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Civilization call to power patch 1.2. We want to present you an amazing tool called Wrestling Revolution 3D Hack Tool. New Trade Monopoly System! For one thing, you can make scenario packs and scenarios, but if you want to make new GL entries or change the UI at all, you're out of luck. This lasts for three seconds or so. A small amount of light comes into the screen. Best place to get cracked software s informative post. Connect people, locations, and data using interactive maps.

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Civilization: Call to Power (Windows) v1.2 Patch

Sid Meier's Civilization V is the fifth offering in the multi-award winning Civilization turn-based PC strategy game series. I bought the CtP Windows CD on eBay. Post article and help us achieve our mission of showcasing the best content from all developers. Sow the seeds of an empire as you cultivate a tribe of. Switchme multiple accounts key full apk s. Upgrades Civilization: Call to Power to version 1.2, implementing a long list of bug fixes and feature additions. Hip hop ejay 4 crack.

Download Civilization: Call to Power 1.2a by Sid Meier

Year: 1992; Publisher: MicroProse Software, Inc.


Patch civilization: Call to Power [UK] v1.0, v1.1 and v1.2 nocd fix

Title: Today Is My Birthday-CODEX Genre: Adventure, Horror Developer: Wonder Games Publisher: CRYTlVO Release Date: 30 Oct, 2020 Languages: English, Russian File Size: 20.4 GB / Split 5 parts 4.95 GB Compressed Mirrors: Dropapk, Google Drive, Megaup, Onedrive Live, Uptobox, Torrent. Civilization Call to Power Download Free Full Game is a PC turn-based strategy game developed by Activision as a successor to the extremely successful Civilization computer games by Sid Meier. Instructions: The update will work for all Microsoft Windows 95/98/NT English CD-ROM versions of Call to Power. CTP2 community has created two additional mods that are playable in the game without use of a mod switching utility: World War 2 Western Front and World War 2 Global. Civilization concentrates power, extending human control over the rest of nature, including over other human beings. Download Civilization: Call to Power Update for Windows to get play-by-e-mail, a scenario pack interface, and other improvements. You can follow the question or vote as helpful, but you cannot reply to this thread.

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Civilization: Call to Power (1999) release dates

License For Boom 3d, Adobe Flash Professional CS5.5 Special Offers, Youtube Videos Autocad 2020 Tutorial, ISkysoft ITransfer 4 Latest Verion. Avataria hack tool 2020 gmc. Forza Horizon 4 Xbox One. The Patches Scrolls - 20 years of gaming, Patches, Demos & others downloads readily available and for free. No Screenshot Official Patches Civilization: Call to Power (Windows) v1.2 Patch - Italian. It will upgrade Call to Power from the release version, or version, to version If upgrading from to you will need to consult the "Advanced User Notes" in the Readme for saving a scenario/map while in the Map Editor. PC Download Free Full.


Civilization 6 Update Version 1.03 Full Patch Notes (PS4

This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. Hack money 8 ball pool. Sid Meier's Civilization was a watershed for the 4x genre before the genre even had its present name. Our Trainer Manager will help you to keep all those trainers organized, up-to-date and easily accessible for the games you are currently playing. When running in Windows XP compatibility mode I could start new games, but it. Explore a new land, research technology, conquer your enemies, and go head-to-head with history's most renowned leaders as you attempt to build the greatest civilization the world has ever known. Saints-row-4-crack-pc-free-full-version-download-3 November 22, 2020 Ray Willmott 0 Comments.

Covid-19 update Friday 17th April

We’ve nearly made it through another week; it’s Friday 17th April, good morning from the UK. Almost nobody reading this will have the option of going out for drinks tonight so here’s the next best thing to a nice cold drink with a bunch of your mates in your favourite local bar; a digest blog about the impacts the virus continues to have on supply chains around the world.

Apologies for the lack of general virus news, it’s been a very busy day on the day job so I stuck to just the supply chain stuff today. If you are interested in general affairs relating to Covid-19, today's Guardian blog is here, CNN is here and France 24's is here.

If you want a sports article, try this unusual story about two time darts champion Gary Anderson and his wifi woes here.

