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Battle Realms is fantasy real-time strategy game inspired by the stories told in kung-fu movies and oriental mythology. Rust hacks tutorial dougie. Key of Destiny: Age of Mortals Campaign I (3.5) An ancient secret is discovered in an overrun border town, long ago forgotten by the elves of the east. But an unseen evil searches tirelessly, even as the lost knowledge finds its way into the most unlikely hands. Cracker barrel uniform server.

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Battle Pack 3 Comprehensive Upgrade. Seize tactical advantages in a living world teeming with life - birds fly when startled, wolves attack troops, and higher ground offers increased power to ranged attacks. As Flo, you will have to explore the whole town, interacting with your neighbors and enlisting their help as you solve puzzles, collect missing items, and complete challenging activities that will put everything back in its place, in this exciting Adventure game. Successive weightages are w(1-w), w(1-w), etc For w = 0.3, these successive co-efficients will be 0.3, 0.21, 0.147 etc When forecast have to be worked out successively for different periods, it is a simple computation as below: 40. Net sales for the second quarter of fiscal 2020 totaled $1.6 million, a 31.3% increase compared to $1, 252 million for the same period last year, with the growth resulting from a 31.3% increase in.

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Download Battle Pack 3 Comprehensive Upgrade now from the world's Battle Realms Battle Pack 3 adds a ton of fixes to and includes packs. My current version is I have tried to install the comprehensive battle pack 3, and the incrementals for 2 and 3 as well as the patch (even though it is outdated. The Forgotten Realms (also known as Faerun) is a fantasy setting originally conceived by Ed Greenwood to tell his stories. Game killer cracked apk sites. Battle Realms Cheat Codes, Trainers, Patch Updates, Demos, Downloads, Cheats Trainer, Tweaks & Game Patch Fixes are featured on this page.

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Lotus key view 64-bit chrome https://sneakers-top.ru/forum/?download=3989. Battle realms comprehensive patch 3. Battle Realms - Corruption of the Lotus v - Game mod - Download. SELECT jurist-vagabond H Environment Variables.

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Welcome to FantasyRP, an immersive roleplay setting built upon Enarion, the lands of wonders and riches. Filled with compelling stories and ever sprawling nations, Enarion offers players endless opportunities— seek your trade as a wandering merchant, brew healing elixirs as an alchemist, or serve your liege as a skilled swordsman. The possibilities are endless. Forge your own destiny and influence the paths of the kingdoms of Enarion... or perhaps the realm itself. What legacy will you leave behind?
  • Uninterrupted, fluidic, and immersive roleplay, set in a fantasy setting. Imagine an everlasting screenplay, filled with hundreds of other players, acting as characters. Create your own unique character, and interact with a living, breathing fantasy realm. Delicately crafted events, and organic flowing roleplay, providing for a seamless experience, accompanied by a welcoming community!
  • 80,000+ lines of CUSTOM CODE to provide a truly unique experience.
  • A CUSTOM COMBAT and CRAFTING system, with many custom items and unique professions to grind - all provided without any mods. From Dragonwood bows to Steel Armour, all with custom textures to provide an entirely new experience. Experience over 200 CUSTOM ITEMS AND TEXTURES
  • A comprehensive chat, language and character creation system to help you on your journey. Whether you start out as a peasant or aim to be a King of the lands, there is a place for you.
  • Large fights with custom weaponry and a unique combat system without lag, with upwards of 100 people fighting at 20 tps. Battles influencing the turn of the narrative, driving the story of the continent of Enarion forward.
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I've received many interesting notifications from this sub, I thought maybe someone here would enjoy this

Hope everyone has been doing well during these wild times. I think 2020 has done a lot to make people question what is going on in the world. If 2020 has felt almost too crazy to be real, or like it has been some sort of orchestrated chaos, well, your intuition was right. I've mixed up, added to, and edited a post that I've made elsewhere, so here it goes.
