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The King of Fighters '99: Evolution - Character FAQ

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King of Fighters '99, The: Millenium Battle (Arcade) 560 points (1388) King of Fighters 2020, The (Arcade). Alien Syndrome (set 4, System 16B, unprotected) Start Game. The "King of Fighters" arcade match that pits two teams of combatants against each other in round after round of heavy battle will test your skills. Anime hack roots sub indo edge. A pity "profanities, obscenities and spiteful remarks" are not allowed in reviews. An updated version "Global Match" featuring online multiplayer was released in 2020 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita and Steam. Select the game you want to submit hints, cheats, codes or walkthroughs for from the list below and click 'Go'.

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The King of Fighters 2020 (Original Soundtrack) SNK SOUND TEAM. SNK, the King Of Fighters 2020, The maker, released 156 different machines in our database under this trade name, starting in 1979. King Of Fighters 97 Game; King Of Fighters 97 Download; The King of Fighters '97 is a fighting game produced by SNK for the Neo Geo arcade and home console in 1997. I particularly like his look with the long coat / purple. The all new Custom Character Variations give you unprecedented control to customize the fighters and make them your own. You will see the progress of the file transfer. Sniper elite v2 crack winzip.

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KOF XIV is the newest entry in the acclaimed THE KING OF FIGHTERS series of fighting games. In the midst of the destruction, South Western Tokyo split off into the ocean where the seismic activity caused a large spire to rise out of the ocean piercing the island creating a tower-like structure deemed holy by some. The king of fighters 99 boss hack. Xian-Fei is a 99 rip (d'oh) and as you may have heard, Andy has a - again, very cool and very strong. But if you're lucky enough to play KOF 2020 at an arcade with some actual competition, you'll find that the game holds up extremely well in head-to-head play. Prices and shops where you can buy it are at the right column. This series started in 1994 with The King of Fighters '94 and would eventually see the exciting Orochi Saga in KOF '95-'97, the NESTS Saga in KOF '99-2020 and the Ash Saga from KOR 2020 onward, introducing such iconic characters as Kyo Kusanagi and Iori Yagami, which have earned a large fan following the world over.


The King of Fighters '99: Millennium Battle (UE) / The

Other games you might like are KOF Wing EX and The King Of Fighters Wing EX. The King of Fighters 2020 Original Sound Track 2020 60 million songs. About This Game KOF XIV is the newest entry in the acclaimed THE KING OF FIGHTERS series of fighting games. The King of Fighters 99 – Millennium Battle is a 1999 head-to-head fighting game by SNK released for the Neo Geo arcade and home platform. Play free online games at Crazy Games, the best place to play high-quality browser games. Sea dogs 2 crack. Program keygen key generator https://sneakers-top.ru/forum/?download=9806.

Congratulations, you've just pulled Halloween Ace! Now what?

I'd like to introduce you to the furry king himself,

Ace, Trickster Flame Wolf: Happy Halloween!

HP: 4320 (+350)
ATK: 1629 (+200)
RCV: 137 (+50)

CAPTAIN ABILITY: Boosts ATK of FighteShooter characters by 4x and their HP by 1.5x, and makes their PSY and INT orbs count as matching. Inherently resists 10 turns of Special Bind (Silence) and Special Rewind.

SPECIAL ABILITY: Boosts ATK of FighteShooter characters by 2.5x for 1 turn. Reduces Bind duration by 10 turns.

SAILOR AB. 1: Boosts stats for FighteShooter characters by 75.
SAILOR AB. 2: Makes his own PSY/TND/RCV orbs have matching slot effects.

- RCV Bind resistance up to 1/2/3/4/5 turns.
- Critical Hit up to 40%-4%, 50%-5%, 70%-6%, 80%-8%, 90%-10% (Chance - Value added)
- Barrier Penetration - Ignores barriers if you are above 99%-90%-70%-50%-0% of your MAX HP.

SUPPORT ABILITY: Attaches to Luffy and Sabo
Grants 1/1/2/2/3 Extra Bind Reduction, procs whenever you're inflicted with Bind status.

CA: A+ - His CA is VERY strong, but the classes he boosts require some extra support. The resistance to rewind and silence is very useful though, but remember it won't work if the enemy despairs you on top of applying those debuffs.

