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[OC]Benevolent Evil (Chapter 1) - part2

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Benevolent Evil

(Chapter 1) The End of Me - part2

Everything changed, reality itself blinked for a moment, I failed to notice when. Afterlife was strange at times, more than one would expect.
Myself now standing in front of a large stone table. Around me endless arrays of stone columns, spreading as long as the eye could see. There was no noticeable light source, but I saw everything as clearly as if I was camping outside on the summer day.
To my surprise, the familiar white screen blinked into existence.
Name: Niilo Novak
Race: Human
Status: Dead
Dark Karma: 13 476 003 501
“Wow! He was not lying!”- a single utterly ecstatic female voice came from seemingly everywhere.-“Human with the dark karma in the damn BILLIONS!”
I do not know what I had expected, but this definitely was not it.
“You are sharp! What damn thing have you done to score this high?”- the same female voice expressed its thoughts, visibly excited.
Yet, I was too shocked to answer, the sudden change of the atmosphere more than too heavy on my mortal mind. What could I possibly say to someone excited about the death of billions?
“Hey, do you hear me?!”
Few seconds passed before I gathered the mental fortitude to reply.
“Yeah, I do.”
“Excellent! Can’t wait to start your reincarnation. This is so sharp! Sick sharp!” -I could not understand ‘her’ tone of voice. Who the hell could be happy to deal with the man in my circumstances.
“Sharp?”- was the first question I asked. Now when I think about it, I should had started with something better.
“Oh, it’s just a phrase I use when something is...”- she paused for a bit-” brutally awesome!”
“Many would fail to see anything ‘sharp’ about thirteen billion dark karma.”- my voice as cold and emotionless as it gets. I was psychologically too drained to act otherwise.
She only chuckled on my words.
“Aren’t you a bad-ass, ahahahha”- her laugh seemed genuine, and I understood nothing. The last ‘God’ was unlike her, I presumed she was something similar. But hell, he seemed to have been hurt by my actions more than it dared to show.
“Well, well...”- her voice continuing- “…by these numbers I surely do not need an answer to that, hhihi... ” - she giggled.
The table in front of me unchanging, no chair in sight, the endless stone columns unmoving too.
“So, here is the deal”-she spoke, finally in a more serious tone.-” You shall serve me, it’s that simple.”
Yea, I will need more than that, was what I thought. But I was meet with silence, she did not seem to sense my thoughts as the God from before. To understand me as he was and give an immediate answer.
“You will have to be more specific.”- my emotions still shattered, but my curiosity was genuine.
“What is there to be specific about?”-her words made it truly sound like something every child should know-” You will worship me as your deity, build temples and cathedrals in my glory, offer me worthy sacrifices, convert others to my faith and so on.”
She differed greatly from the last ‘God’. While he was worried about me. Or at least had radiated such aura, her motives were obviously personal by nature.
“Sacrifices?”- My subconsciousness was screaming, from the moment she spoke that word. I could only imagine what she meant by it. Yet strangely, none of my worries radiated from my voice.
“Indeed... they are what feeds me. And judging by your dark karma, you will have no problems with providing them...”-something in those words froze my nerves. Their sub-tone truly inhuman.
“AHAHAHHAHAAH!”-followed by laughter, cripplingly ecstatic. She... she was absolutely thrilled about it.
Yet, I… I needed to be careful with her. I could sense it now, somehow, instinctively I already knew it from the second she first giggled.
I had to know more, tread lightly.
“Is this amount of dark karma that unusual?”- Was the best I was able to come up with.
Silence, it was all around me. Still, I could feel someone observing me. Confused look all over her face. At least that was how I internally interpreted the lack of a timely answer.
“Are you kidding?”-now it was she who sounded genuinely interested.
I took a large breath, though it seemed I actually did not need to breathe. Well, I was dead, so that made sense.
“Do I look like somebody who is often kidding?”- I went on full bad-ass mode, bluff to be sure, but it was obvious from the start she had a very different picture about me from the one which was true.
Now I was playing on my ‘dark karma’ card.
“It’s the record here”-color of her voice was different now, calmer-” Nobody ever had the dark karma in billions. Let alone over thirteen billion.”-again she giggled.
Now I understood why she was so excited, partially anyway.
“Ahem… any special requests or advice?”-I said those words as coldly as I could. Still trying to pull out as much information as possible while not overdoing it with questions.