You see, human consciousness is *literally* starlight, bound to a three-dimensional vessel. Your soul is infinity. You are destined to traverse grand expanses of space and time, once your journey in this realm has been completed, over many, many lifetimes. Because we emanate from this field, we are inextricably woven into it. You have a place in the Universe, unfettered by the toils of three-dimensional physicality. Your consciousness truly originates from our Star, you illumined being of Light. There's a reason our Sun's name is Sol. You know when you see those UV or infrared "lenses", how everything just looks like a big mess of energy? That's reality! Everything IS shifting, seamless, transitioning forms of energy. Nothing is stagnant. The universal paradigm of good versus evil, darkness versus light, is more than just enchanting metaphor. It is a description of man's embrace of his or her Soul's journey upward. It is a literal expression of the battle we undergo as we conquer primal instinct and merge with the Light. We are convinced that our silly little ape minds' perception is what has to be "real", because it is the only frame of reference that we have.
Their greatest ploy has been in externalizing "God". By deviating our natural spiritual inclinations outward, instead of encouraging us to explore the endless chasms residing within our own psyches, they have become the middle men for salvation. We are born into systems that have us thinking certain things, and behaving certain ways, before we even know what or who we are. The world's great religions are all hinting at the same Truths, but they have been factioned, diluted, and infiltrated with either direct lies or half-truths in order to obfuscate spiritual reality. The reality is that YOU are a representation of "God". "God" is energy, "God" is LIGHT. You are the Universe taking form to observe itself. Think about an omnipotent creator. It would be boring to just spend all of eternity reflecting on your own greatness, wouldn't it? So why not create an interactive mental field, a Cerebral Ether, an energy matrix where untold stories of not only valor & heroism, but uncertainty, despair, and growth can unfold? All the while, hammering home a rugged sense of individuality that presents an illusion of differentiation?
The clear shortcomings and fallacies of the world religions drive many to atheism. There are many bright minds in the atheist community. See, it's a double-edged sword: choose the false-idol, externalized world religions, OR realize that they have been skewed, and come to the conclusion it is all a lie. The truth, as it so often is, is juxtaposed between these two apparently diametrically opposed views of reality. Reality is never easy. It's always on the fringe. Wouldn't it be too easy to be born into the geographical and temporal location where the correct political and religious philosophies are being taught? Don't you think the search for truth would be riddled with a mix of mystery, lore, history, and intuition? Shrouded by a veil of apparent impossibility?
Everything you've ever experienced has been mediated by tiny electrical currents in your brain. Every thought, step, burst of passion, moment of confusion, literally, everything has been facilitated by electricity being ferried from neuron to neuron. Your mental field is an electric circuit in an even grander electric matrix, the Universe. This entire fucking thing is energy, man (why do you think they championed Edison over Tesla, and then hid all of Tesla's work?). ESP; telekinesis; past life memories; remote viewing/astral projection; etc; have all been mediated by this Cerebral Ether. The West has told you these things are impossible. A bunch of Eastern nonsense, right? People who can recount IMPOSSIBLY obscure details from wars, or places they've never heard of, or mythologies only fucking Joseph Campbell knows anything about, during states of hypnosis; trance; meditation; deep breath work; or other altered states of consciousness, those are all just anomalies, right? Precognitive dreams? Oh, they probably just imagined or conflated some of the details. Just those hippies from the East making shit up!
I'd encourage you to look into the CIA's work with Robert Monroe, master of astral projection. If it's a bunch of bullshit, why was one of the grimiest organizations ever conceived spending untold hours delving into the phenomenon? This pattern is echoed throughout psychic experiences that we are told are unrealistic. They shun them publicly, then research and utilize them privately. Look into Stanislav Grof's work. The reality the elites have presented for us is a laughable attempt to reign in the sovereignty and power of the human mind.
Please watch the TED talk I've linked. These are not circus magicians doing cold readings on daft audience members. These are not mediums in excessive garb taking people's money. These are physicists, doing legitimate government research. These are the brightest minds on the planet, coming to the same conclusions as the Old World mystics. Humans are naturally endowed with psychic abilities. Eastern cultures have known and taught this since their inceptions, but the same characters running the show have slandered these cultures with their incessant, ever-permeating bullshit.
