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A Critical Look at Android Email Apps & Clients [Poll][Discussion][Reviews]

Hello friends. I have had a dilemma for a year or so now regarding email clients on Android. They all seem to have issues and sacrifices. So I decided to test out the mainstream ones that I would trust with my email stuff.
Let me start off by acknowledging a couple things:
  • I know, I know "Why not just use the Gmail app"? The Gmail app has a couple of key sacrifices I will cover later in my review of it.
  • "My email client [X] works perfectly!" That's awesome! I want to hear from you, take the poll and tell me what you use and please share in the comments too. If your email client isn't on this list, I will add it! But you gotta fill in the poll for me to be able to do so.
  • I am not meaning to put down any developers, users, or anything with this. This is a critical and objective look at common email clients I have used and they have sacrifices for me. It might be perfect for you and I want to hear about your positive (and negative) experiences with different clients.
  • I am not able to test the Samsung Email App or the LG Email Client at this moment because I lost my old s8 I was planning to test it on and I don't own an LG Phone. I will hopefully find the S8 in the coming days and update with my usage.
  • If you have pro's and con's of listed email clients here that I did not touch on, fill out the form at the end of this post! I will be adding to this post it is not meant to be stagnant.
  • I will be making the results available for anyone to view at the bottom as well
  • This post is formatted for Desktop, if you are having issues viewing it, pull it up on the desktop site.

Update Section
  • Added Outlook and Spark to the Poll because Imma dumb.
  • Cleaned up a lot of entries (Mainly Fair, K-9, Nine, and AquaMail) and corrected information I was wrong about.
  • Added link to the updated k-9 on F-Droid

Alright, lets get to the email clients I have used and tested.
  • Gmail
  • BlackBerry Hub/Inbox
  • Sony Email
  • Outlook
  • Samsung Email
  • LG Email
  • AOSP Email
  • Nine
  • k-9 Email
  • Fair Email
  • Aqua Mail
  • Spike Email
  • Spark Email
  • Inbox (RIP)
Below is a breakdown with Pros, Cons, Notes of each client, Screenshots of the Clients (Home page/Inbox, settings, and maybe and extra page or two), and a link to where to get the email client.
Testing Methodology(?)
  • Devices: Pixel 4 XL, Android 11 & Sony Xperia 5 II Android 10
  • I created a throwaway email to sign into these email clients with because I dont want yall to see goodies

I have no screenshots, everyone has this app basically. Find it on the play store or already on your phone.
  • Very Smooth integration
  • Comes with all android devices
  • Easy to set up
  • Notification actions are not customizable
  • Has been having notification issues for many users
  • Cannot add a Google/Gsuite account without adding it to your android device as a whole without some jank tweaking
  • " One major con of gmail, and I haven't seen this behaviour anywhere else, is that when you Reply All, it does not show all recipients in the mail chain body. It only shows it was replied to you. Please understand that I'm talking about the mail body. The to/cc fields show everyone. It's bad for traceability. " - @imakesawdust
Gmail app works rather well. However, it is not exactly productivity focused or "ground breaking" like some other apps (Inbox, Spark, Outlook's Focused Inbox Default) A couple glaring issues I have with it were covered in cons but it does not let you change notification actions. I do not archive emails, I mark them as read or I delete them. Along with this, I cannot add an email account that has any Google integration without it adding that google or gsuite account to my device. For example, I cannot just add my school and work email without them being added to my Android device and thus removing access to some features on the device like assistant 2.0.

Blackberry Inbox (used to be Hub)
Screenshots| Link to BlackBerry Manager
  • Very productivity focused
  • Includes a helpful calendaupcoming events section in the inbox
  • Has great customization options for creating custom "views" allowing you to curate different local inboxes to combine inboxes and folders from different email addresses.
  • Can integrate notifications from other apps such as Social Media and Group Messaging apps
  • If you have numinous folders in your email account, syncing is weird and difficult.
  • Search function is broken at times
  • Sent folder syncing breaks occasionally
  • requires you to have Hub+ services from Blackberry which is paid after a certain usage time period
  • Otherwise requires Blackberry Manager to download both Hub+ services and Inbox
  • Doesn't look the best but is ugly by any means
  • Notifications have been weird recently; double notifications, grouping and not being able to ungroup.
This is a great all around Hub for your notifications from both email and social media/group messaging apps. It has weird screen formatting issues and for those with cutouts and notches, it can look weird. It has serious issues with folder syncing becuase I have 10-20 custom folders in my personal gmail and I have to manually tell it to sync every single folder and it is not a single click but rather a couple click process. During testing, I have found that you can indeed sync all folders with just a click or two.

