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Summoners War Rta Tier List 2020

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Registration key summoners War Tier List 2020 (Best Characters)

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Serial code summoners War Sky Arena 6.0.9 Apk + Mod (High Attack

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Summoners War - Monsters Rating, Runes, Wiki and Guides

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[Release] Elder Kings 0.3

Version 0.3 of Elder Kings has been released. This version is compatible with the patch 3.3.3 of Crusader Kings II.
This version is a snapshot of our latest SVN release, and should not have any game-breaking issue. Most of the team has started working on CK3, so, unless a major issue is found, do not expect a lot of content and updates for the time being.
We do most of our communication, including showing the current development of our CK3 version of Elder Kings, in our Discord server. You can join it by clicking on the invite link: https://discord.gg/zarB4GZ
Direct download: https://forum.paradoxplaza.com/forum/threads/release-elder-kings-26-09-2020.1427705/
SVN: https://forum.paradoxplaza.com/forum/index.php?threads/svn-public-access-not-for-bug-reports.880521/
Workshop: Pending
ELDER KINGS 0.3 Main Features: - CK2 3.3.X compatibility Unique Great Works: - Jorrvaskr in Whiterun - Great Port of Senchal in Senchal - Mane's Palace in Torval - Palace of Kings in Windhelm - Imperial City in the Imperial Isle - Understone Keep in Markarth - Shipyards of Jylkurfyk in Jylkurfyk - Necropolis of Motalion in Rhanano - Temple of Orgnum in Abbarbas - Cath Bedraud in Orvault - Menagerie of Sil-Var-Woad in Silverwood - Volwesi-Shi in Volatra Reach Flavour: - Established rulers of the Reach can turn it into a de jure kingdom - Old Gods/Hagraven Cult holy order - Decisions for emulating Faolan's legacy - Assorted Reachmen artefacts - Story events for the Black Drake - Reachmen cultural empire Orgnum Flavour: - Orgnum given unique artefacts - Orgnum can impact certain tenets of the Pyandoneaic faith (e.g. by becoming a necromancer) - Story events for reclaiming Pyandonea, Alinor Bloodlines: - Godslayer - Kill Orgnum in personal combat - Reclaimer of Cyrod - Form Cyrod as an Ayleid - Reclaimer of Falmereth - Form Falmereth as a Falmer - Reclaimer of Resdayn - Form Resdayn as a Dwemer - Reformer - Reform the Imperial Commune into the Imperial Republic - Alliance War Victor - Win the Alliance War as the leader of one of the Three Banners - World-Saviour - As Dragonborn, defeat the herald of a daedric invasion or light the Dragonfires Elder Council: - Under the hood rework of all vote events - Split appointment laws into 3 separate laws - The Council may now voice its opinion on mutilation, displacement, and titular kingdom creation laws when empowered - The Emperor can attempt to sway members of the Council to be more in favour of their agenda - The Council can be restored to full membership when it no longer meets quorum - Can choose to ignore appointment votes Artwork: - Dwemer portraits - Dremora portraits - Unique portraits for some character - Icons for many decisions - Updated interface skins Necromancy: - Becoming a Necromancer is now done through an event chain, instead of a simple random event - Necromancers now have Necromantic Charges they can use to summon stacks of Risen Dead - Artifacts and Wonder upgrades can raise the number of Necromantic Charges a Necromancer has - Necromancers can corrupt artifacts, sacrifing some of their lifeforce and mortal possessions in exchange for amulets and rings enhancing their abilities Religion: - Added the Plaguing Kings, an heresy of the Cult of Kthulhut, borned during the wars between the Chimer and the Quey - The Brethren are now a standalone faith, instead of being an heresy of the Cult of Kthulhut - Faiths now have their special features listed in their description. Some features have been tweaked and moved around - Faiths are now less rigid. Some patron deities can change your religious features - Added a feature rewarding multiple lovers, for lustful religions - Added a feature rewarding cannibalism - Under the hood rework of some major tenets, and their impact on people's opinion - The Maruhkati now use the College of Cardinals mechanic. It needs to be restored, using a decision by a powerful Maruhkati faithful - The Sun Court now use the College of Cardinals mechanic. It needs to be restored, using a decision by a powerful Sun Court faithful. Also tweaked their theocratic names Slavery: - Under the hood