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Who Is: Azmodan, the Lord of Sin? A Diablo Lore Post

“Azmodan you fat demon. You are so big and fat. Why are you so fat?”
“I sin, Cain. It’s what I do. It’s time to kick Leah off the table.”
I’m glad to know that June decided to come on schedule this year instead of being delayed so my promise to come back in May would have been fulfilled.
Well I’m late. And I hate that. I ended up not having computer access for some time in May, and it’s pretty clear trying to do one of these posts on mobile would be hell. So now I’m back, and still determined to try and get this series done by the end of summer. Though leaving for Peru in a month for half of summer will probably mess that up. But enough about why I’m late, if you’re reading this, you’re interested in Azmodan! And Azmodan would love to tell you all about himself too, and how you cannot defeat him!
Previous lore is found in this spreadsheet.
General of the Burning Hells
Azmodan is one of the four Lesser Evils, born from one of the lesser heads of Tathamet the Prime Evil. The most charismatic of the seven Great Evils, his Realm of Sin is the largest and most populous in the Burning Hells, filled with demons venturing further and further into the most depraved pleasures and deepest pains. Unlike what one would expect, this labyrinthine domain appears quite inviting, seducing those inside to venture deeper and deeper, into more and more wicked debauchery until their corrupted souls can no longer tell pleasure from pain. This dichotomy is a perfect reflection of Azmodan’s nature, for the Lord of Sin looks at the world entirely in extremes and the lengths one will go to once they cast off their morality. He loves to manipulate others, taking the greatest joy in tempting the most stalwart and pure to give in to the most perverse of vices he finds within their hearts. Luckily for the denizens of Sanctuary, however, Azmodan long disregarded humanity as uninteresting and worthless, preferring to send his vast legions against the angelic host of the High Heavens. It is in his battles in the Eternal Conflict that he came to be known as the best battlefield commander in Hell.
Azmodan took his Army of Sin to the wartorn fields of Pandemonium many times, slaying countless angels in his campaigns. Tyrael himself found Azmodan to be a fearsome opponent, having had numerous scuffles with the demon himself, one of which almost killed the angel. Once, though, the Archangel of Justice was moments away from slaying Azmodan, who was prone for El’Druin to strike the final blow. However, before Tyrael could do so, one of his allies, Ardleon, found himself in a life-threatening situation and called to Tyrael for aid. He rushed to his side, and Azmodan was able to retreat. Thousands of years later, Tyrael would still be haunted by his decision to spare Azmodan in order to save Ardleon. Azmodan, to his credit, was exceptionally skilled at changing or creating new tactics in response to any defeat he suffered. After escaping from Tyrael with his life intact but his pride badly wounded, he took note on how the angels used their wings to bypass the bulk of his forces and attack him directly. In response, he bred a new species of winged demon, the Hellflyer, to swoop in and meet the angels head-on.
The Rebellion Against The Prime Evils
Ultimately, Azmodan was not content with his position in the demonic hierarchy. He dreamed of becoming the sole ruler of the Burning Hells, believing that the Prime Evils had lost their way and become too obsessed with Man. This only worsened once the rest of Hell learned the truth of the Sin War. Mephisto, Baal, and Diablo had kept Sanctuary and the nephalem a secret from the rest of Hell, damaging the trust that had been established between the Prime Evils and Lesser Evils. Azmodan took further offense to how intent they were in converting humanity into Hell’s cannon fodder, enraged that the brothers refused to fight Heaven directly and instead spent all their time with an inferior peoples. Thus, with the leaders of Hell becoming unfit to rule in his eyes, Azmodan began plotting the dethroning of the Prime Evils.
Initially, Azmodan turned to his closest followers, powerful demons that served to do Azmodan’s dirty work, getting what needed to be done done without drawing suspicion to the Lord of Sin. Unfortunately, this plan went horribly wrong, and in his rage Diablo twisted these champions of Sin into scrawny little pests that make imps look terrifying: the Fallen (for more on them, see my post on Fallen Junkrat) Azmodan blamed these new Fallen for their failure, trapping them in their ridiculous forms and keeping them around for his amusement. Nonetheless, the Fallen did manage to give Azmodan the information he needed to make his next attempt at rebellion successful.