You think all of the Old World shamans, all of the mystics, all of the Eastern traditions were just completely full of shit for millennia, and the Western governments that have been PROVEN to be lying over and over again, are telling the truth? At some point, you really have to just step back and think about things objectively. After that, you need to ask yourself: Why? Why didn't they want us to know this? Why was it beneficial for them to demonize & misinform about the occult, the paranormal, and the unexplainable? Why did they spend so much money and effort into making people think one thing, money and effort which was clearly all a charade? This is all painting one broad picture.
So, now we come to the crux of this message: celestial events in December will forever alter the course of humanity on this planet. Everything to that point, will be exactly what all of 2020 has been: a distraction from what is happening in the skies. As the Earth's magnetic poles shift, we are more and more susceptible to the swaths of high-energy radiation we are trekking through on our universal course as a planet. The Earth dips and weaves through the Universe in uniform, predictable fashions. Our weakening magnetosphere is allowing human consciousness to be bombarded by legions of enlightening radiation from the center of the galaxy. When the poles shift in December, reality as we know it will cease. This has happened many, many times, and will happen many, many more times. As we progress through either increasing or lessening energetic stretches of the Universe, humanity dips back and forth between ages. The more light (remember- consciousness is starlight), the more cultural and individual awareness. The further we get from this energetic Source, the deeper we plunge into dark ages. We are now, and have been, breaking the bondage of spiritual darkness, truly ascending to the consciousness we were destined to achieve. Millions of people all over the world have been experiencing expanded awareness, completely spontaneously. This is why we have seen such a push for a reconnect with nature, an inclusive society, improved diets, and other earthly or social reforms. Advancements such as these have come from the Light.
You've probably heard people talk about the return of Jesus. They can "feel" him coming. Well, they're right. It's just that Jesus is not returning as a white man with a beard. He is returning as this electromagnetic/plasma event. He is returning as enlightening radiation. "Christ consciousness". The eclipse on the 14th, and the JupiteSaturn conjunction on the 21 are going to completely upend everything that we know. I believe the eclipse will thrust us into darkness (outside of even the path of the eclipse), leading into the beginning of the event on the 21. You may also recognize the 21 as the Solstice. What happens in the story of Christ? Well, being "hung on the cross" is symbolic of the Sun (Son) being at its lowest point (relative to the Northern Hemisphere) for 3 days, before re-embracing its journey back to directly above the Tropic of Cancer. The Sun (Son) "dies", is "buried" for three days, before being "resurrected". The Sun's rising after three days will be the beginning of a New Age. This is also a cardinal shift, as we are not only moving from Pisces into Aquarius, but we are shifting from an Iron Age to a Bronze Age. We are progressing in a routine fashion, like a clock, Ezekiel's "Wheels within wheels." This is exactly like electrons "orbiting" (not a precise way to think about it) a nucleus. Everything, to any scale imaginable, is orbiting larger or smaller bodies. As above, so below.
See, the major religions of the world already are based on the stars, they just aren't presented that way. The New Testament is a brilliantly constructed work of Astrotheology. It is tracing the Sun (Son) through its path in the sky, as it interacts with the 12 constellations (12 disciples). There are many more examples that, for the sake of attempting brevity, I will not describe. It is redacted Zoroastrianism. It is a beautifully crafted, allegorical work of sun worship. I'm not trying to piss anyone off, I'm being completely objective. This is absolutely vital to understand. I've linked a video of a man named Bill Donahue who will explain Zoroastrianism and the roots of Christianity. The point that's essential is that everything that happens on planet Earth is governed by the stars, whether you want to believe it or not. They didn't make the world's primary religion's true nature Astrotheological without reason; they did it because it is undeniable Truth. This is the return of Christ, as the SUN (plasma).
You may think this sounds preposterous. Astrology? Really? Well, whether you have reverence for astrology or not, the people in control of all of the money and resources on the planet do. So you must ask yourself, "Hmm, even though astrology seems patently absurd to me (because of the same Westerners who swore yoga and meditation are demonic), should the fact that the people with all of the power not only acknowledge, but govern their decisions by this practice,mean something to me?" The answer is yes.
