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Minecraft creator stops by Pirate Bay co-founder's Reddit AMA to thank him for "making the world a better place"

Minecraft creator stops by Pirate Bay co-founder's Reddit AMA to thank him for submitted by meyamashi to RedditInTheNews


Adding a stage prefix for EVERY Smash Bros. stage [REALLY LONG]

You may remember that Melee had a small little detail on the stage select screen, in which every stage had a prefix that detonated their location along with their name (ex. Lylat System: Corneria). This detail has since been abandoned in each subsequent entry. But today, I'd like to theorycraft what every stage's prefix would be if they kept it in each game.
For many entries on this list, I had the help of people from this post I made a while ago as well as my own knowledge. That said, I'm still not sure what to put for every stage, so if anyone has any suggestions (or finds any mistakes), please tell me. I will update this as new stages come out. Also, the Smash stages have no location due to their special nature (plus how should I know where these stages take place). Anyways, here it is.
Mushroom Kingdom Skies: Peach's Castle
DK Isle: Kongo Jungle
Hyrule Fields: Hyrule Castle
FS-176: Planet Zebes
Yoshi's Picture Book: Super Happy Tree
Planet Popstar: Dream Land
Lylat System: Sector Z
Kanto: Saffron City
Level 1-1: Mushroom Kingdom
Mushroom Kingdom: Princess Peach's Castle
Peach's Castle: Rainbow Cruise
Lost Level 1-1: Lost Mushroom Kingdom (this new name is based on Super Mario Bros. The Lost Levels (or SMB2 in Japan, making the stage there Mushroom Kingdom 2), like how Mushroom Kingdom II is called Mushroom Kingdom USA in Japan. To make the reference clearer, the stage would get a visual overhaul to look more like japanese SMB2.)
Subcon: Mushroom Kingdom II
DK Isle: Kongo Falls
DK Isle: Jungle Japes
Valley of Death: Temple
Termina: Great Bay
Planet Zebes: Brinstar
Planet Zebes: Brinstar Depths
Yoshi's Picture Book: Yoshi's Story
Dinosaur Land: Yoshi's Island (Melee)
Dream Land: Green Greens
Rainbow Resort: Fountain of Dreams
Lylat System: Corneria
Lylat System: Venom
Kanto: Pokémon Stadium
Kanto Skies: Poké Floats
Eagleland: Onett
Eagleland: Fourside
Jack Cup: Mute City
X Cup: Big Blue
Infinite Glacier: Icicle Mountain
Isle Delfino: Delfino Plaza
Mysterious Ghost House: Luigi's Mansion
Abandoned Level 1-1: Mushroomy Kingdom
Mushroom Cup NDS: Figure-8 Circuit
Underground Sewers: Mario Bros.
Pinapple Kingdom: Rumble Falls
New Donk Construction Site: 75m
Eldin Province: Bridge of Eldin
The Great Sea: Pirate Ship
Planet Zebes: Norfair
Orbiting Talon IV: Frigate Orpheon
Dinosaur Land Meadows: Yoshi's Island
Orange Ocean: Halberd
Lylat System: Lylat Cruise
Sinnoh: Pokémon Stadium 2 (Going off of Pokémon Stadium 1's location, PS2 is in either Hoenn or Sinnoh due to those being the most recent regions in Braw) (EDIT: u/DaDeltaDrum brought up a good point that it's probably Sinnoh due to all the background Pokémon being from Gen 4, so now it's Sinnoh)
Mt. Coronet: Spear Pillar
Nowhere Islands: New Pork City
Sapphire Cup: Port Town Aero Drive
Infinite Glacier Peak: Summit
Tactical Stronghold: Castle Siege (the stage is based less on any specific location in the Fire Emblem series and more on general tropes throughout the series, so pinpointing an exact location is difficult)
Angel Land: Skyworld
Diamond City: WarioWare, Inc.
Fox Archipelago: Shadow Moses Island
South Island: Green Hill Zone
Forest of Hope: Distant Planet
Animal Town: Smashville
Plankton's Performance: Hannenbow
Mushroom Kingdom: 3D Land
Mushroom Kingdom: Golden Plains
Mario Storybook: Paper Mario
Special Cup 3DS: Rainbow Road
Gerudo Desert: Gerudo Valley
New Hyrule: Spirit Train
Game Boy: Dream Land GB
Unova Victory Road: Unova Pokémon League
Lumiose City: Prism Tower
F-Zero Grand Prix Memories: Mute City SNES
Queen Mary's Dream: Magicant (I could call it Ness's Dream, but the overall design of the stage is based more on Earthbound Beginnings then Earthbound)
Regna Ferox: Arena Ferox
Human Warzone: Reset Bomb Forest
Tropical Getaway: Tortimer Island
Aerial Arena: Balloon Fight
Nintendog House: Living Room
Castle of Darkness: Find Mii
Island Apartment: Tomodachi Life
DS: PictoChat 2
Mushroom Kingdom: Mushroom Kingdom U
Gateway Galaxy: Mario Galaxy
Flower Cup Wii U: Mario Circuit
DK Isle: Jungle Hijinks
Hyrule Skies: Skyloft
Bottle Ship: Pyrosphere
Craft Island: Woolly World
Planet Popstar Underground: The Great Cave Offensive
Orbiting Corneria: Orbital Gate Assault
Kalos Victory Road: Kalos Pokémon League
Elibe: Coliseum
Game & Watch: Flat Zone X
Skyworld: Palutena's Temple
9-Volt's House: Gamer
PNF-404: Garden of Hope
Animal Metropolis: Town and City
Wuhu Island: Wii Fit Studio
WVBA Championship: Boxing Ring
Bionis's Leg: Gaur Plains
Duck Blind: Duck Hunt
Skyscraper Destruction Site: Wrecking Crew
Wuhu Island Skies: Pilotwings
Sports Resort: Wuhu Island
The Lost Hex: Windy Hill Zone
20XX: Wily Castle
Mushroom Kingdom: Super Mario Maker
Japan: Suzaku Castle
Gaia: Midgar
Vigrid: Umbra Clock Tower
Nintendo Network: Miiverse
Metro Kingdom: New Donk City Hall
Great Plateau: Great Plateau Tower
Inkopolis: Moray Towers
Transylvania: Dracula's Castle
The Collective Unconscious: Mementos
Erdrea: Yggdrasil's Altar
Isle o' Hags: Spiral Mountain
South Town: King of Fighters Stadium
Fódlan: Garreg Mach Monastery
ARMS Grand Prix: Spring Stadium
New Seed: Minecraft World
submitted by JacksonKlo to smashbros