SA: S - Really useful special. Giving a flat 2.5x to 2 different classes unconditionally, as well as reducing 10 turns of Bind is really nice in many situations.

Sailors: B - They're not bad but just average. He doesn't provide anything crazy with his Sailors.

LB Abilities: A - They're good, but not too crazy either.

Support Ability: S - It's a very good support ability and can attach to many good characters, namely all Luffy legends, Sabo/Koala and DEX Sabo (to name a few).

COTTON CANDIES: This one is easy. With a 1.5x HP boost as Captain it's quite obvious to give him +100 ATK/HP straight away. This doesn't apply if you play on JP though, since you can give him the full set.

Best Supports for him

- Stat boost wise: V1 Snakeman, Douglas Bullet 6+, V2 Shanks, LRR Marco, V3 Katakuri (JP Only)

- Free affinity boost on last stage: Towel Nami (INT characters 1.3x), 6+ Blucci (Shooters 1.5x)

- Own orb matching on last stage: Story mode Vivi, RR Rakuyo (PSY is considered matching with his CA and sailor)

- Despair reducing effect: QCK Whitebeard (Support available on JP Only, reduces despair by 3t max when applied)

Friend Captains with Synergies

Double Halloween Ace is the obvious choice, since then you get a huge boost to your HP as well as a 20-turn resistance to Silence/Rewind. But he has some other really good legends you can pair him with:

- Luffy/Law: They are a rainbow captain with a huge rainbow orb boost, as well as giving 2 extra orbs as matching with their special. Also, both Luffy and the dual form are Fighters. Be careful though, as Law won't be boosted by Ace.

- Carrot: If by any reason there's a lot of defensive buffs on the enemy that you can't / don't want to take care of, Carrot is an excellent choice. It restricts your team quite a bit, but what you get in exchange is quite worth it if you really need it. Cons: Limits your team to characters with both classes from between FighteStrikeSlasheShooteCerebral.

- Capone: Even when he's arguably a worse version of Halloween Ace as a Shooter Captain, if by any reason you need to deal with death hits or blow aways he's your man, since he can easily avoid those mechanics with his Special. Cons: Limits your team to Shooter characters.

- Franky: Similar to the above, he has some mechanics that may be useful from time to time. He's not a go-to FC though, more like a lifesaver in certain situations (Blowaways, Big AOE damage requirement, etc).

- DEX Sabo: He has a special that combines perfectly with Ace, as well as boosting the same classes he boosts (plus Free Spirit). It's a very good FC to run if you lack good orb boosters in your team. Just remember to kill at least one enemy every turn if you don't want to lose his ATK bonus.

- Douglas Bullet: He provides a lot. When you combine Bullet with Ace, you will have STQCK/PSY/INT orbs count as matching for your team, as well as a very good team-core with them both as captains. Cons: Limits your team to STQCK/INT characters.

- V1 Snakeman: Pretty good combination, with a multiturn orb boost that helps a lot to take on multiple bosses. Also adds orb manipulation and chain boost on his kit, with a very good Rainbow CA.

- Stampede Luffy: Even when Ace himself isn't boosted by him, this combination is pretty good resisting up to 10 turns on 4 annoying debuffs: DespaiParalysis/Silence/Rewind. Plus, with Ace you have 10 turns of Bind reduction on his special too, which frees up a lot of space in your crew.

- V3 Rayleigh (JP Only): He has a quite good CA for Fighter characters, but if you really want to use him as FC then it's probably because you need his special. That's what makes him quite unique, giving a 2x ATK/Orb boost for FighteCerebral characters as well as making their attacks go through all defensive effects (except Defense). Cons: Limits your team to Fighter characters.

- V2 Akainu: Not a bad pairing, specially if you have a LB+ on your FC (on JP only). He provides an orb boost as well as a full board manipulation, which works pretty well with Ace's special. He's a good FC to run if you need to deal with a lot of Resilience enemies, for example. Cons: Limits your team to STINT characters.

- V2 Snakeman (JP Only): The beast himself is a Fighter character, so if you want to abuse his abilities you can always use him as your FC with your own Ace. Ace provides some cool things to that team though: the resistance to the 2 nasty debuffs as well as a higher ATK boost.