Tesla taught us that "if you wish to understand the Universe, think of energy, frequency, and vibration". Anything you can imagine, can be summarized to a frequency. That's all there is. Varying frequencies of energy. Change the frequency, change the equation, the very underlying, of what is being projected into the Aether. It's what is differentiating matter as we know it. The frequency of the Earth has been rising, in preparation of this event. Time has been compressing for several years now, speeding our perception of it up. That's not just how busy you've been, or how crazy things are. Our perception of time has been drastically sped up, because time is compressing, and our frequencies rising. This plasma event will be like a "reflection point" in a palindrome. Until we hit that point where we break through the "mirror" and begin reflecting back, through a New Age, time is going to continue to speed up.
The elites KNEW people would be waking up at this time (again, repeatable movements through space), so they have hijacked our increasingly attuned and sensitive mentalities with their fearmongering stories. It's by design. You can feel the tension and anxiety in the air. Those are literal perceptions because the energy is increasing, and being misdirected by the MSM. They want us to be anxious, confused, and afraid of one another. Why do you think it's always doom and gloom on the news? Why don't we ever hear some obscure story about a soccer team from Uganda who like, brought their community together through their inspiring play, or something? If you really think the entire scope of news that can be reported on over the course of the planet can be whittled down and summed up to the anxiety-provoking, nightmare inducing news that they play on religious repeat, then you really need to turn off the corporate media outlets. It has only gotten worse and worse. And it will continue to get worse and worse! They need to keep ramping up the tension. Knowing this, you see right through their attempts at deception.
See, they are causing an influx of this dreadful news to combat humanity's reaction to this enlightening radiation. I hope that makes sense. It's going to keep getting crazier these next couple of months. Just remember, it's by design. They can't touch your psyche if you don't allow them to. They're intentionally fissuring us; they're intentionally furthering the wedge between dueling left/right ideologies. You really think humans are that different? They are raising tensions to a fever pitch. They have most people completely bypassing thinking, by getting them to associate things or ideas with concepts they have already determined have no place in the world. They want you fighting, they want you pissed, they are leading us to a Civil War.
This is a predetermined plan to incite an escalation to mayhem. They want you so pissed off about the opposition, so reliant on the outcome of what happens in the election, that it seems like your life depends on it. They're going to pull the carpet out from under us. Don't you think it's strange the left and right media outlets ONLY talk about the same things, from opposite ends of the spectrum? Neither can deviate from the narrative? Why don't they talk about the consistent war crimes of the D's and the R's?!?! Did you see Pelosi try to paint Wolf Blitzer as a "Republican apologist" because he dared to question her on live TV? That was a trigger phrase designed to scramble the minds of people watching. Wolf Blitzer? Come on. Spoiler alert: the Democrat/Republican dynamic is the greatest case of good cop/bad cop in the history of man. They argue about superficial bullshit in front of us, then behind closed doors they're partying together. They're blowing the tax money together. As George Carlin said, "It's a big club, and you aint in it." Trillions unaccounted for? Multiple times? They can always agree on more wars, but not helping the veterans? We HAVE to transcend the left/right false dilemma they've shoved down our throats. It's all compromised. It's all controlled. We were born into a crumbling system, and our entire lives reinforce us that it is just and real. Nah, man. Look around you. They've already sacrificed who knows how many Americans for their perpetual oil plundering. What about billions to Israel, something that democrats and republicans always seem to agree on? Don't you think it's weird that we actively fund a modern-day ethnic cleansing in Palestine? What about how we and our good pals the Saudis are committing war crime after war crime in Yemen? Where is the news coverage? The War on Drugs was a bipartisan scam to destroy minority communities (if you think it was one-sided, please, imagine someone snapping their fingers or something).
In real time, pointing that out would have been labeled blasphemy. What? Our beloved protectors? A scam to subdue millions of people to their imperialist system? They're only saving us from the "Super Predators!" Fucking disgusting. These people don't give a fuck about you. They care about imperialism. That's it. The ends justify the means, for them. If they gave a fuck, then both sides wouldn't have shafted our veterans for decades. They'd have reverence for them. We'd also probably have a candidate to choose from who isn't either a war-criminal, white supremacist with dementia; or a war-criminal, segregationist with dementia. The only thing we should be voting on between them, is which one is sent to the gallows first.