However, Azmodan was not the only Lesser Evil looking for a better lot in eternal life. Belial, the Lord of Lies, derided the Prime Evils as cowards as well, looking for every opportunity to overthrow them. Once he learned Azmodan had gathered information that could scatter the influence of the Prime Evils for good, he manipulated his brother into forging a pact with him to take their common enemy down and rule Hell together. The pair then coerced the twins Andariel and Duriel, the Maiden of Anguish and Lord of Pain, to join them in revolt. What followed was a long and brutal revolution, and in the end, while the Prime Evils did succeed in annihilating a third of the pact’s forces, the Lesser Evils were able to claim most of the Burning Hells for themselves before banishing the Three to Sanctuary. Azmodan hoped that their presence in the mortal realm would force the angels to act, leaving Heaven unguarded.
The Lesser Evils had done it. They had rid the Burning Hells of the man-obsessed Prime Evils forever. They had all the demonic power they could ask for under their command. Soon, all of reality would be theirs to control. They...started fighting each other about two minutes after they won. Azmodan and Belial scoffed at the idea that they would rule Hell together, each demanding that they alone be given the grandest title among demonkind. Soon they were at each other's’ throats, and once again their unholy legions found themselves forced to choose a side in a civil war that lasted for centuries, with Azmodan taking the lead over Belial. Over time, however, they both began to understand why Diablo and his brothers were so keen on corrupting humanity, and with the Darkening of Tristram, the war was called off. Twenty years later, their plans would finally fall into place.
Siege on Bastion’s Keep
By the time Azmodan began his invasion of Sanctuary, he was the last of the Lords of Hell left, Belial having just recently been trapped in the Black Soulstone by the Nephalem and Leah. Just before his forces touched the surface, Azmodan’s pride overcame him and he sent a vision to Leah of his army marching out of Arreat Crater. Or rather, he sent a vision to where he perceived Diablo’s presence inside Leah, for Leah was unknowingly the daughter of the Lord of Terror. In this vision, Azmodan mocked Diablo for his attempt to outwit the other Evils, revealing that he too discovered that the Black Soulstone could be used to once more fuse all seven Great Evils into one Prime Evil. He intended to claim this power for himself, and with it he would rule all of creation in a revelry of endless sin. Perhaps, had he not been so sure of his victory to send that message, he would have caught Bastion’s Keep unaware, and his threats would have proved true. But with Leah now aware of his first target, the final Lord of Hell found himself once more at war with Tyrael, this time joined by the reborn Nephalem.
When the heroes first arrived at Bastion’s Keep, it was nearly overrun by the Army of Sin. Azmodan had spared no expense in building an island off the coast of Costa Rica attempting to subjugate humanity, with even his greatest servants, the Sin Lieutenants, joining him. Along the way, Azmodan’s pride continued to flare up, causing him to continuously taunt the Nephalem about how his victory was assured and how no setback could ever stop his siege and that his two kids were both valedictorians of their schools and that his hellhound won Best in Show at the Cerberus Kennel Club and his Burning Hells Chili got first place at the Dreadlands Chili Cook-off and he actually has an impressive six pack that he protects behind a layer of fat and wow golly gee isn’t Azmodan so swell?, but his belittling only served to alert the Nephalem of the next phase in the siege and give them time to eventually stop it. With the death of Ghom, the Lieutenant of Gluttony, the siege was successfully broken, and Tyrael and the Nephalem pushed to the heart of the Arreat Crater, where the Nephalem stepped through a portal into Hell to vanquish the Lord of Sin. Despite the attempts of his favorite Lieutenant, the Maiden of Lust, Cydaea, she too was slain, the Sin Hearts that empowered Azmodan’s forces were destroyed, and he was consumed by the Black Soulstone. Not long after, Azmodan’s essence would be subsumed by Diablo in his transformation into the Prime Evil, effectively ending his independent existence.