rework, slaves can now remember where they come from and where they have been sent - Rulers can now choose to liberate slaves when they finish sieging down a province with slaves - Rulers can decide to free slaves from one of their province, if the slaves come from their own realm - The Slaver and Liberator trait are now available to those who enslave/liberate enough provinces. Do it enough and they can even forge their own bloodline! - Added the Liberate Slaves, End Slavery, and Slave Raid casus belli Societies: - Guild quests reworked - Great House societies given unique powers - Separated the quest and objective tombolas from education, specialisation, and special knowledge training - Elder Council and Great Houses societies now passively reduce the risk of provincial infestations - Most societies can exchange currency for technology points - Society influence made overall more important - Numerous tooltip fixes - Added the Order of the Pale Mist and the Silent Moons in Akavir, respectively an assassin and thief guild Game rules: - Reign of the Septims added, controlling when Tiber Septim spawns - Great Work holding limit added, controlling in what provinces Great Works have to be for them to be active - Unjust Conquest rule removed - Child of Destiny rule removed Other Features: - Mages AI can now pick a random magical effect every ten years - Khajiit no longer require Old Gods DLC to play - Elven racial traits have been condensed into only one per race, instead of five - Weapons and armors can only be worn by an adult - Era display button - Major rivers are now navigable - Rework of special troops - both mage unit types have been consolidated - Rebalanced de/resettlement - New titular titles (including Lainlyn) - Imperial races consolidated - ALMSIVI rulers cannot declare war while temple crusaders are raised - Some decisions moved into submenus - Many changes to history - The Amulet of Kings can now be stolen (with **great** difficulty) - Provincial infrastructure now decreases the chance of infestations - De jure kings may not be targeted by the warlord CB within their own de jure kingdom except by their de jure emperor. This includes Great Houses in Morrowind - Added the markamal lungshark as a possible pet - Lycans and vampires can choose to reveal themselves at any time - Certain weapons are more effective when fighting certain enemies (e.g. silver weapons are more effective against undead) - Added new infestations that can be taken care of by non-fighting guilds - Scrollbars added to some events - Many tooltip updates - Many bugfixes and minor tweaks #################################################################################################### ELDER KINGS Main Features - New bloodlines for Akaviri races - Titular title creation law - Rebalanced Daedric offmap boons - The Elder Council can be restored by the Emperor if it loses all of its members - Vassals can now desettle provinces that are not in their any of their lieges' culture groups Other Features - Many bugfixes 
submitted by TheHavollHive to ElderKings


7 Swordsman of the Mist vs Batman and Kratos

The battles starts in the bat cave
Both teams are blood lusted!
Batman has 20 mins of prep time, Kratos is gay.
both teams are butt lusted. and want to cancel eachother on twitter!
Introduction - The 7 Swordsman of the Mist are among some of the Strongest Ninjas in the lore of Naruto, consisting of the 7 Strongest Sword welding Shinobi from the Village Hidden in the Mist. Said to be able to take on a Nation by them selves. They are closest to the Kage in terms of power with many Swordsman acting as the Mizukage. The strongest in the Land of Waves.
Note: In Japanese they are "Ninja tool users" they are only called Swordsman in the localisation, This causes from minor confusion as one of them uses a Axe and Hammor and some of them could be said to not even be a sword at all.
Zabuza Momochi (Sever Sword - Kubikiribōchō) The Demon of the Hidden Mist
- Pulled a win on Kakashi, Who would have been on par with Obito who beat Minato when he was 15. Who also started the whole great ninja war and all that.
-Haku is the base for all light speed feats in Naruto
  • Kubi (9 Tails) Naruto hitting Haku
  • 2) Kisame vs Killer bee and 4th Raikage 3)
  • 3) Ten Tails Jubi Madera light fang dodged by Naruto) These three feats are the only light speed feats in the series. 2 of them by Mist Ninjas.
- Was trying to assassinate the 4th Mizukage in the bridge arc. (A Kage, Tailed beast user and Perfect Jinchuriki based on a comment stated by Danzo) You also see Jūzō Biwa and Itachi go after the 4th Mizukage.
