the Uzi of 2012-2014. Focused on fast flows, this version of Uzi has very little melodies and is just focused on making fast paced and breakneck bangers. The standouts of this section of the album include the Baby Pluto title track, the very catchy Lo Mein and You Better Move, which, in classic Uzi fashion, samples Space Cadet Pinball. Baby Pluto is a much more traditional rapper then the upcoming personas. Another key to this persona is that it’s production feels very over the top and very frantic. Uzi claims this is sound like a spaceship blasting off which I can definitely see. This persona ultimately concludes once we reach Homecoming, a banger of a track consisting of disco type production. Also, before I forget, we have to mention POP and it’s infamous “Balenci” lyrics. I mean, hey, the album wouldn’t be complete without a meme arising from it, so I think it can slide. And just like that, the album starts with a bang, or perhaps a pop (sorry I had to). All the songs are memorable and all of them are hits. After this, Uzi travels to a new planet, entering his new persona, Renji.
The Renji persona has a higher pitched voice, combines faced paced rapping and some melodies and goes over much more cartoonish production. In this section, we are greeted to some absolutely fantastic tracks such as Celebration Station, which seems to be a sound Uzi likes replicating on other songs post Eternal Atake, Prices, a Travis Scott sampling epic, which is by far the best song on here to me and also Bust Me. This Renji persona seems to exist as a way to satisfy all types of Uzi fans. The ones who want melodic and more emotional Uzi will enjoy Chrome Heart Tags and I’m Sorry, while fans of faster paced and more fun loving Uzi will enjoy Celebration Station, Prices and Bust Me. Speaking of I’m Sorry, Uzi briefly returned to his emo roots for that song, which is sure to be enjoyable for fans of that style, however I appreciated how he kept it cheeky, as it seems he was apologizing to his fans for the long wait as well. The production on this section of the album is much more relaxed sounding ranges from light and bubbly, such as on Celebration Station, to downright epic, such as on Prices, but I never feel that it doesn’t feel consistent, as none of them are beats that feel overly aggressive. With the end of Prices, Uzi crash lands back on Earth. This time we enter a new persona, the one and only, Lil Uzi Vert.
Lil Uzi Vert is the Uzi we all know and love. High pitched melodies, such as Venetia, mixed with more raspy melodies, such as Secure The Bag. This is classic and also new melodic Uzi presented together in a nice harmony. However, the standout to me is Urgency, an absolutely fantastic song with a feature from Syd). Here we get every type of melodic Uzi presented in one song. We hear the raspy voices one, the high pitched one and the more mellow sounding one. Uzi presents all his vocal ranges here, presenting an insanely catch hook and also a pretty solid rapping verse. Syd then stops by for a pretty nice verse as well as harmonizing with Uzi. To me, this song feels like a spiritual successor to The Way Life Goes, but I can’t place my finger on why. Secure The Bag also sticks out, with Uzi’s yelling raspy voice, taking us back to the Luv Is Rage 1 days. Then we conclude with Uzi making it to shore and saying that he has to drop the album as he was missing for too long on that ship, a cheeky way of explaining why he hasn’t released, and then we go to the next track, P2. P2 is the sequel to XO Tour Lif3, bringing us full circle back to Uzi’s big breakout hit. This time, however, Uzi seems content with the breakup, he seems happier with it. I think this song shows us that Uzi has accepted that him and Brittney didn’t work and that he’s done with the hard feelings he held in the first part, while also presenting us with a full circle conclusion for the album. The album then ends with Uzi thanking his fans.
The next two bonus tracks are the singles released, That Way and Futsal Shuffle 2020. I like that they’re here as bonuses. Both are very good, however I think That Way could’ve fit into the Renji section. As for Futsal Shuffle, I dig the track. It’s a very weird song that sounds like a trashy 2007 pop track, but Uzi makes it work as a nice throwback. The dance it inspired was alright too I guess, glad to see people had fun with it. I’m glad both songs still made the tracklist, as I feel they both are worthy enough to be on it, even if it’s be hard to place them in one of the album’s sections.
A fantastic album. A great sampler or what Uzi has to offer that also feels consistent and like a coherent album. All going along with a pretty engaging story. The album actually reminds me a good bit of Uzi’s XXL Freshman classmate, Denzel Curry, in that it is structured very similarly to his album, TA13OO. I think Uzi took some inspiration from him there and it is very cool to see another artist succeed with that structure. Anyway, there isn’t a single dull moment here. For some, 18 tracks can be very cluttered, but Uzi manages to make all the songs sound fun and even if some maybe a bit similar, they are oozing with character that makes them still stand out enough to work. With this album, Uzi proves that this is his world and we are all just tourist in it.
But we’re not done yet. As I said, there is a second half we must talk about.
Review Part 2: Lil Uzi Vert vs. The World 2
The second half of this album, a “deluxe”, would end up starting a major trend. Now it seems every artist has hopped on the wave of having a second half as a deluxe album. The influence of this album is already present. This second half is already iconic. That really says something in my opinion. Anyway, influence aside, this half is pretty great as well. LUV vs. The World 2 is labeled as a sequel to Uzi’s most beloved tape, because it has all of Uzi’s most hyped up grails. The songs the fans have begged for on a sequel to their favorite tape only seems right. For many, THIS is the part they’ve been waiting for.
If Eternal Atake was a trip through space, Vs. The World 2 is a trip through time. We begin our trip in 2018 through Myron, Lotus and Bean, all of which were among Uzi’s most anticipated snippets, especially Lotus. Now, I wasn’t the biggest Uzi fan before, as I stated, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t looking forward to Myron after the snippet he dropped of it right after New Patek released.