Sony Email
Screenshots| Link to ApkMirror
  • Very clean layout
  • useful upcoming events footer
  • Simple enough to set up
  • syncs all folders without any issues.
  • Supports oAuth for gmail accounts for simple sign in
  • Will be shut down within a year most likely
  • Having issues signing into some smtp settings, I got it working but it is a pita
My internship gsuite email will not sync smtp, same with a test gsuite account I created however, other gsuite emails seam to work. I have gone through and tried the 2fa, app password, enabling less secure apps, changed admin policies on the admin side. I cannot get smtp to work on these accounts with this client.
I got this to work finally, I had to make it think it was a gmail based account first then finally sign in by changing information.
Screenshots | Play Store Link
  • Very secure
  • Has the backbone of Microsoft
  • Makes managing multiple emails pretty easy
  • Has a Focus inbox (pro for some, con for me)
  • Requires you to sign into a google account and add the account to your android devices.
  • The focus inbox is crap imo
  • It auto defaults to calendar notifications that I find annoying.
Outlook gets the job done. The UI is meh, I dont like some of their choices for features.

Samsung Email
No screenshots as of right now | Play Store Link
  • Easy set up
  • Looks decent
  • syncs all folders
  • Samsung device specific
  • Does not offer a lot of customization options
Notes: I am not a fan of the design of this app but it is not bad by any means. It is Samsung device exclusive. I do not like the auto default to calendar syncing.

LG Email
No screenshots | ApkMirror Link
Pros: Pending
Cons: Pending
Notes: Peniding

AOSP/LineageOS Email Client
Screenshots | ApkMirror Link
  • Super Simple
  • Clean looking
  • Works with any account I have tried
  • Will always be free
  • Not simple to find
  • Support will most likely be phased out
  • Very little customization
This client is the simplest out of all of them. Not many customization options, straight forward setup. Unless you use a tweaked version, it doesn't natively support theme changing with device theme change.

Screenshots| Play Store Link
  • Support offered
  • Syncing works very well
  • Offers calendar cynic and views
  • Tasks syncing and management
  • Paid (Just a one time payment, I was wrong about that originally)
  • Doesn't offer much customization even though you're paying for it
  • Starting to look out of date
I personally don't think we should have to pay for such a simple app. If the service was decoupled from usage of the app, I would be okay with it. But a lot of features are locked behind a paywall. The material design is starting feel out of date considering you are paying for this.

K-9 Email
Screenshots| Play Store Link | F-Droid link with Updated version
  • Open Source
  • Free
  • Great control over settings
  • Out of date (on android 10 I get the app targeting earlier API Version warning every time I open it) There is a beta version that is in development that has material design!
  • Setting can be confusing/not the easiest set up
I love the fact this is open source! But the primary app is very out of date. I really do not like the look of it and it plays weirdly with notches and hole punches.**Updated Notes:**A couple people pointed out that there is a beta version out that has a material design, I haven't tried it but will and will report back with screengrabs!

Fair Email
Screenshots| Play Store Link
  • Open Source
  • Very granular control over sync and email
  • Being updated often
  • Fair amount of customization
  • Does not look the best
  • doesn't play well with stricture GSuite accounts.

Screenshots | Play Store Link
  • Clean UI
  • Easy Setup
  • Shoves paid version down your throat
  • Apparently the version on the Play Store is purposefully a two week trial.
  • Pins paid banner to compose and sends them out as signatures (which I find really annoying if you want me to try a two week period, let me us the full features for a week or two then pin the banned back)
The constant annoying for the paid version which is already at a high price is a complete deal breaker for me, even though this is a two week trial. The fact that it pins it to your signature is absurd when you are supposed to let me try it for two weeks and see if I like it.

