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Rey Rivera Timeline & Note PDF's

Edit: I couldn’t figure out how to attach my PDFs I exported, ugh. I have copy and pasted below!
Ive spent the past five hours compiling a timeline of the years leading up to Rey's death, and a recap of things discovered/ learned afterwards.
This is just something I did for fun and shared. Everyone is welcome to do their own research, use this timeline as much or as little as you want! You can also ignore it completely lol. Again, I made this myself, for me, and shared it.
And for full disclosure I have not read Mikitas book myself, and when I reference it I am going off of what other users have repeated or quoted.
The podcast I utilized is Crime Junkies “The Mysterious Death of: Rey Rivera”
​ [Links have been removed] ​
Also, big thank you to u/_Dr_Drangus_ & u/DetailGuru who compiled a lot of info & helpful links. And thank you to u/bee_liquid for deciphering the vast majority of Rey's note.

Rey Rivera Timeline - u/justiceforwomen27
Early 2004: Rey & Allison move to Baltimore from Los Angeles, where Rey will work for his best friend from high school, Frank ‘Porter’ Stansberry, at Stansberry & Assoc. (an affiliate of Agora Publishing). Rey will be editing financial newsletters called the Rebound Report, that identifies the best ‘turnaround stocks’. Rey intiially takes the job so he & Allison can get married and so that he can afford a ring. Rey spends the first three months in Baltimore alone, thinking it would be temporary. Allison joins him after these three months.
Rey at some point during this job expresses unhappiness to his friends regarding the job because some of the stocks are not rebounding. Allison recalls that the job was not a good fit for him, and that he was not a 9-5, work at a desk all day, kind of guy.
Rey & Allison agree to give Baltimore two years.
Dec 2004: Rey & Allison purchase their home for $280k, monthly payments are less than rent in LA.
Summer 2005: After 18 months Rey leaves his job editing the newsletter, and instead focuses on starting and building a video production company called Ceiba Video Production. He takes a $15k cash advance from Allison’s credit card to buy equipment. He begins producing videos for Agora under contract. The name of Rey’s company is worth noting. Mikita puts a blurb in her book saying that ceiba is a tree with spiritual meaning. It is believed that the souls of the dead ascend to the top of the tree to go to heaven. There is also some connection between all three worlds - underworld, earth, and heaven.
Its also worth noting that within the FBI’s comments of Rey’s behavioral analysis they stated he was financially sound with minimal debt. They noted a $15k debt for production camera set up. Allison was unaware of this, and at the same time confused, because she had supposedly paid for this equipment on her credit card. I assume she is talking about the cash advance he took out, and this additonal $15k was unknown to her. I don’t know what their source was but i saw someone comment/write that Allison tracked and logged all of their expenses on an Excel spreadsheet. To me, this unknown $15k is a big missing puzzle piece. Is it possible Rey owed someone money or wanted to invest, took the cash advance to cover it, and then went out and put the equipment he claimed he bought with said cash advance, on a secret credit card/line of interest, in order to produce the equipment and receipts for Allisons spreadsheet? Later on Allison admits to Mikita that Rey actually died with $90k worth of debt, $70k of which was expenses to be reimbursed by the Oxford Club (Agora related company, also the same company that the three men who found the hole in roof, worked for.). No one (Agora, Oxford Club, Porter) ever reimbursed or helped Allison, and she spent 10 years paying the debt off. As DetailGuru points out, this conflicted with the FBI’s analysis/report.
Nov 5, 2005: Rey & Allison get married in Isabella, Puerto Rico.
Dec 27, 2005: Friend & Agora employee Thom Hickling dies in a car accident while visiting his daughter in Africa. Rey is ‘suspicious’ of his death. Thom is listed as one of the people in Rey’s letter who he hopes to restore life to.
Spring 2006: Rey & Allison return to LA to plan their move back. When they return Rey begins acting oddly - edgy and nervous. According to Allison he began to go everywhere with her, and wouldnt let her do anything alone. He was also said to be agitated, irritated, restless. His friends described him as a reckless spender and ‘terrible with money’. His family says hes frugal and often pays in cash.
