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Fushigi No Pixel Dungeon: Almost a guide, but for sure better than nothing

Some days ago I started playing Fushigi No PD regularly, and in the beginning I became totally baffled by the amount of new features, mechanics and items, while neither google, reddit or discord were a friend of mine (there was almost no info about it, apart from the release announcement and some small talk in discord). By reading its github, taking notes and asking u/Omicronrg9 (unlike google and reddit, he is always a good friend in our online interactions) I figured out a good part of it and managed to kill Yog, but missed the happy ending (see second section for the reason why). The notes I kept while playing combined with the guithub reading made up almost a guide, so I decided to polish these a bit and post them here, to spare the new players who google about Fushigi No from some headache, and also to help a little u/HappyAlfred with the diffusion of his mod among players who are only speakers of english and not of chinese (the mod is fully translated in good enough english, I am specifically talking about the lack of info about it in english).
So here is my "guide", the quotation marks because it is complete in most parts (structure of the game, item types, enchantments and glyphs etc.) and incomplete in other parts (enemy types, gameplay tips). But as the title says, almost a guide is better than no guide at all for sure.
"Fushigi No" means "Mysterious" in Japanese, as the developer of the mod, u/HappyAlfred, has borrowed many elements from the roguelike videogame "Fushigi no Dungeon - Fuurai no Shiren", which was translated in english as " Mystery Dungeon: Shiren the Wanderer". You can download the latest Fushigi No PD apk from here (version 1.3 in the github, but displayed as 1.2.4 in the in-game menu) and you can read the source code here. It was based on the source code of Shattered PD 0.6.5.
There is a ton of new features in Fushigi No PD, but the most important difference in its structure is that the dungeon now has 51 depths, some new chapter bosses (there is one chapter boss every 5 depths, except for depth 45, with the familiar ones remaining on depth 10, 20 etc.), and a lot of new regular enemies. I would publish the guide in mid-September, if I would have written about the new regular enemies, new bosses and the behavior of all of them, but it is easy to figure out which enemy does what by playing the game. The items are a whole different story though.
Also, the two most important differences in the mechanics of Fushigi No PD from all other mods are: a) that the current hero's strength plays no role in his/her ability to equip an item, as heroes can equip weapons and armors of all tiers from strength 10 and the increases in strength only add a bit of extra damage dealt by the weapon, and b) scrolls of Upgrade are not guaranteed drops anymore, but spawn randomly in the dungeon, and equipment are mostly upgraded by the Pot of Fusion (see section below).
In Fushigi No PD there is also a twist: after the hero spends some time on each depth the ceiling starts shaking. If the player does not bother with that, the ceiling will eventually collapse and the run will reach an abrupt end. The ceiling collapses anyway also each time the hero descends to a new depth (be sure that you got all items you need before descending). The time given before the ceiling starts shaking is always enough to at least explore most of the depth and even for searching for hidden rooms in some cases, and the time given afterwards is always enough to reach the stairs without spending much time in wandering around, fighting enemies etc. but the Imp quest can be completed in time only with a lot of luck.
Completing the game - Amulet of Yendor
As in all mods apart from Sprouted PD and its children mods, the goal of the game is to kill Yog and obtain the Amulet of Yendor. Keep in mind that If the hero uses the scroll of Escape (more details about it later) after he/she beats Yog, he/she will get instantly to depth 0 and will be able to use the staircase that leads up to ascend (which is not possible in the beginning of the game), but in the Rankings screen this will be displayed as "Leave by the scroll of Escape" as if he/she would have used the scroll even from depth 1.
To get the "Happy Ending" badge and the "Obtained the Amulet of Yendor" ranking the hero must first ascend from depth 1 back to depth 0 by passing from all 50 of the previously visited depths on foot (if he/she was lucky enough to get the Lloyd's beacon and farsighted enough to set it at an early depth, this journey back will take far less time). When the hero ascends from depth 1 to depth 0, the player will get the "Game Over" happy ending screen, but by pressing "game over" the hero will appear again on depth 0. From there the hero will ascend from the stairs of depth 0 and then the game will be oficially over. Players should have in mind that the "Happy Ending" is obtained by ascending from the stairs of depth 1 and not of depth 0, that is why it is not obtained by using a scroll of Escape. After the "Happy Ending" the player will also have unlocked the Fuurai class.
To get only the "Obtained the Amulet of Yendor" ranking the hero will just have to end the game with the Amulet. He/she will be teleported to depth 0 and then will use the stairs to ascend.
The Alchemy of Fushigi No PD resembles more that of ShatteredPD before the great alchemy rework, so there are no exotic potions and scrolls, no alchemical energy is needed etc. but some new recipes are added, that are different from old and current Shattered PD. I am copying here the in-game alchemical guide.
