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So I've switched from EditPlus to UltraEdit 11. So far, I'm really, really glad I made the change. Switch to Web Developer, for instance, and you'll get syntax highlighting and other assistance when developing in PHP, HTML, ASP, JavaScript, Perl, XML and more. Grieves 88 keys and counting zip https://sneakers-top.ru/forum/?download=4389.

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Where do I begin ... need help changing code in an ancient program

TL;DR How do I decrypt a hex file?
If this is the wrong subreddit I apologize in advance. I'm at my wit's end and can't seem to figure out this problem. I believe this is a programming question, but it certainly doesn't seem like it until I begin finish describing it.
I have a Photo Research SpectraScan 704. It's specialized optical measuring equipment. The head is serial number 3333 (this is important). It connects via a parallel port to a custom, massive IDE card.
The software is ... older, so I'm doing all of this on an 80486. I install the software, and here's where the first problem arises: it only has the configuration data for a 3173 head.
The good news is, the two heads use the same calibration data, it's only the name that's different. The bad news is that I can't force the software to load the configuration data for the 3333 with the 3173 files.
So now I'm thinking that I'll just rename the config files. No big deal, right? There are 10 files.
3173.CAL 3173AC0.DAT 3173AC1.DAT 3173APA.ACC 3173APA.CAL 3173APB.ACC 3173CMD.DAT 3173CNF.DAT 3173MEA.DAT 3173WCL.DAT 
So I just change the 3173 to 3333, so now 3173apa.cal is named 3333apa.cal. This, somewhat predictably, doesn't work. I end up getting an error message.
Reading files , please wait... Loading calibration files. Aperature calibration file 3173apA.calCan't open file \spectra\cal\3173apA.cal Can't get calibration files S/N 3333 
So wait, why is it still looking for 3173? Okay, I figure that in the calibration files themselves there are references to the other file names. Makes sense. Maybe I can edit those so that they are looking for 3333 files instead.
I pull the calibration files and open them with Ultraedit - oh holy god what have I gotten myself into. It's like someone typed a ton of gibberish.
I see the hex code and I see the ASCII translation. The ASCII is just pure nonsense, and I can't find anywhere that 3173 is written.
I guess it's encrypted? Does anyone know how to un-encrypt this thing?