D: General of Hell - Azmodan has consistently been heralded as the greatest general in the Burning Hells. The Valrous Manuscript proclaims his many victories over the angels, and even Tyrael considered him a dangerous foe. The Demon Lieutenant summoned looks like a slightly more impressive Demon Trooper (more on those in the W description).
Q: Globe of Annihilation - An ability slightly altered from his Diablo III encounter. Azmodan throws homing fireballs throughout the fight. They initially start moving slow, but as they get closer and closer to the Nephalem, they start picking up speed as they follow their target. Should the player not dodge in time, they deal a heavy amount of Fire damage in an area. Luckily, if the Globe hits any terrain, they will explode prematurely.
W: Demon Warrior - This demon once again looks like a slightly altered Demon Trooper. Demon Troopers form the bulk of Azmodan’s Army of Sin, not treated with any particular respect but well-regarded for their violent bloodlust, so eager to fight that they will even rip each other apart if there’s nothing else to fight.
E: All Shall Burn - If the Nephalem manages to stay out of Azmodan’s range during Diablo III, he will start channeling the Eye Laser Beam on them. It doesn’t do much damage on its own, but it will stay on the Nephalem for a period of time, following them and continuously dealing damage, with Azmodan able to use his other abilities while channeling the attack.
R1: Demonic Invasion - The Demonic Grunts Azmodan summons for this invasion look similar to (though not exactly like) Soul Rippers. These monsters form up what one could perhaps call the shock cavalry of the Army of Sin due to their exceptional speed. Once they catch up to their targets, they latch on to them with their spear-like tongues and leap atop them. Once their prey is in their grasp, they rip the soul from flesh and consume it. During Azmodan’s boss fight, he also creates Demon Gates that portal demons into the arena, but the demons he summons are, once again, Demon Troopers. As u/equalsnil points out, some sound files refer to this ability as "corpserain". During Azmodan's boss fight, a circle may occasionally flash on the ground, and shortly after grey corpses will fall from the ceiling for a few seconds in that area, dealing a small amount of damage to anyone hit by them before they can hit the ground and turn into blood splats.
R2: Black Pool - During most of the fight, Azmodan will summon Pools of Destruction at the outer edges of his arena, effectively reducing how much space there is to fight him by half. The pools, like the laser, don’t do a lot of damage individually, but each pool stacks and damages in very quick ticks. In Torment difficulty, if the Nephalem fails to kill Azmodan in three minutes, the entire arena will permanently be covered by Pools of Destruction.
Level 1: Sieging Wrath - The armies of Hell are much more complex than merely hordes of terrifying demons. During the Siege of Bastion’s Keep, Azmodan employed a variety of demons bred for the sole purpose of becoming siege engines. The most powerful of these is the Siegebreaker Assault Beast, a gigantic monster capable of turning any battle in its favor, so dangerous that it takes a hundred men to fell one. Other examples, however, include Demonic Ballistae, which may be powered by hellish souls trapped in demon bones and iron just like Baal’s Catapults were, and Demonic Hell Bearers, massive wurm-like demons that tower over the keep’s walls and vomit out hordes of demons.
Level 4: Gluttony - During the Siege of Bastion’s Keep, the Nephalem encounters one of Azmodan’s Sin Lieutenants in the larder: Ghom, Lord of Gluttony, the Ravenous Beast. A massive pile of putrid flesh with way too many mouths, Ghom’s endless hunger is his greatest weapon, preferring to bite his way through enemies before vomiting on them and excreting noxious gas that chokes the life out of them. He is also exceptionally cruel, preferring to slowly eat his victims alive (such as when he swallowed six angels whole), especially if they have been forcibly fed the remains of their comrades to the point of bursting.