As I said before, I was hyped for Myron. Hell, Myron is the song I was even looking forward to Eternal Atake for, before my time as an Uzi fan. At first, I wasn’t a fan of the actual song, as it’s slowed down a good bit from the original snippet, however, I’ve grown to really enjoy it. The more slowed down voice fits as a strong opener to this sequel project, as Vs. The World 1 was done almost entirely with that voice, so it makes it easier to jump right into here once you finish that one. The song has Uzi spitting over some Christmasy production, all while testing his vocal range with some especially dry yells near the end and also some high pitched vocals sprinkled in. Concluding Myron are some, ahem, pretty objectifying lines about a girl that would make Future shed a tear, talking about calling a girl “migraine” while she gives Uzi head. Next up is Lotus, which was perhaps the most anticipated hip hop snippet in history. A lot of people were disappointed with it and said the mixing was off, but I personally fucking love Lotus. The song is catchy as fuck and the vocals are very loud on it, which I personally like, as that is the main draw to the song for me. The last verse especially is great, as it fits hand in hand with the hook before. All of this going over some pretty mild, yet spacey production makes for an amazing track. Next up is Bean, or Kobe, as it includes a reference to the now late basketball player and sports legend, Kobe Bryant. This was a song long anticipated and another snippet that fans had been begging for nearly two years for. This song contains the deep voiced and menacing Chief Keef going hand in hand vocally with Uzi’s childlike screeches and high pitched voice. The energy Uzi carries on the song feels a lot like the energy he delivered on Lotus, making it a very consistent transition. This three track trip to 2018 delivered us with three straight knockouts, instantly drawing the audience back into Uzi’s colorful world. However, right as we get comfortable, we’re transported back further into the past. We’re taken to the 2016 XXL Cypher, where we reunite with an old friend, 21 Savage.
Yessirskiii is possibly my favorite song from this project, it’s between it and another track we will get to in a bit. This song reminds me of the 2016 XXL Cypher not just because of 21 Savage on it, but also because Uzi’s elated flow and vocals mixed with 21 Savage’s dry and unenthusiastic vocals make for a similar experience to that legendary cypher, while also being wildly entertaining. 21 Savage glides effortlessly on the production dome by Pi’erre Bourne, in what is, in my opinion, one of his best beats yet. Savage also delivers one of my favorite hooks of the year so far as well, one that is very simple, but very catchy. Uzi then comes in with his signature high pitched rapping style and if Savage glides over the beat, Uzi rides it, presenting us with a completely different style of rapping over it that also feels consistent with what Savage did. The track concludes with Savage’s hook, leaving you wanting an instant encore. Immediately following this high, we’re taken to the future to a song with none other then Future himself. Wassup is a song that acts as a teaser to Uzi’s many upcoming collabs with Future. Uzi presents his signature melodies and long stretching of words in an insanely catchy hook. He then delivers a very strong verse, humbly flexing that he can’t win every time, but does most of the time at least. Among that are also some alien references, tying into the first half of the album nicely. Future then comes in and gives another solid verse, not his most memorable, but still solid nonetheless. The track concludes and what we’re left with is a great little glimpse into the future that we didn’t know was coming at the time, here Baby Pluto x Pluto was truly born. After this, we are taken back to the present, at least for two tracks.
Strawberry Peels is a short, yet very sweet, collaboration with Young Thug and Gunna. Thugger gives us a breakneck hook over some wild production, Gunna drops a solid enough verse then Uzi comes in perfectly matching Thugger’s energy. Uzi rapping over the frantic production before going into Thugger’s last hook is the perfect reminder of why these two work so well together. I Can Show You presents us with some classical(?) sounding production with Uzi delivering some Celebration Station types flows over it. It’s an Eternal Atake track vocally, but a new sound production wise. I like it a lot. It feels familiar yet new at the same time.
After our time in the present, we are transported back to 2017, when Luv Is Rage 2 came out. Moon Relate, a banger with some lyrics dealing with “pain” and a vibe that is similar to 20 Min. Based off of another much anticipated snippet, the song more then lived up to the hype. The song has super high pitched vocals and feels like Uzi at his most unhinged, a stark contrast from the vibe of the first Vs. The World, but adding tons of character to this new project. Even if you never heard the much anticipated snippet, you can tell this track is from that Luv Is Rage 2 era with its sound and it is a great revisit to that era. Next up we have what is the best song on the tape and what is, in my opinion, one of Uzi’s best songs period. Come This Way is absolutely fantastic. For it, we are taken back to 2016, when the snippet of it was first previewed. This song sounds exactly like something that’d be on the first tape and is definitely able to compete with the best songs from that tape, such as Grab The Wheel and Money Longer. The song has 2016 Uzi’s classic raspy voice and has modern Uzi’s more high pitched voice on the vocals. It is clearly a transition track from a transition era in Uzi’s career, that being late 2016, and it sounds absolutely fantastic. The song shows Uzi’s vocal range, all while providing what may be my favorite hook of the year. People have begged for 2016 Uzi to return and its only right that we get the perfect 2016 Uzi track in the sequel to his defining project of that year.
Next up we go back to late 2018 where we get Trap This Way, a song previewed in another wildly popular snippet from that time. First off, I appreciate this track coming after Come This Way since they have similar titles, but beyond that, this is a great track. The hook it catchy, the verses are good and the song is an all around banger. This song and the last represent my two favorite Uzi eras, 2016 and 2018, solidifying this as a great project even before we reach the end.