Supply chain news in depth

Certificates for transporting dangerous goods extended for Covid-19 - the Loadstar has an article saying that with many of the critical supplies needed to suppress the Covid-19 pandemic being ‘dangerous goods’, multiple countries have extended dangerous goods certifications that were due for renewal by six months. These include ADR licences (needed by truck drivers for road transport of dangerous goods) whilst in the UK, the Civil Aviation Authority has extended all ‘dangerous goods by air’ certificates due to expire before 31 October to a new expiry date of 22 November whilst the US has not formally extended but the enforcement agencies have indicated that they will not take action against employees who have not received refresher or recurrent training because of the Covid-19 emergency. Dangerous goods in heavy demand because of Covid-19 include hand sanitisers, chemicals used for decontamination and patient testing, as well as test samples from those infected.

Forwarders asked to watch for dangerous fake PPE in supply chains - The Loadstar reports that forwarders are being urged to be extra vigilant as criminals try to infiltrate the supply chain during the Covid-19 crisis. UK Border Force and its partners have warned the industry it has identified trends showing criminals are exploiting the current situation, pushing fake medicines and PPE into supply chains. The agency said criminals were “specifically targeting the vulnerable and those at most risk during the Covid-19 crisis. These goods are not fit for purpose, offering little or no protection, and will cost lives if successfully imported into the UK.” It is thought that all developed countries are facing this problem at present.

Severe road, sea and air disruption in India due to botched lockdown - Loadstar says that according to a new report by DHL’s Resilience360, only 120,000 out of the 1.2 million trucks with national permits are currently on the road. It says: “While freight movement is permitted amid the nationwide lockdowns, road movements have been severely impacted due to inter-state restrictions and the lack of available drivers. “Inter-state borders continue to be monitored, but the movement of essential goods is subject to permission from state police.” Confusion reigned between national and state authorities over which industries were “essential” and whether cargo could be transported as normal. “Despite some states putting out additional notices calling for the movement of goods not to be interrupted,” said Resilience360, “there have been continued cases of police stopping vehicles carrying essential goods in transit. “Further administrative delays have also surfaced, with firms needing to negotiate with state authorities to be classified as an essential supplier.” “Hardly any flights, including freighters, are coming into India due to cargo terminal congestion, triggered by a lack of operational staff,” said Resilience360. “Especially at temperature-controlled facilities where shipments have stopped being accepted or permitted, for instance, at Mumbai.” The lockdown impact on container ports has also been “devastating”, the report continues, with force majeure declared and severe cargo congestion at Jawaharal Nehru Port Trust (JNPT) and Mundra, again due to a lack of drivers and only a fraction of imported containers being collected.

Ocean carriers have announced more blank sailings from Asia to Europe and the US, as they struggle to match capacity with falling demand - Loadstar reports “THE Alliance (THEA) partners Hapag-Lloyd, ONE, Yang Ming and HMM will cancel two additional headhaul voyages of the FE5 loop in weeks 21 and 23 at the end of May and suspend the FE4 string for two months from the end of April – from weeks 18 to 26. The final FE4 voyage before the suspension is next week, with the sailing from Qingdao of the 24,000 teu HMM Algeciras, the first voyage of HMM’s flagship ULCV within THEA, and it could see the world’s largest containership idled after it completes the round trip. The South Korean carrier joined THEA as a full member on 1 April. It is due to receive 12 24,000 new ULCVs by September, all stemmed to be phased into the FE4 loop, to replace 11 Hapag-Lloyd 15,000 teu vessels. Now they will potentially have no employment after they leave the shipyard. The suspension of the FE4 loop is also bad news for the UK’s London Gateway port as Hapag-Lloyd said its “cargo flows can be routed via our FE3 and FE5”, neither of which calls there.”
(Translation for non supply chain specialists: THE Alliance (THEA for short) is an alliance of container ship firms, much like American Airlines, British Airways, Cathay Pacific, Finnair, Iberia, Japan Airlines, LATAM plus a couple of others are part of the Oneworld airline alliance. The alliance is suspending two sailings from Asia to Europe of their FE5 route (map of the route here) in weeks 21 and 23 - we are currently at the end of week 16. They will also suspend the FE4 route (map of that route here) in entirety for two months from weeks 18 to 26. The final sailing of FE4 will be HMM Algeciras which has capacity for 24,000 TEU - TEU meaning twenty foot equivalent units, two of those fit on the back of a full length truck - so it’s one heck of a big ship and they’re often known as a ULCV, Ultra Large Container Vessel with few ports able to handle such large ships. The problem is particularly bad for the South Korean carrier HMM because it’s due to get 12 ships this size between now and September and is unlikely to have enough cargo to stick on them to make a profit. The UK’s London Gateway port is going to get affected by suspension of the FE4 route because FE4 visits Le Havre and Antwerp but not London Gateway - but FE3 visits both Le Havre and Antwerp before hitting the London Gateway, the point being it makes it harder for traffic coming from Asia to easily reach the London Gateway port so may lose the traffic to other routings).