Level 4: Army of Hell - Each Lord of Hell has their own personal army at their command, such as Baal’s Army of Destruction or Azmodan’s Army of Sin. These seven armies combine to form the Demonic Legion, a chaotic hodgepodge of innumerable demons that simply try to use their overwhelming numbers to claim victory rather than employ any form of organization or discipline.
Level 13: Hellforged Armor - The Hellforge, found in the lowest part of the Realm of Destruction, is the only implement of creation that Baal will allow in his domain. The forge is devoted to creating a variety of hellish weapons that will only serve to destroy others. However, the heroes in Diablo II may be able to loot Hellforge Plate from their foes, implying that it may also be used to create some form of armor.
Level 20: Fifth Circle - The Fifth Circle of Hell in Dante’s Inferno is devoted to the punishment of the wrathful and sullen in life. There, the wrathful forever fight each other on the banks of the River Styx, while the sullen gurgle beneath the black waters, finding no joy and unable to express their rage through their gurgles.
Poke Quotes
”Mmm..haven’t felt this overconfidence since Bastion’s Keep.” - Throughout the Siege of Bastion’s Keep, Azmodan’s overconfidence ultimately led to his defeat. At the end of every quest in that act, he would send the Nephalem a giant projection of his head shrugging off whatever they managed to stop as not a big deal because the next step of his plan would surely bring their demise. However, he was so sure it would work that he would warn them of what that next step was, sometimes even describing in detail just how it would work, giving the heroes time to stop whatever that next phase was.
”If you think my current form is impressive, wait until you behold my floating head taunts! Muahahahaha!” - Again, referring to his infamously stupid projections.
”Leading the Sin Lieutenants is not easy. Sloth is late, Wrath is belligerent, Pride thinks Greed is stealing, Envy is jealous Greed gets away with it, and Gluttony tries to eat everyone. As for Lust, well, she is very distracting.” - Each of Azmodan’s Sin Lieutenants represent their respective sins taken to the extreme. (Note that some of these following Lieutenants have not yet been confirmed:) Bholen, the Aspect of Sloth, is an exceptionally slow Colossal Golgor, yet he is able to deal a lot of damage and prefers to use portals rather than actually walk anywhere. Zaboul, the Lord of Wrath, was so angry when the Prime Evils promised the angels not to invade Sanctuary that he killed one thousand demons to forge a special axe. Greed, the Baroness of the Treasure Realm, is never satisfied with how much wealth she has and forces her minions, the Treasure Goblins, to tirelessly scour Sanctuary for more gold, tally how much there is, and then count all the existing gold in the Realm to make sure nothing has been stolen. Vidian, Lord of Envy, rarely obeyed Azmodan, but when he did he showed an aptitude for sowing discord among enemy armies and causing angels to turn on each other. Ghom, Lord of Gluttony, was described above. Cydaea, Maiden of Lust, is Azmodan’s favorite Lieutenant, a spider-like demon that is both exceptionally beautiful and horrifying to behold, taking pleasure in blurring the lines between ecstasy and torment. Only the Lieutenant of Pride has yet to have any hints as to who they could be.
”....Nephalems and woozles….here...there...everywhere...AH! Grrr...these damn Nephalem torment me even in my sleep.” - A reference to the “Heffalumps and Woozles” song originally in Disney’s Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day.
”Minions, remember, there is nothing more toxic or deadly than a Nephalem child. A single touch can kill you.” - A reference to Pixar’s Monsters Inc. The speaker of the original quote and main antagonist of the movie, Henry J. Waternoose, is very similar in appearance to Azmodan. Starting the sentence with "Minions" is also a reference to the six-part tome Orders from Azmodan the Nephalem can find on the corpses of Azmodan's Missives.
”No, I don’t know how the Maiden of Lust is still a Maiden either.” - A maiden is usually used to describe a girl who is still unmarried or a virgin, which makes Cydaea’s title as the Maiden of Lust a bit strange. In development, she was initially called the Mistress of Pain in her first incarnation, but her name was eventually changed, most likely as a result of becoming a Sin Lieutenant and to distance her from Duriel, the Lord of Pain.
”I’m feelin’ hella good, so let’s just keep advancin’” - Refers to the song “Hell Good” by No Doubt.
