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Just A Glimmer In A Shadowy Mirror: A Guide to Thrice

Initially pioneers of the hardcore scene, Thrice have nearly become legendary in their influence of the post-hardcore rock scene. Initially an unassuming punk band from California, these four grew to become practically revolutionary in their subject matter, recording styles and business sense. But, for a band so vaunted and praised, it can be tough to have a place to start. So, with rumors swirling that more recording could come from the band after their long hiatus, let's try and find a good starting point.
The band is composed of only four members: guitarist/vocalist Dustin Kensrue, guitarist Teppei Teranishi, bassist Eddie Breckenridge and drummer Riley Breckenridge. Kensure and Teranishi initially played together in a band called Chapter 11 but when they sought to strike out on their own, the two enlisted Eddie who brought his brother Riley to drum.
The band initially played on the Sub City label, a charitable arm of Hopeless Records. Current roster artists for Hopeless include Taking Back Sunday, Neck Deep, Silverstein and The Used. For similar artists (give or take), this is a good starting place but also consider Finch, Thursday, Brand New, O'Brother and Head Automatica for similar sounds or vibes. The band later spent time at Island Records for the release of their third album but after that, left and joined Vagrant Records where they remained until their hiatus. A fun fact to note is that, with each record released, the band donated a portion of their funds to a different charity.
Identity Crisis (2001, originally on Green Flag, rereleased on Sub City)
The band's first longform release as a quartet, this album is straight-up California punk and hardcore. But even here, elements are on display that will be showcased and refined throughout their entire career. For instance, Riley's razor sharp drum fills and the turn-on-a-dime tonal and signature changes in the music. Proceeds from this album were donated to the Crittenton Services for Children and Families.
Standout Tracks
To What End
Under Par
A Torch To End All Torches
The Illusion of Safety (2002, Sub City Records)
Their follow-up to the initial release showed the budding notes of change here in the band's core sound. Of course, it is still very much a hardcore album, but the band begins to experiment with elements such as harmonies and divergences from the typical 3 minute hardcore formula. Already, sophistication was setting them apart. Proceeds from this album were donated to A Place Called Home, a non-profit youth center in South Central Los Angeles.
Standout Tracks
Betrayal Is A Symptom
So Strange I Remember You
The Artist In The Ambulance (2003, Island Records)
The band's first release with Island Records is also noted by a continued shift and progression in their sound that, while not eschewing the hardcore style they came up in, became more experimental. The band isn't afraid to try new time signatures or deviate from the unrelenting push of the instrumentation but the band also is showcasing more sophistication in their lyrical content. Proceeds from this album were donated to the Syrentha J. Savio Endowment, which provides chemotherapy and other medication for those who cannot afford it.
Standout Tracks
The Melting Point of Wax
The Artist in the Ambulance
Stare at the Sun
Vheissu (2005, Island Records)
This album, like so many bands have, is the major stylistic turning point. The sounds here are completely different from their earlier post-hardcore and punk sounds. The songs have electronic elements, the lyrics have much more emphasis, the entire vibe is different and elevated in a way. This album is pretty divisive for fans, and a lot of people prefer the earlier sound. I myself don't mind it so much, because the sounds that come from this style's continuation are my favorite. Proceeds from this album were donated to 826 Valencia, which funds literacy and reading initiatives in children in its areas.
Standout Tracks
The Earth Will Shake
Of Dust And Nations
Music Box
The Alchemy Index Vols. I & II - Fire & Water (2007, Vagrant Records)
In 2007, the band decided to embark on an incredibly ambitious concept: release four EP's themed around the classical elements of Fire, Air, Earth and Water. The songs themselves take stylistic cues from the elements as well, with Fire representing a rougher sound and Water signified by its more electronic elements. Their most off the wall release and one of their best received from new and old fans alike.
Standout Tracks
Firebreather (Fire)
The Arsonist (Fire)
Digital Sea (Water)
Open Water (Water)
The Alchemy Index Vols. III & IV (2008, Vagrant Records)
Part two of the Alchemy concept, the songs here show more of the direction that Thrice intended to go, as opposed to where they had previously been. Air is much more withdrawn and a bit minimalistic by comparison, with a huge emphasis on the lyrics while more rustic with acoustic guitars and piano-based instrumentation. Also of note is that Kensure is much more open with his faith in his lyrics. And while he has always been, the writing here is much more multi-faceted and has a depth that allows both followers of Christianity and those who don't to empathize.
Standout Tracks
Daedalus (Air)
A Song For Milly Michaelson (Air)
Come All You Weary (Earth)
Moving Mountains (Earth)
Beggars (2009, Vagrant Records)
After the grand embarking that was The Alchemy Index and to a lesser extent Vheissu, the band was quoted as saying they wanted to make a more "upbeat, energetic" record. As a result, Beggars has the vibe of a group playing in a room together, which is how the band recorded the sessions.
Standout Tracks
The Weight
At The Last
MajoMinor (2011, Vagrant Records)
The band's final studio release to date. This is perhaps the best result of their efforts as a band. The songs touch on all elements of their career, from their post-hardcore beginnings to their experimental songs. There's not a single bad song here, and so if viewers need a place to start, this is the best album for it. Honestly and with no hyperbole, this is the closest any band has ever come to perfecting their sound.
Standout Tracks
Words in the Water
Well, that's Thrice to date. Of course, there have been some other releases such live albums Live at the House of Blues and Anthology, whose tracks and setlist were taken from the band's farewell tour and chosen by fan voting. There are also some EPs worth mentioning like the Red Sky EP or the Myspace Transmissions but they don't touch on much new material that didn't see major release.