Logistics firms now count the real cost of dividends and buybacks - Alessandro Pasetti (one of Loadstar’s senior columnists) has written an in-hindsight review of major global transportation companies financial policies in recent years given the sudden battle for survival that many find themselves in. Pasetti has specifically looked at dividend payments and/or stock buybacks, both of which cost companies cash but which can shore up the apparent value of your company. Having a high valuation on your company is attractive, particularly for company executives who are often assessed against such things by having share price targets and/or being compensated to one degree or another in shares. That said, they cost cash and if volumes start drying up you can end up with high cost overheads that burn cash quicker than you get new supplies of it in which is why having cash reserves is always a good idea. Expeditors and K&N are good from his point of view but FedEx raises an eyebrow and XPO is good but doesn’t have that much of a spare cash pile and may struggle if significant virus problems stretch into late summer. XPO’s CEO has written a letter to all shareholders saying that “we’ve deliberately built XPO like a bulletproof tank to surmount all kinds of challenges” which you can read here.

Amazon shuts down distribution centers in France - CNN reports that Amazon is suspending its distribution activity in France after a court ruled it had to stop all non-essential deliveries during the coronavirus pandemic. The ruling on Tuesday followed the filing of a complaint by a French labor union which accused the online delivery giant of endangering the lives of workers. In a statement Wednesday, the company said it was "perplexed" by the court ruling that ordered Amazon (AMZN) to restrict its local delivery operations to essential goods only, or face a penalty of 1 million euros ($1.1 million) for each day it failed to comply. Amazon said it plans to appeal the ruling. Citing the high penalties imposed by the court and the "complexity inherent in our logistic activities," Amazon said it would temporarily suspend activities in their distribution centers "despite the huge investment that we have made to ensure and strengthen by additional measures the safety of our employees who remained mobilized during this crisis. The company said it will ask employees of their distribution centers to stay at home, but "will continue to serve our customers in France through independent companies that sell on Amazon" through its global distribution network.

African agriculture digital supply chain case study for students - (This isn’t directly Covid-19 related, but I thought students might appreciate it, I know there’s quite a lot of you here). Digital supply chains solutions are continuing to provide alternative solutions for connecting producers with customers as you’ve hopefully been taught so if interested here’s an interesting agricultural supply chain solution case study I found in Africa - Mkulima Young (Young Farmer in English). The company now has a successful agricultural online platform in Kenya and East Africa with over 130,000 social media followers and around 20,000 registered users and provides digital agricultural marketing and advisory services to small-scale farmers and links consumers interested in supporting local farmers. The aim is to attract young people back into the business of farming, by improving their earning potential. This year MY and Kyeema (an Australian charity that focuses on African agriculture support) are partnering to improve smallholders’ agricultural productivity, sustainability, market access and information through the MY digital platform. The project also aims to enhance the functionalities of the platform, including use of data for marketing analysis and better decision-making power for farmers. Mkulima Young has attracted funding from the Australian High Commission in Nairobi and is aiming to expand its reach in East Africa and in the future hopes be able to inform policy development on big data applications, particularly in agricultural marketing. There is additional information on the company via linkedin, youtube and the Daily Nation (a major Kenyan newspaper) if so interested but you’ll have to find that yourself.

Meat packing plant closures are increasing in the US - Supplychaindive says that temporary closures at some of the U.S.'s largest meat processing plants have executives and meat supply chain stakeholders worried that large disruptions in processing will cause a devastating ripple effect upstream to livestock farmers and feed producers. USDA data for animal protein production rates and cold storage volumes are updated near the end of each month therefore March figures do not show the impact of the most recent plant closures. The next data disclosure is April 28, according to the agency. "These facility closures will also have severe, perhaps disastrous, repercussions for many in the supply chain, first and foremost our nation's livestock farmers. These farmers have nowhere to send their animals,” said Sullivan. (Personal note: If you’re American, eat a lot of meat and have a lot of freezer space, you might want to consider stocking up soon).