”You think your family is bad? I grew up with the Lords of Hell. Our sibling rivalries devastated entire realms!” - While they aren’t siblings in a traditional sense, each of the Great Evils was formed from one of the heads of Tathamet the Dragon. The Dark Exile could then be seen as a sibling rivalry, with the consequences of killing a third of all demons, warping Sanctuary towards evil once the Prime Evils were banished there, and the subsequent civil war between Azmodan and Belial further devastating the Burning Hells.
”Those who believe there are only seven deadly sins lack...imagination, hmmhmmhmm.” - In Christian theology, there are seven deadly sins, which are referenced in Diablo III through the Sin Lieutenants. Azmodan, being the Lord of Sin, may know of some other deadly sins hidden to the mortal realm.
”This is starting to hurt more than my piercings!” - Of course, the piercings themselves nicely represent Azmodan’s nature of blending pleasure and pain.
”Can everyone just stop for a moment? I need to write a series of lore books about this battle and then spend some time scattering them about.” - The main way lore is presented in the Diablo series is through tomes scattered in dungeons, with Diablo III introducing tome series. Each part of the series is scattered to an entirely different part of the dungeon than the previous, and some of their subject matter don’t even make much sense to be recorded in writing. Nonetheless, they’re cool go ahead Azmodan you can write some lore.
”What?! How dare you refer to me as a Lesser Evil! I prefer the term ‘evilly challenged’.” - Akin to “I’m not short, I’m vertically challenged.”
”Grrr, I am so Azmo-done with this!” - Oh god that pun it’s so bad it hurts I don’t know if I can continue this lore post someone call an ambulance Azmodan finally revealed what that eighth deadly sin was.
Interaction Quotes
Azmodan: ”Have you prepared yourself for war?” Cassia: ”Indeed...a war with you!” - After defeating Diablo twenty years ago, Cassia realized that her fellow Askari were not prepared for any resurgence of Hell’s evil. Knowing that Belial and Azmodan still lurked in the shadows, she began training an army of Amazons to be able to stand against them should they invade Sanctuary. She soon became their greatest commander, thus paralleling Azmodan’s status as Hell’s greatest commander.
Azmodan (to Angels): ”Hmmm...tired of being on the losing side?” - The Eternal Conflict between the High Heavens and Burning Hells is the ultimate reason for all the problems Sanctuary has faced throughout the Diablo series, but neither side has ever really been losing for any significant period of time. The demons have pushed to the Diamond Gates five times, but fell into infighting before they could ever claim victory, and likewise the angels have pressed into Hell far enough to attack Mephisto in the Realm of Hatred and the Hellforge in the depths of Baal’s Realm of Destruction.
Tyrael’s Response: ”Remember when you last faced the nephalem, Azmodan...and then ask me that again.” - That is, until the defeat of all seven Lords of Hell through Diablo II and III and death of Prime Evil Diablo by the nephalem. With the help of humanity, the angels have taken the lead in the Conflict, though Diablo’s release from the Black Soulstone may threaten such an advantage.
Azmodan: ”Just what is that liquid you keep consuming?” Chen: ”Would you like a sip? I promise it will put hair all over you!” - I’m not really sure what this is about. Alcohol is a part of the Diablo universe. Perhaps Azmodan is so interested because powerful alcohol could help in prodding others to give in to their sins? I don’t know.
Chen: ”Well, you are quite the strange ally. They call me Chen.” Azmodan: ”Aren’t you the nephalems’ jeweler?” - One of the members of the nephalems’ traveling party is the jeweler Covetous Shen, a slightly crazy, definitely abnormal old man hailing from Xiansai who is searching for a jewel, created by the trickster god Zei, that houses the spirit of the demon god Dirgest. Zei had decided to steal Liria, Dirgest’s wife, just to say that he had stolen what Dirgest valued most, spending one night with the lonely moon goddess before leaving her in her sleep with only a ruby to remind her of him. Enraged by this act, Dirgest decided to kill everyone Zei cared about before killing Liria herself. After trapping Dirgest in the same ruby given to Liria, Zei kept the jewel on his person as an eternal reminder for what had happened, but Dirgest took advantage of the flawed gemstone to slowly sap the life from Zei. Eventually too weak to continue his burden, Zei cast off both his jewel and divinity, becoming a mortal old man. While Shen’s quest, and the fact that Liria recognized Shen as the trickster god, implies that the jeweler is that mortal Zei, it has never been fully confirmed.