Next up is the Lil Wayne sampling banger, No Auto. which features Lil Durk. The song is mean, it’s vicious and it’s classic “murder” music. The sample is great and brings us back 2004, the days of Tha Carter 1, but the sample does not go to waste, as it provides a very hard hitting beat for the harsh lyrics. The song just all around bangs, even if it’s not quite as good as the best of this tape. For the next song, Money Spread, we go to the year 2019, to the day Sli’merre was released. The production by Pi’erre sounds ripped straight from Sli’merre and the feature by Young Nudy is great, yet very foul and nasty. Uzi is great and does very well on the strange production, but Mr. Nudy is who really shines here, with him telling us that he will put his white stuff on our girlfriend’s butts and that she’s promoting his nuts. It is absolutely absurd. Besides that, the song feels a bit like a spiritual successor to the Sli’merre track, Extendo, the last collaboration between Pi’erre, Nudy and Uzi. All of it is a nice throwback to one of 2019’s best tapes. For Got The Guap, we are returned to the week before this tape came out, with another song that has a very similar vibe to Celebration Station. Uzi has a much more muted and calm voice then usual on here and I really like it, it’s nice when he does new things with his voice. Uzi gives us a catchy hook and good verses, touching on how God has helped him and how his accomplishments. I also enjoy the melodies he puts in his first verse. Thugger then stops by for another feature, effortlessly matching Uzi’s energy. The song is a ton of fun.
And finally we conclude the album with the NAV featuring song, Leaders. NAV makes up most of the song, but gives a solid performance. The song is meant to lead right into Eternal Atake, as it focuses on cult followings and relating them to cult leaders, which is a theme in Eternal Atake as we know by the Heaven’s Gate marketing. Nav relates his status to Jim Jones, while Uzi does to Marshall Applewhite, leader of Heaven’s Gate. I think this song is a great Segway into Eternal Atake and concludes this album on a nice note. I think this whole album being before Eternal Atake on the track list makes sense, as it feels like it shows us what songs preceded the album and the road that lead us there.
A great album. Not only that, a fantastic double album overall. Uzi shows every bit of talent he has across these 32 tracks and on every one of them, he brings his eccentricity to the forefront and shows the world why the weirdos now run the music industry. Everything he set out to do when he took inspiration from William Aston in high school has now come to fruition and Uzi is now one of the kings of hip hop and music in general.
Favorite Lyrics
One eye open, ‘Luminati like Fetty Wap.
  • Lil Uzi Vert on Silly Watch
Balenci Balenci Balenci Balenci Balenci
  • Lil Uzi Vert on POP
Get money like Anthony Hop. Silence the lamb and your ass’ll get chopped
  • Lil Uzi Vert on Prices
They laugh at me because I’m emo, I killed my girlfriend that’s why I’m single
  • Lil Uzi Vert on That Way
No, statistically I can’t win everytime, but you know the score is probably like 10-3. And them three times I had to take an L, I remember them boys tried to finish me. Said we roll a Wood, I roll like 50 L’s.
  • Lil Uzi Vert on Wassup
Strawberry Peels, Strawberry Peels, Strawberry Peels, Strawberry Peels
  • Young Thug on Strawberry Peels
  • Lil Uzi Vert on Moon Relate
I got your bitch over here promoting my nuts. Your hoe is a slut, hit it from the back m, n*gga, put it it in her guts. Yeah, slap it on her butt, whole lotta white stuff on her butt
  • Young Nudy on Money Spread
We from the same hood , that’s a nickel and dime. That’s all we know. God gave me the opportunity to open doors
  • Lil Uzi Vert on Got The Guap
No, I’m not Marshall Applewhite, but I’m tryna phone home
  • Lil Uzi Vert on Leaders
• Did Eternal Atake live up to the hype for you? If not, did you still enjoy it?
• Do you think the version of Eternal Atake we got is better or worse then the one we could’ve gotten in 2018, based off what you heard from leaks? What songs do you feel should’ve been kept on?
• What do you think of this deluxe trend? Do you think that it will last? Do you think Uzi handled it well on this project?
• Did the full songs of snippets live up to the hype for you?
• Which half did you like more, Eternal Atake or Lil Uzi Vert vs. The World 2?
• Fans that consider Lil Uzi Vert vs. The World as a classic or even just as a great tape, did the sequel live up to the first one for you?
• This project received critical acclaim, do you think that acclaim was warranted?
• Do you miss Uzi’s old 2016 style like many others or are you satisfied with the direction he is taking?
• Where do you think Uzi will go from here?
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Guide to $uicideboy$(with links!)

Guide to $uicideboy$

Created by fuck-the-population & VeNoid for /G59


Fairly often in threads where the boy$ get brought up I see people asking the same question, “Where do I start to get into $uicideboy$?”. This guide has been created to answer this question. We have included a roadmap of albums for new listeners to guide them through some projects so they can get a feel for the $uicideboy$. Another way to get familiar with the boy$ is to listen chronologically from the earliest to latest project, and in this guide we do just that, highlighting notable tracks along the way. Although this will probably soon be out of date because of how prolific the boy$ are, it should still provide a good starting point, and by the time you’ve listened to everything in here you’ll be enough of a fan to catch up on the new releases yourself.
The $uicideboy$ consists of two cousins from New Orleans who go by $crim and Ruby Da Cherry. They grew up in the 7th Ward, New Orleans where they got into music at an early age. Before $uicideboy$, Ruby played guitar, drums, and bass in local of punk bands whereas Scrim got into DJing at 13 eventually gaining a residency at a club. Through his DJing, Scrim started to host mixtapes for local rappers. He didn’t start producing until he was 19, and started rapping later on after Ruby convinced him. For a while before joining up as $uicideboy$ they worked together on a couple of solo projects on their record label, G*59, however, none of these took off. The first song they did together, before “$uicideboy$”, was “$moke a $ack” on $crim’s project “Patron Saint of Everything Totally Fucked” in 2013.
