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5 Quick tl;dr iOS Game Reviews / Recommendations (Episode 2)

Welcome back fellow mobile gamers! :)
Following up from last week's post, this week in my 5 quick mobile gaming recommendations of the week roundup, we've got everything from a rogue-lite action-adventure game, to an incremental idle RPG with 300+ monsters and an extensive crafting system, a full-blown fantasy MMORPG, a modern remake of a retro run-and-gun side-scroller, and a turn-based RPG truly amazing graphics.
Disagree with my opinion? Let’s have a friendly discussion below.
New to these posts? Check out the first one from last week ago here.
The games are "ranked" somewhat subjectively from best to worst, so take the ranking for what it is.

Let's get to the games:

King Crusher [Game Size: 154 MB] (free)

Genre: RPG / Adventure / Rogue-lite – Offline Playable
Required Attention: Full
MFi Support: Unknown
tl;dr review:
King Crusher is an action-adventure rogue-lite RPG by the DOFUS Touch developers Ankama with a beautiful retro art-style and a fun core gameplay loop.
In it, we take a team of 3 heroes with us into numerous adventures, each consisting of multiple short enemy encounters, shops, random events, and a boss fight at the end, with the game's real-time combat system having us slide our 3 heroes around on a 3x3 grid to avoid enemy attacks and perform special abilities.
With 12 unique character classes and multiple heroes within each class, there is lots to unlock using the game's only in-game currency, which is acquired through playing, optionally watching an ad, and through iAP.
App Store: Here
First Impressions / Review: Here

Ragnarok M: Eternal Love [Total Game Size: 5.02 GB] (free)

Genre: MMORPG / Open-World / Fantasy – Requires Online Access
Required Attention: Some
tl;dr review:
MFi Support: Unknown
Ragnarok M is a full-blown cartoony isometric open-world fantasy MMORPG based on the 2003 Ragnarok Online PC game, offering everything from guilds to parties, crafting, a player-to-player auction house, stat points, and everything else you'd expect from a PC MMORPG.
Taking up 5GB of space, the game is massive, but the UI is well-made, and the character progression interesting, allowing a great amount of customization.
There's (thankfully) no auto-questing, which means we have to explore the vast world ourselves, but there is an auto combat system and the iAPs do go all the way to $100, meaning the end-game PVP will definitely be pay-to-win. If you don't plan to compete among the top players, however, the game provides a fun free MMORPG experience.
App Store: Here
First Impressions / Review: Here

Garena Contra: Return [Total Game Size: 2.5 GB] (free)

Genre: Sider Scoller / 2D - Requires Online Access
Required Attention: Full
tl;dr review:
MFi Support: Unknown
Garena Contra: Return is a mobile 'remake' of the retro action side scroller "Contra" by Konami, and the game has a TON of content, with both singleplayer missions, boss challenges, a co-op duo mode, from 1v1 to 3v3 ranked PVP, daily events, and bot-controlled arena PVP.
The many different unlockable weapons and characters keeps the game interesting, and the control customization options go above and beyond what I expected from a 2D run-and-gun game, ensuring a very enjoyable gameplay experience.
However, upgrading, enhancing, and evolving weapons requires lots of resources most easily gained from instantly "raiding" old levels, which means we run out of energy quickly unless we buy more through iAP. This and other iAPs makes the PVP heavily pay-to-win, so if you dive into the game, stick to the singleplayer.
App Store: Here
First Impressions / Review: Here

Age of Magic [Game Size: 1.14 GB] (free)

Genre: RPG / Turn-based - Requires Online Access
Required Attention: Little
tl;dr review:
MFi Support: Unknown
Age of Magic is a turn-based RPG with super high-quality graphics and a combat system made interesting by the hero's vastly different abilities that either deal damage, heal, buff team-mates, or de-buff opponents.
The game's energy system isn't going to be an issue if you play each campaign level manually and stay under 30-45 minutes per play session. However, as soon as you start "instant-finishing" previously completed levels to gain exp flasks used for leveling up heroes, you will run out of energy in an instant.
The difficulty of the game forces us to either sometimes replay old levels to progress, or pay up to acquire new and stronger heroes immediately, which subsequently makes the PVP pay-to-win. A shame, since the combat is fun and the game looks great. If you don't mind waiting for energy to replenish, you may still enjoy this game though.
App Store: Here
First Impressions / Review: Here