A week before: Allison wants to go running at a nearby track. Rey insists on going with her. Allison assures him she will be fine but he goes anyway. According to Allison, Rey sits in the bleachers reading a book. A man entered the track area and Rey freaked out. The interloper left without incident but Rey was unnerved.
Weekend before: Rey spends time reading “The Builders”, a book about masonry.
May 14(Mothers Day): Rey & Allison go to church. Upon returning home Allison overhears Rey leave a voicemail saying “Hey man, give me a call back, I’ve finally got it all figured out.” Allison later learns the phone call was to Porter. When questioned by Angel, Porter says he didn’t know what it was about/what Rey meant.
May 15: Home alarm goes off at 1 AM. Police respond and deem it to be a squirrel or something. Allison is unconvinced because apparently you have to push back on the screens in the windows to set it off.
Early hours May 16: Home alarm goes off again at 1 AM. Crime Junkies podcast stated that the window downstairs looked messed with, to Allison, as if someone was trying to open it. No fingerprints were found on the window.
May 16, AM: Rey makes breakfast for Allison and helps take her luggage to the caa car. Allison leaves for work trip in Richmond, VA.
May 16, Mid-day: Some point during the day, Rey talks to a Maryland Free Mason member at a/the lodge about joining. WBAL TV 11 News questioned the member and he stated there was nothing unusual about the conversation and that it was typical conversation of someone inquiring about membership. [Note: i found an article stating he did this the prior weekend, but Mikitas book says it was this day, so somewhere in this week he talked to a member about membership, actual day is unclear.]
Some point that day (possibly week) he buys Free Masons for Dummies at a local bookstore.
Rivera phones Adam Gold, an employee of Chesapeake Systems, late afternoon, to book an video editing suite for the next weekend so he could edit a video of a conference sponsored by Rey’s former employer, Stansberry Associates. Gold says the call was ‘banal’, and Rey simply sounded like he was pressed for time. Rey was an occasional customer of Chesapeake Systems.
May 16, PM: Allisons day ends at 6-6:30, she checks into her hotel and calls Rey when she gets to the room. Allison calls houseguest Claudia. Claudia states that Rey got a phone call around 6:30, had a brief conversation, and then exclaims Oh!/Oh shit!, and runs out of the house. Rey returns a few minutes later for a moment, and then leaves again. Rey leaves his snack (grapefruit soda & sour cream and onion chips) and Invisalign on the counter. Allison checks in again a couple hours later but still no Rey. While Allison thinks this is unusual she does remember that he was on a hard deadline for a video for Stansberry that day. Mikita writes in her book that Rey had left a website up that gave the time of that days sunrise and sunset. Sometime in the past Rey had also talked with a different Chesapeake Systems employee about filming from the top of the Belvedere. However, no filming/video equipment is found on/with Rey or in his car. [Note: the time Rey left is disputed. Others report as early as 4 PM, and then 5:30 PM, 6, 6:30 PM]
Police state that the last phone call received by Rey originated from Fells Point. UM on Netflix says it came from a switchboard at Stansberry & Assoc. (could be both, someone couldve called in to Stansberry and then hit a number to be transferred to Rey’s personal cell phone). Allison told the news at the time that she reviewed the phone bill from that day and there were only four phone calls, all from Stansberry office.
According to the parking attendant, he left at 6 PM that day and the black SUV was not there. When he returns the next day (May 17) at 7 AM, he discovers Rey/Allison’s car. Mikita notes in her journal a loud sound outside around 10 PM. Mikita lives on the fifth floor, in an east facing condo that i believe over looks the lower roof that Rey presumably fell through.
May 17: At 5 AM Allison awakes and phones Claudia only to learn Rey still hasnt returned. Allison packs up and heads home. Rey’s brother, Angel, boards a plane that afternoon, and heads to Baltimore. Rey & Allisons other family members descend on Baltimore over the next two days.