- V3 Katakuri (JP Only): This one's pretty good too. Katakuri being a Fighter and Ace being INT makes it the beggining of a fruitful relationship between those 2. Cons: Limits you to INT characters.

Sub Lists

Since Ace is already an ATK booster, he basically needs subs that provide boosts other than his as well as utility. The sub pool is quite large (approximately 25% of the game characters), so I will only list what I consider the best subs (the ones you should look for) for every role.
I haven't included characters that are boosters but don't boost Halloween Ace themselves. Example: V3 Kuzan has a great special boosting STDEX/QCK characters, but not boosting your captain himself is a big downfall imo. That doesn't mean he's not usable, it's just that there are better choices for Ace teams.

Orb Boosters

Rank S: The best orb booster subs.

- Luffy/Law: 2.5x rainbow orb boost as well as 2 natural orbs counted as matching for 1 turn. Amazing sub for big 1 turn bursts.

- V1 Snakeman: 1.75x to 2x rainbow orb boost (after hitting 3 PERFECTs) and a 0.7 chain boost for 3 turns. Pretty good unit.

- DEX Sabo: 2.25x orb boost to FS/FighteShooter and a 3x chain lock. Amazing orb boost, and he also makes 2 extra orbs beneficial as a sailor (RCV/TND).

- LRR Koala: Her special (provided the enemy has Delay or Full Immunity) provides 2 amazing things: a 2x Fighter orb boost and a full board orb manipulation for Fighters (including BLOCK). On top of that, as a sailor makes QCK orbs beneficial for Fighters.

- TM Boa: She provides a lot by herself, and is quite an amazing sub for Ace-Shooter teams. She provides a 2x shooter orb boost, a 1.75x self procking Def-Down conditional as well as a big heal (~20k HP) and 4 turns of Resilience-Threshold Damage reduction. Her only downside is you need to either have a PSY or an INT orb on your captain, which shouldn't be too hard to achieve.

- V2 Snakeman (JP Only): The best character in the game is obviously among the best orb boosters for Halloween Ace. Normally though, you'd want this guy as your captain and Ace as a sub (unless you don't have a way around Silence/Rewind).

- 6+ Marco (JP Only): Since Ace teams have such a huge HP pool I feel this guy deserves to be here. He grants an unconditional 2x rainbow orb boost as well as (most of the time) a full heal. Really good to increase your survability and resistance against stuff like HP Cuts or Despairs, which will significantly reduce your HP pool. He also adds the nostalgia component on old SW Ace teams.

Rank A: Good orb boosters, but more situational or straight worse than the ones above.

- V2 Akainu: 2.25x orb boost for STINT characters as well as a full STINT orb board.

- LRR Doffy: He's quite similar to LRR Koala but for Shooters. He will provide a 2x orb boost as well as a BLOCK/RCV/TND orb manipulation. However, his orb manipulation is not complete, that's why he's not in the S Rank. He also makes QCK orbs beneficial for Shooter characters.

- Halloween Sabo: A goodF2P alternative. He works really well combined with Halloween Luffy, so depending on your special order you can choose from a 2.25x orb boost for 1 turn or a 1.75x orb boost for 3 turns, as well as an orb lock. Also makes STR orbs beneficial as a sailor.

- TM Smoker: 2x orb boost for FighteDriven and 0.7x chain boost. Also makes DEX orbs beneficial as a sailor.

- V2 RR Elizabello: Amazing special, giving 3 turns of a 1.75x Orb boost for FighteDriven characters as well as reducing 3 turns of Damage Reduction and Damage Threshold, 2 really annoying debuffs.

- LRR V2 Urouge: He grants a lot of great effects: Reduces Paralysis and Burn by 3 turns as well as providing a 1 turn 80% DR. Then if you hit 4 PERFECTs he will provide a 2.25x Fighter orb boost on the following turn. Very useful unit if the enemy has an orb boost interrupt, for example.

- RR Opera (with Double Special maxed): If you have this guy with double Special maxed he is pretty good: he can grant you a 1.75x orb and a 1.75x affinity boosts for FighteShooter characters for 1 turn. You can also choose to use him on 2 different stages for a 1.75x orb boost on each of them.