The $uicideboy$ music is heavily influenced by older dirty south acts like Memphis group Three Six Mafia. Whom they sample in a majority of their songs. As well as acts from their hometown like the Hot Boys and other early Cash Money artists. Much of the themes in the boy$ music center around subject matter similar to Three Six Mafia such as satanism and drug dealing/use. (for a deeper look at their musical influences, check out this guide to Memphis hip hop and this guide to New Orleans hip hop) The other, most prevalent, themes in their music are those of depression, drug addiction, and suicidal thoughts. $crim has struggled with an opiate addiction throughout his life, and Ruby struggles with depression. $uicideboy$ was born from a particularly low point in the cousin's’ life, where they felt they had nothing to lose. Making a pact to either succeed or die, they created $uicideboy$ by combining $crim’s production talents with their shared rap skill. (for a deeper look at their life and motivations, check out their interview with No Jumper)
To Find all of their music, visit their Bandcamp or their Datpizz Page for downloads (with occasional bonus tracks), and their Soundcloud to stream. here's a helpful guide to the samples they’ve used and their many names here's a guide to $crim’s hair, not sure why it exists but it does


The $uicideboy$ have a huge discography and it can be daunting when trying to get into them. This roadmap is here to help guide you through a few of their projects to get a taste of what the $uicideboy$ are about.
A good, general path to follow:
$outh $ide $uicide > Eternal Grey > My Liver Will Handle What My Heart Can’t > DIRTIERNASTIER$UICIDE > High Tide in the Snake’s Nest > I No Longer Fear The Razor Guarding My Heel (Part III)
If you want hard, banger-centric projects follow this path:
Radical $uicide > DIRTYNASTY$UICIDE > DIRTIERNASTIER$UICIDE > Kill Yourself Part XI: The Kingdom Come Saga
If you want more depressing/emotional projects follow this path:
Kill Yourself Part XIII: The Atlantis Saga > My Liver Will Handle What My Heart Can’t > High Tide in the Snake’s Nest > Now The Moon’s Rising > I No Longer Fear The Razor Guarding My Heel (Parts I-III)


Their solo projects predate the “$uicideboy$” group. They haven’t released any solo work since these projects.
$crim: These projects are interesting as a stepping stone for $crim, but honestly they’re pretty corny throughout and aren’t very enjoyable to listen to.
Narcotics Anonymous (9/11/2012):
Patron Saint of Everything Totally Fucked (?/?/2013)
Ruby: Ruby’s pre $B work is much more enjoyable simply because he started off as a better rapper than $crim, the boy$ have developed to be at a similar skill level now and have a nice balance together, but $crim was a good producer before he was a good rapper. I recommend checking out Pluto for some early Ruby, it has some great songs.
The Jefe Tape (?/?/2012): this one’s just instrumentals
Digital Diseases (2/29/2012) [released under the name “Neighbors Ate My Zombies”]
Pluto (3/14/2014)


Here are some of the $uicideboy$ more popular features.
GHOSTEMANE - $EPPUKU: $uicideboy$ only feature with underground rapper Ghostemane, goes hard and every fan of these artists wants another collab.
RAMIREZ - SARCOPHAGUS II: Second track in the Sarcophagus series and only one on a Ramirez project, it’s a little more slow and evil sounding. $crim has a CRAZY storytelling verse here.
POUYA - BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE: track 3 off of Pouya’s “Underground Underdog”, banger with some nice flows.
POUYA - FAT HOES: huge underground posse cut with, this shit is a crazy banger and Ruby’s verse steals the show here.
DENZEL CURRY - NARCOTICS: not actually a feature but the beat was produced by $crim. Has $B’s memphis sampling and goes hard.
GERM - FUCK Y’ALL HOES: This song has a really catchy sample and a HEAVY beat. Goes hard with some nice verses and to be honest feels more like an $B song featuring Germ.
GERM - RUKUS: More recent collab with Germ on his Badshit Bootleg tape, basically everything you’d expect from a $B x Germ track. Filthy banger with nice flows and some quotables.
GETTER - 2 HIGH: high energy banger off of Getter’s “Wat the Frick EP”, Ruby’s flow switch up is crazy and $crim does his thing. Features a sample from “Danny Brown - Blunt After Blunt” as the hook.


$uicideboy$ only really have two loose tracks, and they’re both good enough to highlight here.
KILL YOURSELF (PART IV): This is the fourth installment in the Kill Yourself song series, it has a nice beat and both boy$ switch flows to create a very dynamic song.
BROKEN KRYSTAL BALL: this is a mysterious solo Ruby cut, probably produced by $crim. It’s uploaded on a few random soundcloud accounts. It has a nice simple violin driven beat and Ruby sings over it with incredible emotion and skill.


The first series of projects released by the group are a series of short EPs, each with a distinct theme and sound. They’re a good starting point as they’re pretty short and listenable.
Release Date: 6/16/2014
The first project released as the $uicideboy$. Probably their most (semi-intentional) lo-fi release to date. $crim’s production here is serviceable and uses a lot of female vocal samples, a staple of super early $B, but it’s progressed a lot since then. Similarly, the rapping is vanilla compared to later releases. Still thoroughly enjoyable.
Notable Tracks:
KILL YOUR$ELF: The first in a series of songs that is currently ongoing, the production on this song is distinctively old-$uicideboy$y and it is a nice introduction to their early style. A remix is available as a bonus track on this ep and has a [music video](.