When Allison comes home she finds Rey’s abandoned snack & Invisalign. The lights in the bedroom and office are on. Claudia left that AM. Allison is quoted saying that Claudia ‘had her own drama’.
May 20: Rey had a video editing suite booked for this day (a Saturday).
May 22: Rey’s car is found mid-afternoon in a paid parking lot by the Belvedere.
May 24: Two Oxford club employees run into another employee [Need to look up their names, I believe one was Steven/Stephen King] around lunchtime, who is looking for clues about Reys whereabouts near the Belvedere. The three employees go to search the parking garage utilized by the Belvedere (someone correct me if I’m wrong on that). While on the top level of the garage one of them looks over at the roof below, and notices a large flip flop. They then see another flip flop, glasses, a phone, a bunch of keys, and a hole in the roof. They immediately call the lead detective who comes to the Belvedere. All three employees go to the station to give statements.
Rey’s body is found lying face up, wedged against a wall, in an unused portion of the Belvedere. It appears he came through the roof, creating a 40” hole. Reys glasses, phone, and damaged flip flops are found near the hole. The phone has scratches but is not broken and still working. They do not find Rey’s money clip on him and its never been recovered. Some of Rey’s injuries are consistent with a fall, while others, like both of his tibias being fractured, are not.
Shortly after the body is found, Porter becomes uncooperative. He does not return the homicide detectives calls, and when the detective tries to contact employees/the office, he is told by company lawyers that employees are not allowed to speak with him [gag order]. Porter speaks to Allison and tells her that he doesnt want to speak to police and fears they will be against him due to his prior SEC investigation. David Churbuck, a publicist at Sitrick & co, a crisis management firm, recently hired by Stansberry Research, denies any gag order was ever placed on employees (July 2, 2020).
Aftermath: The lead detective on the case, who believed it to be a possible homicide, is removed from the case completely. BPD has come out to say that the detective was not purposely moved, but that he has actually requested to be moved to the SAFE Streets taskforce, and that request was granted. BPD also disputes that he was the ‘primary’ investigator.
Having a difficult time with BPD, Allison hires a private investigator (PI). She goes with the PI to the Belvedere to review the security cameras. When they go to review the footage the entire day is gone. May 15 is there, then it skips over May 16, and starts again at May 17. Somebody hit a literal ‘protect’ button. This button is located on a keyboard in the concierge area and another on a computer in the back. Police confiscated the hard drives.
Angel & Allison discover a bizarre, and possibly cryptic, note on the back of Rey’s computer in their home office. Allison believes it was cut, folded and attached the day he disappered as scraps of paper were in the trash nearby. It’s also important to note that the note was found alongside a blank check from his video production company. FBI examines the note and deems it not to be a suicide note, but that it could be the delusional ramblings of someone in the throws of a psychotic break. Allison tells Mikita that while odd notes and ramblings aren’t out of the norm for Rey (in UM she says that he even would jot down random phone #’s??) they were usually hand written and not typed up like that.
Rey’s toxicology report comes back clean. No drugs, legal or illegal, were found in his system. They did find a small amount of alcohol but are unsure if that came from something he ingested, or if it was present in his body due to decomposition.
No employee or resident of the Belvedere ever reprted or admitted to seeing Rey. Interestingly enough, no one has ever come forward claiming they had plans with Rey that night, or claiming to be the mysterious caller that initially caused Rey to leave his home.
Rey & Allison had a trip planned to visit New Mexico in the upcoming weeks. They also were planning to start a family. Rey had just completed his Midnight Polo screenplay and the couple were in the midst of planning to move back to LA. Their house was up for sale at the time of Rey’s disappearance.
Porter later gets married, moves to a $1.3 M home, and has two sons. I’m part of a pop cuture Facebook group. A woman who is married to Porter’s brothers best friend says Porter is now divorced/in the process of a divorce. According to a radio segment with Angel, Porter sent a cease & desist to Netflix but they had already fact checked everything and it was too late.
Rey’s mysterious death and case remains open, and was never officially ruled a suicide.