Idle Skilling [Game Size: 113 MB] (free)

Genre: RPG / Indie / Idle / Incremental - Offline Playable
Required Attention: Idle
tl;dr review:
MFi Support: Unknown
Idle Skilling is a minimalistic pixel-art incremental RPG (not a clicker) with over 300 monsters, card loot drops, an extensive crafting system, and a combat system that incentivizes active play.
The game involves three major areas: training, fighting, and crafting. We fight monsters to gain gold used to upgrade training and crafting. On the training screen, we hire people to train in our dojo training centers, which increases our attack, strength, and endurance levels, allowing us to take on stronger monsters in the fighting screen. Lastly, crafting consists of fishing, mining, and smithing used for crafting permanent stat-boost items.
There's so much more to this game (my video goes in-depth), and monetizing only through iAP that enables us to progress faster, the game's an easy recommendation for idle rpg fans!
App Store: Releasing in just a few weeks - worth the wait! Here's the indie dev's sub-Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/LavaGames/comments/9im5tm/full_list_of_lavaflame2_idle_games/
First Impressions / Review: Here
Google Sheet of all games I've played so far (searchable and filter-able): https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1bf0OxtVxrboZqyEh01AxJYUUqHm8tEfh-Lx-SugcrzY/edit?usp=sharing
TL;DR Video Summary (with gameplay) of last week's 5 games: https://youtu.be/gKt5B6uQBok
Episode 01
submitted by NimbleThor to iosgaming


