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How to upgrade your Android phone to Lollipop

Android 6.0 SDK will enable you to have access to the final Android APIs and latest build tools helping you to target API 23, blogged Jamal Eason, Product Manager Android. All this process of getting Android 5.0 Lollipop on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X can be done with the help of Android SDK. I'm happy to upgrade to Android 5.1 because Google no longer supports Android 4. I did exactly as the clip and tutorial attached as in # 1 but still failed.


Android Studio 0.8.13 Released - Android Studio Project Site

How to solve the modem problem with the Android Lollipop. Naruto arena hack tool v4.0 music pop over to this site. Google began rolling out Android 5.0 to compatible devices last November, but that process hit a speed bump as Google was forced to fix a battery-draining bug present in initial version of Lollipop.

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Rootless Pixel Launcher 3.0 - Based on AOSP 8.1 Launcher3

You might remember the two versions of the “Rootless Pixel Launcher” I have released in 2017. After many requests for a new version, I am back to bring you Rootless Pixel Launcher 3.0. This one is based on AOSP 8.1, and Google’s new Pixel 2 Launcher. I did not stop there, I customized it, and I gave it its own identity based on the most requested features.
For the short announcement you can visit this XDA article from a friend of mine: https://www.xda-developers.com/rootless-pixel-launcher-google-feed.
The important links are at the bottom of this thread. If you don’t feel like reading through my wall of text that is fine, but don’t come to me for bug reports.


My launcher is a close to AOSP launcher that only changes the necessary code to allow for small extensions and backporting to older Android versions. If you want a more feature packed launcher use Nova, Action or Lawnchair. I focus on simplicity and rock solid stability. If you do not agree with that and would rather have experimental features, you are in the wrong thread. This launcher, however, has all the essentials to make it worthy of a third version release.



  • The new Google Now feed is available to the left of the home screen, without needing root access.
  • The theme changes based on the wallpaper in use. Dark wallpapers will trigger the dark theme, otherwise it uses the default theme.
  • At the top of the first home screen page there is a Smartspace widget with events, weather and the date, all in the Google Sans font.
  • The new search bar is at the bottom of the home screen and the top of the app drawer. Google Calendar’s icon changes with the date.
  • The exact same screen size profiles from the Pixel 2 Launcher are included. The same grid sizes and icon sizes.
  • Google Wallpapers and Voice Search are hidden from the app drawer.
  • Probably the most requested feature in the history of mankind’s development, icon packs are included in the settings app. Just a simple selection list where you can select from the list of packs installed on your phone.
  • There are app suggestions based on the amount of drawer clicks at the top of the app drawer. These are not the same as the real Pixel Launcher. I will explain why in the FAQ. Round app icons from Android 7.1 are used when available.
  • Calendar icons change with the date if the icon pack you use supports it.
  • All icon packs are hidden from the app drawer when an icon pack is being used.
  • Google Now Launcher is hidden from the app drawer.
  • There is a custom screen size profile with a 6x6 grid when the DPI is low. This automatically kicks in on tablets or large phones. If you want to enable this, your DPI needs to be 370 or less (on a 1920x1080 device). This equals a 467dp smallest width, for those on Nougat.
  • You can open and close notifications from anywhere on the home screen by swiping up and down.
  • New releases can be found in the settings app when clicking About -> Version.
  • Notification/shortcut popups are centered on the screen with a nice animation, when positioning it on the left or right would make it go out of the screen.
  • When the popup still goes out of the screen in landscape, the popup arrow is hidden.
  • When pressing the search bar without the Google App available on your phone, the browser opens google.com. This makes it useful for MicroG or Pico GApps users on custom ROMs, instead of being a waste of space.
  • Themes are hardcoded to look like the Pixel, for compatibility across OEMs.
  • The list of all apps gets automatically resized when you start searching, so you can scroll to the bottom.
  • For devices without software navigation bar, there is padding under the search widget on the home screen.


  • There are notification dots in the colour of the app’s icon.
  • You can view and interact with notifications in the long press popup on apps.
  • The settings menu uses the Oreo style and colours.


  • A light theme is applied when the wallpaper is light enough. This has a dark status bar, navigation bar and text.

Nougat 7.1

  • When long pressing an app there will be shortcuts in the popup.


  • There are settings for adding icons to home screen when installing, and changing the icon shape for adaptive icons.
  • Google Clock shows the current time and changes in real time.
  • The Google Now feed uses the same theme as the launcher.
  • Adaptive icons are disabled for pre-Oreo apps, so you don’t get boxes in boxes.


There is also a module for Pixel users if they grew bored of the default launcher and want to try out my launcher.
Disable this launcher and switch to different launcher before enabling or disabling the module. Not doing so could result in a “0.0dip has stopped working" bug. If you do encourage this bug, try installing the real Pixel Launcher from the app store.


Before I talk about the things I used for the creation, I want to put a disclaimer that I did not simply copy and paste what the developers did. I looked at their code to spare myself time in researching the places where changes are necessary for a feature, and then made my own implementation. Still, I want to credit these developers for the hard work they have done upon which others like me could build.