Screenshots | Play Store Link
  • Offers all in one solution for calendar, contacts
  • Decent UI
  • Has a ton of features
  • The UI is IOS looking based
  • It can get overwhelming
  • Is bloated
  • Has a paid version that they hide good features behind
I am impartial to this UI, but I wish it would have its own design following material instead of a Facebook and IOS mix. It doesn't look that good for me and is too busy. It does have a lot of features though.

Screenshots| Play Store Link
  • Very clean UI
  • Easy to us
  • Offers just enough without being overwhelming
  • Does not have a ton of features
I really like Spark, I have hesitation of its security though. It looks really good and is pretty simple.

Additional Email Clients from you guys!
Email by Edison
Review pending



This is a Google Forms poll just to get an idea of what you guys use, what you like about it, and what you wish would be improved about your chosen client. If you have not input for likes/dislikes, just write "n/a" I left options for people who use two email clients (if you use more, just write about your preferred ones I suppose) but they are not marked as required.
I am not doing anything with this form other than just showing you guys what others voted and using the data to update the pros and cons lists of the email clients. It will be anonymous.

Link to Poll

Link to Results

submitted by eqbirvin to Android

Director, IT - Washington DC

JOB TITLE: Director of Information Technology

CLASSIFICATION: Professional 6
SALARY: Up to $105,000
FLSA: Exempt
DEPARTMENT: Operations
LOCATION: Headquarters
REPORTS TO: Senior Vice President of Operations
APPLY: defenders.org/jobs
Under the general direction of the Senior Vice President of Operations, the Director of Information Technology is responsible for planning, organizing and directing the information technology, communications and information services needs of the organization. In addition, the incumbent is responsible for the management of staff, contractors, suppliers, and consultants who provide technical services and support to the organization in the headquarters office and field offices.
The incumbent is responsible for the stability, performance and security of the networked systems and applications for all staff and consultants, including the field offices and remote staff, and headquarters staff on travel. Defenders has standardized its primary infrastructure around the Microsoft Office 365 cloud environment (Outlook/OneDrive/SharePoint/Teams, etc.). The Director will oversee the development and acquisition of new software and hardware as well as the modification and enhancement of existing systems and oversee support/maintenance on these systems. S/he will also oversee staff responsible for tier 1 PC user support as well as the system engineering support functions for server applications, digital properties, network, and telecommunications systems.
The incumbent may also be responsible for the research and development of recommendations to the SVP of the organization’s overall information systems business needs. S/he serves as a strategic partner to ensure technical resources are deployed in support of the organization’s strategic plan and conservation priorities; supports the SVP in coordinating organization-wide information systems planning; and ensures that mid- to long-term plans are prioritized and consistent with resource constraints.
· Hands on technical manager capable of helping the IT team troubleshoot wide ranging technology issues and provide clear direction on solutions.
· Establishes and maintains written policies and procedures for the acquisition, development, and implementation of new systems and the modification of existing systems.
· Establishes organization-wide standards for hardware, software, and local-area networks.
· Oversees networking, hardware and software deployments necessary to support Field Office work and seamless connectivity with headquarters.
· Establishes and maintains “general use” policies for staff.
· Oversees user account management; activation and closeout procedures.
· Provides technical assistance to staff members. Provides training as needed for all users to ensure the productive use of existing and new systems.
· Manages disaster recovery/business continuity planning for Defenders’ data and IT properties; develops and maintains routine backup and recovery test plans. Oversees vendors performing specialized technical tasks.
· Ensures software development projects are delivered on schedule and within budget and that they meet organizational and technical requirements.
· Ensures overall coordination and collaboration for all departments of the organization and field offices for any new systems planning or governance issues.
· Oversees the operations of organization-wide computer systems and business applications, ensuring adequate security for the organization’s critical databases.
· With SVP, works to establish strategic relationships with key IT suppliers, consultants, and colleague organizations.
· Develops and ensures the integrity of the IT infrastructure and architecture through a thorough review of requests for hardware and software. With SVP, makes decisions regarding outsourcing vs. in-house provisioning of IT services and skills; makes other recommendations, as appropriate, on alternative system options.
· Collaborates with the Director, Center for Conservation Innovation to ensure capacity, infrastructure and security necessary to support the Center’s technical needs.
· Evaluates software and makes recommendations to ensure compatibility and effectiveness.
Staff and Process Management:
· Leads the development of the annual IT capital and operating budgets and manages these budget resources throughout the year.
· Ensures communication of duties and responsibilities to direct reports and monitors performance. Provides regular coaching and counseling and identifies training needs.
· Develops short- and long-range operating objectives, any organizational structure changes or new staffing requirements.
· Assists staff in managing competing priorities.
· Performs all other related duties as assigned.
An equivalent combination of education and experience may be accepted as a satisfactory substitute for the specific education and experience listed above.
Education: Bachelor’s (B.A./B.S.) degree in information systems, computer sciences, business, related discipline or equivalent
Certification: MCSE preferred
Experience: 10 years of relevant experience; 5 years supervisory experience
Knowledge, Skills, Abilities for all Defenders