“Hmmm…-” there was a noticeable pause in her words ”- No any specific request yet per se. But I have plenty of advice I wanted to give you anyhow.”
Well, that was at least something. Though I had hoped to find out more about the ‘sacrifices’ without being too direct. If she expected from me to be ripping out beating hearts for her glory, she would be in a hell of a surprise.
But I was not stupid to tell her that.
She continued-” Show no mercy...”-I did not like the sound of it “- they might seem nice at first because trust me, they will not spare you. In the best case you will burn alive like a sweet heretic of mine you are… ahahhahahaha”- damn her laughter was creepy as hell.
“As you can guess, my religion is not that well accepted, but I reckon you will be able to valiantly defend it. Unlike many other of my servants.”
“I’ll do my best”-short answer seemed like the best one here.
“I am positive you will. Something tells me we will get along, heheheeheh”- She seemed sure of it, I did not.
The entire area around me ‘shook’, like there was a short earthquake. Yet I knew it could be nothing so mundane.
“Now we just need to wisely spend your dark karma”- again, I had no fricking idea what she was referring to, yet I did not dare to ask any more questions. At least not too suddenly.
The same familiar window appeared in front of me: Yet this time, there was more to it.
Name: Niilo Novak
Race: Human
Status: Dead
Dark Karma: 13 476 003 501
Accept the servitude to the Goddess of Darkness.
I was silent like a dead man… well I was actually dead, but you get what I mean.
However, inside my mind I was screaming!
Goddess of Darkness?!! This for real?! Servitude????!!... Fricking reincarnation.”
I know one should not judge a book by its cover but this was as obvious as it gets. What my common sense has been telling me ever since she first spoke to me was true. Somebody who understands what thirteen billion of dark karma means and calls is ‘sharp’ is undoubtedly a fricking murderous monster.
I was simply lucky she suspected nothing. Like ddddd, she too has a common sense, and the God which sent me here obviously did not tell her much, trying to protect me or something. So she too followed only logical conclusion possible, the one which dictated I would be a perfect follower of hers.
I took another deep breath, despite the fact I was dead. My psyche warranted it.
“Oh, you need to say Yes. It does not react to mental commands.”-she clarified it and then I figured something. It fully dawned on me.
She really can’t read my thoughts! I noticed it the moment she did not answer the first question I pondered inside my head, and further down the line when she failed to mind-read how disturbed I felt about her erratic laughter. But now I had a direct confirmation.
Unlike the previous God I talked to. But why it was so?
In general she seemed much ‘weaker’ than him. I could really feel it, somehow.
“Yes.”- One might be ‘surprised’ I answered that quickly. But I did not what to give her ANY impression I was having second thoughts. Because I was positively sure negative things waited for those who had this much dark karma. If they did not reincarnate as a servant of some Goddess that is.
The screen changed instantly.
Name: Niilo Novak
Race: Human
Status: In servitude to the Goddess of Darkness
Dark Karma: 13 476 003 501
AAHAHAAHAHAH!!!! AAAAhhhhh!!! Hhhhhh!!!!”- It was her, I cringed inside. That laughtesound did not seem human at all!.
“You beautiful being, to think a human would make me scream hard like this.”-she giggled, this time somehow notoriously, more than usual.
For my part, I prayed to God (the first one) that she would not figure me out. I was not sure about everything, that was a fact. But currently it took an idiot to think her and my moral views were the same.
“Now it’s time we go shopping, sharp. Heheheh...”
I interrupted her-” Shopping?”- question slipping out of my mouths. It’s fricking hard to control your thoughts when you are dead. I will tell you that much.
“Tdaaaaaa! We are now billionaires after all. ”- I could not see her, but the way she said it made me sure she had a wicked smile on her face.
A similar-sized screen appeared again in front of me. However, the information displayed was very different.
Method of payment?
  1. Karma
  2. Souls
  3. Blood
  4. Dark Karma
Yea… I did not like what I saw. I really did not.
“You need to say Dark Karma… naturally”- her voice brimming with happiness.
I spoke the words and an array of lists flew all over my view. Options, statistics, numbered bars, names I have never seen before. The screen was everything but simplistic, I could read what it said, but the amount of data was overwhelming.
But not to her!
Certainly not her! To this day, I still do not know how was I able to keep my nerves calm. She was screaming like a child in all you can eat ice-cream shop.
“Look at all those unlocked options! There is not a single thing out of our reach hihihihi. You will... serve me well ahahhaha”- Those last words were everything but a ‘child-like’.
