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Dear Santa, please visit Alex and Bryton this Christmas (Anderson, Indiana)

Hello, my name is Haylee. I'm posting in this sub for Santa's help to bring cheer to the most amazing children in my life.
Alex is 10, he is my nephew. My Mother has had guardianship of him since he was 5 with no financial help from either parents. His mother voluntarily left his life shortly before his 2nd birthday. And by the time he was 5; his father was no longer mentally, emotionally, or financially stable to raise a child on his own. For only being 10, he has been through a lot in his little life. My mother has stepped up to the plate. She's not just a grandma, but she has to be a mother and father to him as well. She lost her husband a couple years ago and has been having a hard time financially ever since. She isn't the type of person to ask for help. And I'm hoping that she can put her pride behind her and allow someone to do something nice for her for a change. She truly is the most amazing and strongest person I know.
Bryton is 1, he is my son. My husband, Bryton, and myself had to move in with my Mother and Alex in August, while I took a leave of absence from work for personal medical issues. Since then, my husband and I have had tremendous bad luck medically and financially. While on leave, my husband had to have an emergency oral surgery to extract all four of his infected and impacted wisdom teeth. And to top things off, we recently found out that he may have glaucoma; they have found damaged nerves in both of his eyes. Medical bills from his surgery and glaucoma testing have been piling up on us and we are having a hard time staying afloat. But thanks to my very generous Mother, at least we have a roof over our heads.
About the kids... Alex is a lively 10 year old that loves to read, play Minecraft, and do word searches. He was diagnosed with ADHD at a very young age and loves to escape reality by reading.
Bryton is a very energetic 1 year old. The doctors told us I'd never have children due to PCOS and endometriosis, but God had other plans, Bryton was born on my Mother's 49th birthday. He is in love with Mickey Mouse and anything that plays music.
I'm hoping with help from this sub, Santa can bring cheer to our family. And I'm wishing that next year, we are financially stable enough to pay it forward and help other families in need. Thank you for reading; God bless each and everyone of you for the amazing things you have done/are doing to help all these families and Happy Holidays to you and yours. :)
http://amzn.com/w/312LBUSJD1O29 http://amzn.com/w/2WF5CQ1DOVZHN
:::::EDIT::::: Between here (SLH) and RAoC the kids have been gifted! They will have a wonderful Christmas! Thank you Kraziefun, ridredditofkarma, and Elise24!
Bryton = 5 gifts Alex = 8 gifts
I want to thank everyone for their generosity! I am speechless. I hope you and your families all have a great Christmas!! :)
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[26/m]My [20/f]ex's boyfriend killed himself. Advice/Rant.

Sorry if this comes off as more of a rant. I've been bottling this up and need validation I guess.
My ex and I broke up six months ago, needless to say I'm not over her. I've been trying, but we dated three years. I've cut majority of communication. I didn't block her, I wanted to maintain the illusion that I am fine. She occasionally probed me for what I was up to on Facebook messenger before the incident.
[Background] We dated for three years. During the relationship we went through a lot together. A lot of bad choices too. We met online on GaiaOnline (gag), then started playing Minecraft and Borderlands 2 together and dated a full 8 months before we met at Disney World for the first time. It was "magical". We continued dating long distance for about 7 months seeing each other off and on. The sex was great. Then, she moved in with me because I was in college and lonely. I said I didn't think the distance was going to work and if she didn't move in, yeah. I know I was manipulative, but I wanted us to last because I really did love her and both of us were depressed from being separated. She wanted to be a Musical Theatre actress, well where I was, there was a great school for it. I used this to convince her. She said she'd help pay rent by getting a job, it took three months but she did eventually. She had a birth control rod inserted into her arm prior to moving in, to help with PCOS symptoms.
I was stressed out a lot by school and I paid my share of rent with loans. We had that honeymoon phase sex for a month or so after she moved in. For the next year or so I kept trying to get her to go to school for MT but she kept putting it off. She changed her mind several times, thinking about cosmetology among other things.