  • Personal interest and commitment to conservation
  • Ability and willingness to model the tenets of Defenders’ Commitment Statement: Mission, Transparency, Respect & Trust, Appreciation, Empowerment & Accountability, Professional Growth, Fairness, Diversity, Safety, Work/Life Balance, and Pride.
  • Ability to approach work in a collaborative and inclusive style, with a solutions-oriented manner.
  • Ability to work independently as needed, problem solve, and exercise sound decision-making skills in fluid environments to meet job expectations and achieve goals in an accurate and timely manner.
  • Ability to represent Defenders to external entities and the public in a professional manner while exercising tact, diplomacy, and discretion.
  • Demonstrates a willingness and ability to productively engage and collaborate with internal and external stakeholders from diverse cultures, backgrounds, and perspectives.
  • Ability to clearly and accurately communicate with internal and external stakeholders, in both verbal and written forms
  • Ability to effectively navigate through change and maintain flexibility
  • Ability to effectively address and manage conflict
  • Working knowledge of Microsoft Outlook and Word
Knowledge, Skills, Abilities for Director of Information Technology
Proficient with TCP/IP network administration, management of Internet information services as well as Internet security issues.
· Strong business orientation and acumen, demonstrated ability to use IT to solve business issues while also managing costs and risks.
· Dedication to a customer service orientation, demonstrated ability to listen to customer needs and gather critical business requirements to propose meaningful IT business solutions.
· Ability to communicate with and understand the needs of non-technical internal clients.
· Demonstrated experience in managing all aspects of technology, including infrastructure support, software development, telecommunications, system maintenance, and Web services.
· Demonstrated experience with Microsoft LAN/VLAN, PCs, Apple and Unix system administration.
Requires varying familiarity with these programs, devices or similar enterprise-wide managed services packages or office tools:
· Strong Network management skills.
· Strong MS Windows active directory skills.
· Proficiency with VMware, EMC SANs and Dell blade systems.
· Proficiency with DNS
· Experience with Web Hosting services, vendors
· Experience with Backup Exec
· Familiarity with Apache and Linux.
· Travel is not required for this position
· While performing the duties of this job, the employee is regularly required to use a computer and communicate with others while doing so.
· General office working conditions, the noise level in the work environment is usually quiet.
· Defenders of Wildlife is a national, non-profit membership organization dedicated to the protection of all native wild animals and plants in their natural communities. Our employees work in an environment that is inclusive and honors each of our unique perspectives and backgrounds. We believe that the conservation of biological diversity is best advanced by the contributions of people of diverse backgrounds, experiences, beliefs and cultures. We strive toward a collective goal of including all people in the conservation of our Nation’s wildlife and wild places.
· Visit Our Values and Diversity page to learn more about who we are and how we operate.


Interested applicants should apply at www.defenders.org/jobs
It is the policy of Defenders of Wildlife to provide equal employment opportunity to all qualified individuals without regard to their race, color, national origin, religion, sex, gender identity (including gender expression), sexual orientation, disability, age, marital status, family/parental status, or any other characteristic protected by law, in all personnel actions.
All employees are required to satisfactorily perform the essential duties and responsibilities of their positions. The essential duties and responsibilities listed above are not intended to be construed as an exhaustive list of all responsibilities, duties and skills required. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions of the job.
submitted by ellaellaellaeh to JobFair