Chain Lockers/Boosters

Rank S (Chain Lockers)

- DEX Sabo: 3x Chain Lock as well as 2.25x Orb boost.

- V2 RR Ideo: 2.75x Chain Lock for 3 turns as well as orb manipulation (G/EMPTY/BLOCK to matching) and a 2t Delay.

- Halloween Luffy: Great F2P unit that provides a 25% HP Cut to 1 enemy, full orb manipulation as well as a 4 turn Despair reduction and either a 3x chain lock for 1 turn (if you have activated an orb boost) or a 2.75x chain lock for 3 turns (if you don't). His real cons is he's a Luffy unit, so you might prefer to bring another Luffy instead of him. He also Binds himself for 7 turns, which isn't a real cons considering Ace's special.

- RR Kizaru: Reduces PSY/INT special cooldown by 1 turn, changes adjacent orbs to matching and locks the chain to 3x for 1 turn.

- LRR Moria: Huge AOE damage if you have a way to delay enemies. He also sets the chain to 3x for 1 turn and removes 5 turns of Increased Dmg Taken.

- Kizuna Boa: Changes all orbs into DEX/PSY, locks the chain at 3x for 1 turn and deals a 20% HP Cut to 1 enemy.

- RR Holdem: He has a weak 2.5x chain boost for 1t, but he also removes 3 turns of Damage Reduction, Threshold and Barrier duration on the enemy, so he might come in handy for those situations.

Rank A (Chain Lockers)

- V1 5+ Niji: 2.75x chain lock for 2 turns. Useful if you want to avoid worse chain locks to be applied.

- V1 Kuzan +: 2.5x chain lock as well as a 1 turn ATK/Orb boost extension. Works really well specially with bosses that revive.

- Raid Boa / Neo Boa: 2.5x chain lock for 2 turns (3 turns on Neo) and a 1 turn Delay. The neo version also changes own and Captain orb to matching.

Rank S (Chain Boosters)

- V1 Snakeman: Amazing special providing a multiturn Orb boost as well as a +0.7 chain boost for 3 turns.

- V1 Sanji +: Changes BLOCK, own and adjacent orbs to matching, deals 100k fixed AOE damage and boosts the chain by +0.8 for 1 turn.

- Colo Jinbe: +0.5 chain boost for 2 turns, significantly reduces damage over 3k HP for 2 turns (97% reduction) and completely removes enemy threshold damage reduction.

- LRR Usopp: 15% HP Cut to 1 enemy and 7 turn Threshold / ATK UP / EOT damage reduction. If the enemy has Delay or Full Immunity, he also boosts the chain by +0.75 for 3 turns and makes STDEX/QCK orbs beneficial for shooters for 3 turns.

- Kizuna RR Monet: If you're at full HP she provides a self procking 1.75x conditional boost to delay as well as a +0.7 chain boost for 1 turn.

- Kizuna Carrot (JP Only): 1.75x ATK boost for all characters, +0.65 chain boost for 1 turn and removes Def Up completely.

Rank A (Chain Boosters)

- RR Chobro: +0.6 chain boost for 1 turn, reduces defense of the enemies by 80%, reduces Enrage/Threshold reduction on the enemies by 5 turns and makes DEX/PSY/INT orbs matching for 1 turn.

- Raid Kizaru / Neo Kizaru: +0.5 chain boost for 2 turns, changes own orb to matching and reduces cooldown for ShooteFighter characters for 1 turn. It's a good unit for speed runs.

Color Affinity Boosters

Rank S:

- TM Halloween Nami: 1.75x Rainbow Color Affinity for 1 turn, that turns into a 2x Rainbow Color Affinity for 1 turn after hitting 3 PERFECTs. Quite a useful unit, specially for stages with multiple bosses or Color Affinity interrupts.

- 6+ Blucci: A 2x Color Affinity for Shooters, as well as a Paralysis remover (4 turns) and a Def Down effect (80%). Very useful unit.