  • Any armoweapon + potion of Liquid Flame + potion of Purification + Any scroll > glyph of Brimstone / Blazing weapon enchantment
  • Any armoweapon + stone of Augmentation + potion of Purification + Any scroll > glyph of Balance / Balance weapon enchantment (same min and max damage, +2 / +2 damage or defense scaling)
  • Big Onigiri (pasty equivalent) > 2 Onigiris (normal food ration equivalent)
  • Blandfruit recipes: same with 0.6.5 Shattered PD
  • 2 Darts + any seed > 2 darts tipped with the corresponding compound
  • Onigiri + Chargrilled meat + potion of Beverage > 3 Special Onigiris (overpriced food ration equivalent which also grants buffs)
  • Potion of Explosion + Shattered Honeypot > Canon Ball (ammunition for the pot of Cannon)
  • Potion of Purification + Shattered Honeypot > Potion of Purification + Potion of Beverage
  • Slimy Gel (drops from slimes) + Any two different potions > 2 Potions of Explosion (a potion equivalent of a bomb)
  • In the alchemical guide there is also a "Neutralization" recipe displayed that requires a potion of Frost + a potion of Liquid Flame, but the alchemy pot does not provide anything when these two potions are combined.
  • The brewing probabilities of potions is 66% chance for a potion corresponding to the seeds put into the alchemy pot, and the rest chances are for a random potion. Note that there is a recipe with potion of Beverage + seed which brews the corresponding potion with a 80% chance.
  • Also the addition of new potions has changed one of the seed - potion associations: Dreamfoil seeds now brew most probably a potion of Panacea. The Dreamfruit still functions as a potion of Purfication though.
Forget what you know about armor tiers from Original PD and Shattered PD, as all the tiers from 2 and above contain some strong armors with almost all of them having a +1/+3 defense scaling with upgrades. Nevertheless, tier 4 and 5 armors have better starting stats, so they are better candidates for upgrading. All armors in Fushigi No PD can obtain multiple enchantments, which are not erased by upgrades, but the player can erase them with a scroll of Remove Curse, if he/she doesn't like the current enchantment of the armor, and wants to create free space for new ones (once the enchantment slots are filled, they can't get overwritten by using an arcane stylus on the armor). Also some armors have built-in properties, which can not be erased. A list of the Fushigi No PD armors follows, with first their Defense at level 0, second the amount of Enchantment Slots, third the built-in Property if the armor has one, and fourth its Defense Scaling with upgrades. Properties are explained only once, when first mentioned.
Tier 1
  • Cloth armor, D. 1-3, E.S. 4, D.S. +1 +3 (starting armor of all classes)
  • Silk Suit D. 0-2, E.S. 4, P. Lightweight: +Evasion, D.S. +1 +2
Tier 2
  • Gold armor, D. 2-10, E.S. 5, P. Gilded: protects armor from Acid destruction, D.S. +1 +3
  • Leather armor D. 4-9, E.S. 5, D.S. +1 +3
  • Wooden armor, D. 2-19, E.S. 1, P. Water-absorption: barkskin on water, D.S. +1 +3
Tier 3
  • Cane armor, D. 5-33, E.S. 2, P. Combustion: fire does not get extinguished with time, only by stepping on water (not a curse, can't get erased), D.S. +1 +3
  • Leaf armor, D. 3-14. E.S. 3, P. Camouflage: invisibility on high grass, D.S. +1 +3
  • Mail armor, D. 7-15, E.S. 4, D.S. +1 +3
Tier 4
  • Lightning Conch Shell: D. 3-16, E. S. 2 P. Static Electricity: Shocks attacker, D.S. +1 +3
  • Samurai armor, D. 3-17. E.S. 3. P. Diginified: short stun to enemies, D.S. +3 +3
  • Scale armor, D. 10-21, E.S. 3, D.S. +1 +3
Tier 5
  • Plate armor D. 13-27, E.S. 2, D.S. +1 +3
All armors with the Balance glyph have a defense scaling of +2/+2 and a median value for their defense always.