To my defense, I tried to keep my mouth shut and focus. To observe and learn.
“Now... what is your preferred style of combat?” -for some reason, I never imagined she would ask that. I really didn’t, so it’s no small wonder I was slow to come up with anything. Instead of answering to someone who was now likely my overlord I just stood there, staring into the screen like a deer caught in a headlight.
“Hellooo? Your Goddess is speaking to you.”-luckily she did not seem agitated.
But even with the obvious lack of hostility coming from her words, I panicked.
“Fists… bare hands.” -well, it’s not like I had any other ‘combat experience’.
“Oh... seriously?”-again, there was no ill-intent radiating from her words. Thus I tried to rectify the situation I had tossed myself into.
“I am actually not that bad of a brawler. But I prefer to use my brain.”- well, I was totally 100% honest there. Hell, I killed a few billion people that way, so… Ehhhh, no, it’s too soon for that joke.
“Intelligence-based build? But a fighter?”-she said it as if I knew what she was talking about. Yet, I could not let her see the depths of my ignorance.
“Yeah, absolutely...”-again, the short answer is the best answer. I am pretty sure that logic is flawless whenever you are talking to the actual fricking Goddess of Darkness.
There was so much I wanted to ask, for her to explain me the world I was to reincarnate inside of. What level of technology they had. The political situation, history, etc. Yet I was careful here. Betting on the common-sense conclusion that the act of spending those thirteen billion of dark karma will keep me safe.
“ Magic or Leadership oriented?”- another question about something I knew nothing about.
Fuuuuuuuuuuuuucckkk!”-my mind was screaming. I felt like a student who did not even know the name of the class he was attending, being questioned by the professor.
“Leadership… obviously.” - I filled those words with as much confidence as I possibly could. While shocked that she mentioned ‘magic’. Damn, I should have figured something like that would pop out from somewhere.
“Okay! I can work with that. It actually makes sense when I think about it!”- that excitement-riddled reply gave me more relief than I would have thought possible. She had bought it, and it actually ‘made sense’!
In hindsight, it was pretty damn obvious she would believe the judgment of somebody who has over thirteen billion dark karma. For all I knew now, that gigantic number made me a foremost expert in whatever she was doing.
And when the Einstein is sitting there explaining physic to you, you frickin listen to him!
“Ehhh… quantity oriented... right?”- She was now asking me for direction? My ‘show of confidence’ really made her think my word held the weight of an expert?
I had to take advantage of it, to assert myself even more. Make her trust me that way.
“Absolutely not! The quality is a quantity of its own, when properly deployed.”- level of my ‘badassery’ overwhelming even me. What the hell was I even saying?
“Oh… wow! Never heard of such a build...”-I feared she might have become a bit suspicious there, luckily I was wrong -”...then again with this amount of dark karma you can sharply afford some unheard-of things.”
Oooo… she was eating my words like they were a dessert cooked by a master chef.
A few seconds later she said something on how intelligence builds usually need to worry about getting hurt, but I could afford an extremely resilient body. Even more so because I was able to pay a hefty fine. Supposedly, nobody was ever that rich to pay any fine.
Then she evilly giggled, that seemed to be a habit of hers.
So, I just continued standing there while data, numerated bars and everything else on the screen in front of me moved all around it. Parts of it sometimes blipping and going out of existence. Instantly being replaced by another set of information.
Then she suddenly screamed like a rich spoiled sixteen years old girl getting a brand new Mercedes.-”Haaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! Look at all these passives compatible with this build!”
I could swear to God (the first one) that she looked at me at the very moment with her eyes as wide as they get, although I was alone there -and could only sense her voice- But there was this distinct feeling that she was staring at me lingering in the air.
“Sharp!”- she exclaimed with playful zeal -” other choices were straight forward, but I am not sure about this. What do you think?”-the question obviously directed at myself.
The information on the screen was now simplistic, revealing what she was talking about. I could see a list of five ‘passives’. But I could not escape the notion of how ‘game-like’ this all was.
Selecting passive powers? What the hell is this!? Dota 3?”- I thought.
Compatible Passive**: Arch-summoner** (available)
Compatible Passive**: Internal Strike** (available)
Compatible Passive**: Pestilence** (available)
Compatible Passive**: Body of Shadow** (available)
Compatible Passive**: Touch of True** Eclipse (available)
Then in the moment of child-like madness, I just went for the “Touch of True Eclipse”. Because it was the last on the list and sounded the most ‘exotic’. Plus I honestly wanted to make a fast decision and thus project a picture that ‘I knew what the hell I was doing’.
