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Here's how to speed up your firefox 10x faster Cable Dsl 1. Type "about: config" into the address bar and hit enter. Missing the mIRC (mSL) scripting language support! MIRC: 2020-07-24: 19 mIRC 5.82. MIRC Script Trojan that comes cross-packed with shareware programs applications may be described in the agreements text, especially in condition with mIRC Script Trojan removal tools when user wants to remove mIRC Script Trojan. MIRC could even let a remote user include the identifier and then display the right colors locally so that it was possible to send any color to someone who has a newer mIRC.


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Anyone interested in joining a /r/graphic_design IRC channel?

Hey graphic_design,
pretty much whenever I have my computer running I'm on irc. There's a wide variety of channels but I've never really been able to find one where design is discussed. I've asked the mods for permission and they're fine with me trying to start a channel for this subreddit.
For those who know what IRC is, I've created the channel ##reddit-gd on freenode. I'll be online most of the time, as usual with irc though there might be longer periods where I (or anyone else who is present) might not reply. I have irc running whenever I boot up my pc and will look what's up once every hour usually.
For those who don't know what IRC is here's a quick run-through:
IRC Is an entirely textbased chatprotocol and usually consists of a server where users can host their own channels. The irc network I created the channel ##reddit-gd on is freenode.
Freenode offers a webbased chat to connect to ##reddit-gd but I would recommend using a proper IRC Client. As IRC is textbased and hellishly ugly by default you can improve the interface of simple clients like mIRC (Windows Only) with add-ons like nbs-irc or use other clients like chatzilla (Firefox Addon - Crossplatform), x-chat (Crossplatform).
Mac users can connect to IRC with Adium or Pidgin.
I've never seen a Linux user who doesn't know IRC but Pidgin, xchat or irssi should be the best clients for that platform.
As soon as you have downloaded the client and worked your way through the settings you can connect to the server irc.freenode.org Port: 6667 (or 7000 for ssl) and join the channel ##reddit-gd.
A last small warning: Don't expect to join for 5 minutes and have the greatest in depth discussion of your life. Most IRC users idle all day and really just reply/talk when the current topic is interesting and they feel like they can contribute. Just joining the irc channel and asking a question Google could solve in 2 minutes is shunned upon and will usually make no one want to reply. IRC is more like your usual fb/gmail IM where you talk to people once a day but stay online for 24/7.
//Edit: Feel free to ask if there's any problem with configuring your client or joining the channel.
Also make sure to join ##reddit-gd it's two #.
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[xMODx] Surprise Announcement - Official Seddit IRC chatroom is BACK! (upvote this, zero karma)


What is it?

  • IRC stands for Internet Relay Chat. It is a text based, real time chatroom.
  • We will host in-depth Q&A on different seduction topics, and post the edited logs to Seddit. (Times to come)
  • With some knowledgable sedditors, this allows you to get some personalized feedback for issues you might be having, and learn from issues that others have


  • Tomorrow (Wedneday the 23rd) at 2PM EST, puaCurveball will host a discussion on how to use timebridging to properly #close
  • Full schedule to come


  • Web Client is found HERE - You are one click away from chat!
  • Server: irc.freenode.net
  • Channel: #reddit-seddit
  • Please make your nickname your seddit account, or close if it is registered.

Helpful Programs

Once you are on

In order to save your nickname and prevent others from stealing it, you should register your nickname
Register with:
/msg nickserv register your_password your_email_address
When logging back in, you identify (login) your nickname
Identify with:
/msg nickserv identify your_username your_password
submitted by SedditModTeam to seduction