Artifacts are the same with those of Shattered PD 0.6.5 (the Alchemist's Toolkit doesn't seem to spawn though, although it exists in the game code) and Goo and DM-300 still drop occasionaly the Lloyd's Beacon and the Cape of Thorns. The Lloyd's beacon does not teleport to a preset location of a previous depth before the hero beats Yog (the ceiling has collapsed, as you remember), and also does not teleport the hero to another location on the same depth if he/she has stolen from the shop (read shops section for details), but if you manage to kill Yog, want to achieve the "Happy Ending" badge, and also have the Lloyd's Beacon, it will be nice if you have previously had the premonition of winning and you have set it on a manageable depth before the city and use it to teleport there, as it will save you from a lot of time, and also of the OP enemies of the demon halls attacking the hero altogether as he/she will now have the Amulet. Lastly, keep in mind that the Chalice of Blood is adjusted to the heroes levelling up much higher than in Shattered PD and it deals accordingly more damage, so do not trust the wiki about the Chalice's expected damage, and if the Chalice in Fushigi No PD warns you that it will be dangerous to prick yourself, better leave that for later.
Apart from the familiar "Bomb" item, two additional bombs are added, the Firecracker and the Canon Ball, with the second being ammunition for the pot of Cannon. Note that bombs and canon balls in Fushigi No PD can destroy walls (so don't jump into a pit chasm if you have any of these two), but firecrackers don't.
The hero classes are mostly the familiar ones from Shattered 0.6.5, so the Huntress still starts with 15 HP, has a boomerang as a starting item, no spirit bow item exists etc. (the Warden is also like the one before the Huntress rework, so no seeing through high grass for her, no furrowed grass after planting seeds etc.). All familiar classes are also available from the first game apart from the Huntress, like in Original PD and most mods. Minor differences that exist in Fushigi No PD is that Warriors start with a broken seal already at +1 and Battlemages do not recharge wands with a Staff of Magic Missile equipped (they still have all the other melee effects with the rest of the wands though) and only Warlocks can recharge wands, but at a very slow rate.
There is also the Fuurai class added (meaning generally "Thunderstorm" in japanese, but it was also translated as "Wanderer" in the Fushigi No videogame), which gets unlocked after the player achieves the "Happy ending" badge but I could not find more info about him in the github, and I have not obtained yet the "Happy Ending" badge, so that's all I can tell you about the Fuurai. [Update: I got the badge :-)] Unlike all the other classes he starts with no equipped items at all but only with one onigiri food item. Nevertheless, his important advantage is that he gains quadruple XP from enemies and levels up very quickly, as this quick levelling up gives to him advantages in his accuracy, evasion and max HP in comparison to all the other classes. His subclasses are named in the github as Trapper and Samurai, but they are practically unavailable, as Tengu currently does not drop a Tome of Mastery when Fuurais beat him. But even without his subclasses, he is still the most powerful class in Fushigi No PD, due to his increased stats by levelling up more quickly.
Lastly there is no level cap in 30 anymore and heroes could level up endlessly, if the ceiling would not fall on their heads. Due to this forced going forward, a non-Fuurai hero that reaches depth 50 will be around level 40-43 and a Fuurai at 45 or higher.
Enchantments, Glyphs and Curses
Fushigi No PD's weapon enchantments, armor glyphs and curses are almost the same in function and number with those of 0.6.5 Shattered PD (they might even be a little more different from that version of Shattered PD, but I spared myself from comparing Shattered's changelog for each curse and enchantment of Fushigi No PD). Two general difference of Fushigi No PD are:
  1. Almost all weapons and armors in Fushigi No PD can obtain multiple enchantments, which are not erased by upgrades, but the player can erase them with a scroll of Remove Curse, if he/she doesn't like the current enchantment of the weapon, and wants to create free space for new ones (like in armors, once the enchantment slots are filled, they can't get overwritten).
  2. Enchantments and glyphs are removable just like curses, by using a scroll of Remove Curse (this is always optional with the scroll, but pots of Dispel remove all enchantents, glyphs and curses from the items put inside them),
Also, some weapons and armors have built-in properties, similar to enchantments, which can not be erased. These are described in the armors and weapons section.
  • Fushigi No PD's armor glyphs are: Affection, Anti-Entropy, Balance (only glyph added), Brimstone, Camouflage, Entanglement, Obfuscation, Potential, Repulsion, Stone, Swiftness, Thorns, Viscosity.
  • Fushigi No PD's weapon enchantments are: Blazing, Chilling, Dazzling, Eldritch, Energy (only enchantment added), Grim, Lucky, Projecting, Shocking, Stunning, Unstablle, Vampiric, Venomous, Vorpal.
The Balance glyph makes the armor's defense become always steady, having the median value between minimum and maximum damage absorption (it has always this effect and does not proc like the other glyphs). For example an armor that normally absorbs 1-10 damage with a Balance glyph it will absorb always 5-5 damage. There is also a Balance weapon property with the same effect on damage dealt, which unlike the glyph can't be erased. The Energy weapon enchantment increases the hero's Accuracy when it procs.