Azmodan (to Nephalem): ”Well, if it isn’t the nephalem.” / ”Your death will be sweeter after this little diversion.” - Azmodan abhors the nephalem as “creation’s greatest sin”, as is further obsessed with killing them due to their part in squandering his siege.
Johanna: ”Don’t reveal our plans to our foes. I mean it, not a word!” / ”What, is that all? I expected a discourse about how I’d never defeat you. Again.” - To be honest, the Azmodan’s big fiery head taunting is basically the one thing he has going for him. I think his boss fight is the worst in Diablo III. It could even be one of the worst in the entire series. It’s just so uninteresting.
Li-Ming: ”Have you come here to suffer another crushing defeat, Azmodan?” / ”Can’t I go anywhere without you talking at me?” - Yep, Azmodan completely blundered a war and his best weapon was yelling in the nephalems’ ears. Do I need to keep adding comments to these?
Leoric: ”Are you going to fight this time? Or just talk about how you cannot be beaten?” / ”Moreso than you are.” - The response line comes after Azmodan asking if Leoric is prepared for war. That’s a more useful comment than repeating myself for the billionth time.
Azmodan (to Murky): ”Hmm...what part of Hell are you from?” - Murky is consistently confused for a demon by Diablo characters, especially by those who can understand him and realize just how diabolical and vengeful the little fish is.
Azmodan (to Murky): ”You sound like a Fallen One.” - After their transformation, the Fallen began roving in large packs to kill humans, eat them, and have sex with each other. They are exceptionally cowardly when alone or facing a stronger enemy, yet their lust for blood compels them to attack regardless. They are also almost completely unintelligible. Overall, they basically are the murlocs of Sanctuary.
Azmodan: ”You...I see they are sending in the dreck today.” Xul: ”Ah yes, that does explain your presence. Very good!” - As I said before, Azmodan is the least threatening of the Lords of Hell in-game. He’s big, slow, and almost all of his attacks are laughably easy to avoid. Combined with him literally telling the heroes how to beat him, enough so that being absorbed by Diablo made Diablo also start bragging about his victory and giving the nephalem a chance to save Heaven, and it’s clear Azmodan is a Lesser Evil for a reason.
Azmodan (to a Prime Evil): ”You lead us only to failure, brother! I make my own way.” - Azmodan took the acceptance of the Sin War pact and the focus on humanity by the Prime Evils as the Three essentially surrendering to Heaven and choosing to lose the Eternal Conflict. This led to Azmodan forming the pact with Belial and causing the Dark Exile.
Azmodan Kill Quotes
Butcher: ”Butcher...butchered.” - The eighth deadly sin strikes again.
Nephalem: ”I knew I would get you eventually, Nephalem.” - No you didn’t you probably just stole a kill from a Greymane or something.
Diablo: ”Consider this a permanent exile!” - While the Prime Evils were supposed to be permanently banished from Hell after the Dark Exile, Diablo returned at the end of Diablo II in order to rally those still loyal to him. Once the Demonic Legion served the Primes, they planned to take their vengeance on Azmodan and Belial before corrupting the Worldstone and enslaving humanity. Luckily for both Sanctuary and Azmodan, the heroes of Diablo II killed the Lord of Terror in the Chaos Sanctuary before any of that plan could be enacted.
Tyrael: ”You will look good next to Inarius.” - Inarius was an archangel of Heaven before he grew weary of the Eternal Conflict and went rogue, creating Sanctuary with his lover Lilith, the daughter of Mephisto. During the peace talks after the Heavens and Hells learned of Sanctuary and their offspring, the nephalem, the angels allowed Mephisto to take Inarius with him to be tortured for all eternity. Once in the Burning Hells, Inarius’s wings were slowly torn off, his body was heavily disfigured by hooks and magic, his eyelids were ripped from his face, and he was left in a room of mirrors to gaze at the horror he had become for the rest of time, denied even the sweet release of death.