MAPLE $YRUP (FEAT. BONES): The Boy’$ only collaboration with underground legend and later rival (maybe) Bones. Not much to say, just a good song, although Bones has the best verse it’s a good show all around. A remix of this is available as a bonus track.
Links: Download, Stream
Release Date: 7/6/2014
The second KY$ EP is where we see the boy$ begin to develop their different vocal deliveries. They also experiment with some adlibs here that don’t show up very often. This EP is very horror themed and all the tracks are bangers.
Notable Tracks:
FRIDAY THE 13TH [PROD. $MKIE $MK]: Lofi banger with a rare guest producer. Ruby uses a flow here that he rarely pulls out, making it an even more interesting track.
OCEAN $IDE $UICIDE: Classic boy$ song, although there were a few Memphis samples on KYS 1, here is where we see them become more prevalent as the boy$ develop their aesthetic. (Music Video)
Links: Download, Stream
Release Date: 8/27/2014
The boy$ most drugged-out early release. They experiment with a lot of vocal effects here. Overall a cool release, more lighthearted than the previous two EPs.
Notable Tracks:
100 BLUNT$: Druggy Song with that early $B vocal sampling and some weird and hilarious lyrics. Weird effects on their voices make this song extra cool. Plus it’s a rare $uicideboy$ song with a chorus. (Music Video)
LETTUCE: Bonus track only available on bandcamp. This song is hilarious with a nice storytelling verse from $crim delivered in his early, high pitched, flow and cadence.
Links: Download, Stream
Release Date: 9/24/2014
My personal favorite of the early KYS EPs. Every song is equally awesome. The production here is different from any of their releases to this point and it has a mysterious melancholy vibe. A great release overall.
Notable Tracks
NM JC: One of my personal favorite $B songs. Ruby’s verse here is clever and funny as fuck. The production is really cool and overall has a great vibe. (Music Video)
LO-FI (KILL ‘EM ALL) [PROD. NEDARB NAGROM]: Guest produced by an underground legend. This song is great and has awesome lyrics, flow, and vibe. Classic $B song.
PRINCE TULIP: The production on this song is crazy good. Has a nice creepy and dangerous vibe. Lyrics are awesome and I can’t stress enough how cool the sample is.
$LEEPY HOLLOW (SLOPPED & CHEWED): Weird Remix only available on bandcamp as a bonus track. The beat is almost like a classic boom bap beat. As far as I know the original version was never released, but you can find it if you look hard enough. This song has a nice catchy bridge.
Links: Download, Stream
Release Date: 10/30/2014
Another of my favorite KYS eps, This one is kinda love/sex themed. The beats are very smooth and some of the lyrics are touching, while others are funny as fuck.
Notable Tracks:
FUCK A HOE (FEAT. BLACK SMURF): The first collab with Black Smurf, this song spawned a three ep series that we’ll get to later. This song is hilarious. The beat is awesome and Black Smurf has an awesome verse. (Music Video)
APHRODITE {THE AQUATIC APE THEORY}: This song is really weird but really good. The versions on soundcloud and bandcamp are different and listening to them both is very interesting and thought provoking. Lyrics are hard hitting and it has a nice bridge.
Links: Download, Stream
Release Date: 11/27/2014
The most polarizing of the early KY$ eps.There’s a LOT of autotune here, some of it’s enjoyable, some of it’s a little grating. Still a solid project and the worst parts of it are the guests. There are some classics here..
Notable Tracks:
GOLD (’99-2000): Nice beat and adlibs on this song. There’s an awesome catchy chorus. Good verses from both boy$. (Music Video)
$UICIDER [PROD. RARE AKUMA]: Cool beat produced by frequent collaborator Rare Akuma. Pretty good verses. Bandcamp Only.
Links: Download, Stream
Release Date: 12/22/2014
This is where $crim really started trying out new deliveries. This EP is like Black $uede except more melodic and polished. The Memphis samples are in full effect and you can really start to see both $crim’s production and the boy$ rap skill improve here. This is a pivotal moment in the $uicideboy$ progression, they really found their sound here and you can tell they love it because they made more bonus tracks than there were normal tracks originally.
Notable Tracks:
WHERE’S YOUR GOD?: An amazing intro track. The beat is intense and cinematic. $crim’s verse is fucking crazy, he switches flows like 4 times. Ruby shows off his singing for one of the first times. Just a great track.
VIVIVI (FEAT. RAMIREZ): Heavily Memphis influenced track with a smooth sample and a great verse from RAMIREZ, the only other signee to G59 besides the boy$, the boy$ and Ramirez have two projects together and have collaborated countless times. Also Ruby slips into greek at the end of his verse which is really cool.
NOXYGEN [PROD. OXYTOCIN DREAMS]: Guest produced and a certified classic. $crim’s back with the melodic flow on this song. This song is heavy and awesome with a cool dark beat and awesome deliveries. (Music Video)
GREY BOY$: Bandcamp only bonus track. One of the first instances of the boy$ using screaming vocals, although it’s just adlibs here. This song has awesome flows and is a certified banger.
333333 [RARE ’96 BOOTLEG CA$$ETTE RIP TRE$ $EI$]: Another bandcamp track. Probably the most intentionally lofi song the boy$ have done. Cool verses and it definitely sounds like a classic Memphis song. This is a cool experiment.
Links: Download, Stream
Release Date: 1/8/2015
This is a nice changeup from the last project. It’s a lot more lighthearted sounding with beats influenced by Asian music and songs that are influenced by Asian culture.