- Colo Gladius: Despair is one of the most annoying debuffs for Ace. That's why having a guy remove 2 turns of Despair (and Bind) and provide a 1.75x Color Affinity for Shooters is quite good when you have to face that debuff.

- Stampede Robin: Locks your orbs and grants a 1.75x Color Affinity for STQCK/INT characters for 3 turns. A very good (and very used, at least by me) character. She also makes RCV/TND orbs count as matching for the same 3 colours.

- RR Opera (with Double Special maxed): Grants FighteShooter characters a 1.75x Orb boost and a 1.75x Affinity boost by himself.

- Raid Magellan / Hannyebal: A 2x Color Affinity for QCK/INT characters. They also randomize your orbs into either QCK or INT orbs, as well as poisoning the enemy. Key unit for big 1 turn bursts (Kizuna mostly).

- LRR Kimono Kuzan: Amazing unit, giving a 1.75x Color Affinity to STINT characters (provided you have 4 or more STINT characters, not too hard to achieve) for 2 turns and also reducing the 3 annoying enemy buffs for 5 turns: Def Up, Damage Reduction and Threshold Reduction. If that wasn't good enough, he also provides a substantial heal (30x his RCV).

- Kizuna Big Mom (JP Only): Very good unit if you need to get rid of unwanted positive buffs on your team. She removes them and applies a 2x Rainbow ATK boost and a 1.75x Color Affinity boost to STQCK/INT characters.

Rank A:

- Neo Akainu: 1.75x Affinity boost for INT characters as well as changing their orbs to INT. A good special when you fight against a PSY boss.

- RR Zeff: 1.75x Affinity boost for Fighter characters that you can use on multiple rooms thanks to his CD reducing sailor. He also has own CD reduction LB, so you can use his special right at the start of the fight, which can be (but normally isn't that much) useful.

Conditional ATK Boosters

I will use this format on parenthesis: (ATK Boost, Status inflicted, Self Procking or NOT).

Rank S:

- V1 Katakuri (1.75x 2t, Delay, NOT SP): On top of that changes all color and BLOCK orbs to matching and reduces your cooldowns for 1 turn.

- Colo Magellan: (1.75x 1t, Poison, SP): On top of that he also reduces enemies def to 0 and reduces 2 turns of DR and Threshold. Amazing unit.

- TM Boa: (1.75x 1t, Def Down, SP): She also heals by around 20k, reduces up to 4t of Threshold and Resilience Buffs and can provide an extra 2x Orb boost to Shooters.

- Raid Lucci: (1.75x 1t, Delay, SP): The condition for him to work is to have only 1 enemy, which is usually the case against bosses.

- WCI Carrot: (1.75x 1t, Def Down, NOT SP): She also Delays for 1 turn, changes color orbs to PSY (counted as matching by Ace) and reduces Paralysis/Despair by 4 turns. An old RR but really good still.

- RR Camie (with Double Special maxed): (1.75x 1t, Delay, SP): She also reduces 4 turns of Burn/Paralysis/Silence/IncreasedDmgTaken.

- Kizuna Magellan: (1.3x forever, Poison, SP): The good thing about him is the continuous effect procs before Immunity from pre-emptives apply, so you can technically use a conditional on full Immunity bosses (unless they remove their poison).

- Kizuna RR Monet: (1.75x 1t, Delay, SP): The condition you need to fulfill is being at MAX HP. She also reduces your CDs by 1t and applies a +0.7 chain boost for 1t.

- V3 Katakuri (JP Only): (2x 1t, Delay, SP): The condition to fulfill is being below 30% HP to launch his super-typing, which should be easy enough to achieve by tanking damage.

A list of other useful units

- V2 Katakuri: We already know how good this guy is. Amazing AOE special as well as a huge tap-timing bonus. He gets rekt by NAO and MegaBuff Clear, so be wary of those 2 when using him, though.

- Colo Kid: The god of speed runs, providing a big AOE EOT damage for 2 turns as well as reducing shooter specials for 2 turns. Also, his special is ready just at the beggining thanks to his LB.

- Ambush Garp: He's a no-brainer when an enemy has a revive mechanic to equal or below 25% HP. He basically insta KO's them, no matter how many nasty debuffs/barriers they may have.

