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I need to start editing

I would like to know where I can download music programs for free (yeah I know "buy them"), I've tried some torrents and they didn't work, so, if there is any torrent or link that you find succes with please comment and tell me. I preffer pro tools 10/12, Cubase 8/9 and ableton 9 live. Thanks dudes
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Is Bitwig better than Ableton? (yes I know I'm in Bitwig's r/ lol)

Good afternoon music makers,
I've recently decided to move up in the DAW world and move from FL Studio to Ableton or Bitwig. I bought FL Studio about 4 years ago and have been messing around as a hobby but I've always felt it a little bit lacking compared to the other big name DAWs. Recently I torrented Ableton & Bitwig (I felt ashamed afterwards and just downloaded the official demos instead) and really like the workflow of both of them, they're both really similar obviously.
I'm still messing around with them but there's a few questions I wanted ask all of you to help me decide which one is better for me. Mostly, I plan on doing sound design and electronic ambient/underscore music mostly just so you guys have an idea of what I'll be doing with the program.
So...first question is which of the two has better MIDI editing? This is probably the most important thing for me as I work completely within my computer for now. So I have to draw in the notes and all my automation with my mouse instead of using a controller for those things. Out of the two, which one has better functionality and ease of use (IN YOUR OPINION)?
The second question is, which of the of two has is more worth the money, again in your opinion? I will be buying them with an educational discount so they're both relatively affordable for me but if I had to pick one, which one is more "worth it" in terms of features available and updates (I know Bitwig requires an additional update license)? For example I know Max for Live is a big selling point for Ableton but I see that Bitwig has their modular grid coming out in the next update which looks really cool. So comparing each DAW's included plugins and features, which has more bang for the buck?
Just as an aside, I looked very closely at Cubase because a lot of my favorite composers use Cubase and it has very good MIDI editing features but in the end I feel like I prefer the workflow of Ableton & Bitwig and I don't need a dongle to try their demos. BUT would any of you choose Cubase over these two? Or is Cubase a bit "too much" for a beginner?
Thanks for all the help and sorry for making you all read so much
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