I couldn't even figure out how to copy-paste this thing with the hex code. Here's the ASCII version.
€???***$PhotoR$***??? 0.5X1.5 deg MS-55 Fri May 21 07:59:04 1999 KKD ¤ß¾œ3ì?hôźDì?¹¶®—Pì?Œ «´mì?,ü€ì?^’%Ä~ì? £šü©ì?ìEìd¥ì?¯™=šè»ì?=,Ôšæ í?BÏfÕçjí?•C‹lçí?]þCúíëî? ð? [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] À[email protected] @@ @@ @Ÿ@ @¯@ @¿@ @Ï@ @ß@ Lí@ ÍÌÌÌÌ [email protected][email protected]…ëQ¸ µ[email protected]¦[email protected] [email protected]ìQ¸ …«"@X9´È[email protected][email protected]åÐ"Ûù~ò? Áòø©d„‚? À[email protected] `ˆ@ @ @É ø ! # $ % ' ( ) + , - . 0 1 2 3 5 6 7 9 : ; < > ? @ A C D E F G I J K L N O P Q S T U V W Y Z [ \ ^ _ ` a b d e f g h j k l m n p q r s t v w x y z | } ~  €  ƒ „ … † ‡ ‰ Š ‹ Œ  Ž  ‘ ’ “ ” • — ˜ ™ š › œ ž Ÿ ¡ ¢ £ ¥ ¦ § ¨ © ª « ­ ® ¯ ° ± ² ´ µ ¶ · ¸ ¹ º ¼ ½ ¾ ¿ À Á Â Ä Å Æ Ç È É Ê Ì Í Î Ï Ð Ñ Ò Ô Õ Ö × Ø Ù Ú Û Ý Þ ß à á â ã ä æ ç è é ê ë ì í î ð ñ ò ó ô õ ö ÷ rD< €?*Ï¥>k-?ðs%? µ>nœw? !9= €?Œ»˜>:¢3?Ü­ ? H¤Ä>¢›n? ï"‹= €? X„>°Ó=?7E? ’uÛ>Uýa? [ð= €?sŒQ>ãœK?ÒI? \lù>;ÑQ? »8> €?ýF >Aî\?J–á> Û4?·&>? ’²ƒ> €?Jwd=‹¸q?«°µ> ª'%?Ó '? Zæ±>Wår? ŠªQ= €?n ƒ>É>?K’ ? jÛæ>ÎIW? ÈØ"> €?.E>´.[?‹Ý> u:?š`8? Ì>> €?9›<7&{?bi›> OK2?Ã7? zÓ>dc^? pr> €[email protected]¶%>p’V? ºá> ú"?^ö7? E>ù¹~?âØþ;M£;N~?Œ>wü9?2ø? œð>…—I? ë¡Y> €?Ñ =ïòu?¬è•> ª 5?‹‡ ? ëðè>ÇK? ÆãP> €?;À-=ü#u?mΔ> ʘ5?÷Ÿ ? Àì>£†H? uå]> €?¥cÈ<ã¼y?:ˆ> c¹;?¶? Ñ“ü>÷Ô>? V‚>—£{? /‹< €?[>|9I?(Ñå> l ?“».? Ûˆ¢>Ú?j? 3®= €?Ok>,å[?ì½> !?ƒ? ÅøÌ>ÄS? ÷ï0> €?çE=¡s?8ò‹> ä:?aþ> P¸ ?„J8? øj>ëq? Sáo= €?0 >ÿóW?CÀ> ?Þ ?/í? £%Ð>nO? ŠEB> €?õ©<Ø·z?¬p> ÜÔC?jŠå> Ë: ?¬)? §Ò­>Û _? “€> €?©ä›=kƒl?_Ö‘> Ñ7? %ü> rí? ó2? ÿš>ÕŒg? V™Ã= €?¹Ó=݈e?Kôœ> Ú…1?‘7? ސû>³¯5? › ”>×âh? Gé¸= €?2&Ó=:›e?‚ š> ?û2?|Áþ> BŸ ?y1? ï >ìMc? ¡å= €?ɉ›=ÇŽl?m‰> I;?¶rë> ¥F ?z&? á ³>éøV? [ $> €?8à¸<þ8z?ÖæV> JFJ?×Ê> ”?ªÜ? «FÖ>{ D? Êo>9þr? m P= €?!Þ >xÈ[email protected]> Ü_1?1“ù> g6?,´*? §—ª>%`X? l > €?ù ‹<ø§{?üE> à€N?©ÿ½> + !?ëF ? *rç>ïP9? "^>% f? ÛÏ= €?çzŽ=£0n?0ox> 4äA?–XÔ> µÓ? ? ÈýÓ>‚šA? ù•y>¾øl? :˜= €?Å͹=GÆh?°5„> (å=?KƒÙ> Z>?c.? ;£Ñ>OaA? Äzz>«Zk? ¨*¥= €?›·¡= Ék?ÿÚv> @IB?œûÍ> 2?\ ? Gçß>ªâ8? ¬:Ž>õ€a? Uøó= €?ç:=Rüv?p¯D> $ÔN?¦9²> -ã&?ÑÖ ? ]Rþ>Z(? ÙK¯>צO? ¥dA>W½v? ‘*= €?ߥå=DKc? ²†> § 98?L? hýß>Ë6? jô“>Õ[? ª> €?8 ;Çu?¨«> Z?!/–> pè4?Ë à> šï?£Õ? ºTÖ>ó#:? ¸‹>na? ŒÌ÷= €?/&=­v?¦*?> V5P?Ð!¬> ï)?¬Jø> ªÚ?,"? ¨ï»>¡¹G? |a>ì9m? 0–= €? >¡=<Øk?ge> ¦¾F?ôT¼> †Õ!?[ã? J9ú>3l'? ›'±>7ÅK? $ëP>žîo? ‹€= €?lW¬=uj?De> ÿ®F?Lй> Ú#?Üùÿ> ?/ï!? ¢!¼>ï²C? D4q>cHe? ê¼Õ= €?kÖá r¼W?‹•’> :µ6? IÔ> rÛ?Ñ ? Ë]ê>žP+? Ä^©>L£K? ÑrQ>VÉk? Oµ¡= €?È"B=ÓÝs?ö¬/> ÂT?ž—> ±w4?'óÕ> m?zY)? M­>HH? Þ^>} g? œÇ= €?kÕÀ ÑŽ[?