- At the same age Naruto was in the bridge arc. Zabuza massacred his own class of students giving him the title of "The Demon of the Hidden Mist"
- Hidden Mist Jutsu, A skill that makes him invisible with in the mist. Only known counter to the Sharingan in the whole series. A skill used by everyone in the Mist Village Zabuza was just he Master of it.
- Silent Killing, a skill that Mist ninjas use to kill with out making a sound. A power used to be both invisible and Silent. A skill used by everyone in the Mist Village Zabuza was just he Master of it.
- Kenjutsu
  • Beheading Sword: Body Harvesting Technique A unique technique in which the Kubikiribōchō (Decapitating Carving Knife) when used to slash a target to cause a wound the sword will absorb from the blood iron minerals to help regenerate any physical damage to the blade itself.
- Water Release
- Demon power up in many Naruto games and 2 panels in shippuden Zabuza is shown to have some sort of Demon aura around him
- Triva:
  • Zabuza being the 1st Hidden Mist ninja was what all of the other ninjas from the mist village was based on.
  • When the Edo Tensei 7 Swordsman of the Mist was summoned, They was not at full power as half of them did not have there swords and Zabuza even asked Kakashi to stop him. A full powered team with each swordsman having a sword would "Possibly" be the strongest set of ninjas in the whole series.
Kisame Hoshigaki (Great Sword - Samehada)
-Monster of the Hidden Mist! Kisame is a monster! Stronger then anyone else in the series. It is so ridiculous Kisame with a 30% clone was able to force guy to use the 6th Gate, And himself with out his sword was able to force guy into the 7th gate. With his sword or with fusion mode would have very likely taken guy to the final 8th gate of death. Something that only Juubi Madera and the Previous 7 Swordsman of the Mist did!
Chojuro was warning the other Kage at the 5 Kage summit. About Kisame, Saying he has power on the level of a Jinchuriki. And that even the Kages should be https://qph.fs.quoracdn.net/main-qimg-ed4e10f1e816d83879e7f4a0dd8eea12
-Kisame has superhuman strength! He is the strongest ninja in the series!
- Kisame is light speed and would speed blitz everyone other then the 4th Raikage, considering he was able to dodge both killer bee and the Raikage coming at him from 2 directions. Two light speed ninjas at once. https://comicvine1.cbsistatic.com/uploads/original/11136/111366011/6681630-1435329442-66699.jpg 0
- Kisame was able to suck the chakra out of his opponent. Guy tired to use a skill to paralyze Kisame, he then sucked out the energy of the guy trying to paralyze him. https://comicvine1.cbsistatic.com/uploads/original/11117/111173561/4641861-2132795493-p_000.png
- Kisame can regenerate better then 10 tails Juubi Madera can, meaning any damage he takes is meaningless. Kisame was able to heal from having his entire mid section blown off, https://qph.fs.quoracdn.net/main-qimg-227629caee762e077c88c567adac763e
Water Release
  • Water style: Shark bomb Jutsu
  • Water style: Giant Vortex Jutsu
Jinpachi Munashi (Blast Sword - Shibuki) Ruthless killed his own brother and is willing to blow himself up if he is ever defeated! The sword uses a near infinite amount of paper bombs (explosive tags) on par with tailed beast sized explosions! A match for other users such as Deidara's C3, Konan's Sea of Paper bombs and the 2nd Hokage tandem paper bombs! - Link https://nerosmokeyu-gi-ohtierlist.blogspot.com/2018/01/the-blastsword-shibuki.html
- At will he transfroms the battle field into a explosive hell https://64.media.tumblr.com/7bfa06886cfb31b75ee64a677d86213c/tumblr_p43p4tX8M61urljpmo1_1280.jpg
- The Blast Sword Shibuki "Splash" https://imgur.com/gallery/xXBzu5I blowing away a group of Ninjas with a single swing.