- Legend Magellan: He's the classic "I stall you while you die slowly" type of character. He can be useful sometimes if you are able to stall a lot of turns on a boss (or on a Garp challenge, for example).

Utility Subs


- Stampede Lucci: (DR 5t) Condition: you need 4 or more QCK/INT characters,

- RR Ain (With double Special maxed): (DR and Threshold 4t, Bind/Despair 4t, 20% HP heal, 70% DR 1t)

- Colo Magellan: (DR and Threshold 2t + Conditional Poison)

- LRR Kimono Kuzan: (Def Up, DR and Threshold 5t + Affinity to STINT)

- Colo Kuma (DR and Threshold 3t)

- RR Holdem (DR, Threshold and Barrier 3t, 2.5x chain lock)

- RR Wano Usopp (JP Only, on global shortly): (Def Up, DR and Threshold 5t + 1t CD reduction + 2t Delay)

- WJ Luffy (DR and Threshold 3t, BLOCK orb manipulation)

- RR Pekoms (Def Up Complete Removal)

- Colo Jinbe (Damage Threshold Reduction Complete Removal, +0.5 chain boost for 2t)

- WJ Hancock (Def Up 5t, Chain Debuffs 5t, Bind 5t)

- 6+ Jinbe (Def UP and DR 5t, All fighter orbs to matching)

- Colo Oars (Def Up and Threshold 4t, ATK Down 4t, Extends ATK boost buffs for 1 turn if you have 6 Fighters)

- RR V2 Elizabello (DR and Threshold 3t, 1.75x 3t Orb boost FighteDriven)

- TM Robin (DR and Threshold 3t, Paralysis/Silence/Bind 3t, Nullifies damage from STPSY if your HP is over 50%)

- TM RR Marco (Threshold 4t, Despair 3t)

- RR Trebol (Def Up, DR and Threshold 4t)

- LRR Carrot (DR and Threshold 3t, Bind 5t, BOMB/EMPTY/G orb manipulation)

I'm not going to consider here Bind / Cooldown / Silence reducers because it misses the whole point of Ace's CA and SA. I will form this list with reducers for the rest of the debuffs.

- WCI Carrot (Paralysis and Despair 4t, Color orbs to PSY, 1.75x to Def Down, Delay 1t)

- RR Ain (With double Special maxed): (DR and Threshold 4t, Bind/Despair 4t, 20% HP heal, 70% DR 1t)

- RR V2 Kuma (With double Special maxed): (Bind/Despair 14t, 40% HP heal, Low chance to insta-defeat enemies)

- TM Robin (Paralysis/Bind/Silence 3t, DR and Threshold 3t, Nullifies damage from STPSY if your HP is over 50%)

- RR V2 Don Sai (Bind/DespaiBurn 3t, Enemy ATK UP/Enrage/Resilience 3t)

- V1 Rayleigh 6+ (Bind/DespaiParalysis 7t, Delay 1t, PERFECTs easier to hit 1t)

- Colo Enel (Paralysis/ATK Down/Chain Limit 5t)

- Blucci 6+ (Paralysis 4t, 2x Affinity for Shooters, 80% Def Down)

- Legend Chopper (Paralysis/Bind/DespaiSilence/ATK Down/IncrasedDmgTaken/RCV Down/Blindness 5t, Removes Poison, Big EOT heal for 3t)

- Stampede Chopper (Paralysis/DespaiChain Debuffs 5t, Medium EOT heal for 3t)

- RR Reverie Coby (Paralysis/Despair 5t, Medium EOT heal for 3t, Nullifies damage from QCK/DEX if your HP is over 50%, resists 10 turns of Blindness as a sailor)

- LRR Bonney (Paralysis/Bind 10t, Big Heal, BOMB/BLOCK orb manipulation)

- Stampede Buggy (Paralysis/Silence/ATK Down 5t)

- RR O-Tama (Burn/Paralysis/Chain Debuffs 7t and Big Heal)

- RR Halloween Reiju (Burn/Paralysis 3t, changes all ShooteCerebral orbs to matching, increases matching orb rate for 2 turns)

- RR Chiffon (Paralysis/DespaiSilence/ATK Down 3t, Medium EOT heal for 3t, If you have a DR o Threshold effect heals to full)

- LRR Kimono Akainu (Paralysis/ATK Down 5t, Reduces Def to 0, If you manage to get 4 QCK/PSY characters grants a 1.75x conditional, but it's a hard condition to fulfill).