“Stealth passive?! I thought you would rather opt for the Arch-summoner? Increased leadership and all that. Or maybe an Internal Strike, large critical damage plus a stun?”- she immediately stated
Ouch… that might have not been a right choice?!
“You dislike it?”- I was a bit worried at that moment, but still composed.
“No, no, it’s an interesting choice really.”- sounding almost as if she was afraid she insulted me-” It makes you quite versatile. ”
“Well… if you insist another passive would be better, then...”-yet I was immediately interrupted.
“Oh! Nonsense, it’s your body… I can’t wait to see this build in action. Sharp!”
I simply nodded with my head, really slowly, and she giggled… again.
Few minutes passed, a dozen more numerated bars popped in and out of the screen, not much more happened. I held my tongue shut with spartan discipline.
Then she spoke-” Alright, I need you to confirm all of those purchases”
Total Price: 1 992 711 711 Dark Karma
Amount left: 11 483 291 790 Dark Karma
Confirm the Payment
Yes? No?
“Yes”-I spoke without thinking. Again, I did not want to give here ANY reason to doubt me. What questioning her spending of the resources would surely cause. At least that is what I thought.
Two billion? She spent two billion? I… I was not sure what exactly to think. I knew I was intellectually blind about all of this.
Hellish amount of ‘congratulation/notification’ messages spamming my view interrupted my stream of thoughts. I took a sudden and a rather clumsy step back. To make it worse, I didn’t manage to read any of them, capturing not a single drop of information by my eyes.
Maniacal sounds startled me- “AahAHHAHAHAHA!!! Aaaaaaahhhhhii!”- ‘laughter’ coming from her. Yet, I was a kind of getting used to it, the emphasis on ‘kind of’.
“This is sooooo sharp! Ahahahaha! So much of it! I can’t even spend it! AHAAHAH”- well she seemed to be in a good mood. I reckoned that was not that good of a sign.
Well, my father always told me the only way to make a girl happy was to have more money than she can spend. I bet that rule was worth double if she was a Goddess of Darkness.
Thanks dad, you were right all along.
In front of me stood the status of my ‘afterlife bank account’:
Name: Niilo Novak
Race: Human
Status: In servitude to the Goddess of Darkness
Dark Karma: 11 483 291 790
“You like what you see? Darling?”- her voice was now different, I sensed it coming somewhere close behind me. I turned around.
Turned around confident I would see her.
Yet there was nothing. Only empty space, the same it was the first time I appeared in this ‘universe’.
“Darling?”-she called me once again.
“D-darling?”-I questioned her choice of the word. The word like that did not feel right. Not even as a joke. Not in a situation like this.
“Hihihihih, anyone who lets me spend two billion dark karma is my darling.”- again I felt that wicked smile and her eyes on me. But I could see nothing around me, not a trace of her deity.
“Well, I am not the one to question your words”- trying to sound loyal and diplomatic.
“Indeed, you are a smart one.”- it really sounded like an actual compliment.-” And soon to be handsome in that new – fearsome - body of yours… hehehehe”
Well, that was given.
Reincarnation would make a ‘new man’ out of me. That much I have expected ever since I heard the reincarnation was an option. Therefore I did not care about it. I wanted to be alive damn it! And somehow, even while serving this Goddess, survive and maybe repent my sins.
I had to make it count this time.
“So... what do you want to do next? ”- the color of her voice strangely ‘natural’ almost as if I was on a date and we just finished watching a movie. The only problem being that she actually asked me a direct question. I had to deflect in any way possible.
“I firmly believe it’s you who should decide on our next course of action.”
“Well… I am a Goddess, but somebody of your caliber surely has few quality ideas on his mind”-her logic and common sense seemed unquestionable.
Shiiiiit! Of course she would think I had a ton of ideas. Intelligence build, fighter, leadership-oriented and all that other crap I told her” - I lost my cool for a second there; even frowned.
“Everything alright?”-she asked. Even the worry in her voice sounded genuine. Yet I knew it was far from the truth. Nobody who is ecstatic about the amount of dark karma I had can possibly be sympathetic towards the others.
To my surprise that brain of mine actually worked for once.-“I will have to think everything over. Not keen to rush any decision if I do not have to.”- Yea that 100% sounded like a bullet-proof type of smart answer.