Uther: ”Consider your light...extinguished.” - How original, Azmodan.
Killing Azmodan Quotes
Cassia: ”I spent twenty years dreaming of that.” - As Cassia had believed the other five Great Evils to be gone for good, she only ever dreamed of finally ridding creation of Belial and Azmodan. In the Nexus, she finally can make that dream a reality.
Auriel: ”The wages of sin is death, and your debt is now paid.” - For some reason this sentence really bothers me.
Sonya: ”The reign of Sin is over.” - It’s not like Azmodan really ever got to reign anything, though. Sure, he may have shortly been the last Lord of Hell, but it’s not like there isn’t sin when the others were in charge there. And he failed to even capture one human settlement on Sanctuary.
Valla: ”Begone and be damned, demon.” - During her training, Valla was taught the words to banish a demon from Sanctuary by her master, Josen. In full, they are “I see you, minion of the Burning Hells. In the name of all those who have suffered, I cast you out! Begone and be damned, and may you never return!”
Diablo: ”Now we see why you are a Lesser Evil.” / Prime Evil Diablo: ”You are so weak without us.” / Leoric: ”Lesser Evil indeed.” - While the Lesser Evils are exceptionally dangerous in their own right, they are still weaker than the Prime Evils, such as Diablo, and therefore hold a slightly lower position in the Burning Hells.
Malthael: ”Your sins will be expunged.” - Azmodan is the Lord of Sin. Malthael is devoted to eradicating all demonic essence from creation, including that found within humanity (which, in effect, would annihilate them all).
Kharazim: ”Speak no more, demon.” - And I was just getting to enjoy having so long without any reference to Azmodan’s big mouth.
Xul: ”Hmph, Duriel was tougher, and he was a giant maggot.” - Duriel, Lord of Pain, the Maggot King, is another Lesser Evil and the twin of Andariel. He is found in the Tomb of Tal Rasha in Diablo II, left to guard it by Baal as punishment for assisting Azmodan in the Dark Exile. Duriel is much, MUCH harder than Azmodan’s easy boss fight, and much more memorable as a result. Well, that and LOOKING FOR BAAL?!
Tyrael: ”Crawl back to the rank pit that spawned you, Azmodan.” - Azmodan’s boss fight takes place inside the Heart of Sin deep inside the Arreat Crater, which could basically be described as a rank pit.
AzGul’dan: Gul’dan, as the archetypical warlock of the Warcraft universe, is notorious for his countless deals with the Burning Legion, the most famous involving Mannoroth. The blood of this Pit Lord was drank by the orcs of the Horde, making them much stronger and bigger but turning them green and filled with bloodlust. The Gul’dan that drank Azmodan’s blood has become even more mutated, and perhaps even more deadly as well. You decide, I think normal Gul’dan is much more meta than Azmodan personally.
Azmodunk: This is the beloved community skin idea based off the slang term for Globe of Annihilation being a dunk. The only skin idea that I’ve seen ever even get close to as much traction as Azmodunk did is Janitor Leoric...maybe Lifeguard Johanna.
Sinlord: While greed and pride are claimed to be among Azmodan’s favorite sins in the description, Lust seems to be his most beloved for...less safe for work reasons. One of my favorite little noncanon theories is that Azmodan himself is the Lieutenant of Pride. The rest of the sins have all had at least potential figures that could be their lieutenant, and Azmodan’s pride was his downfall in the Siege of Bastion’s Keep. Moreover, during the vision Azmodan sent to Diablo/Leah, six horned figures are seen in front of an empty seventh throne. This could be represented as where Pride should sit, and given Azmodan is the only other figure in the room, it’s possible he came down from that throne to speak to Leah. Of course, this could also be interpreted entirely differently as the six other Great Evils, so...it’s certainly not proper lore, and far from anything established, but I just wanted to say something more in this description.
And that wraps it up for this week! I’ll be doing my damn best to make sure I have another post next week, probably either getting the last big lore post of Tyrael out of the way or finishing up the final nephalem with Kharazim. Either way, feel free to correct me on something I got wrong in the comments or ask any questions you might have. Thank you for reading!
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Massive list of every known Realm, Arena/Battleground, Skin Theme and Realm Lord