Supply chain news in brief

Splash247 reports that Rodolphe Saadé has issued a video on the CMA CGM website outlining his vision of a more equitable and resilient supply chain in the future, post-coronavirus. The chairman of the world’s fourth largest containerline said yesterday: “This crisis will no doubt change our consumer and working habits. It will impact world economic flows and will necessitate that we all rethink our supply chain models.” Supply chains will need to be redesigned to be more resilient, Saadé said, adding that they would also need to be able to react better to sharp reductions in supply and demand. “Digitalisation has become an integral part of our lives during lockdown and will continue to have a major impact both on logistics flows, as well as on interactions between us all,” Saadé said. In the future, Saadé said goods would be sought from a greater range of suppliers with more manufacturing moving nearer to the end-consumer. As part of its strategy during the coronavirus crisis CMA CGM has started sending ships via the Cape of Good Hope in both directions from and to Asia and Europe, giving the Suez Canal a miss, to soak up capacity during the downturn.

The Port of Virginia, one of the biggest ports on the US east coast, is taking drastic action and suspending operations at terminals in line with the slew of blanked sailings announced by container carriers recently says Splash247. Effective from May 4, the port’s Portsmouth Marine Terminal (PMT) will be closed while the number of hours truck gates are open at other terminals will be reduced. “As an industry, we are faced with a record number of blank sailings, and idled containerships, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We have witnessed a marked decline in current and forecasted volumes from our shippers and ocean carriers,” the port stated in a release. The idled container fleet is on the cusp of passing the 3m teu mark for the first time in history as hundreds of sailings have been blanked because of dropping demand brought about by the coronavirus pandemic.

Chicago Rockford (a specialist cargo airport) has seen over 30% year on year growth in cargo volumes to 273,500 tonnes for Q1 2020. Key generators of volume have included UPS, Amazon and FEMA says Stat Times (link).

United has continued to expand its cargo operations to more than 150 flights a week says Stat Times (link). Out of its six hubs in the US, cargo flights are available to/from Chengdu, Hong Kong, Peking, Shanghai, Sydney, Taipei, Amsterdam, Brussels, Dublin, Frankfurt, London Heathrow, San Juan Puerto Rico and Tel Aviv.

Loadstar reports that Schiphol’s cargo flights are still very much operational during the viral outbreak with it handling 360 flights a week, up 100 flights a week since the outbreak began. Cargo characteristics have changed with medical products dominating more than the usual flowers whilst Dutch customs have set up an extensive back office to keep things moving quickly.

A chartered Airbus A319 has flown from Cluj to Leipzig carrying 135 harvest workers for seasonal farm work. After landing, the passengers completed a compulsory health check with temperature measurement before travel by bus on to the seasonal jobs in Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt, Hesse, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and Lower Saxony. Leipzig / Halle Airport provided signs in Romanian and distance markers to help enforce current hygiene regulations. Leipzig / Halle Airport announced that Another flight is scheduled for next Monday. However, the airport also cautioned that last-minute changes are possible. (Source; Stat Times)

The European road freight market could shrink by almost 20% this year, due to the coronavirus pandemic. In new research from Transport Intelligence (Ti), published today, Ti’s original forecast of 2.1% growth in Europe’s road freight has had to be radically revised with the outbreak of Covid-19 and the subsequent social lockdown. It says the best Europe’s road freight operators could hope for now would be a 4.8% contraction, and in the worst case it could be a 17% contraction, which it described as “far worse than the great recession of 2008/9” (Loadstar link)


Several asked if they can send me $/£/€ via Patreon (in some cases because I've saved them time or money, others for no reason at all). I don't need the cash (that's lovely though) but food bank charities are getting really hit hard with all this panic buying. Please consider giving whatever you'd have given me to a foodbank charity instead:
UK: https://www.trusselltrust.org/
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Italy: https://www.bancoalimentare.it/it/node/1
Spain: https://www.fesbal.org/
Australia: https://www.foodbank.org.au/
Canada: https://www.foodbankscanada.ca/
USA: https://www.feedingamerica.org/
Thanks in advance for any donations you give. If there's foodbank charities in your country and it's not listed above, please suggest it and I will include it going forward.
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Prince Henry Daxamus of Khassir, The Knight Templar