Notable Tracks:
TEMPURA: Ruby has tots of funny lines in this song and $crim brings it with a deep verse. Has a cool beat and a nice music video. (Music Video)
KAMHAMEHA (KAMIKAZE REMIX): As far as i know we’ve never heard KAMIKAZE, that doesn’t stop this from being a banger though. This song has production unlike any other $uicideboy$ song and it’s smooth and hard at the same time. Good flows and lyrics on this one too.
VIETNAM: This song’s only available as a bonus track on bandcamp. Has a funny beat and interesting deliveries with some hard and funny lines and adlibs. The vocal samples can be a little grating and definitely NSFW. (Music Video)
Links: Download, Stream
Release Date: 1/14/2015
A shorter EP full of smooth tracks with cool samples and really introspective lyrics.
Notable Trackst:
DON’T GIVE A FUCK ($OUL DOUBT RMX) [PROD. BIG LOS]: This song is smooth as fuck with great and deep verses.
HAIR: This song has a really smooth beat with solid flows and lyrics. Overall just a really good song that is nice to listen to. (Music Video)
Links: Download, Stream
Release Date: 1/23/2015
This is ep is really weird. All beats are very orchestral and cinematic which is something the boy$ have never really returned to. It’s the longest KY$ EP to date, and also the last of the original series.
Notable Tracks:
LEMON $LIME: FIRE. This song is a prime example of how to do an orchestral trap beat right. Fire verses from both boy$. (Music Video)
FLODGIN’: This song has a really dense beat and an awesome melodic verse from Ruby. The Memphis sample is really well implemented and $crim’s delivery is somewhere between the higher pitched classic $crim and the lower pitched more intense $crim we see more of today.
$LEEP WALK: The beat on this song is very hypnotic and cool. Very Subdued verses from both boy$ that are nice and hard hitting. Also there’s a cool little instrumental interlude between the verses.
Links: Download, Stream
Release Date: 2/14/2015
Black $uicide is a series of EP collaborations with fellow underground artist Black Smurf. This series got the boy$ a lot of recognition and is overall amazing. The boy$ began to rapidly flesh out their sound during this period and you can really start to see $crim change his vocal delivery and hone his beatmaking skills. This first ep is more trappy than many of their releases and is interesting as a result. The beats are consistently either beautiful or hard as fuck. Black Smurf is an awesome guest for the boy$ and this series is really awesome and interesting overall.
Winner of Music Survivor: $MOKE BREAK
Notable Tracks:
BLACK $UICIDE: This was the best done autotune $B song when it came out. The beat is beautiful and all three rappers turn in an amazing performance with cool lyrics and flows and a mysterious vibe.(Music Video)
BROOKLYN: BANGER ALERT. This song goes hard as fuck and is a good contrast to the previous song. $crims verse in particular is really hard as well as Smurf’s.
$MOKE BREAK: This song is chill as fuck with three fire verses. Smurf’s voice was made for songs like this and his verse is probably the smoothest. All of them are good though. The beat has a cool sample too (Music Video)
…AND SO IT WAS: This is another song with beautiful production. Really uplifting sounding. The verses are very deep and hard hitting.
Links: Download, Stream
Release Date: 3/3/2015
CLASSIC. The boy$ first solo full length project. This was a huge turning point in their style, sound, and career. This was their most emotionally impactful release to date and is amazing all the way through. All of the guests turn in great performances (Kirb’s verse is fire don’t @ me). $crim continues to move away from his older vocal delivery and Ruby hones his flows and singing here. The beats are also consistently amazing.
Winner of Music Survivor: CLOUDS AS WITNESSES
Notable Tracks:

1 STUNNA: Classic Intro with a beautiful beat. Introspective lyrics from both boy$ and a nice melodic delivery from Ruby. Has a hard hitting refrain and a classic bridge too. Overall a classic track, probably one of the greatest the boy$ have made so far.

LOOT (FEAT. RAMIREZ & BLACK SMURF): Hard beat, hard sample, hard verses. This song has everything you need for a banger and it comes together beautifully. Black Smurf’s verse in particular has some extremely badass lines.
PONTIAC $UNFIRE: This song has a great layered beat. It’s an autotune song with hard hitting verses with themes of self hate from both boy$. (Music Video)
CLOUDS AS WITNESSES: This song is crazy good. The beat is crazy beautiful and somber. The lyrics are sad and dark and impactful. (Music Video)
KILL YOURSELF (PART II): The second installment in the KY$ song series, this one’s a slow banger, the beat and lyrics are depressing and deep, mostly $crim’s verse. Also has a surprise at the end. (Music Video)
Links: Download, Stream
Release Date: 4/1/2015
The second collab album with Black Smurf, this is the longest of the three. On this release the group of $B x Smurf is fleshed out more. This series of EPs has an interesting hidden concept of a road trip that is referenced in a lot of the lyrics, which makes listening to all 3 back to back very interesting and cohesive. The production here is hard and interesting and all three rappers continue to hone their flows and deliveries.
Winner of Music Survivor: FREE GUCCI
Notable Tracks:
FREE GUCCI: A laid back banger that kicks off the project. Smurf introduces his new adlibs that appear throughout this project on this song. $crims delivery is low and menacing and Ruby’s growls add intensity to his verse. Overall a really strong track.(Music Video)
RUBY IS FINALLY SATISFIED WITH HIS VERSE: The title here says it all, Ruby’s verse is amazing on this song. That being said, everyone’s verse is great here, though this EP probably has the weakest smurf verses of the three.
WHO'S PILLS ARE THESE? (WHAT BAG WERE THEY IN?): This song has an awesome dark beat and Ruby’s cryptic references to the mysterious road trip add to an air of drug addled confusion and mystery. The teamup fires on all cylinders here and it’s a flawless track.
