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Kiwi CatTools 3.5.0 (Standard Edition) version 3.5.0 by

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Kiwi Cattools Enterprise 3.3.11 (7 Downloads Available)

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How to Migrate Solarwinds Kiwi CatTools to another Server


Solved: Kiwi CAT Tools - Bintec/Funkwerk/Teldat Router

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SolarWinds CatTools 3.6.0 - Free SolarWinds CatTools

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Automatic Backups for Routers/Switches

Is there a best method, or software for this?
We use Opsware/HP NAS at work, but I want to get a lab going at home and definitely want config backups (if for no other reason than to know I can figure it out).
I've seen KRON and the archive command as well as Kiwi CatTools mentioned out there.
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Sys admin resigned...i'm lost.

Hello all, I have been reading this sub for quite some time to get a better understanding. Just signed up though so i apologize for the intrusiveness. But as the title said our Sys admin resigned and I have somehow inherited this task until I die or they find someone better. I just need a starting point.
I read through the folders and found little to no helpful documentation. Some passwords but nothing substantial that will help me do/understand day to day. I know our backup routines and as for now they are running smoothly. The Executive Staff is very understanding and knows there is a learning curve. Where do I start? What should I focus on? I think I have a few days before issues start arising. This is somewhat overwhelming but I'm staying positive and seeing this as a learning experience. Nothing like being thrown into the mix to make me learn!
Looking for any guidance and mentoring. Not looking for detailed explanations on how to do it (although it would be appreciated) but rather a nudge in the right direction as to what I should be focusing on. Thanks in advance to all!
Edit What am I the admin of? My apologies. I'm not sure how to answer this as anything "microsoft server" related fell on his shoulders. He was in charge of 2 file servers, dc, managing GPO, and pushing updates.
Edit 2 My Experience? Helpdesk mostly. I do know the network to a capacity. I have access to almost everything, just dont have the experience in doing anything with it. I think I can handle everything short term after some feedback from more knowledgeable members. Ill equipped for anything major. Mostly lacking confidence but staying positive!
Update Quick update as to what i've done. 1. Ive logged into every server I could find to make sure I have access still. 2. Checked local backup tapes, will check the off site ones on Monday when I can get them. 3. Drawing a network diagram...finding new stuff along the way. 4. Backed up anything that looked important to review when I have more time. 5. Deployed Cattools so majority of the switches have reported back with backup configs. Some errors that I will check out. 6. Found some servers handling day to day jobs for other dept/applications. I will go over with those dept heads to see if they remember what we set up for them. 7. Made a list of stuff I dont know what they are but assessed they are not important just yet. Backed up to be reviewed later. 8. Made a list of stuff management needs to ask old admin if they can reach him. 9. Made a list of vendors and devices/services they are responsible for. Having management reach out to notify them of the staffing change and that I may contact them. 10. Checked firewall rules and removed old admin's access as well as his workstation's IP from the VPN connections. 11. Drank coffee. 12. Saw he pushed updates out via WSUS a couple days ago. Hopefully he tested before pushing but we shall see. 13. Made a list of requests from different dept for updating their apps. Management have notified them of staff change and that they should defer requests unless ABSOLUTELY necessary so I can prioritize. 14. Redirected old admin's emails to a group email including me and a couple people in management.
So far nothing major and I would like to thank everyone for this amazing support! Looking at it now I think i'm doing better than I thought I was going to do. Hopefully someone can see if I forgot something major to do. Fell asleep at my desk last night but got through most of what I think needed immediate attention. I will continue to document everything...hopefully i'm documenting correctly. Thank you /sysadmin.
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