Realms we know about

  • King's Crest
  • Luxoria
  • Mistharbour
  • Raven Court

Realms that have no Arenas or Battlegrounds

  • Burning Courts (Aka Sports Theme)
  • Dark Nexus
  • Gazlowe & Gallywix's Splendiferous Extravaganza
  • Neo-Stormwind (Aka Kaijo World)
  • Nexomania
  • Riskville
  • Superheroes Vs Eternal Empire
  • Wastelands

Unknown Status

  • Cyberworld (Lord Order was the Realm Lord)

All known Arenas/Battlegrounds.

King's Crest

  • Dragon Shire
  • Garden Arena
  • Garden of Terror
  • Staging Area (Aka Try Mode)

Koprulu Sector

  • Braxis Holdout
  • Braxis Outpost
  • Deadman's Stand
  • Escape from Braxis
  • Warhead Junction


  • Lost Cavern
  • Sky Temple
  • Temple Arena
  • Tomb of the Spider Queen


  • Blackheart's Bay
  • Blackheart's Revenge

Raven Court

  • Cursed Hollow
  • Haunted Mines
  • Towers of Doom

The Eternal Conflict

  • Battlefield of Eternity
  • Infernal Shrines
  • Punisher Arena
  • Silver City


  • Checkpoint: Hanamura
  • Hanamura
  • Industrial District
  • Trial Grounds
  • Volskaya Foundry

Cancelled/Unknown Status

  • Arathi Basin
  • Ashenvale
  • Heavy Watch Tower Jungle
  • Lane Strength
  • Tiny Tim Town Arena
  • Tristram


Game Themes

  • Blizzard Classics (Blackthorne, Rock & Roll Racing, The Lost Vikings)
  • Diablo
  • Overwatch
  • Starcraft
  • Warcraft (Hearthstone)

Other Themes

  • Blizzcon
  • Charity
  • Enforcer
  • Feast of Winter Veil
  • Hallow's End
  • Love is in the Air
  • Lunar Festival
  • Noblegarden
  • Pajama
  • Sports
  • Sun's Out, Guns Out

Realm Lords.

All known Realm Lords.

  • Beleth
  • Blackheart
  • Commodore Ford
  • El Guapo
  • Ilarian
  • Ka the Snake God
  • Lady of Thorns
  • Neithis the Spider Queen
  • Queen Nightshade
  • The Arena Master
  • The Grave Keeper
  • The Raven Lord
  • The Spore Queen

Realm Lords MIA

  • Lord Order
  • The Groundskeeper
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