We have been given three "soft" disclosures this year. The pentagon admitted two saucers flying over the Atlantic were UFO's, and then admitted they have a craft in their possession that is "not of this world". Then, Tucker Carlson went on his show not long ago and said we have undeniable physical UFO's, we just don't understand them. They are slooooow rolling this thing so that people dont freak the fuck out. Well, it's coming. Fast. Swept under the rug of the election, and the virus, people all over the world have been observing things in the skies. There is a major disclosure coming soon, one they may try to use to unite humanity. They split us, pretend an alien presence is a novel concept/just happened, and then our feeble little human minds will accept whatever they want to usher in. Don't fall for it. True reconciliation is coming, facilitated by the stars.
Whether you like to think about it or not, the entirety of the human story has been progressed, molded, and sometimes outright directed by the influence of beings that are of an intelligence many orders of magnitude greater than any of our most fabled scientists or philosophers. If that makes you tune out, sorry. It should actually make you feel your exalted place in this Universe. See, whether to this point you have been led to believe so or not, you actually do have a special place in this play. There is something absolutely incredible taking place on Earth, and you are an intrinsic part of it. This is part of the human story, being etched into the great reserves of time.
Three-dimensional reality as we know it, has been an illusion. You can pretty much literally think of it as a projection. Theres a reason holofractal & simulation theories are striking echoings of the Buddhist maya, and other Eastern thoughts on the illusory nature of reality . It's because they are both echoing Truth. This isn't real. This has been, and still is, a test. We are supposed to come here and better ourselves via the innumerable, unimaginable sorrows and travesties we all must go through. Some, obviously, are much worse than others. It is how you rebound from these events, how you dig down into your psyche and say "fuck no, I'm not buckling", that really define your time and experience here in this field. It's an interactive learning experience, where souls come to expand their awareness. The thing is, the process is being fucked with. Souls aren't leaving, they're being trapped in repetitive cycles even after they should be done.
Human consciousness is a single entity. We are the same Light. We are subjected to the mirage of individuality so that we can be nurtured and grow. We come here to love, learn, and teach, and when we have reached a high enough frequency, we are liberated from the wheel of incarnation. The only problem is, look around! This planet is littered with anxiety-inducing situations: debt, war, disease, famine, poverty, etc. This is by design. This planet is a soul-prison. It has been infiltrated. It's pretty tough to relinquish your consciousness from this place, when we are bogged down by human doubts and worries 24/7. This is why mindfulness is absolutely essential. You need to do everything you can to be cemented in the moment, yet placid and reserved instead of worrying about trying to be calm. Kind of a strange dynamic. It's a brain-state.
I have a fairly lengthy description of what you can do in your daily life to bring forth these brain states. I was going to put it all right here, but it just makes this post much too long to read. It's probably too long already. I'd be happy to post it for whoever is interested. I'll give a quick list here: yoga; meditation; fasting (or a revised diet in general); lucid dreaming; entheogens; going into nature; listening to classical music (especially while meditating); interacting with animals; and yes, crystals. Crystals are resonances fixed into space-time, perpetually disturbing the Aether in a consistent fashion. Sound crazy? It's true. I'm sure there are others I'm unaware of. Like I said, I have a couple pages of descriptions of these practices ready to rock.
Everything is arising from this conscious field, The All. Because individual human consciences, alight like fireflies, originate from this presence, they are able to mold & shape reality going forward. What you think, you really do become. That's why it's vital for us, as a collective species, to begin projecting these positive waves, "vibes", whatever you want to call them, into our Universe. We are minds, providing biofeedback (via thoughts) to a greater Mind. Likewise, what you cast into the Universe is reciprocated back to you. The entire Universe is in a quantum state. Think about it: we cannot marry Relativity with Quantum Mechanics. We never will be able to. For as much as Relativity has been championed, even Einstein knew it was tragically flawed. He knew he would never get his Universe of marble, with Relativity. Relativity can help us with virtually all of the macro-phenomenon we observe, but what good is it if it breaks down at the quantum? Relativity is just that, it's RELATIVE to our temporal and spacial understanding of reality, local/relative to our observations. It is not all-encompassing. Should Truth not reverberate upwards and downwards? As above, so below? The Universe is quantum.