- RR Camie (With double Special maxed) (Paralysis/Burn/Silence/IncreasedDmgTaken 4t, Self-Procking 1.75x 1t Delay conditional)

- RR Pudding (Bind/DespaiParalysis/IncreasedDmgTaken 4t, 5k heal, 80% DR, changes all orbs into her own)

- RR Sengoku (DespaiATK Down 4t, 2x orb boost if you get 4 QCK/PSY characters, but it's a hard condition to fulfill)

- Ivankov/Bon Clay (Bind/Despair 5t, Removes Poison, Blindness and RCV Down, Medium EOT Heal for 5t, Reduces Paralysis by 1t and grants a 20% DR on switch)

- Halloween Luffy (Despair 4t, Binds self for 7t, Changes all orbs to TND counted as matching with his sailor, locks chain for either 2.75x for 3t or 3x for 1t, 25% HP Cut)

- Colo Opera (DespaiBlindness/IncreasedDmgTaken 7t if you have 5 or more Fighters, 20% HP Cut)

Final Notes

Halloween Ace is a very good overall unit. His CA is very good (his ATK bonus might fall a little bit short for nowadays standards, but a 4x is still good - plus he's got a huge HP pool) and his special is even better. The only thing that keeps him from being one of the best legends in the game is the fact he boosts Fighters and Shooters. While Fighters have a very good pool of great units (most of them not even centered around that class, though), Shooters are arguably the worst class in the game.
However, in my opinion his CA and SA mechanics will keep him relevant for quite a good time.
Thanks for reading through, and if you think I left some important information/unit out let me know, as it's more than probable since there's a lot of stuff to write and search for.
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Every Regular Show Episode Ranked Worst to best