Tryndamere rework idea

Hello, I've played League of Legends for 3 years now, I go by the summoner name of "Scytherex" on Vietnam Garena server, currently sit in Diamond IV primary using Tryndamere.
English isn't my first language so there will be many mistakes I made along the post, hope you guys can understand for me.
I heard that Riot is going to put Tryndamere on their rework projects, so as a Diamond Tryndamere main with 1.02 millions mastery points, I hope some of my ideas for the rework can reach to them. Like all "one-trick" players, I want my main champion to become more viable, but also not rediculously overpowered, so I can play him whenever I want and no need to worry about he got picked first. So to be clear, I tried my best to keep his characteristics as much as possible.
Ok, let's start. The main problem with Tryndamere now is his playstyle just plain out straight forward. Sure he's good at 1v1 and split pushing, but that's about it! His kit is so simple that he can only be good at 2 thing and there're plenty of other champions that can do the same, and they can also be useful in teamfights. Also, the 35% crit is what make Tryndamere so irritated to play against, and to play as, it's so RNG with almost no skill involved, we need to get rid of it on the rework. Tryndamere sure is easy to play when he's fed, but the problem is how to get fed in the first place. As I stated above, Tryndamere's kit is very simple on lack of depth. I'd like to see more details on his abilities and how he can possibly make plays with them, rather than just try to land the slow, spin in, right clicking and pray for crits. Also, Tryndamere's sword looks pretty heavy, I think Tryndamere should hit harder, rather than faster with that sword. Tryndamere is a bruiser, too. Hmm... An AD mobility bruiser with a giant chopping weapon, kinda like Riven and Renekton huh?
So here's my idea:
Visual: I think the current story of Tryndamere is pretty cool by it's own, but add in some element from his Demonblade skin would make it even more awsome. Maybe in his lore, he's already being half-comsumed by the balde, and with his Demonblade skin, the blade completely merged with Tryndamere's arm. It would be a good oppurtunity to both visual upgrade Tryndamere and his "legendary" skin without have to completely remodel him just for the skin (and c'on, let's be honest, Demonblade Tryndamere looks even worsth than freaking Assasin Yi).
Overall stats: Base HP lv1 reduced, lv18 increased
Base Attack Speed: heavily reduced, but has fast hit-phase (like Shen, slow but deal damage almost instantly after clicked). Maybe 0,038 + 0,006 per level is okay
Base damage: maybe increase at early levels Movement speed: slightly reduced (he gotta carry that giant sword, man)
Fury: Move to ability passive
Health regen: increase a little bit.
To make Tryndamere more relevant in teamfights, he need to have some forms of CC, but that'll make Tryndamere's ganking and roaming potential too high, the he'll have to has a low base mobility. His new kit (as I will mention bellow) makes his roam stronger, but it would make him too powerfull as jungler, but thanks to the low base movementspeed, he'll get pusnish pretty hard if choose the wrong lane to gank!
(new) Passive: Fervor
Tryndamere receives a stack of "Warlord" everytime he damaged enemy champion or neutral monsters with his basic attack, each stack gives him 4% increased Attack Speed and 2% increased Damage, capped at maximum of 10 stacks, decay after Tryndamere leaves combat for 8 seconds. After killing and unit, Tryndamere's basic attack timer resets. If Tryndamere or his allies got hit by enemy champion while Tryndamere's not in combat with them, he receives extra 30% total movement speed when moving toward them in straight line. (stacks with boost and other movement speed items)."
  • Explain: Like I said, I got rid of the random crits and put this in. The stacking mechanic makes both Tryndamere and his opponent have to play well if want to get on top. Obviously Tryndamere would have low Attack Speed and Movement Speed, because like I said, the sword. Without Bloodlust stacks, Tryndamere has such low Movement Speed and low Attack Speed, he can't just shit on people by all-in them with right clicks. His opponent also can't punish Tryndamere hard just because he dared to csing with that low Attack Speed. And because of the stacking mechanic, Tryndamere can't actually do short trades, but his opponent can, that's when the movementspeed boost comes in. Therefore both must prepare theirselve carefully if they want to start a fight. The movementspeed also helps Tryndamere in some ranged matchup, and makes him enter teamfights easier
(new) Q: Bloodlust Strike
Cooldown: 10 / 9.5/ 9 / 8.5 / 8 seconds
Cost: 3% current HP
Passive: Every 20 seconds, if ability is off-cooldown and not activated, Tryndamere lost 5% of his max HP. Enter ally fountain disable the timer until Tryndamere enter combat. Active: Tryndamere's next basic attack has 100 / 120 / 140 / 160 / 180% Lethality and give a special shield to Tryndamere for 100% of damage dealt. This shield will not naturally decay overtime and only blocks abilities and basic attacks that came along with CC, while the shield's up, Tryndamere has 50% tenacity and 50% slow resistance. The value of the shield cannot be higher than Tryndamere's 10 / 15 20% maximum HP (scales at level 1, 6, 13). If the attack kill an unit, Tryndamere heals for the same amount of health he paid for this ability's activation.
