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Tanki Online: Changes in matchmaking and account authentication submitted by SteamKiwi to SteamKiwi

What do you guys think of internet populism in China?

Mainlander here. Probably am slightly more nationalistic than tankieistic. Probably not an entirely appropriate topic for this sub but at this point I really need somewhere neither sinophobic nor apolitical to talk to.
This populism thing has been boggling me for years, at least since 2016 when a young Taiwanese actress was pressured to apologize publicly for waving an ROC flag in some Korean TV show. I do think that her company was the one to blame for pressuring her to apologize (instead of taking up the responsibility themselves) and the Taiwan media for provoking the whole sensation as a reverse virtue signal for Tsai to win the election later that month. But I really can't say I wasn't embarrassed by the Chinese netizens' "expedition" (their own term) to Facebook. The harassment and ad hominem attacks against the actress' account were overemphasized by the media but did exist. And even for the more moderate majority they were merely spamming random memepics or pics with Chinese food, instead of engaging in actual conversations to clear misconceptions people have about China. Similar recent cases include the NBA thing last year and the Thailand thing earlier this year, both of which had been used by worldnews to justify their #chinabotstakingourfreedom# rhetoric.
The worst case so far that prompted me to post here happened on 25th with Japanese vtubers (virtual youtubers). Quick briefing (please don't judge me for enjoying capitalist moeshit): a vtuber named Haato read a screenshot of her youtube followers ranked by country during her livestream, which included Taiwan as the country with the 3rd most. Her Chinese account on bilibili (a popular Chinese video streaming website where their company's China business was entirely based on) was temporarily suspended but Chinese fans were okay with her since the picture was sent to her and they are used to Taiwanese fans spamming similar baits. A day later another vtuber named Coco posted and read the exact same ranking with Taiwan listed as a country and Chinese fans were convinced that she did it on purpose. However when I found the original uncut video (deleted from her YouTube account), it turns out that Coco only mentioned the word Taiwan once and said nothing else remotely political, not even "hey btw Taiwan is a country". And since only 1% of her revenue are from Bilibili rather than YouTube (the least among her coworkers) and she also held the fewest Bilibili-only livestreams, it's very unlikely that she knew her coworker Haato got suspended for posting a problematic screenshot hence decided she had to post the screenshot to prove a point. When I tried to explain this to other Chinese fans, like 95% of them are simply too angry to listen into anything and implied I was a traitor of some sort (one thing for sure is that the cpc isn't involved so far and the companies only suspended their accounts to appease the angry fans).
Her Twitter account is probably still being spammed (I do not dare go read it since even on Chinese forums, comments often include what CNN would love to classify as death threats or sexist language). So what make me feel worse about this "expedition" than all the former ones is that this time their online vigilanteism is based only on suspicion instead of actual controversial remarks that the Taiwanese actress and NBA's Morey made. I find almost nothing defendable when browsing say virtualyoutubers. Even when they again brought up the routined Uighur memes I was too embarrassed to respond.
"Expeditions" like this is only one aspect of the said populism. For example, although anti PC jokes started as satires against the lib idpol that tankies might also enjoy, the Chinese netizens seem to have gone too far. It's slightly outa fad now but months ago you couldn't browse any social media without encountering blatant black stereotypes. They often also believe, like average post socialist east European politicians, that feminists and LGBTQ activists are paid by the west for some sinister reasons, which at least to me is absurd since the single most pro cpc person I know personally is a gay friend of mine who organized a protest against some Tibetan criminal's lecture when we both studied in the states. I've definitely seen some class conscious women too but they often feel more or less marginalized. Ideologicallg more and more are heading again towards Marxism and Maoism but racism and sexism doesn't seem to be an antithesis in their idea (not sure if it's nazbol?)
It seems that, to them, the attitude towards self promotion in the west went directly from "they didn't know us well so let's post food pics! instead of constructive conversations" to "we are disillusioned, the west will never cease to demonize us so there's no point at all to exonerate ourselves, just vent if it feels better". They don't seem to understand that lib media like bbc, vox or huffington Post are watching us 24/7 to collect decontextualized evidence to further push their propaganda and they are only make their jobs easier. In doing so more traditionally China-neutral folks have been and will be antagonized (try recall reddit 3 years ago) and I can't stop being afraid of one day when a POTUS candidate whose campaign slogan is "nuke China" gets bipartisan support. From my observations reddit and 4chan (i hope the 2 cover spectrum well), it seems not entirely impossible since we've been sorta dehumanized (as long as we don't buy their propaganda) in both sites.
To summarize I have a few questions here:
  1. What do you guys think of China's internet populism (or whatever this is if the label isn't accurate) and their demands for foreign celebrities to apologize for having different political views?
2.I know tankies are usually skeptical about the utility of conversations (i am too) and favor activisms, but does rejecting conversations seem right to you?
3.How often, if at all, are there female or LGBTQ tankies in where you're from? Or are they really that overwhelmingly lib?
also ama if you're at all interested
ps: sorry for the weird wording or syntax

question 4: btw how was moretankiechapo banned? Is there a specific thing that they said to piss off the libs?
submitted by MartjnMao to GenZedong