Links: Download, Stream
Release Date: 4/2/2015
One of the Boy$ most slept on releases for some reason. This project overall has more autotune songs than a lot of their full lengths and it works really well along with the more chill songs and the bangers. At this point Ruby and $crim have found their sound and are pretty much doing everything right, not that they were ever doing anything wrong. There are a few little sonic experiments on this album that stand out and overall it’s a great release.
Winner of Music Survivor: RAG ROUND MY SKULL
Notable Tracks:
DEAD BATTERIES: This is the hardest song on the project, the beat is crazy and the samples are utilized perfectly. Both Boy$ deliver standard hard verses. (Music Video)
40 OZ. & SOBER (REMIX) [PROD. JCKRUBY]: This song has an awesome jazzy beat with an awesome sampled hook and great verses. $B songs with weird beats are always great.
LEAVE YOUR THINGS BEHIND: Insanely emotional and heartfelt song. Ruby shines on songs like this and $crim does his thing. This song spawned a sequel on a later release. Ruby’s singing is always great.
RAG ROUND MY SKULL: This song is a certified G59 classic. The refrain at the end is one of the boy$ best moments. $crim’s verse is great, same with Ruby’s melodies. All you can say is it’s a great song (Music Video)
Links: Download, Stream
Release Date: 5/8/2015
This is another more slept on release by the boy$. This is probably their most laid back release. And their most thematically consistent album. It’s my personal favorite.
Winner of Music Survivor: LTE
Notable Tracks:
I MISS MY DEAD FRIENDS: The boy$ trade heartfelt verses over a subdued banger. A great intro to a great album. (Music Video)
LTE: This song is crazy good. The beat sounds like $crim took one of his earliest beats and bred it with one of his newer beats. The vocal sample is amazing. Ruby has some amazing lines. Classic track. (Music Video)
GLOSS OF BLOOD: This song’s beat is amazing. This song’s structure is amazing. This song’s vocals are amazing. This is an essential $B track. (Music Video)
I ENDED UP DRIVING THE CAMARO OFF THE CAUSEWAY BRIDGE: This song is one of the handful of storytelling songs that are what makes this album really unique. It’s something of a sequel to the previous track on the album and is really interesting. The beat sounds downright evil and the sample is really awesomely twisted to fit the concept of the song. (Music Video)
CERBERUS (FEAT. DRAGONMANE): I love this song. One of my favorite songs of all time. It’s sample is so incredibly catchy and the guest verse is amazing.
HANDZUM $UICIDE (FEAT. ROZZ DYLIAMS): This is one of two collaborations the boy$ have with SESH artist Rozz Dyliams/Dylan Ross, the other sparked a short lived beef between the two artists and they haven’t collabed since. I normally can’t really stand Rozz’s music but this song is beautiful to just listen to. Everyone sounds good and Ruby and Rozz pull together some nice melodies. Very heartfelt.
Links: Download, Stream
Release Date: 5/27/2015
The first of two collab mixtapes with Ramirez, the third member of G59 records. This EP is crazy and has bangers on bangers. If you’re a fan of trap bangers this is a good starting place for you.
Winner of Music Survivor: THE ROAD TO HELL IS HIGHWAY 59
Notable Tracks:
SARCOPHAGUS: The first in a series of three sarcophagus tracks, this is an iconic $B track. It’s got breakneck flows and savage lyrics, pretty much all you could ask for. The sample is also awesome.
G.R.E.Y.G.O.D.S: This song is creepy as fuck. The samples really make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. Eerie vibes with eerie verses, perfect combo.
Links: Download, Stream
Release Date: 6/15/2015
Arguably the boy$ most iconic full length effort. This is what most fans will say when asked where to start. This album is crazy good so if you’re gonna check out one album from this guide make it this one.
Winner of Music Survivor: MOUNT SINAI
Notable Tracks:
DIEMONDS: Many will say this is the best $uicideboy$ track, I’d probably agree. One of Ruby’s most emotional and heartfelt verses over a weird but beautiful beat. This is the essential singing Ruby track. $crim’s verse is pretty good too.
UGLY: This song has so many crazy samples yet the boy$ steal the show. There’s an AZ sample over a Pokemon sample and somehow it sounds like the most evil thing ever. (Music Video)
$OUTH $IDE $UICIDE (FEAT. POUYA): One of the boy’$ biggest songs, it’s well deserved. Features frequent collaborator Pouya and spawned an EP of the same name. All around banger. Pouya’s verses are always a little questionable but I’d argue it works here.
MOUNT SINAI: This is up there with DIEMONDS as one of the Boy’$ best and most beautiful iconic tracks. This one is less about the heartfelt lyrics and more about how lush and crazy the instrumental is. There are great rhymes too, but the song structure and beat are the most impressive things here.
EXODUS: This is one of the boy$ most evil sounding and heavy tracks. This is a huge sounding banger with crazy flows and delivery. If you’re looking for some of the most evil sounding and agressive boy$ songs but aren’t really into screaming, this is the song for you. (Music Video)
Links: Download, Stream
Release Date: 7/22/2015
The first of two EPs where the $uicideboy$ rap over other producer’s beats rather than $crim’s usual production. Shows how versatile they are, this is a nice project but it’s outshined somewhat by it’s sequel.
Notable Tracks:
BLACK BEARD [PROD. STEREORYZE]: $crim’s verse here is really smooth and his cadence works incredibly well. The beat and sample are pretty cool too.
THE CRESCENT MOON AND THE RISING SUN [PROD. GEEKEY]: This song is menacing as fuck and dark as fuck. Ruby has a nice verse where he makes a lot of references to New Orleans, really dope. (Music Video)
EVEREST [PROD. YUNG ICEY BEATS]: This track’s name fits it very well. It sounds icy and mysterious, $crim uses his layered delivery here to great effect.