  • Explain: I got this idea from his Demonblade skin, and from the new lore about the blade consuming Tryndamere like I said before. So the passive part of this is pretty much his sword sucking Tryndamere's blood and he has to keep fighting to sastify the sword's hungry for blood. I put Lethality there to make Tryndamere have some kind of damage added to his slow basic attacks, and the shield to make him have something to deal with ranged- CC king (old Tryndamere's biggest enemy). The heal part is to make it fair so that enemy laner cannot just shit on Tryndamere everytime he failed to last hit the cannon and let his sword kill him.
(tweak + rename) W: Shout of Onslaught
No longer reduces AD.
Enemies faced away from Tryndamere got slowed for 40% and being marked for 6 seconds. Tryndamere's basic attack consumes the mark and hit them for 125% damage (stack with Bloodlust Strike)
Enemies faced torward Tryndamere got Feared, flee away for 0,75 second and deal 10 / 15 / 20 / 25 / 30% less damage to him for 2 seconds.
  • Explain: The slow really fit in to Tryndamere's design as he looks like a dude who want to chase people down and chopping them alot, so no need to touch to slow. But the AD reduction is a really tricky part. Sure it helps on debuffing enemy AD champs alot, but most of the time Tryndamere'll use this ability just to chase people down, then the AD reduction is not needed if they already can't fight you anyway, and it's only good vs. AD, then AP champs suppose to laugh at this? By adding a Fear to this makes a lot of sense too. Let's say he spin in the middle of teamfight and use his W, if a scary 6-packs dude with giant sword and god damn sexy muscle shout at you and swing his sword trying to kill you, wouldn't you gonna scream like a horror movie's protagonist and run away? Oh and the damage reduction part, if you afrair someone, you won't deal as much damage to that person as normal. It makes so much sense, just like call someone a chicken to make them slower.
(change) Spinning Slash
Now has 0.5 second castime.
Shorten the ranged of Spinning Slash
Enemy hitted got their Armor shredded for 20 / 22 / 24 / 26 / 28% for 6 seconds
Cooldown changed to 14 seconds at all ranks
Base Damage increased, AD scaling decreased.
  • Explain: His sword is heavy, swinging it isn't easy, and so you can't dash too far, to often either. But each slash will be devastating, and Tryndamere player need to think carefully before they use this, as it's Tryndamere only reliable damaging ability and his only escape! I was originally gonna put 200% Lethality on this but it would make Youmuu's too good on him, so Armor Shred will do the work just fine, also good when fighting tanks.
(change) R: Undying Rage
Passive: Tryndamere get a fury bar with 100 Fury maxed. Using Fury, he can double cast his abilities with additonal effects:
  • Shout of Onslaught: Double abilty's range and duration of the slow. Cost 60 Fury.
  • Spinning Slash: Tryndamere's basic attacks on enemies hitted will have 100% crit chance, this effect ends after Tryndamere attacked 2 times. Killing an unit with Bloodlust Strike's attack generates 25 fury.
Active: Tryndamere immediately cured from all CC he's currently suffering, get flat 50 / 100 / 150 movementspeed and HP cannot be reduced below 150 / 200 / 250 for 3.5 seconds. While the Undying Rage buff is still active, every time Tryndamere got hit by a hard CC, the duration of Undying Rage buff extendes for 1 second.
  • Explain: Give more deeps into his ult and ultilizing his old Fury mechanic. The 5 seconds durration is a very annoying part of Tryndamere's kit, so I think it need to be reduced to 3.5 seconds so that Tryndamere's oppnent doesn't feel too threatless to him, and the duration's extension is to make sure Tryndamere doesn't get kited by hard CCs too hard. The unchanged "Immortal time" is also a reason players doesn't put points on it at level 11 and 16, but by giving it mobility per rank, players gonna think about getting more E damage, or getting more mobility in mid game teamfights.
This kit make Tryndamere more of a slow, tanky but hard-hitting bruiser. I made this kit based solid on Tryndamere's design and theme as a Freijord barbarian fighter, hope it makes sense to you guys. I imagined this version of Tryndamere will be focus on getting pasd that weam early game and becomming a steamroller late game. Offcourse he's gonna be kited alot more, offcourse he'll not have the insane amount of healing as before, but isn't Fiora the same? Riot transformed Fiora from a very frustrated to deal against assassin to a tanky bruiser with alot of outplay potential (maybe too much with that W attack speed drop), I believe Tryndamere can be the same. By making Tryndamere less bursty of an assassin and more tanky of a bruiser, I think he'll get his identity as a barbarian swordman right. But Tryndamere isn't Fiora, he's not supposed to be fancy and dancing around his opponent, Tryndamere's theme doesn't need him to be flashy at the first play, so just let's take those outplays and put them right into bulk. You got brain, I got brawl.
Thanks for reading and for endured my terrible English to this point. I hope this post will be read by a lot of people, and some of my idea can reach to Riot Games. Tryndamere is, and will forever be one of my most favorite video characters of all time. I designed a kit that screamed out "PERFECT!" to me, and I hope one day I can see Tryndamere gettinh a rework just like that. Maybe not completely the same, maybe just a little bit like I wanted, but it's OK, as long as Tryndamere is not rediculously overpowered like release-Mordekaiser rework or Ryze, I - as a Tryndamere main - will still be happy, because he'll be strong, but not to the point that he's always banned or picked. Again, thanks for reading, I hope I can get some advicesand support from here, the club of The Right Clickers
submitted by TechnoBlast420 to TryndamereMains