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Talking Off Ramp Show with Rick and Chris Friel

Had an amazing opportunity to connect with the Friel brothers and pick their brains about what it was like to be in Seattle and be in a band around the time that the scene was about to blow up. They give a vivid description of what that Off Ramp show from 10/22/90 was like and how even back then opening with Release was a big deal for a plethora of reasons. Chris talks a little bit about being on some of those Gossman Demos (Black, Times Of Trouble/Footsteps, and The King, which sounds like Holy Roller but was the pre-cursor to Even Flow) and we’ll also get to talk about Cornell and how his initial audition went for Shadow.
AND we learn something incredibly important about the timeline of a song that we didn’t know existed.
I don’t usually post here out of respect to the self-promotion rules, but this is beyond that. This is an incredibly important retelling of the band’s history from the guys who were there to witness it. Anyone who craves that about the band will most certainly enjoy this. We get to unveil and debunk tons of myths and legends too.
PJ30 Chat w/ The Friels
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What's everyone's thoughts on current day Jericho?

First off, I'm a huge fan of Jericho. Dude is one of the best to ever do it but for some reason his recent AEW work just... doesn't hit me right. He feels like he reaches for anything he can make a catch phrase out of and his in ring work just isn't good anymore. In my opinion.

His feud with Moxley was good but the match itself was... pretty basic. The feud with OC has had some good moments but man is Jericho showing his age and lifestyle a lot.

Add in the Fozzy stuff along with his overall " demo god, le champion " persona and I swear he feels more like someone trying their hardest to be Chris Jericho when they just aren't anymore.

Or I could just be in a negative mood cause I work with a bunch of idiots, idk.
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