Links: Download, Stream
Release Date: 7/29/2015
The first in a series of three EPs. Contains three tracks but is uploaded to soundcloud as one continuous track. This series is the the most emotional $uicideboy$ project and also has the most layered and dense production.
Notable Tracks:
MY FLAWS BURN THROUGH MY SKIN LIKE DEMONIC FLAMES: The Tommy Wright Sample here is fucking awesome. Ruby’s verse is one of his most heartfelt and hard hitting. $crim experiments with some new adlibs here that sound great.
Links: Download, Stream
Release Date: 8/25/2015
The final and arguably best collab mixtape with Black Smurf. $crim using the same layered production he was honing on the last few releases here to great effect. Smurf is great as ever and $crim’s new backing vocal techniques works to his advantage.
Winner of Music Survivor: GERMANTOWN
Notable Tracks:
GERMANTOWN: This song samples Three Six Mafia sampling Metallica and it sounds like you’ve been transported to hell. Smurf’s verse here is hard as fuck and his adlibs are awesome. $crim sounds great in the last verse.
NEWPORT REDS: This song has a strangely impactful beat. The vibe is added to by $crim’s impactful verse in his triplet flow where he makes reference to his drug addiction struggle. Black Smurfs verse is similarly impactful and his slight hint of melody is great.
Links: Download, Stream
Release Date: 9/1/2015
The first collab mixtape with Pouya. This tape was the introduction for many underground rap fans and brought a lot of attention to the $uicideboy$. It has a nice mix of slower, more emotional songs, and bangers. A sequel has been in the works for quite some time. Winner of Music Survivor:
Notable Tracks:
COLD TURKEY: This song samples Future’s Sh!t and layers it over some eery piano to create a hard fucking banger. Ruby’s verse here is especially hard with his screaming backing vocals that just barely pop in. This is also Pouya’s best verse on this tape.
RUNNIN’ THRU THE 7TH WITH MY WOADIES: This song is slower and has a beautiful beat and sample. Ruby’s verse is awesome and $crim’s is great too, especially when he spells out the word suicide.
(Music video for entire EP)
Links: Download, Stream
Release Date: 9/21/2015
This an interesting release because the boy$ were at a unique point of their careers here, they had their sound and formula down to a science but were still in the process of blowing up. As a result of this this project contains a lot of experimentation inside their established formula. Lots of interesting samples like Lil Ugly Mane, Pimp C, and C Murder are flipped to make this album very evil sounding.
Notable Tracks:
SHATTERED AMETHYST: This song has a really strange melody in the beat, but it works amazingly. Ruby’s singing sounds like some 90’s pop punk and it’s wonderful. $crim has some great quotables here.
TULANE: This song is intense and evil. $crim’s verse is hard and evil sounding. Ruby sounds like a demon and switches flows at a ridiculous rate. (Music Video)
CHERISH THE DEAD: $crim and Ruby rap with their voices pitch shifted down on this track, which is something they hadn't done in a while. $crim has a lot of quotables and the Pimp C sample goes hard.
T.R.U. (TOTALLY ROTTEN UNDERGROUND): This song takes C Murder’s “Down For my N’s” and makes it sound like a satanic prayer. $crim and Ruby sound similarly evil. Crazy banger of a track.
FUCKTHEPOPULATION: Classic $B track, has a nice flow that they haven’t used in many places since. Very eery and evil. (Music Video)
KILL YOURSELF (PART III): Arguably $uicideboy$ most emotional track, you can tell just from listening but seeing them perform it live just further proves it. The beat is amazingly layered and the verses are crazy and introspective.
Links: Download, Stream
Release Date: 11/3/2015
The second of the three INLFTRGMH EPs. Contains three tracks but is uploaded to soundcloud as one continuous track.The production here is densely layered and the use of synths pops up a bit more than in some of their other work. Although this is probably my least favorite of the series it’s still a solid EP.
Notable Tracks:
CLYDE (I HOPE AT LEAST ONE OF MY EX-GIRLFRIENDS HEARS THIS): The beat here is dense and pretty and the lyrics are very introspective and heartfelt. Overall a great song.
Links: Download, Stream
Release Date: 11/18/2015
A very dark and depressing project, this project got the boy$ a lot of notoriety. Includes the immensely popular track “PARIS” which was a huge boost for the boy$. $crim’s mastery of minor scales shows in this project with dense yet simple beats that provide the perfect backdrop for the boy’$ melodies and flows. The themes of drug addiction are strong in this project and take center stage on most songs.
PARIS: One of the boy$ most popular songs. A heavy and intense banger with lots of switching flows and deliveries. Ruby’s verse is particularly hard on this song. (Music Video)
LOW KEY: Up there with DIEMONDS and KYS 3 as one of the most emotional songs they’ve made. The simple chord progression on the beat helps you focus on the lyrics of this song, and they’re very depressing and dark. This song details the feelings following a relapse or a suicide attempt. It’s chilling and sad with a slight note of hope. The lyrics and melodies on this song are beautiful and impactful. I THINK I’M IAN READ: The Future sample on this song goes hard, but the real focus is on the lyrics and the picture of drug abuse they paint. This song is melancholy and hopeless, this theme is helped by Ruby whose melodies are great in this song.
TO HAVE AND HAVE NOT [PROD. $LIM GUCCI]: This song has a subdued and downcast beat that works great with $crims dark depressing verse and Ruby’s tight melodies. This beat was produced by $lim Gucci, $crim’s little brother. (Music Video)
Links: Download, Stream
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