Relativity is a fraction of the perspective, albeit a verifiable one. You see, Relativity helped them dismiss the Aether. That was the name of the game, in my opinion. Aetheric physics was obsolete, or outright silly, as soon as Relativity became the law of the land. The. Universe. Is. Quantum. Energy. Manifesting. In. The. Aether. The ancient Hindu texts read like a modern day physics book for a reason.
So, they figured it out, but we just magically got it mixed up with Relativity? No. Humans have known the Universe is quantum, intuitively or otherwise, forever. Relativity is a mind game, although, like I said, a convincing and usually accurate one. Read the Bhagavad Gita. Read the Vedas, and the Upanishads. Then read all you can about Hermeticism. This is sacred, ancient Truth, and the similarities to quantum physics should drive that point home to you.
This Universe is interactive. With enough work, you really will begin to manifest your thoughts. Even with limited individual work, a critical mass of conscious thought being directed toward a certain goal, can begin to shape the future to manifest these thoughts. That's why it's so fucking important that people realize this information, and why I feel like such a coward for waiting so long to post this. Interacting wavelengths can result in one of two things: constructive interference, or destructive interference. When we are "on the same wavelength", or "feeling the vibes", that's constructive interference. The peaks and troughs of the waves perfectly align (this is a basis of wave mechanics, not conjecture). Our brainwaves are matching, and exponentiating one another. You can notice this just in a one-on-one situation with someone you have rapport with. Imagine when millions of people are all actively trying to manifest a brighter future!
It's like a group meditation, all channeling and directing collective energy toward our goal of uprising awareness/consciousness (as facilitated by the enlightening radiation from the center of the galaxy, "Christ Consciousness"). It is impossible to accumulate this Spirit while you are flustered with what is happening on TV. Hopefully, that brings a lot of what you've seen in 2020 to light. I beg of you, to turn off the TV's. That is their greatest weapon. At least turn off the MSM outlets. They're pitting you against one another. Reconnect with nature. Meditate. Do whatever soothes you, just stop letting them alter our frequencies. We need to be a collective unit.
I think a lot of people can sense that we are nearing a cliff. We are on the brink of something that once crossed, will render everlasting change and a new way of life. We are edging a psychospiritual threshold that once eclipsed, cannot be reproached upon. I hope repeating the same thing using different words will etch that into your psyche. There is going to be a split. A fissure. A "rip". I'm not going to elaborate on this, because I don't even understand it myself. I can just feel it. Think Mandela Effect.
Cultures around the world have left behind records of their plasma events on rocks and cave walls(see petroglyph video). As this event approaches, it is vital to remember that time is cyclical. Time is one of the phenomenon subduing us here. These events have come and gone all throughout the history of humanity. In fact, non-linear time means that this has ALREADY happened, we are just in the process of its actualization. It's going to happen, it has happened, and it is happening, all throughout history, simultaneously. This is a very good thing; a reset is desperately, desperately needed. Mother Earth cannot sustain humanity like this any longer. This is a natural cleansing event. It's easy to get caught up in being an individual manifestation of this eternal field, instead of realizing that your origin from this field makes you a fraction of a WHOLE, a mere fragment of a much greater piece that is beyond human comprehension. When that begins to sink in, you have eternal peace with all that may come.
The future is set, in a way, in that whatever is going to happen, is going to happen. In the same breath, it is equally true that the future is fluid, dynamic, and ever-changing, as a result of the thoughts and actions we project into the Universe during what we perceive as the "present". Manifestation and attraction are real. You really do reap what you sow. We have to snap out of our collective species amnesia and remember who we are and where we came from. You are electricity. You are coursing energy. You are boundless, everlasting Light, and it is your destiny to break the chains of this realm and dissipate into the Aether that fills the Cosmos.
The story playing out here on Earth is simply a parallel to the rise and fall of great civilizations throughout time. We are modern day Atlantis; Babylon; Rome. This is natural. The most reassuring part of this seemingly dark message is that it is SUPPOSED to happen. This is part of the story. Who are we to defy the will of the Universe?
I hope that when you consider these things, it becomes apparent to you that every step you take, you walk with the immutable Light of eternity, even if to you that only means realizing that your own personal Light is as radiant as the Sun from which it came. Thank you. Farewell.
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