As for what the band is up to now, Kensrue is the most musically active. He continues to record and perform as a solo artist under Mars Hill Church's label, Mars Hill Music. He also serves as a worship leader there. To date, his solo releases are Please Come Home, This Good Night Is Still Everywhere, a Christmas album and The Water & the Blood. Teranishi has actually stopped performing and recording music altogether, instead choosing to focus on his boutique, handmade leather goods store, Teranishi. They're quite nice, if a little pricy given the handmade nature.
Eddie hasn't been very active musically, but Riley participates in a joke grindcore band inspired by LA Dodger player Yasiel Puig. Other members are Ian Miller and Jon Howell of KWC and Mike Minnick of Curl Up and Die. It's certainly something, to say the least.
Thrice is one of those bands that, like The Beatles, everyone needs to take a listen to because their influence on the current post-hardcore and experimental rock genres cannot be overstated. An understanding of the music they've made in their time will make other trends and stylistic choices richer when heard in other bands and help listeners to appreciate them more.
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Como reposicionar y definir estrategia a futuro?

Con todo el quilombo que estuvo ocurriendo recientemente tengo las ideas un poco sacudidas y me gustaria probar una especie de pseudo metodo socratico para ver si se me ordenan. Perdon si suena medio egocentrico venir a discutir las particularidades de MI caso, pero por otro lado me parece que las preguntas de "que conviene hacer?" no tiene mucho sentido hacerlas de forma general, no? (y menos en nuestro contexto presente)
Actualmente tengo 2/3 de mis ahorros en FCI del nacion repartidos en partes similares entre el de acciones, renta fija y renta ahorro+plus. El otro 1/3 lo tengo en la comitente de mi broker (futuro bursatil), mayoritariamente en DICA/PARA y los dolares de intereses que fui acumulando. La verdad no tengo mucho capital (menos de 1M ARS), es lo que fui ahorrando de mi beca de doctorado y ahora tengo contrato afuera por unos 3 anios que paga bien y creo que con lo que ahorre en menos de un anio ya sobrepaso todo eso, pero tampoco es nada como para quedarme sentado viendo como va perdiendo valor y me gustaria hacer un reacomodo inteligente para ver si eventualmente puedo haberle sacado provecho.
Mis pensamientos: (1) El fondo de acciones podria conservarlo, el merval deberia volver a activar eventualmente y se supone que si invertis en acciones va a haber volatilidad, asi que pan y ajo. Lo que si me gustaria tener algun otro fondo estable con el que poder hacer alguna estrategia automatica de inversion (tipo 70-30 variable/fija, para resguardo ante burbujas y caidas). (2) El de Renta fija tiene 50% lecap pero no se desplomo ayer, no se si sigue habiendo riesgo o la poca bajada que tuvo es todo lo que va a haber. Si esto no va a tener mayores perdidas, capaz podria ser mi 'renta fija' para lo de estrategia automatica que menciono en el item anterior. Sino, no se, tendre que usar plazos fijos porque no hay muchos otros FCI mas "conservadores" que este. (3) Los de renta ahorro+plus se vienen haciendo percha desde las paso (asumo que arrastrados por los bonos en dolares/badlar que son el activo mayoritario): estos me parece que ya no me cierran, por el historial parecian mas estables que el de acciones, pero con esto ultimo la verdad que para tener la misma volatilidad prefiero directamente tener los bonos yo que al menos siento el alivio de recibir los intereses/amortizaciones automaticamente. En ese sentido, no se si no vender lo que tengo aca y pasarlo a la comitente y ponerlo en mas bonos largo plazo o capaz aumentar un poco mi posicion en el FCI de acciones; mi mayor reserva con esto es tener que vender en el momento de panico y con tanta baja del fondo, pero supongo que si espero recuperacion (a) puede no ocurrir y (b) tambien recuperarian las otras posiciones que estoy considerando baratas, no? (4) Bonos: me parece que estan bastante baratos y, considerando mi situacion descripta antes de no depender de esta guita, me dan ganas de entrarles. Si, entiendo que son super volatiles y que actualmente hay riesgo de default serio, pero el DICA esta al 50% y el PARA al 35%, tienen un margen de seguridad enorme (y eso solo al capital; si me llegan a dar un par de intereses antes de eso todavia mas tranquilo). Incluso ante eventual re-estructuracion pensaria que no pueden perder tanto valor post acuerdo; igual para esto me gustaria averiguar bien como fue la ultima re-estructuracion exactamente (la de NK), alguien tiene buena info de esto? (5) Dolares y FCI con activos en el exterior: entiendo que ahora todos estan aconsejando meterse en esto, pero me da la sensacion de que (quizas justamente por eso) la puerta de entrada ya se cerro. Ademas mi broker no tiene FCI (y los del banco no hay ninguno de esas caracteristicas) y como ahora estoy afuera se me complica el tema tramites. Y atesorar moneda extranjera siempre me parecio medio una cagada; a lo sumo podria comprar dolares y transferirme la guita aca, pero creo que preferia tratar de hacer algo con esa guita en ARG.
En fin, perdon por el wall of text (y la falta de tildes/enies), necesitaba poner esto aca y hacer un sanity check con ustedes antes de mandarme una boludes. Tambien estoy abierto a otras opciones que no haya considerado. Me interesa particularmente el input de usuarios como u/GAV17, u/Izzen o u/Moebiuzz, cuyas opiniones siempre encuentro interesantes y bien fundadas, y ademas tengo la impresion de que pueden tener posturas encontradas frente a esto.
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