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Operational Workingz

“ See that’s how the machine works....”
“ The machine around us... needs people... their efforts and time to sustain it self....”
“ You wake up into the machine ... through the alarm clock... then you use a machine called a car to drive towards the machine ....”
“ You sit down and then spend time in the machine...”
“ Where you are evaluated .... by metrics and paid per performance by the machine or according to the machine owners whims....”
“ Then you go back... and rest.... and then the next day the machine expects you back....”
“ And you keep on working for the machine... till either...”
“ A - You Expire,..”
“ B- You are fired...”
“ C - The Machine ceases to be...”
Mr Chicken raises his wing to ask a question.
“ Yes Mr Chicken... you have a question....”
Mr Chicken looks to the left and then to the right.
“ Well ... what ifz .... you hate dem machinez.... N leavez.... so now u iz free.... rightzzz?!”
Mr Feces thinks for a while and now answers....
“ Nahhh.... you can’t leave... even if you leave the machine.... you need some other machine system to find livelihood to survive.... if you don’t.... you become homeless and starve....”
“ Ok ....going back to the machine operations....”
“ The machine solely exists to make a rich old man.... more rich.... that’s the only reason why it’s there....”
“ You work for the machine... and the guy who owns the machine owns your labor...”
“ If you don’t work hard enough... the old guy replaces you with someone else that can make him more money....”
“ That is the purpose of your life.... work... to make the old man rich....”
Mr Chicken raises his wing for another question.
“ Pukaaaaaak..... So den what does dem old man hoe... do with all dem moniezzzz.....?!”
“ Good Question Mr Chicken...” replies Mr Feces.
“ Well....the old man can do any of the following....”
“ A- Buy over priced art work .... like works by Rothko, Jackson Pollock and Willem De Kooning.... shit-paintings that go for 80-100 million dollars a piece and hang them on his wall....”
“ B- Buy a luxury yacht and travel the world... sipping champagne in his hot tub jacuzzi ... farting in the hot water and enjoying the sun... while sea gulls take a shit right on his fucking forehead...”
“ C-Call hookers and gets his ass and balls licked while you work 9 to 5 for the machine...and get no Christmas Bonus... because the corporate headquarters of the Machine has deemed that Christmas Bonuses are payable strictly at the owners discretion...”
“ And profits are down this year....so.....”
Mr Chicken raises his wing again for another question.
“ Questionzzzz...... so old man spendzzz all dem Machine moneyzzz.... gettin his azz licked.... N den.... what....?!”
“ Well historically .... sooner or later.... the old lady that lives with the old man, will get to know about his special activities... and divorce him....”
“ Historically there is a 70 % chance of that happening...”
“ Then the machine assets and profits will be split in half between the old man and the old woman....”
Mr Chicken tries to think 🤔....
“ Pukaaak....”
“ Another Questionzzz..... What will dem old lady’z do... when she get half of dem old man’s moniezzz....?”
Mr Feces takes in a deep breath.
“ The old lady will split all the assets... and can do any of the following...”
“ A- Get herself a new hottie Scottie six pack hunk.... who makes love to her ... in her now repossessed old man Yacht... and cuddles her at night....”
“ Feelings matter broTM”
“ B- Go on a gargantuan spending spree... taking all her machine money and buying 10,000 dollar scented candles and 250,000 dollar Vases....”
“ Because they add so much color....”
“ C- Calls the local male stripper company and has nasty boiezzzzz do sexy dance wearing thongs and shaking little bells 🔔 that are attached to their scrotum... as the old lady gets a kick out of seeing that....”
Mr Chicken has a confused look on his face.
The clock strikes 11.
The first lecture is over.
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