We sort of split household chores, but in the end I ended up doing most. She worked part time, roughly 15-20 hours a week. I went to school 40-60 hours a week because I was on an accelerated program getting a bachelors in two years. This chore bit led to quite a bit of fights. We ended up with three cats. Neither of us liked changing the litter. We fought a lot about this.
She laid around most of the time while not at work, refusing to do anything aside from play video games. She complained to me that we never went out although, I truly honestly tried to get her out. I knew she was depressed, but I was so busy with school there wasn't much I could do. Our sex dropped substantially. She claimed that insertion hurt because of friction, so we used lube, but my endurance didn't help as it still caused friction after a while.
She started streaming on Twitch, which I actively supported her since she enjoyed gaming so much. Often times I was sit in with her or participate during the streams. Around this time she quit her job because she couldn't handle it anymore. So, I picked up her share of the rent while I hoped she looked for a new one. More fighting. She didn't look hard. She wanted to stream.
We eventually moved in with two of my classmates to save money on rent. They assumed she was going to get a job to pay her share. We were on home stretch for graduating. It got hectic. I kept paying her share. Bleeding my living expenses.
Finally I graduated, my roommates and I all started looking for jobs, not wanting to move back home. She and I wanted to stay together and she still didn't have a job. Conflict arose with her and the roommates. She turned into more of a slob, she slept all day, stayed up all night. Left dishes out, trash. I ended up cleaning after her. I found a job after looking for a couple of months as a dishwasher. I continued to pay her share of rent. I started streaming with her. Drinking alcohol shots for money on stream. We paid rent this way a couple of times. Fights with the roommates continued. I didn't know whose side to pick. They were right, but I loved her.
Well, I could no longer afford to pay for us both, so we both moved back home. Her back with her folks, me back with mine. Long distance again. I stayed with mine for several months before moving in with a buddy who was just a hour away from her. He said he wanted people to keep him company, he just got out of the military. She started school for cosmetology while back home, which made me very happy that she was finally moving on with her life.
Well halfway through the semester she's failing her classes and wanting to drop out to be a dog trainer. Which if that's what she truly wanted to do, I was very supportive of. At this point I'm looking for a job in my field and looking for a job to contribute to my military buddy. I visit her on weekends, she mostly comes to my buddy's place with me, then I take her home.
She's still depressed borderline apathetic. Sex nearly non-existent aside from once every now and then. During our whole time I believed it was the birth control's fault but she wouldn't listen to reason. She claimed she was always this way. But it was different in the beginning.
Anyway, at this point I was immensely depressed and anxious myself because of student loans, no job, along with other things. She wanted to get engaged at this point. Which I said I wasn't ready, I wanted stability. This started a few fights. As time went on she got a dog, a dog that her parents wouldn't let her keep. I ended up taking care of the dog at my buddy's place for several weeks. It was a puppy still being potty trained. I fell in love with the dog. But, I couldn't take it any longer with my depression so I decided to move back home because I had a potential job connection. She ended up having to get rid of the pup. About 2-3 weeks after I got back she broke up with me. Saying she couldn't do long distance, saying she couldn't do the online romance, she said I was manipulative. She pinned all the faults of the relationship on me. Which I ended up believing and blaming myself.
I got a job, powered through the days. Trying to hold myself together, melting down frequently. I'd spill my guts to two of my friends. I ended up block my ex for a bit. After a while she was still extremely depressed and lonely. She didn't do anything other than work a part time job. So, I tried being a friend, playing a few games with her occasionally. Well, that slowly stopped. She started talking to some streamers online. Ended up dating one. Online and Long Distance. They played all the games we used to. She mentioned he wore the same scent I did.
Meanwhile, I got a job somewhat in my field. Working a daily grind, trying to be better. Turns out, after dating for two months the guy killed himself. During their honeymoon phase basically. She thinks he was one of kind. The other half of her heart, nonsense she used to say to me when we first started dating.
I want to reach out to her. Do something for her. I have things of hers I need to return, but I can't tell if I'm fooling myself thinking I don't have ulterior motives. I've been doing my best to message her.
I think I'm leaving this here for validation and advice. I'm confused on what I should and if it is worth doing something. I know our relationship was toxic, but I still love her and I hate she's suffering.
[Props if you read all of that.]
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