Till Kottmann

Till is the founder of Lawnchair, the Pixel Launcher with many customization features. Initially I did not want to implement icon packs because I feared it would break too many things, but then I took a look at his old implementation to see how much work it really was. And to my surprise it could be done without changing any AOSP Java code. Instead, I could specify a custom icon loader through XML and then focus on writing that icon loader code. The icon loader could load an icon pack app’s icon list and save that list in memory.


Samsung users were facing stylistic issues, saying they were seeing blue folders and a blue app drawer. They also had this problem in the real Pixel Launcher, but Paphonb had fixed it according to them. So I decompiled Paphonb’s Pixel Launcher and compared it with the real APK to see what he changed. From his I figured out what was necessary to override Samsung’s changes and incorporated them in my styles.


This commit to Flick Launcher was what gave me the idea of a simple most-clicked counter for app predictions. I extended the code with the idea of “decay” where new apps can eventually catch up with the older apps and the old apps aren’t stuck forever at a high click count.


This member of Paranoid Android, who is also known as TheCrazySkull, was the first person that got the Google Now feed to work and release sources for it on GitHub. Thanks to him, the entire chain of “Rootless” Google Now feeds has been set in motion. I first tried implementing it on the Custom ROM called VertexOS, and wanted to find a way to debug what I was doing. I managed to get the launcher to compile in Android Studio, and to my surprise it worked after simply installing it as an apk! I hadn’t seen anyone else release a launcher that supported this (except for Google, obviously) so I continued working on it until it became the first version of “Rootless Pixel Launcher” (after a lot of decompilation with trial and error).

Kevin Barry

The Nova Launcher developer was kind enough to e-mail me the details of WHY the Google Now feed was working on my launcher. He explained that the Google App used to have two ways of showing the Google Now feed: either the Google app was installed as a debug variant app, or the launcher was installed as a system app (which requires root). A few months ago Google changed this condition, so it also shows when the Launcher is installed as a debug app. This is why my debug variant launcher APKs are working, and the apps on the Play Store (which requires a release variant app) need a “companion” that runs as a debug app to get the Now feed. I think I still haven’t replied to this e-mail, so if you are reading this Kevin, I’m sorry..

Harsh Shandilya

This Substratum developer taught me how to make a Magisk module this week. I wanted to release it on his name, but he said it’s so simple I didn’t have to do it. So instead I will credit him here.


I kanged the translations for the term “Icon pack” from their launcher. Sorry (not really).


For making the real Pixel Launcher in the first place.

Alpha testers

Working on this launcher took a long time, and I would like to thank all the testers across different Android versions and OEMs for making sure the launcher has rock solid stability. You reported bugs to me at an incredible pace which is necessary for a project of this scope. Without you I wouldn’t have been able to come this far!


Enjarify, Procyon and Jadx do 75% of the decompilation work, but you have to manually fix up the decompiled sources before you can even think about compiling in Android Studio. I want to thank the creators of these decompilation tools for the impressive work they have done.


Can you add x?

If it requires an additional settings entry, no. I stand for simplicity and perfection out of the box, and having a lot of customization does not fit in that vision. Use Nova, Action or Lawnchair if you want features, I probably won’t add it.

Can you backport y?

I tried my best to backport as much as possible all the way to Lollipop. Some features like app shortcuts are simply too difficult for me to do properly and without bugs at this moment. The light theme could work on Marshmallow, but is broken on some OEM Stock Marshmallow ROMs so I decided to just disable it for Marshmallow.

How do I prevent my Smartspace widget from being cut off?

Disable the weather card in Google Now, or use a lower DPI. Changing your DPI can be done from Android 6 onwards, and it can be done through the settings app from Android 7. It’s called “smallest width” in the developer options.

How do I change my grid size?

This is based on your DPI/smallest width. For Marshmallow you will have to Google how to change it with ADB. On Nougat and Oreo you can change it using the “smallest width” setting in developer options.

How do I get the new Google Now Feed?

Update the Google App to the latest version, set my launcher as the default launcher, then reboot the phone. If you are on a tablet, I’m afraid the Google App doesn’t support it.

Why is the Google Now Feed not exactly like yours?

Google likes giving everyone a different experience with 10+ A/B testing flags. This is beyond my control and all handled by the Google App.

The Smartspace weather is not working

This is dependent on your Google App and can break for many reasons. Make sure your location is on the High Accuracy setting, Google Now shows a card for your weather, you have an up to date Google App, and the new feed is working.

The Smartspace events are not working

These only work with Google Calendar. Like the weather, everything is handled by the Google App, so it is hard for me to debug.

Notification dots are not working

These only work on Marshmallow on newer, so Lollipop will never show them. If you are at least on Marshmallow make sure the app has permissions to read notifications. You can check this in the settings. If they still don’t work, reboot your device.

Why custom app suggestions, and not the Google ones?

Google uses a massive library for prediction based on the time of day and location. I have tried decompiling this in the past, but getting everything to work flawlessly is an extremely difficult task. Therefore I decided to leave it out starting with version 2.0, and continue that trend with this 3.0 release.