  • Fushigi No PD's armor curses are: Anti-Entropy, Bulk, Corrosion, Displacement, Metabolism, Multiplicity, Overgrowth, Stench.
  • Fushigi No PD's weapon curses are: Annoying, Displacing, Elastic, Exhausting (note that there is also an Exhausting weapon property, which can't be erased by a scrol of Remove Curse), Fragile, Friendly, Sacrificial, Wayward.
Enemies: regular and bosses
I have already mentioned that if I would have writen about all the new enemies of Fushigi No PD, this post would get published in mid-September. Just keep in mind these:
  • Armors and weapons without the Gilded enchantment can get melted by red slimes in the caves, city and demon halls chapters.
  • Items can get cursed by curse girls (but not curse girl sisters) in the caves chapter.
  • Strength can get decreased by iron scorpios and golden scorpios in the caves, city and demon halls chapters. The decrease by iron scorpios can be restored by a potion of Panacea, but the decrease by golden scorpios is permanent.
  • Wraiths are much less evasive, and the hero doesn't need to get behind doors to be able to hit them, they are still evasive though.
Also the Dwarf King doesn't drop the Armor Kit anymore but the Goo still drops occasionaly the Lloyd's Beacon, like it used to do in Shattered PD.
If cross-reading does not bother you, you wil find info about all the new chapter bosses of Fushigi No PD in these posts of the reddit friend u/Hyperlolman https://www.reddit.com/PixelDungeon/comments/ctddxt/a_look_at_the_pixel_dungeon_bosses_the_series/ (it is a post compilation, so visit the link for the separate post link, Hyperlolman also mentions the differences in familar bosses of Fushigi No PD in his other posts, so it is better to have all links together).
The non-ration food items of Fushigi No PD are the same with Original PD (mystery meat, chargrilled meat etc.) but all types of rations are renamed to Onigiris ("onigiri" is the actual name of a japanese rice ball recipe). The pasty is "Big Onigiri" and the normal food ration is just "Onigiri", but the overpriced food ration has become "Special Onigiri" which satisfies hunger similarly but also grants randomly the Blessed, Healing, Levitation or Mind Vision buffs. The Slimy Gel item dropped by slime enemies is also edible. Note that starving is very punishing after a short while, as it makes the hero lose regularly approximately 10% of his/her max HP, but food is always enough in Fushigi No PD and there is no point in letting your hero starve.
In Fushigi No from depth 1 and below the NPCs are the same with Original PD, they are just encountered later due to the double amount of depths. Nevertheless, the hero spawns on depth 0 and not depth 1, which contains only friendly NPC characters. The Lynn, Ren and Roberry NPCs will just tell interesting stories to the hero but the Abbey, Abeys and Alfred NPCs will give to the hero some good advice about the game, so if you haven't played the game much, be sure that the hero talks at least with them. Also there are two NPCs that offer services on depth 0: the Warehouse Manager stores items for the hero for 200 gold, but in the beginning of the run the hero will have no money to do so (he can be used in the end of a run though, as items are available to all heroes in current runs, so if you don't mind missing an item from the rankings screen, you can store it for your next run) and Yun Meng will uncurse any item for free (again, this is useless in the beginning of a run, but she can be helpful in the end of a run in coordination with the Manager). When the hero returns with the Amulet some of the depth 0 NPCs recognize that and congratulate him/her but nothing more than that happens.
The only minor difference in the NPCs from depth 1 and below, apart from their reordering due to the increased depths, is that the Ambitious Imp might also give an "elemental embers" quest, with same concept as the familiar quests of Original PD (kill fire elementals > gather embers > get ring and unlock shop).
It is the most original innovation of Fushigi No PD, as many of the features of Original PD can also get performed by them. They are an infrequent drop or find in the dungeon and can also get sold in shops with a starting capacity of 3 to 5 slots. The most important among them is the pot of Fusion (see bullet below about why). All pots in the beginning are unidentified and have names irrelevant to their function like "pot of carapace" or "narrow mouth pot". In some cases they get identified by using them but in some they don't and also don't work while uniddentified, so a scroll of Identify becomes necessary. Some pots will put out their stored items by getting pressed, but some don't and in this case the hero needs either to throw the pot and break it, or use the rare scroll of Exsuction if available, which keeps the pot intact.
  • Pot of Alchemy: It works just like an alchemy pot. It gets identified by putting brewable items inside it and getting an item brewed, it gets out the items it brewed by pressing it, and loses a slot this way. Be careful with the "put all" option that is available for all pots with the pot of Alchemy: when you "put all" three seeds, the pot will not brew a potion, but they must put into it separately.