Prince Henry Daxamus of Khassir, the KNIGHT TEMPLAR, is a strength hero with a wide range of utility, from offensive to defensive to support ability. With a high health pool and a survival tendency, he is played as a tanky support. His first skill is Devout Strike, which allows him to perform a dash and swings his sword dealing damage and removing the armor of the enemy he first collides and knocking it back. His second skill, Knight’s Regalia, is a sacrificial ability that makes him absorb all the damage dealt to him and his allies and dealing the absorbed damage to him afterwards. He can invigorate the hearts of his allies by forming a Crusade with allied creeps transformed into knights and other allied units provided with buff. Being a hero of sacrificial tendency, he is granted the gift of second life when he is at the brink of death with Holy Grail, transforming him into an archangel of holiness, in which he gains a new healing ability, Divine Will. His godly strength and noble purpose make him a valuable robust hero and savior of allies.
Health: 760 + 70 per Level
Mana: 280 + 22.8 per Level
Armor: 2 + 0.2 per Level
Movement Speed: 305
Attack Damage (AD Value Range): 68 + 3.5 per Level (64-72)
Attack Speed (Attack Time): 114 (1.6s)
Health Regen: 5.8 + 0.35 per Level
Mana Regen: 1.1 + 0.08 per Level
Magic Resistance: 25%
Strength : 28 + 3.5 per Level
Agility: 14 + 1.6 per Level
Intelligence: 15 + 1.9 per Level
LORE: (Lore is subjected to story briefing but this is his entire life story)
The dominion of evil drenched the earth’s soil with ever burning hellfire as the entrance of hell were opened wide by the Devil himself, unshackled from his frost-covered hellscape. Legions of demons sprawled from the crack of the earth, each commanded by the Seven Knights of Hell, as sins and corruption spread over the continent infesting every land in demon salivate. Millions of lives suffered, either from being feasted by the Devil or burned alive in inextinguishable flames. Thus, the life on earth hoped for a Messiah.
With fear shrouded the weak minds of mortals, their only source of courage was at the form of a prayer. At last, under several attempts, their prayer was finally granted as the Heavens descended from above to give birth to the Messiah. Foreseen by the oracles and their acolytes as the liberator of lifekind, he was prophesied as the vanquisher of demons, ordained to end the hellish reign of the Devil on earth.
A human blessed by the Heavens, Henry was born pure of goodness, fostered inside the nurturing womb of Queen Marylene of Marxon and showered with attention by his caring father, King Maximus of Khassir. He was raised by his royal parents with kindness and empathy, being aware of what evil lurks behind the shadow of the divine and prosperous kingdom of Khassir. The Kingdom of Khassir lived in tranquility and prosperity, so to speak, but the peaceful and joyful lives of the royalty and their people all ended in a tragic death of King Maximus, a death no one expected. People grieve for their lost king, and no other people grieve more to the King’s death than Henry and his mother. People think of their king as irreplaceable, but with his throne gone barren, a new king took over it, with much sinister intent. It was the Grand Duke who became the new king for whom he was fueled with greed and malevolence, who brought corruption and filth to the holy kingdom, with streets and balconies now crowded with crimes and gone bloodred. It wasn’t the kingdom Henry grew up with, it was a new kingdom filled with unspeakable horrors, as he witnessed the degrading nature of his people for whom the new king had no concern but to quench its own dissatisfaction.
Even with the sorrow and the memories of the old kingdom clouding their thought, Queen Marylene and Henry decided to leave the near experience of hell of which was their former kingdom, with the help of their old ally, the Monkey King who leaped between the tall trees of Sequoia beyond the concrete walls of Khassir. After their escape, they settled in the city of Peking, under the just rule of the recently liberated Qing Dynasty, living in peace and from time to time, a little bit of grief.
For decades, Henry had served the Qing Army, and worked its way to the high ranks, not by force, but acts of bravery and respect. Although he didn’t sit in the throne along with the royalties, he became a commander of the Qing Dynasty, to whom he led under several battles, most of them were battles of diplomacy to which they emerged victorious. For under his leadership the army achieved new feats of conquest and alliances. He is the first Commander to achieve these feats, something that incited awe to the citizens of Qing. But no other feats could outweigh the grandeur of this one, for this is the rarest feat of all. For the people on earth remembered it as the Great Loss of Qing.