“Sure, take your time… I need to take care of a few things anyway. Will be back in an hour or so, then we can talk it over, haahahah. ”
It worked! I was a bit worried when I said it, but yea. That was some brilliant devil’s lawyer level shit on my part. I had captured the most valuable commodity one can ask for in any conflict, the time.
“See you later! Darling… hehe”-damn I would have sworn her voice sounded innocent there for a second. Yea, devil is a deceptive bastard, alright. Goddess of Darkness is surely not far behind.
I had to figure the shit out of this. To read through the same screen, she used to ‘spend’ my dark karma. There had to be a lot... and I really mean A LOT of useful information there.
Thus, both hungry and desperate for knowledge, I quickly opened it by just saying a few words. Everything here seemed to work that way, surprisingly user-friendly interface.
I began to read it superficially at first, just to get a general idea. What was where, how was it organized, etc Sometimes glancing over the numbers and graphs, more focus on the written word.
However, one part soon caught my eye.
The purchase history! It was practically at the bottom, like one might expect. I rushed to look at it.
To my satisfaction, there was an orderly list of all things my ‘Goddess’ bought, starting with the most expensive one.
The purchase The Price
TITLE**: Dreadlord** (Unlocked) ………………………. …. 513 000 000 Dark Karma
Active Ability: Herald of Darkness (Unlocked)……………… 71 000 000 Dark Karma
Passive: Immortal (Unlocked)……………………………... ……47 000 000 Dark Karma
Passive: Deathless (Unlocked)…………………………………….. 27 000 000 Dark Karma
Active Ability: Aura of Primal Fear (Unlocked)……………… 27 000 000 Dark Karma
Compatible Passive: Touch of True Eclipse (Unlocked)………113 000 000 Dark Karma
The initial list was short, but I knew not what a single thing there meant. Yet... in an awkward way it honestly looked like something I expected to find.
“What is a Dreadlord?” - Of course I was going to check the most expensive ‘Title’ first. And like every time, the screen displayed the answer.
[Dreadlord:” Ruler of Darkness, the Leader of Shadows, the Son of Eclipse, a being which transcended the evil and became its master.”
Gives one a strength to carve up his very own soul and still survive unscratched. Having that kind of resource at hand, one can thus call forth fanatically loyal servants which are able to act independent, using their own better judgment. Meaning they might not be loyal forever, but as long as they are, they will serve their creator… even beyond death.
Note: “Default understanding of the multitude of languages, both written, spoken, or gesticulated is always included in high tier Leadership oriented Title.”
Further Details...]
Huh….? What the?
The description of it was like something from a poorly written fantasy. And everything below ‘the explanation’ of what it does, made no sense, except the part on being a polyglot. However, if I had any doubts this ‘Goddess of Darkness’ might not be such a bad deity, they were nonexistent now.
“Further Details...”-my words shallow, but moist with the yearning for knowledge.
Predictably, another window popped-up.
[ Many who are in servitude to the Goddess of Darkness spill their precious blood to summon mindless minions that only inherit the physical traits of a corpse used for the purpose, subsequently enhancing it proportionally to the potency of the blood.
But the Dreadlord can do immeasurably more, bringing forth the servants, unlike any others, by giving them a piece of his soul, embedding it into the core of their being. Such an unholy act creates an abomination imbued with two somewhat chaotic and unpredictable gifts. One originating from the dead body, while the other is inherited directly from the piece of its creator’s soul, no matter how corrupt it may be. ]
Fucking excellent!! What am I exactly??? Some kind of soul-necromancer bullshit.”
It took a moment for my mind to sober up.
I inhaled deeply, my eyes rushing further down; the title ‘Immortal’ piqued my interest enormously. My mind hoping it would be exactly what it says, no strings attached.
Immortal:” The one who does not age, practically resistant to nature of death, able to fully regenerate as long as there is a single trace of his soul left. ”
Note: “Reattaching/Absorbing severed body parts instead of waiting for them to regrow significantly increases regeneration rate and preserves the body mass.”
Oh, well… that was superbly useful. I could not argue there. However, seeing I was a kind of “Immortal”, the Deathless passive seemed redundant. What could it possibly be?
Deathless:” Survival! Utterly resistant to critical injuries and capable of functioning even after suffering the most grievous damage, the Deathless one is nigh impossible to kill. No flame, poison, or bane of his race will stop its natural regeneration.”
