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New Grad offer and negotiation

So after a few months of unemployment I finally got an offer that I am excited for! Going to be doing IP medical oncology at a well respected university teaching hospital with a seemingly great team of MDs and APCs. Location and specialty: check and check (so I am going to be taking the job no matter what). The money is not terrible, but I am wondering if there is room to bump it up. I know that offers at the hospital probably tend to be more algorithmic. My other big fear is somehow offending them and getting my offer pulled. They were super vague too about the benefits (CME ect), saying refer to a generic HR website that does not go into details specifically for PA positions. I will send an email clarifying these before I counter offer.
-$90,500 per year (new grad avg in state: 94K, new grad avg in field: 99K)
- 3 weeks PTO
- Good health insurance, assuming good retirement
- Specifically mentioned NOT covering DEA/state licenses

Would it be unreasonable to ask for 99K to see if they would meet in the middle? Should try to clarify raise and bonuses? Could I negotiate a raise at 6 months given that I will be less productive during my first 6 months? Any chance of trying to get sick days rolled into PTO?
submitted by jimnix13 to physicianassistant


[Costco] Costco Mobile – Small Business Accounts BF Promotions – $100-300 Cash Cards & 3 Months Free

Expires: November 30, 2020 Retailer: Costco
There is currently a thread for personal lines, so thought I’d create a thread for small business lines. Someone else created a ‘discussion’ about the small business line deals from 2 years ago, but thought I’d start a fresh threads with the actual deals people received so far.
You must have a valid GST number (some people have suggest that a business license or PST number will be enough, but GST guarantees you qualify), and have 2+ lines activated for small business lines. In order to get the best value, you need to buy new devices, as you qualify for additional credits.
Generally, it appears that if you are porting over minimum 2 lines to Bell OR Rogers, you will receive 3 months of free wireless services at the very least (will appear on your phone bill), along with Costco cash cards ($100-$300 per line depending on the phone model), and a $105 (Bell) or $120 (Rogers) credit per line for each new device (provided on your bill too).
Please keep in mind that some Costco reps will try and be sleezy and state that you must use the Costco cash cards towards accessories or extended warranties, but do NOT fall for it. They will also tell you that you will get free accessories and Costco cash cards, only to give you only half of what you should get in Costco cash cards and try to charge the ‘free’ accessories to extra Costco cash cards (I know this first hand as they attempted to do this to me 2 separate times).
Keep in mind that all plans are on 2 year plans. Please share your deals and limit discussion.
Below are what have been reported so far over the past week in other threads:
Deal I was offered with Rogers for 3 lines (line 1 = $67.50 per month and each additional line is $45.00 per month – free Canada wide calls and 20GB per line): iPhone 12 128GB Device cost: $51.50/month for 24 months Costco Card = $50 Activation Credit = $120 3 Months of free phone service (not on monthly device cost)
2nd line – iPhone 11 128GB Device cost: $33/month for 24 months Costco card = $200 Activation Credit = $120 3 Months of free phone service (not on monthly device cost)
iPhone XR 64GB Device cost: $25/month for 24 months Costco card = $200 Activation Credit = $120 3 Months of free phone service (not on monthly device cost)
  • ** From Naticom: ** *
  • 1st line : $75-10%, 20GB data 2nd line : $50 – 10%, 20GB data Each line has $325 port in credit (background was kind of noisy so I’m a bit unsure) If you wanna get latest phone, only $100GC If you choose older phone (e.g iPhone xr, iPhone 11, not pro pro max), you get $300GC *
  • ** From MMMM: ** *
  • Bell $75 share plan/20 gb line or $75 20gb/line not shared $25 per line discount up to 4 lines Costco 10% discount Costco gift cards per phone: see notes Device credit and line discount per line for three months (this replaces the port in credit) Included BT ear bus/car chargebonus minutes (Can to US 50 mins)
Plan example for 4 lines: 20gb per line or 80gb shared (Costco 10% discount included) 1st line $67.50 2nd line $42.50 3rd line $42.50 4th Line $42.40 Avg line cost $175/4=$43.75
Iphone XR $720/24=$30
Iphone XR device credit =$300 $300×4=$1200 (paid in Costco gift cards)
First 3 months line and device credit for 4 lines: after Costco 10% discount 67.5+42.5+42.5+42.5=$195 Iphone XR $30×4=$120 device and line credit (120+195)x3=$945
Total Credits: $945+$1200=$2145
Notes: (1)Costco gift cards vary per phone: Iphone 11-$300 Iphone XR-$300 IPhone 12/all-$100 Iphone SE-200 *
submitted by DealsCanada to ShopCanada