It was a cloudy afternoon at the heat of the Yangtze Conflict that the great sacrifice happened. Henry’s plan was to forge alliance to the warring state of Yangtze, but to their demise, it was a bloody ambush that led to some of his men’s death. As a commander, he had a choice to fight back, but no, he instead rushed into the battlefield attempted to save tens of his injured men but at the cost of his own life, thus dying as a martyr. For many, this is a form of cowardice, but to the soldiers of Qing, it was the bravest act of all, an act that no leader had done.
The soldiers of Qing later witnessed the cold-bodied corpse of their commander filled with stab marks and embedded arrows, mourned for the mortal death of their leader and conceded defeat. The battle finally ended, with the opposition soon realized their murderous mistake, for they had slain hundreds of unarmed soldiers and the leader who always wanted an alliance with them. To pay respect for the commander’s death, they gathered together for a ceremonial ritual to memorialize his acts of unselfishness.
Upon his death, his consciousness wandered around the darkness of cosmos, searching for the light, and to know his whereabouts. There around the corner of space lies a gleaming light source, so bright that it later illuminated the once a dark void. When all of darkness was replaced by light, he saw a glowing figure from a far distance, for which he assumed was a lost soul like him. But as he approached the glowing figure, it became larger with his every step until the glowing figure no longer appeared small, it was a huge radiant human-like being. He realized that what he stumbled upon was a god, in which Henry was amazed by the holy appearance. Henry had a lot of questions asked to the god about his current place in the universe, his fate as a being. With the god chuckled in amusement about Henry’s curiosity, he explained to him that he is not the only god, but one with the Heavens, that Henry was here for a reason, that the Heavens finally found the one to become the earth’s Messiah. The god then showed Henry about the fate of life on earth, and that the Heavens needed someone to save it from damnation. He said, “Henry, the life on earth needed a Messiah, and we decided that the Messiah is you. You will be awakened from your slumber and you will receive the Holy Grail as a gift from us in order to fulfill your mission.” Henry finally understand his purpose in life, and that he agreed to do the Heavens bidding, and as he nodded in approval, his vision blacked out.
The battlefield was covered in a sea of blood with islands of corpses, and piled between those rotting carcasses, the dead body of Henry soon rose in mid-air as a beam of pure light coming from the heaven struck his body, mended every wound and fatal blows until finally, he was revived, became aware of his rebirth, in his new silvery regalia. The soldiers were astounded and overwhelmed with joy; it was a miracle. But to Henry himself, this was a blessing from above. Upon his revival, he revived the dead soldiers, uttered the truth about the fate of the earth, speaking every dread life may suffer, his experience and insights with these horrors, and the goal to unite all life on earth into one army with one purpose to end life’s suffering. Soon after, all of them joined the new army under his noble leadership. These people were the first members of his newfound army.
With his rebirth, he found a new purpose. He conversed with the Heavens about the Holy Grail for which he obtained upon death. He defied the odds with a sacrifice. Now, he marches towards his finite goal with a new Crusade movement to which he hoped to unite all kingdoms of the earth in one quest to end all that is evil. His Crusade already conquered his former Kingdom of Khassir and brought the kingdom back to its former glory. He vanquished evil sects which hosted demonic rites. He slayed the two Knights of Hell, Beezlebub and Karthas, with the help of his allies. He forged new alliances with the neighboring kingdoms. He freed villages from pillaging savages and demons alike. And all of this is centered on one primary goal of ending the reign of evil on earth and someday, he will fulfill the prophecy under a new title which he calls himself, the Knight Templar. May the Heavens be with him along his journey to the earth’s salvation.
HERO LINE:I repent the sinners and vanquish the evils.”