‘b…> ·N=?TŽÁ> Ö8 ?fý> þL?u ? üÇ>Y :? Nå‹>7|W? $">ËÁt? Lã3= €?·õ‘=IÁm?kº<> eÑP?œë—> 2 4?þ(Ñ> k?Ý ? Fêõ>Y!? ÕM½>W=? Q…>Ñ}Y? ½>¯Tu? Ó>:?Æ5?Üü ?“ö ? ’ï>aÔê>#jÉ>m˸>Þ#±>kè§>l/ž>¾Ø–>°>Z „>ºt>ðƒc>TÊR>HéP>‰VO>ÄQH>«ØJ>@M>Œ F>Ýò=>çY7>û.>F&>ôE$>øƒ">`š >NÎ#>§²">¦Ø!>{¬#>)×">€ >õ>?>Ç/>Rª >¼º >z4 >ù >YX>­“>ä^>[$>Ñš >u>ó¡>‚u>›Aý=kú=R†ù=£Âø=\àû=j >¨¼>v>oT>ÒÈ>‹r>Ùìÿ=-=ú=Foô=Ž,ð=M í=Bøç=Ì#ç=$é=O¿ê=Vfï=¯Çò= ö=}üù=Éøü=Ÿþ=ÿûú=3ø=XJô=¡Fï=Þ[ë=ssæ=Qã=ÿá=.-â=YGå=r®æ= šë=Dð=–›ô=»Aú=²#ý=øþ=H >{s >±2 >˜rÿ=j¿û=ê‹ù=Áèö=+™ó=)­ò=‘ð=_Äï=jFñ=U>ó=åþö="¬û=¹] >O>ŸJ>; >€ >T> >á¥>fª>§X>;>[Æ>ƍ>5‹>L:>éo>0¸> {> ®>—>]Ë>ƒ>Àï >Ú!>¶v&>&~*>Á*/>íØ3> ²8>¯Ì<>0§@>%ÞC>Q7F>‡H>²?J>BK>¯NK>¯€J>émL> M>0˜N>“ÌO>bYQ>ãXS>ÁÑT>­åY>*ã]> Œb>¿h>Ì"n>]t>«Áz>Ox‚>Áç†>²i‹>u‰>3L•>Ò¹™>qvž> ø£>áЧ>b¬>¾á°>Z¹µ>]›¹>4]½>/Â>!Æ>¼äÉ>ˆ¨Í>M‚Ñ>ô4Õ>ñœÙ>¡Þ>\Mâ>ºè>Üýí>2ªô>¬Bû>”g?’ÿ?§ ?Ü­?o~?TE ?¨ß"?Æ*[email protected]?mL??ÑH? JQ?¾fZ? €? €? €? €? €? €? €? €? €? €? €? €? €? €? €? €? €? €? €? 
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Ultraedit search working erratically

Ultraedit's search & column feature were the two most convenient features. These were the two things that make me stick to ultra edit rather than switching to more widely used Notepad++ in my org.
However, the search functionality has deteriorated
  1. There is this very annoying 'small search box' that appears on pressing Ctrl+F. I have to press the combination again to make the real search window pop up. Its not a problem if i am searching a couple of times, but if i have to do it hundreds of time, it can be frustrating. 'User feedback' - UE is an 'advanced' text processor, unlike Notepad, so its imperative that most users would need advanced search instead of basic. Also I couldn't find any config to put my preference to complete search box.
  2. A very handy feature used to be 'select text' and then press Ctrl + F or Ctrl + R and the highlighted text used to be in the box already. Now if the highlighted text contains a new line it won't be populated. Its very frustrating because I used to depend on UE to fill the next line character itself. Now i am left guessing.
  3. Please return the 'buttons' of 'Copy to clipboard' in 'list line containing string' dialogue. If i didn't know that pressing Alt + P copies the output - the output would be useless to me.
Note: Using UE 24.20, which i bought a couple of years back. Not considering to upgrade as the current software doesn't meet my expectation, and dont know if its fixed or not.
submitted by muzammil_18 to UltraEdit