  • Pot of Canon: It is what its title says and has also its unique rare amunition, the canon ball. It gets identified by putting an item inside it and pressing it to throw it out, and does not lose slots this way.
  • Pot of Dispel: It works just like a scroll of Remove Curse. It gets identified by putting a cursed item inside it. It does not put out items by pressing it.
  • Pot of Freeze: It is what its title says and can be used mostly for turning meat into frozen carpaccio. It gets identified by putting an item inside it and freezing it. It does not put out items by pressing it and when thrown it creates also a small freezing cloud just like a potion of Frost.
  • Pot of Fusion: As mentioned before, the scrolls of Upgrade are a random find in Fushigi No PD and they are not guaranteed spawns, and the basic method of upgrading equipment is by using this pot. It fuses the upgrades of same upgradable items (armors, rings, weapons etc.) to the first item put inside of it and loses a slot with each fusion. Items transfer upgrades even when not identified, but they must have at least +1 upgrade to do so. As this pot is very important and spawns infrequently, it is not advised to put random items inside it to have it identified, because if items of different types are put next to each other, or even of the same type but with the second having no upgrades, the pot gets "broken" and stops working. It does not put out items by pressing it.
  • Pot of Identify: It works just like a scroll of Identify. It gets identified by putting an unidentified item inside it. It does not put out items by pressing it.
  • Pot of Midas: It turns any item put inside it to gold but it does not get identified by doing so. It does not put out the gold by pressing it.
  • Pot of Restructure: It transmutes items to another random item (never of the same type like the pot of Transmutation) or turns them into gold. It does not get identified by transmuting items. It does not put out items by pressing it.
  • Pot of Storage: It simply stores items and it gets identified by viewing the items inside it. It does not put out items by pressing it.
  • Pot of Transmutation: Like a well of transmutation it does not transmute armors, missile weapons and stones, but transmutes artifacts, melee weapons, potions, rings, seeds, scrolls, and wands (just like a well). Transmuting a wand adds 8 charges to it. When unidentified it does transmute items, but does not get identified after doing so, so the player will have to nickname it.
In general pots can't get into pots. It is advised to identify with scrolls the first pots, until you find the game-changing pot of Fusion, in order to avoid wasting it, but as the scrolls of Identify are rather uncommon and pots can't get identified by the pot of Identify, after finding the pot of Fusion then to store random stuff inside the rest of the pots and also press them to see if they get identified. Fushigi No allows "nicknaming" items, so you can write short notes on unidentified pots.
Some of the potions of Original PD are kept, but also some new potions are added (also Shattered PD's exotic alchemy and need of alchemical energy have not been implemented, so there are no exotic brews, potions etc.). These new potions are:
  • Potion of Beverage: Has no important function, it just satisfies a little health when drunk and can also be used to extinguish fire, while not wasting any of the beneficial potions for this purpose.
  • Potion of Explosion: It is what its title says and functions like a bomb.
  • Potion of Panacea: It cures ailments and restores lost strength (Scorpios occasionally decrease it permanently by -2 and weakening traps always by -1, but with its previous upper limit remaining, which gets restored by the potion). It does not restore HP.
  • Potion of Strength: As mentioned before it is a random find and not a guaranteed find anymore, and it can also get sold in the dungeon shops. Stength does not affect the hero's capability to equip an item anymore but only adds to the damage he/she deals against enemies. Unlike current Shattered PD it gets transmuted to a potion of Might.
  • Potion of Tear Gas: It creates a Dark Gas cloud, blinding all characters inside it.
  • Potion of Venom: It causes at the same time strong Poisoning, Slowness and Weakness and it is very useful against strong enemies. It is a rare potion, but better avoid using unidentified potions you don't have a good guess about their function with enemies around.
The rings of Shattered PD are mostly kept the same, and only the ring of Alert is added, which grants increased vision range and a huntress-like mind vision of neighbouring enemies.
Some of the scrolls of Original PD are kept, but also some new scrolls are added (also Shattered PD's exotic alchemy has not been implemented, so there ar eno exotic variants etc.). These new scrolls are:
  • Scroll of Affection: It causes the Charmed debuff to all enemies in sight.
  • Scroll of Escape: It returns the hero from anywhere in the dungeon to depth 0 and it is the only scroll that is preidentified. It is very important to remember that there is no going back after using the scroll: the stairs to depth 1 will not be working anymore, and there will be just a staircase leading up, for the player to end his/her run. Note that even if the hero has the Amulet of Yendor when getting rteleported to depth 0, this will not be recorded in the rankings screen, and the title will be "Leave by the scroll of Escape", the same title as if he/she had returned from depth 1, in the case he/she had found the scroll that early.