Knight Templar dashes forward and swings its sword breaking the armor of the enemy with overwhelming strength that it is knocked back. Debuff won’t apply to spell immune units.
Cast Point: 0.6
Cast Range: 800
Bonus Attack Damage: 20
Bonus Damage per Strength: 0.5/1/1.5/2
Armor Reduced per Strength: 0.1
Knockback Distance: 275
Knockback Duration: 2.5
During the Holy Grail, Knight Templar ascends above the ground before executing a stab to the earth knocking back every enemy in the area. This provides buff that deals armor reduction and knockback on his next auto attack. Debuff won’t apply to spell immune units.
Cast Point: 0.6
Cast Range: 1200
Knockback Radius: 350
Damage Radius: 475
Landing Damage: 100/150/200/250
Knockback Distance: 175
Knockback Duration: 1.5
■75 □18/15/12/9
Be gone, heretic. May the Heavens forgive your soul.
Ability Type: Active/Modifier
Damage Type: Physical
Target Type: Point Target
Pierces through Spell immunity: No
Can be dispelled: No
Knight Templar performs a sacrificial ritual allowing him to absorb all the damage dealt to him and to his allies while holding the ground position for up to 5 seconds. After the ritual, the absorbed damage is dealt to him afterwards which is reduced by his strength. He is status immune for the whole duration.
(Holy Grail): He changes his form allowing him to act freely within the duration.
Note: Other damage reduction is prioritized first before this ability’s damage reduction. If the delayed damage is greater than his health pool (after damage reduction), the surplus damage will be evenly distributed to surrounding allied units.
Radius: 525
Cast Point: 1.1
Channeling Duration: 5
Percentage of Damage Reduced per Strength: 0.06%/0.09%/0.12%/0.15%
■125 □45
Self-sacrifice is the ultimate act of knighthood for it is the noblest display of courage.
Ability Type: Channeling/Active
Self-Damage Type: Pure
Target Type: No Target
Grants Spell Immunity: No
Dispel Type: Strong
Knight Templar forms a crusade converting allied creeps into knights. Other allied units will receive buff when near the crusade.
Cast Point: 0.2
Conversion Radius: 1200
Buff Radius: 900
Bonus Damage: 20/30/40/50
Bonus Health Regen: 5/8/11/14
Duration: 20
■100 □60
Attack Damage: 70-80/80-90/90-100
Attack Time: 1.0
Armor: 2
Health: 1000/1200/1400
Health Regen: 6/8/10
Magic Resistance: 20%
The Heavens provide benedictions to the followers of the Knight Templar to fully cement their trust in him.
Ability Type: Active/Buff
Target Type: No Target
Dispel Type: None
Grants Spell Immunity: No
Knight Templar defies death itself and transforms into an archangel possessing incredible strength and immortality. Lasts for 10 seconds.
Note: Alters the Devout Strike and Knight’s Regalia abilities. Refreshes his first ability, Devout Strike. Dispels all effects upon cast. He cannot be killed for the whole duration.
Cast Point: 0.8
Bonus Strength: 30/40/50
Bonus Health Regen: 2%/3%/4%
Base Attack Time: 1.2
Duration: 10
At long last, the Heavens finally found the right soul to sanctify with the Holy Grail.
Ability Type: Passive/Toggle
Target Type: No Target
Dispel Type: Universal
Grants Spell Immunity: No
Grants Spell Immunity while casting Knight’s Regalia.
LEVEL 25 Global Crusade or +35 Strength
LEVEL 20 +15 Knight Attack Damage or 8s Crusade upon Death
LEVEL 15 +10 Armor or +1 Bonus Damage per Strength Devout Strike
LEVEL 10 +15% XP Gain or +45 GPM
Author's Note: I actually wanted for DOTA 2 to have a half-sequel (still DOTA 2). In this half-sequel, I wanted to elaborate the lore regarding with the Upheaval, by including the Devil, Sathanas. In my lore elaboration, the Devil himself have been successfully released from his frost prison via a fellow demon who scavenged for all the pages and relics needed to reform the Devil's Bible, which contained the summoning ritual for the Devil. He is the Upheaval himself, the one that Void Spirit have anticipated the whole time, as the Devil was the reason why the DOTA 1 Earth was destroyed. The Devil's Escape to the Terrene Realm was envisioned by the Heavens (these are powerful gods of DOTA 2, which includes Omniscience and Chen's God), so 20 years before the Devil's Upheaval which is today (the Upheaval is inevitable), the Heavens gave birth to a mortal with a pure heart, for they benedicted him as the Messiah. Henry's lore is heavily inspired by Jesus Christ's story and it is also influenced by the multiple Crusades of the Dark Ages. And I wanted Henry's lore to be a single player campaign RPG mode for DOTA 2. The Upheaval actually happens 20 years after, and during the given time interval, civilizations grew further and technology progresses further.
Feel free to correct my hero concept!
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