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My computer's been busy calibrating my screen for over nearly 90 minutes! Accounts could be banned by Spotify officials. TeraCopy skips bad files during copy and even shows the skipped files at the end of files transfer. This review is based on a complimentary book I received from NetGalley. The packs contain the most commonly used components. It is an honest and voluntary review.


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Steps to do when my laptop arrives, am I missing something?

  1. Start recording footage
  2. Scan any QR codes/barcodes before opening outer Flipkart box and check details are proper
  3. Outer Box
    1. Open the outer box
    2. Before opening INNER box check if model is correct, QR code/bar code etc if any matches
    3. If model is not the correct one DO NOT OPEN the inner box
    4. If any damage is present on the outer box clearly record it as part of the video
    5. Take photos of the damages
  4. Inner Box
    1. Open the inner box
    2. DO NOT REMOVE labels or stickers till we are absolutely sure everything works
    3. Check left right top bottom and all sides after opening box to check for physical damage, scratches
    4. Check if any qr code model number serial number etc is given on the device and try it to match it with the order
    5. DO NOT throw the papeplastic/foam layer between the screen and the keyboard to prevent damage to the screen
    6. If any damage is present in the inner box clearly record it as part of the video
    7. Take photos of the damages
    8. Take a photo of the box if a different item is received
  5. Laptop
    1. Check body of the laptop, top left right bottom to see if any damage is present
    2. Check if any serial/qr code/barcode is present and scan it to verify with order
    3. Clearly record any damage as part of the video
    4. If the laptop model is completely different from the one you ordered, clearly record that with its serial number etc
    5. Take a photo of the damage in the laptop if any or if a different model is inside the box
  6. Connect charger
  7. Boot
  8. Verify configuration Using Native Tools
    1. Type dxdiag in the command prompt and verify if the CPU GPU RAM HDD etc matches with the description of the product on flipkart and show this on video clearly
    2. Take photos/screenshots of the screen with all these settings
  9. Test each hardware component via external services
    1. Keyboard test from https://keyboardtester.co/keyboard-tester
    2. Mouse test https://keyboardtester.co/mouse-click-tester
    3. Typing test from https://typetest.io/
    4. Mic test from https://www.onlinemictest.com/
    5. Webcam test from https://webcammictest.com/
    6. Speaker test https://www.audiocheck.net/audiotests_stereo.php
    7. Screen dead pixel test https://www.checkpixels.com/
    8. Take a photo/screenshot of the results of the above wherever applicable
  10. Create system restore point
  11. If everything works well, Register for HP warranty, take a photo/screenshot if successful
  12. Update
  13. Windows
  14. Nvidia drivers
  15. Bios (check release history and see if people are facing any problems, otherwise don't update this one)
  16. Take a photo/screenshot of the default configuration for the following
  17. Install CPU-Z, capture configuration, temperatures
  18. Install GPU-Z, capture configuration, temperatures
  19. External Tool based CPU Test
  20. Download Cinebench R20 to test cpu as per https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RwCfGsVk1Yk
  21. Verify benchmarks of CPU from here https://www.cpu-monkey.com/en/cpu-amd_ryzen_5_4600h-1148
  22. External Tool based GPU Test
  23. Download Unigine heaven 4 watch this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dpF4tTz96k4
  24. Verify benchmarks of GPU https://laptopmedia.com/video-card/nvidia-geforce-gtx-1660-ti/
  25. If everything is good till now, STOP RECORDING
  26. Uninstall Cinebench, Unigine, CPU-Z, GPU-Z if you don’t want them anymore
  27. Windows Privacy and Tweaking
  28. Tweak privacy via
  29. Manual method covered here: How to Optimize Windows 10 For GAMING & Performance in 2019 The Ultimate Updated GUIDE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wkJBDEDDS5o or
  30. Another tool Shutup10
  31. Uninstall bloatware via
  32. Software using PC Decrapifier https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zq5gXU6iGuA or
  33. using command line tools https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8E6OT_QcHaU&feature=youtu.be or read this post https://christitus.com/debloat-windows-10-2020/
  34. Configure windows update settings
  35. Remove any default antivirus
  36. Install Brave Browser
  37. Download steam
  38. Download games…
Edit: Updated from some of the suggestions
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Request: Advice/Critique on Campaign Idea

I want to design campaign as a monster huntearcheology quest. I have the rough outline for set and setting. The idea is the players are hired by a philanthropic scholar whose interests lie in the glory of discovery who sends the players to a newly discovered island. the island will have minor settlements of various organizations and races looking to capitalize on new land or just escape imperial tyranny/rule (insert generic empire here). The catch is the island has been left uninhabited for so long the wildlife is extreme. The players will have the overall goal of discovering and documenting new creatures and/or any evidence of the long disappeared original inhabitants. At first things will be super simple. they will be sent out like the witcher to hunt down particularly fierce nuisance creatures to make settlement building easier for which area they decide to bed down in. While this goes on I hope to develop hints and clues that they return to their patron to lead them, if they choose, to the next discovery. I want the setting and overall mission to be loose enough that they don't necessarily need to be active pursuing the main objective to progress and I can cut and paste and edit various premade plot hooks throughout the campaign. I have a map drawn and a few major npcs written. I believe my group really appreciates the open ended progression style play without they dramatic political plots. think serialized TV versus epic drama. Although I have the option to create more story as we go with the premise of discovering the long forgotten history of the currently uninhabited land.
Full disclosure I have not DM'd before, I have been a player for a few minor campaigns with close friends. I plan to DM for the first time for them sometime within the next few months, longer if need be. My group is very understanding and patient as we are all just figuring it out for ourselves as we go along sharing resources and guides and what not. I am preparing for this by first going through Matthew Colvilles Running the Game Playlist on Youtube (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e-YZvLUXcR8&list=PLlUk42GiU2guNzWBzxn7hs8MaV7ELLCP_) and familiarizing myself with encounter building, studying up on rules and just generally getting a better grasp on game mechanics and how I think they should work for my campaign.
What I am asking for is advice/critique on how to tighten up my ideas into something workable. I am well aware that I am in over my head but I'm not afraid to try. I would really appreciate references to materials that I could coopt into my campaign setting/tweak for my setting and style. Any and all advice is appreciated. Even if the advice is critiquing what I am asking for....
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