  • Scroll of Expand: Adds +1 charge to a pot, but pots have a limited capacity, so better avoid using them to get pots above 5 slots.
  • Scroll of Exsuction: As mentioned already in the pots section it sucks out the items from a pot, while keeping it intact.
  • Scroll of Onigiri: It turns any item to the onigiri food item and stacks of items to equivalent stacks of onigiris. So don't use an unidentified scroll to an upgraded item, if you haven't found yet the scroll of Onigiri.
  • Scroll of Self-destruct: It gets instantly the hero to 1 HP (but never kills him/her), and also damages to some degree even the stronger enemies. The damage to enemies is never big enough to justify all the HP loss to the hero.
Some familiar scrolls have also been changed:
  • Scroll of Recharging: It gets applied to a specific wand and adds 5-8 charges to it. It does not grant a recharging buff and does not recharge all wands in the inventory.
  • Scroll of Psionic Blast: It does not harm the hero at all.
  • Scroll of Remove Curse: It can remove also enchantments from specific items but not properties.
  • Scroll of Upgrade: As mentioned before it is a random find and not a guaranteed find anymore, and it can also get sold in the dungeon shops. Upgrades never erase enchantments. Unlike current Shattered PD it gets transmuted to a scroll of Magical Infusion.
Like the dungeon depths of Fushigi No PD its shops are also doubled, and they are encountered normally after each chapter boss depth, on depth 6, 11 etc. These "after-boss" shops are almost never hidden, they spawn always in a room next to the depth entrance and they might also sell potions of Strength or scroll of Upgrade, in addition to the other items of Fushigi No PD. Shops can also spawn in random depths with less merchandise, but in this case they are often hidden and can spawn anywhere on the depth.
The most important difference of shops in Fushigi No PD though, is that heroes can steal from any shop without a Master Thieves' Armband equipped, stealing is always succesful, and the shopkeeper vanishes by leaving all his merchandise behind him, but there is also a twist. A group of animated statue-like yellow Shop Guardians spawn all around the depth and run to the shop in order to punish the hero, and if the hero tries to fight with them there is a 99% chance that he/she will get killed (these also appear if the shopkeeper is threatened or harmed by the hero's actions). Nevertheless, a Rogue with a cloak having many charges or any hero that is lucky enough to have the shop spawn near to a chasm and a potion of Invisibility in the inventory can try stealing, pick as much merchandise he/she can before the Shop Guardians arrive and jump into the chasm. Drinking a potion of Invisibility and/or planting a Fadeleaf plant or reading a scroll of Teleportation can also work, but it is far more risk-taking.
Only the stones of Enchantment and Augmentation are available in Fushigi No PD, with the same function as in Shattered PD. In the game's github there is also the stone of Intuition mentioned, but I have never encountered it.
Traps are almost the same with those of Shattered PD, but three new trap types are added and the familar Guardian and Weakening taps are also somewhat changed. The new traps of Fushigi No PD are:
  • Log trap: a strong version of a dart trap, does not break after the hero steps on it.
  • Mucus trap: Roots and also applies Caustic Ooze.
  • Multiplication trap: creates new traps, overt and hidden.
The changes in familiar traps are:
  • Guardian traps will either alert all enemies and summon the familar purple Guardians of Shattered PD, who drop their equipped weapon and are generally manageable, or they will summon the yellow OP Shop Guardians (in the second case, just run to the next depth).
  • Weakening traps decrease temporarily the hero's Strength by -5 and permanently by -1.
Like you did with armors, forget also what you know about wands from Original PD and Shattered PD. Wands have the same sprites with Shattered, but are randomly assigned and are first unidintified like in Original PD. Only Mages can get them identifired with one use, while the other classes will have to nickname them at first. Be careful that when unidentified they are wands of a "type", but this is totally random, so a wand of "lightning" will be identified for example as a wand of transusion. Cursed wands don't get identified by mages if they are not already identified from a wand spawned before, as they don't have their normal effect.
The most important change in Fushigi No PD is that all wands have 100 max charges, but they are not recharged as time goes by, and they are found with charges below 10. Even Battlemages do not recharge wands with a Staff of Magic Missile, only Warlocks can, but at a very slow rate. There are some new wands introduced and the familiar wands from Shattered PD have also some differences, so here are all Fushigi No PD's wands with their damage at level 0 and their scaling:
New wands
  • Elements: D. 15-30 (randomly Fire, Ice, Earth, Wind damage) D.S. +1 +5
  • Holy: Harms undead and demonic creatures, removes curses from items
  • Kaleidoscope: creates a Mirror Image, no direct damage
  • Magician: Teleports hero to a tile in line of sight or Switches places with an enemy, no damage
  • Nightmare: causes one of the Amok, Paralysis, Vertigo or Terror debuffs randomly
Familiar wands
  • Blast Wave: D. 10-25, Knocks back and potentially Stuns, D.S. +1 +3
  • Corrosion: Corrosive cloud, no direct damage
  • Corruption: D. 10-10, Corrupts, D.S. +2 +2
  • Disintegration: D. 10-30, Piercing rays, D.S. +1 +4
  • Fireblast: D. 23-53, Fire damage and potentially Burning debuff, D.S. +1 +6. It spends 2 charges per use.