- Shibuki "Splash" was able to make a tailed beast sized hole in the ground the size of a foot ball stadium https://imgur.com/gallery/gUk8e
- The Blast Sword was able to make a massive hole in the ground https://imgur.com/gallery/yWlrG9C
Blastswords Kenjutsu
Kushimaru Kuriarare (Longsword - Nuibari) A flashing mask and a stinging evil sword! Coming out of the haze The seamster of death !! One of the Hidden Mist's pride, a legendary "Seven Shinobi Swordsmen" shinobi, wielding Nuibari, the Long Sword. He's an extremely quiet, but still calm and cool-headed. To do is job thoroughly, he repeatedly slaughters indifferently !! - Link https://nerosmokeyu-gi-ohtierlist.blogspot.com/2020/11/the-long-sword-nuibari.html
-The Longsword Nuibari The "Nuibari" that Kushimaru wields is an evil sword, That sews the enemy bodies together with a needle and a thread. The enemy is sewn alive and continues to suffer, unable to move.
-Senbon The needle ninja can use acupuncture needles similar to Haku and Ao and other Hidden Mist Ninjas. these pressure points can be used to fake someones death or by hitting chakra points to do massive damge. https://1.bp.blogspot.com/-ONUumOjgEzM/X64efrR8PAI/AAAAAAAAF6E/zqN_453aqVcaOzvW0IBLl2Vhja9gBevAwCLcBGAsYHQ/w640-h400/Kushimaru_%252528Senbon%252529.PNG.png
-Extreme speed Kushimaru is able to move at some blazing speeds! Throwing his needle sword at bullet like speed skewering fodder shinobi, moving faster then the thrown sword. He is them able to grab the moving sword and skewer a 2nd and 3nd opponent. And with a quick pull of the Razor wire. He can them pull all of the Targets into a single meat ball. And was able to have 3 or 4 meat balls of around 4 or 5 people sewn together while still alive! https://i.imgur.com/BOFYhvP.gif
-Psychological Torture
Longsword Kenjutsu
  • Longsword Ninja Art: Stitching Spider Using Nuibari and wire strings, Kushimaru pearses his victum with the Nuibari thrown as a projectale at high speeds, after piercing the target The user is then able to pierce a second target sewing them into one. https://i.imgur.com/z9Yvy2T.gif
  • Longsword Ninja Art: Wire Crucifixion Using Nuibari and wire strings, Kushimaru strings his opponents in a way that leaves their bodies hanging crucified. The final blow is given by piercing them with Nuibari, leaving his opponents to die a slow painful death. https://vignette3.wikia.nocookie.net/narutofanon/images/d/d5/Wire_Crucifixion.png/revision/latest/scale-to-width-down/640?cb=20141231153845
  • Longsword Ninja Art: burrowing spider Using the Nuibari, the user buries the sword's attached razor sharp wire string underground. Once a person stumbles into the area, they pull the string to trap their feet in a formation of wire, cutting them off. The power and force behind the wires can be controlled by the user by applying additional strength. https://i.imgur.com/B7I5oVb.gif
Jinin akebino (Blunt Sword - Kabutowari)
- Link https://nerosmokeyu-gi-ohtierlist.blogspot.com/2018/01/the-bluntsword-kabutowari.html
-The Bluntsword Kabutowari
-Long ranged attack Jinin in the Moble games and "Kyoho Fuefuki of the New 7 Swordsman of the Mist" can throw the hammer as a projectile attack. https://4.bp.blogspot.com/-1930aON7TZU/Wk4Yq2qwOoI/AAAAAAAAFd0/mFRarb9l7qcRABl0Eqb7PAYnGC_sM_p5QCLcBGAs/s640/nY76g8Y%255B1%255D.gif
-The strongest arm of the Seven Swordsmen https://64.media.tumblr.com/2dcf16b3204b2fe9fc8d85808702f1af/tumblr_p27ayfYZcr1urljpmo1_1280.jpg
Bluntsword Kenjutsu
  • Blunt Sword Ninja Art: Fissure. Slaming the hammer portion of the Kabutowari into the ground the user is able to create a massive earthquake capable of destroying a battle field.
  • Blunt Sword Ninja Art: Stone Pieces. using the force of the Kabutowari the user smashes the ground sending sharp stones forcing his opponent into the air.
  • Bluntsword Ninja Art: BreakthroughThe user of the Kabutowari smashes the hammer portion of the ninja sword onto the Axe portion. the result of the impact brakes though his opponents defense, Killing them.