Note: “Being gifted with this passive possess senses and reflexes of range and scope far beyond that of any mortal. Precognition of incoming danger is like breathing to them. With spatial awareness that knows almost no bounds.” ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Damn… that was, ‘sharp’. If there was one thing I did not want to happen, it was to get murdered. At least that Goddess and I were on the same page regarding that.
Still, there were many more arrays of data to go through.
I urgently went down to see all other ‘purchases’, both worried and interested in what else I might find.
My worry unexpectedly changed into confusion when I saw this.
The purchase The Price
Item**: Obsidian Granite 5 000 000 tons** (stored)………. 25 000 000 Dark Karma
Item**: Pure Iridium 100 tons** (stored) ……………….. 25 000 000 Dark Karma
Item**: Pure Platinum 1000 tons** (stored) ……………… 20 000 000 Dark Karma
Item**: Silver Coins 50000 tons** (stored) ………………. . 10 000 000 Dark Karma
Item**: Emanating Marble 300 tons** (stored) ………….. 10 000 000 Dark Karma
Item**: Sacred Pearls 100 tons** (stored) …………………. 9 000 000 Dark Karma
What the hell was that, and she bought tons of it? Some kinds of materials? Huh?!.
Even after inspecting what they were, I really had no clue of their purpose. Except for the silver coins, currency obviously. But the fact she was spending millions of human lives worth of dark karma likely meant it was necessary.
Why was she buying all of that?”
Unable to understand what I was looking at, and unwilling to lightheartedly spend the valuable time I had. My mind quickly switched to other problems, searching for any information I could understand.
Few minutes after, I saw another interesting piece of data listed under “Penalties”. I opened it on instinct, not expecting to find anything which might surprise me more than anything else thus far.
I was wrong.
More so that one might think.
The purchase The Price
Paid Fine**:** Owns both the Immortal and Deathless passive…... 313 000 000 Dark Karma
Direct Penalty: Hunger for Life
Direct Penalty: Uncontrollable
Needless to say… I instantly went over this.
Something in the back of my mind radiating ominous precognition.
Hunger for life:” The one who needs to kill to quarrel his hunger. Consume the Blood or Soul of living to sustain himself. ”
Every day spent consuming neither Blood nor Soul of living deteriorates one’s condition and capabilities.
Uncontrollable:” One whose strengths are beyond him, prone to unwillingly losing authority over his own actions.”
Note:” Due to also possessing Hunger for Life penalty, the effect of the Uncontrollable slowly increase for every single day spent consuming no Blood or Soul of a living.”
Haaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This for real??
Consuming?!? Fricking... CONSUMING the Blood or Soul of a living?
Yea, I was no lawyer, but my gut feeling told me this surely did not apply to the “blood and soul” of some animals. The beings I would have to kill, likely being far more sapient in their nature.
I had to change these settings, these purchases. There was no way I would allow myself to reincarnate as some blood-hungry psychopath.
Word by word, detail by detail, I needed to save myself.
What in the God’s name did that bitch of a Goddess plan to reincarnate me into? Some immortal cannibal?
The first minute passed, I was trying to straighten my thoughts.
Next ten minutes I was searching for some type of “cancel purchase” button. To my horror, none was there.
But there had to be a way to undo this. Even if I had to spend another shit-load of dark karma.
Another fifteen minutes flew by, I was already reading the small print and any side information I saw. I already spent the last life being a murderous monster, another one was one too much.
In a reasonable effort to recollect my thoughts, I took two minutes of a break, walking around the stone table. I was getting better, I understood more every second.
The fact I was able to talk to the “screen” made it all much easier, far more efficient. You did not want to press the wrong button or something like that in this situation.
Ten minutes after I took another short break. Trying to connect dots here and there. Seeing a bigger picture, seeing a clearer picture. That would help a lot.
I was sure of it.
I was getting better at this.
Well, of course, after all, I knew how to read and speak, you did not need much more to work with this.
Luckily for me. If it was on some language I did not understand I would have been in a rather unsalvageable situation.
Twenty minutes after that I felt like bashing at the screen when the message popped out.
Please Note That All Purchases are Final, Non-Refundable and Non-Exchangeable.
Note: [Any and all purchases can only be done directly by deity].

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The gift that keeps on giving: KB3004394 Breaks Windows Genuine Advantage on Windows 7, Not Genuine, Validation Code 0x8004FE21

Which goes on to link another 20 or so MS Community topics on the same thing. KB3024777 will remove the offending update, or you can uninstall it via appwiz.cpl and then hide it on the next update check.
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