  • Frost: D. 15-35 (to unchilled/unfrozen enemies), Chills and potentially Freezes, D.S. +1 +5
  • Lightning: D. 1-40 (double to enemies on water), Chain effect, D.S. +0 +7
  • Magic Missile: D. 15-30, D.S. +1 +4 (it is still the starting wand of the Mage)
  • Prismatic Light: D. 5-25, Powerful against evil and undead enemies, Blinds, D.S. +1 +4
  • Regrowth: Grows vegetation, no damage
The Recharging buff adds 1 charge per turn, but in most of the cases it lasts only for 1 turn.
Also the Old Wandmaker NPC still gives a choice between a battle and non-battle wand, but if the wand is not identified, it will be of the "type" so don't get excited with a wand of "lightning" offered as it might turn out to be a wand of Kaleidoscope.
Forget also what you know about weapon tiers from Original PD and Shattered PD, as all tiers, even tier 1, contain some strong weapons (a higher tier has a higher percentage of strong weapons though) and almost all have a +1/+3 damage scaling with upgrades, so the game can be completed in theory even with some of the tier 1 weapons when highly upgraded. Almost all weapons in Fushigi No PD can obtain multiple enchantments, which are not erased by upgrades, but the player can erase them with a scroll of Remove Curse, if he/she doesn't like the current enchantment of the weapon, and wants to create free space for new ones (like in armors, once the enchantment slots are filled, they can't get overwritten). Also some weapons have built-in properties, which can not be erased. Have in mind also that some weapons that are familiar from Original PD or Shattered PD are somewhat different in Fushigi No PD (the greatsword is a tier1 weapon and the war hammer is very slow for example). As the availability of pots of Transmutation makes transmuting somewhat easier in Fushigi No PD, players are advised to use any weapon they like, but if it is a slow weapon, and especially if it is a very slow weapon, unless the hero has an upgraded ring of Furor equipped, to transmute the weapon just before the city chapter, as the dwarf monks in Fushigi No PD are very quick.
A list of the Fushigi No weapons follows, with first their Damage at level 0, second the amount of Enchantment Slots, third the built-in Property if the weapon has one, and fourth its Damage Scaling with upgrades. Properties are explained only once, when first mentioned.
Tier 1
  • Dagger D. 1-13, E.S. 3, P. Assassination: +100% min damage, D.S. +1 +3
  • Greatsword D. 10-40, E.S. 3, D.S. +1 +3
  • Knuckleduster 3-6, E.S. 3, Delay 0.5, D.S. +1 +2
  • Longsword D. 6-30 E.S. 3, D.S. +1 +3
  • Mage's Staff D. 1-9, E.S. 3, D.S. +1 +2
  • Sword D. 4-20, E.S. 5, D.S. +1 +3
  • Worn Shortsword D. 2-10, E.S. 4, D.S. +1 +3
Tier 2
  • Gold Sword D. 3-15, E.S. 5, P. Gilded: protects weapon from acid destruction, D.S. +1 +3
  • Hand axe D. 1-25, E.S. 4, P. Beheading: Increased damage against enemies with low HP, Accuracy +32%, D.S. +1 +3
  • Mace D. 5-45, E.S. 5, Accuracy +28%, Very Slow, P. Thumping: more damage to non-living enemies, D.S. +1 +5
  • Quarterstaff D. 9-9, E.S. 3, P. Balance-weapon: steady damage, D.S. +2 +2
  • Round Shield D. 3-12, E.S. 5, +5 defense, +2 per level, D.S. +1 +3
  • Scimitar D. 4-24, E.S. 3, Delay 0.8, P. Vorpal: bleeding on hit D.S. +1 +3
  • Spear D. 2-24, E.S. 2, Delay 1.5, Reach 2, P. Assault: critical attack while approaching the enemy, D.S. +1 +4
Tier 3
  • Assassin's blade, D. 1-30, E.S. 3, P. Assassination, D.S. +1 +3
  • Crossbow, D. 2-14 (as melee), E.S. 3, Mostly useful for ranged attacks with darts, D.S. +1 +3. Keep in mind that unlike current Shattered PD, darts are not guaranteed to be on sale in all Fushigi No PD shops, but they are very commonly sold, so until you find enough darts, don't be too quick to upgrade a crossbow.