*Bulk of the letter transcribed by u/bee_liquid; anything italicized is by u/justiceforwomen27*
Brothers and sisters,
Right now, around the world volcanoes are erupting. What an awesome sight.
Virtus junxit mors non separabit. [Latin] “Whom virtue unites, death will not separate.”
That was a well played game. Congratulations to all who participated. I hope you enjoyed it.
But, it was time to wake up. So, here I am.
I’d like to welcome those who accepted our invitations for membership during the game. We couldn’t have done it without you.
I took on this endeavor to find the truth. But not for its own sake in accepting this quest for the truth, I hoped to make myself with the help of others into a man worthy and ready to receive it.
Members of The Council, please note, that I will lend careful consideration to the traditional responsibilities, in light of these proceedings and I will satisfy the standard request of the this council within the appropriate time.
Again, well done to all who participated. I expect the council has invited all the players who gave their lives to this pursuit back so they might join us here.
Fare thee well, Rob Rosenberg
Before I continue with my instructions for the council and claim the prize for my service, I’d like to allow Porter Stansbury to claim his prize. Now, Porter don't ____ _____ _____ by claiming something I’ll just take back
Now that the game is finished I expect the council to ________ those who have given ___ ___ ____ (it looks like ‘time and talent’ but unsure) to this venture. Along with myself, these players should be made 5 years younger by the council.
Porter Stansbury [if he didn’t do it himself]
Brothers and sisters, our land of attachments has seen many ideas become new ____ (looks like innovations?) since my game began:
Radio frequency identification
Digital music players [portable or otherwise]
____ _____
___ ____ ____
____ ____ ____
____ ____
____ ____
___ ___ ____ ____ ____ ____
CD, VCD, DVD, ____, HDTV
The Human Genome
Genetic Engineering
The Fuel Cell
Overnight express shipping
The Davinci Surgical Robot
Muscle Milk
The rights, patents and proceeds for all of them should have been transferred to me by now. I know that our _____ Porter Stansbury has created a way for you to do so.
____ ____ for future transactions you should visit me at any of the properties that I resume control of:
My primary residence which includes a beautiful piece of property in Northern Argentina, and im told, the biggest mansion in Buenos Aries. Well done, Porter.
In Europe you can visit me at the flat in Nice or in Madrid. Although if I’m in Spain I’ll probably be at the castle(?). In Asia you will be able to find me in Thailand. Another job well done, Porter.
I will keep the two houses(?) in Los Feliz, California and the one house in San Francisco. Although I’ll be looking for a new place in Baltimore and perhaps some other cities.
I’d like to briefly mention some movies, books and music I found very inspired and compelling. I’d love to meet any of you who helped contribute to these works.
The Matrix 1, 2, 3
The Family Man
National Treasure
The Da Vinci Code
Eyes Wide Shut
Confessions* on a Dance Floor
Demon Days
10 Summoners Tales
November Rain ?
Home by Now - The Animators
Meet Joe Black
Minority Report
Star Wars 1-3
Lord of the Rings 1-3
Fight Club
The Game
And specifically let me say that I expect M Night Shamallan to continue coming up with great ideas and making great movies. I particularly enjoyed his movies:
Wide Awake
The Sixth Sense
The Village
The Others
I’d also like to single out (full name). You had a good ____ ____ but what’s ____ is ____. The game is up. ____ ___ ____ ____, it’s time for some shuteye.
///3 paragraphs I couldn’t make out///
\*I will attempt these three paragraphs***
Lastly, I expect __ ___ myself and I __ ______ ___ ___ [blurred bit]
given the _____ _ ___ .
I expect ___ my ______ ___ _____ ____ ___ ____ _____ __ ____. I expect that ___ _____ __ ____ ____ again _____ ______. __ __ __ ____ you with a ______ ___ helps give meaning to the game.
_______ progress __ ___ ____. _____ __ _____ ___ ______ ____, ______ __ _______ ___ ______, and ____ ________ __ ____ ____ __ __ people everywhere __ ultimate goal.
Take care and enjoy the butterflies.
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