Triva: Examples of why a earthquake hammer is very good. Earthquakes are the strongest ground type attacks. Tsunade, Sakura and Sarada also have earthquake like attacks. And Tsunade was the 5th Hokage. The Kabutowari is said to brake any defense it is likely able to break the Susano'o if facing Madera, Itachi or Sasuke. Very strong vs Earth Style users, counters just about any earth jutsu, even the legendary 3rd Hokages mud wall.
Raiga Kurosuki (Thunder Swords - Kiba)
There has been 3 Thunder Swords users in the series, one being his daughter Buntan who used "distro disk like attacks" And Ameyuri Ringo who used the Thunder Gates a attack similar to Sasuke's Kirin used on Itachi. And was able to take out a platoon of Ninjas**.**
Thunder gates
Lighting armor Raiga actually predates the Raikage in usage of the technique. Meaning the Raikage's copied Raiga! We have seen how this attack is able to stop Kunai and even Sasuke's chidori!
Raiga vs Naruto and Neji one shot both of them. (It should be noted this was post valley of the end fight 1 Naruto)
Raiga vs Rock Lee Killed Rock Lee with him being latter revived via the "Curry of life" that healed him. (It should be noted Lee fought both Garra and Kimimaru)
Thunder Swords KenJutsu
  • Raiga wielded Kiba, twin swords imbued with lightning. Considered the sharpest swords ever made, they can cut through anything, Raiga could use them with great dexterity, able to defend himself against Lee's attacks. He can connect them at their hilts to form a larger double-bladed sword, effectively increasing the weapon's size and versatility to perform different and more powerful techniques.Using his swords, Raiga could use long-distance, powerful or defensive Lighting techniques (Lighting Armor) https://qph.fs.quoracdn.net/main-qimg-3b401b459c0efb71047b3ca91e989c67 faster and more easily than normal lightning techniques. He could also use natural lightning by calling multiple lightning strikes or used it as a power source. As long as he had access to it, he could battle continuously without tiring. (Unlimited chakra) By using it, the power of his lightning techniques become incredibly powerful, with one strike he was able to one-shot both Neji and Naruto. His mastery over natural lightning was so great that he needed no movement to call a lightning strike and could cover a large area with some of them as a means of defence. He was also able to use natural lightning to completely destroy his body if he was on the verge of death, leaving no trace of it.
Chojuro (Twin Swords - Hiramekarei) The 6th Mizukage
- Chojuro vs Sasuke, Chojuro was able to smash Sasuke though a wall, Right after Sasuke was going blow for blow with the 4th Raikage (A light speed ninja) using the hammer release. https://hilman.web.id/foto/posting/Komik-naruto-466-sasuke-mizukage-tobi.jpg )
- Chojuro vs Black Zetsu, Black Zetsu who killed 10 tails Jubi Madera ( https://qph.fs.quoracdn.net/main-qimg-74facfa70180b10b60eaa4037da559af.webp ) Black Zetsu even said how was he able to hit him in a instant (8.mangapanda.com/naruto/562/naruto-2774457.jpg)
- Chojuro with just a Kataka vs The Neo 7 Swordsman of the Mist https://media.giphy.com/media/3o7aD1X5Qj6ksDBE6A/giphy.gif
- Chojuro was fighting Kenshiki along with other kage. https://media1.tenor.com/images/797653e2b29ce30d2ad08033e411a313/tenor.gif?itemid=18933016
- Chojuro was able to cut the divine tree a feat directly comparable to Naruto's lava style rasenshuriken. His strongest attack according to the Data book.
- Water Release
  • Water Wall (Defense move using water as a shield)
  • Water Swords (Makes Swords out of water when he is missing Miramekarei)
  • Water style: Giant Vortex Jutsu Chojuro summoned a giant blast of water using an under ground well dug by Garra. However, Urashiki was still able to flee via his Rinne-Sharingan to time travel to Part 1 and fight Sasuke (Who also has a Rinne-Sharingan) and Boruto (Who beat merged Momoshiki)
Triva: Among the Five Kage, Chojuro is rumored to be the best swordsman, and assassin. ( This makes sense because Naruto would suck at being an assassin. No way Darui is a better swordsman them him. Gaara would have a hard time with his Water style jutsu. Meaning Chojuro would be the most likely to win a fight between them)
submitted by DCcomicsfanboy2 to whowouldcirclejerk