  • Flail D. 5-63, E.S. 3, Accuracy 0.9, Can't surprise attack, P. Thumping, D.S. +1 +4
  • Katana D. 7-32, E.S. 4, P. Preemptive: critical hit to enemies with full, D.S. HP +1 +3
  • Mattock 1-20, E.S. 3, P. Dig: can destroy wall tiles, D.S. +1 +3. If the hero has enough pots to store items, it would be good to keep a mattock in the inventory, as its "dig" ability can save the hero from some falls into pit chasms or from some searching for keys.
  • Sai D. 6-12 Delay 0.5, +3 defense (doesn't increase with upgrades), D.S. +1 +2
  • Whip D. 2-12, E.S. 3, Reach +3, D.S. +1 +2
Tier 4
  • Battle Axe D. 1-45, E.S. 2, Accuracy +24%, P. Critical: increased chance to crit, D.S. +1 +3
  • Glaive D. 5-54, E.S. 2, Delay 1.5, Reach 2, Assault +1 +4
  • Greataxe D. 1-75, E.S, 3 P. Exhausting: causes weakness to hero randomly (not a curse, can't be erased), D.S. +1 +3
  • Greatshield D. 5-22, E.S. 4, +10 defense, +3 per level, D.S. +1 +3
  • Fuhma Katana D. 10-35, E.S. 3, Accuracy +25%, P. Preemptive, D.S. +1 +3. [Based on my experience so far it is the most well-rounded tier 4 weapon along with the battle axe, and also my personal favorite.]
  • Stone Gauntlet D. 15-30, P. Punch-Burst: Explosion on hit, non harmful to hero, E.S. 3, Delay 0.5, D.S. +1 +3
  • Rat Sceptre, D. 4-10, E.S. 5, P. Sleepy: puts enemies to sleep, Gilded, D.S. +1 +3. It is a unique drop from the Rat Minister chapter boss on depth 5 and it is never a product of transmutation. Its damage is very low, but it is a great candidate for transmuting, as it will become any of the other better in damage tier 4 weapons, while also keeping its previous enchantments. If you don't find anything better until the caves, this transmuted sceptre can be your mid-game to end-game weapon, as it will come with 2 enchantments already, and you can start using the pots of Fusion or any scrolls of upgrade you have on it. Nevertheless, if you find something even better later on and have a pot of fusion, you can always fuse the upgraded "previously sceptre" with the new better weapon.
  • War Hammer D. 10-60 Very slow, Accuracy +20%, Thumping, Stuns, D.S. +1 +5
Tier 5
These weapons spawn rarely in general, and almost always only in Demon Halls (still rarely there), but they can also get dropped by a Guardian summoned by guardian traps on any depth. In the game code the Runic Blade melee weapon is also metioned, but it does not seem to spawn in current Fushigi No PD or get transmuted from the other two tier 5 weapons.
  • Gradius D. 19-85, E.S. 0, Accuracy +50%, P. Shoot: zaps weak disintegration rays with no charges needed, D.S. +1 +2
  • Infernal Fuhma Katana D. 11-38, E.S. 5, Accuracy +25%, P. Preemptive, D.S. +1 +3
All weapons with the Balance enchantment have a damage scaling of +2/+2 and a median value for their damage always. Note: There is also a "First strike" weapon property mentioned in the github, but it does not seem to occur in any of the current weapons of Fushigi No PD.
Missile and Thrown weapons
Unlike Shattered PD thrown weapons are not upgradeable, but they are enchantable.
  • Boomerang D. 1-6 E.S. 2, only Durable, D.S. +1 +1
  • Bolas D. 1-15. E.S. 2, Cripples
  • Dart D. 1-5, E.S. 2, can be tipped with seeds
  • Fishing spear D. 2-17, E.S 2
  • Javelin D. 4-30, P. Assault
  • Shuriken D. 4-12, Fast, E.S. 3
  • "No text found" Shuriken D. 4-12, Fast, E.S. 5
  • Throwing hammer D. 2-56, E.S. 3, Stuns
  • Throwing knife D. 1-13, E.S. 3 Assassination
  • Throwing spear D. 3-24, E.S. 2
  • Throwing stone D. 1-10, E.S. 5 (it is among the starting items of the warrior, but does not seem to spawn in the dungeon)
  • Tomahawk D. 1-35, E.S. 2, causes Bleeding
  • Trident: D. 10-25 E.S. 0
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