I'm not including the movie
Remember, this is my own personal opinion
Also sorry if I miss an episode,but I don't think I missed any
  1. Wall Buddy
  2. Lift with your back
  3. Muscle Woman
  4. The Unicorns have got to go
  5. The return of party horse
  6. Survival skills
  7. Married and broke
  8. Yes dude,yes
  9. Merry Christmas Mordecai
  10. Space creds
  11. Mordeby and Rigbecai
  12. New Beds
  13. Favorite Shirt
  14. Maellard's package
  15. Benson's pig
  16. Party Horse
  17. Birthday Gift
  18. Not great double date
  19. Men in uniform
  20. Sad sax
  21. The end of muscle man
  22. The longest Weekend
  23. The best vhs in the world
238/237. Brilliant century duck crisis special
  1. Dumped at the alter
  2. Dumptown USA
234/233. The dome experiment special
  1. Laundry woes
  2. Video 101
  3. Bet to be blonde
  4. Out of commission
  5. House rules
  6. Cruising
  7. Gut model
  8. Slam dunk
  9. Country club
  10. The button
  11. The heart of a stuntman
  12. Portable toilet
  13. Bad portrait
  14. Brain eraser
  15. Death punches
217/216. Rigby's graduation day special
  1. Ugly moons
  2. The brain of evil
  3. The key to the universe
  4. Peeps
  5. More smarter
  6. Skunked
  7. Dizzy
  8. Cool bikes
  9. Butt dial
  10. Replaced
  11. Trash boat
  12. I000th chopper flight party
  13. A bunch of full grown geese
  14. Carter and brigs
  15. Quips
  16. Caveman
  17. Picking up Margaret
  18. Rap it up
  19. Benson's car
  20. Tants
  21. Rigby in the sky with burrito
  22. Appreciation day
  23. Gold watch
  24. Paint job
  25. Skips in the saddle
  26. Tent trouble
  27. Daddy issues
  28. Lunch break
  29. The parkie awards
  30. Just friends
  31. Gymblonski
  32. California king
  33. Party Pete
  34. The dream warrior
181/180. The Thanksgiving special
  1. Spacey Mcspacetree
  2. Can you ear me now
  3. Alpha dome
  4. The ice tape
  5. Go viral
  6. Rigby goes to prom
  7. The Eileen plan
  8. Dodge this
  9. Cube bros
  10. Blind trust
  11. Meteor moves
  12. Do or diaper
  13. T.G.I Tuesday
  14. One pull up
  15. Every meat burritos
  16. Power tower
  17. New years kiss
  18. I like you hi
  19. Fool me Twice
  20. Catching the wave
  21. Bachelor party zingy
  22. Take the cake
  23. Park managers lunch
  24. Do me a solid
  25. Maxin and relaxin
  26. Happy birthday song contest
  27. Death Kwon do-livery
  28. Local news legend
  29. Struck by lightning
  30. Crazy fake plan
  31. Snow tubing
  32. Lame lock down
  33. Pam I am
  34. Fries night
  35. Stuck in an elevator
  36. The space race
  37. Kill 'em with kindness
  38. Chilli cook off
  39. Hello China
  40. Benson be gone
  41. Temp check
  42. See you there
  43. The postcard
  44. Really real wrestling
  45. Jinx
  46. But I have a receipt
  47. Meat your maker
  48. Prank callers
  49. It's time
  50. Video game wizards
  51. Big winner
  52. Trash boat
  53. Access denied
  54. Muscle Mentor
  55. Trucker hall of fame
  56. Sugar rush
  57. Pie contest
  58. Starter pack
  59. Bald spot
120/119. The Christmas special
  1. White Elephant gift exchange
  2. Ace Balthazar lives
  3. A bunch of baby ducks
  4. K.I.L.I.T radio
  5. Sleep fighter
  6. A skips in time
  7. Bank shot
  8. Journey to the bottom of the crash pit
  9. Real date
  10. New bro on campus
  11. I see turtles
  12. Saving time
  13. Gamers never say die
  14. Garage door
  15. Sandwich of death
  16. Cat videos
  17. Cafeinated concert tickets
101/100. Terror tales of the Park II
  1. Rigby's body
98-93. Terror tales of the park 3-5
  1. The night owl
  2. Cool bro bots
  3. Welcome to space
  4. Space escape
88-85. Terror tales of the park 1 and 6
84/83. Christmas in space
  1. Thomas fights back
81/80. The real Thomas:an intern special
  1. Mordecai and rigby down under
78-76. A regular epic final battle
  1. Cheer up pops
  2. Meet the seer
  3. Lost and found
  4. One space day at a time
  5. Guys night 2
  6. Guys night
  7. Format wars II
  8. Sleep cycle
  9. Benson's suit
  10. Skips in the saddle
  11. Expert or liar
  12. Mordecai and the rigbys
  13. Diary
  14. Busted cart
  15. Fortune cookie
  16. Camping can be cool
  17. Skips strikes
  18. This is my jam
  19. High score
  20. Return of mordecai and the rigbys
  21. Karaoke video
  22. Silver dude
  23. Guitar of rock
  24. Play date
  25. The lunch club
  26. Donut factory holiday
  27. Last meal
  28. Pops' favorite planet
  29. Deez keys
  30. Free cake
  31. Grilled cheese deluxe
  32. V.I.P members only
  33. Rage against the T.V
  34. Stick hockey
  35. The best burger in the world
  36. Fists of Justice
  37. Fancy restaurant
  38. World's best boss
  39. Cool cubed
  40. Dead at eight
  41. Operation hear no evil
  42. Gary's synthesizer
  43. Skips vs technology
  44. Skips stress
  45. My mom
  46. Don
  47. Ello Gov'nor
  48. Grave sights
  49. First day
  50. Under the hood
  51. Weekend at Benson's
  52. Fuzzy dice
  53. Firework run
  54. That's my television
  55. Limousine lunchtime
  56. Family bbq
  57. Win that prize
  58. Prankless
  59. Death bear
  60. Bad kiss
15/14. Exit 9B
  1. I50 piece kit
  2. Over the top
  3. Just set up the chairs
  4. Skips stress
  5. Think positive
  6. Eggscellent
7/6. Skips story
  1. Trailer trashed
  2. The power
  3. Marvolo the wizard
  4. The last LasarDisk player
  5. No train no gain
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