Do you support custom ROMs?

Only official LineageOS and official Paranoid Android. Anything else can have unexpected bugs that I cannot account for. Make sure you are on either of those ROMs or your device’s stock ROM if you want to do a bug report.

How do I get the coloured Google icon on the search bar?

Use the “Calming Coastline” Live Wallpaper. You can find a port of the new Pixel 2 Live Wallpapers here: https://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=74142755&postcount=608

How is this different from Paphonb’s Pixel 2 Launcher?

They are two completely different projects. I started with AOSP Launcher3 in Android Studio, he started with the real Pixel Launcher APK where everything was already working. I focused on implementing all the functionality in Java, he modified the APK to work better on older Android versions. The disadvantage to my method is that some features like Google’s App Suggestions are too hard to add. The advantage to my method is that I could add anything I wanted at any time, like Icon Pack support. So, it is an initial effort vs down the line feature implementation effort trade-off.

Why do Pixel users need to use the Magisk module?

Ironically, the “Rootless Pixel Launcher” requires root for Pixel users. The reason for this is that it uses the same name as the real Pixel Launcher. The real one cannot be removed or overwritten without root. Changing the name would break the Smartspace features, because Google hardcoded the Google App to only provide the features to the “real” Pixel Launcher.

Can you upload it to the Play Store?

I do have a Play Store developer account, but Google does not allow uploading a duplicate application name. They already have the real Pixel Launcher on the Play Store and, like I said in the Magisk module question, I cannot change the name. Furthermore, my app is running as a “debug” app to get the Google Now feed without root. The only way around that is using a companion app like “Lawnfeed” or “Nova Companion” which runs in debug mode, but because I am not intending to upload it on the Play Store anyways I am fine with having the entire app run in debug mode.

What is Launcher3?

Launcher3 is the name that the default AOSP launcher uses. If you compile AOSP from sources directly, that is what you will get. My GitHub project is called Launcher3 because I forked from AOSP and did not change the name. Changing the GitHub project name now is possible, but unnecessary.


Who am I? Amir Zaidi, 18 years old, a student following Computer Science & Engineering at the Delft University of Technology.
I will be active in this thread for the next few days, so if you have any questions for me about myself or the launcher you can post them here. I encourage you not to mail me bug reports because I have a bad habit of postponing reacting to my mail. Instead, post a comment here or send me a message on Telegram. My username is @mirai, and I will be available to give support as long as you follow my instructions.
If something crashes I will need a logcat, a screen recording, a step by step walkthrough of how to reproduce the bug and a comparison with how it works on the real Pixel Launcher.


APK Downloads: https://github.com/amirzaidi/launcher3/releases
Sources: https://github.com/amirzaidi/Launcher3/tree/o-mr1?files=1
Magisk version (only for Pixel users): https://github.com/amirzaidi/launcher3magisk/releases
Photos and videos: https://photos.app.goo.gl/qdcAcLOdiu8Kl1Bh1
Telegram Group: https://t.me/launcherthree
Alphas: https://t.me/appforks
Contact: https://t.me/mirai
submitted by AmirZ to Android

(Cross Platform F2P 2D MMORPG) Kando Realm

We have been working on a 2D cross platform MMORPG for quite some time now and have currently entered our open alpha testing state. You can currently play on PC and Android and here is a quick summary of the features included:
Journey into the world of Kando. Take on creatures, craft awesome weapons, help villagers and cut down tree's. Will you slay your way to the top? Or become a master craftsman. It's all down to you.


Kando Realm focuses not only on the combat side of the game but has a separate skill leveling system similar to that of Runescape for it's crafting and gathering. During the early testing phases we have 3 crafting and 3 gathering skills unlocked but will be adding much more as the games tests progress.


In Kando Realm you start out as a villager and you learn the ropes about helping the people of the world of Kando. In return you level up and get stronger until level 10. At level 10 you can choose to study under a specific craft such as :
Each of these classes have special abilities and class specific pros and cons including class specific quest lines.


Simply join the discord: https://discord.gg/EDNekKe to get information on when the tests are taken place and how to get a spot!


Play on mobile or PC and join in on a shared world and play with people from different platforms and regions!


Create and customize your characters with hundreds of items and equipment from sticks to snake heads.
Themed areas and equipment allow you to be what you want. Want to be that plate armor wearing Warrior or the onesie lollipop Druid? It's up to you!


2D oldschool MMORPG mechanics allow you to put your stat points into what you want and build your class the way you want!


Join the community today in game and on Discord to see the latest news and updates going into Kando Realm (2D mmorpg).


With dungeons to do and lots of loot to collect for your class and character you won't be bored anytime soon!


Not interested in combat? Simply want to be a fisher, woodcutter or miner then grab your tools and come join us!


Do you have a mind for the creative? Then lets see how well you fair at crafting!


During the test phase there will be times the servers are unavailable. Please check the discord to see the current state of the servers.
If anyone has further questions you can also feel free to ask on the discord or here and I will answer the best I can.
submitted by Kandonian to playmygame