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Ramos's Rona Shopping List

Whelp just finished my first week back the office yesterday. I've been lucky in the fact that I was supposed to go to Europe and basically was ready to be mia for a week when all the travel bans hit. So I've been effectively at home since 3/12. Instead of starting my new job I had a week off cause "vacation". Then I had another week off 'cause new job didn't have me start due to assessing covid-19 situations BUT they determined business needs were necessary (I DID have to take a 10% paycut ((temporary I was told, until this pandemic passes - eventually they will pay me back or so they say...))). Then I started working from home for the 3weeks and then this past week I was in the office. I decided to look at what I've bought and sheesh I've been all over the board.
Funko Pop - exclusive Vegeta eating noodles (matches my Goku eating noodles exclusive)
25lb blue Sherpa fleece weighted blanket (I love my old one which now rests on the new giant beanbad Don bought)
New Queen Purple mattress
New leather reclining couches (To be fair, Don and I ordered these a week before I left for Europe cause there was a sale and I was about to leave for Europe but meh....)
New mixing canister (I started buying all kinds of kitchen equipment but those come later on)
Oxi-Clean (Amazon delivery service, imma get this for a decent price every couple of months or if we run out I can add an order to the plan)
100 double edge safety razors (I haven't been shaving as much but the value was there and safety razors are the best so was like might as well buy bulk)
Variety 8 pack of scented candles (cause even showering everyday the house gets funky if no one ever leaves, plus f you I LIEK candles)
Supreme Dragon Tee Royal blue
Supreme crossover hooded sweatshirt pale royal
Supreme new era gems beanie red
James and the giant peach Blu-ray (I scour Amazon and Everytime I see a cheap Blu-ray $ > $5 I usually buy it if I don't own it)
8 packs of flavored Uncle Ben's rice off Amazon pantry (really good)
Billy Madison Blu-ray
Lucky number slevin Blu-ray (Amazon, FB, and Google def spy on me, I had commented on FB I didn't watch movie all way through and magically an ad comes up for it being less than $5 so I copped it)
10-13 various cans of soups/canned goods off Amazon pantry - so pantry is hit or miss but sometimes various stuff is super cheap, it just might not be things you normally try. I was spicing it and it wasn't too bad. Annoying is that every package seemed to ship individually instead of in one big package (same thing happened with rice), a bit wasteful but wasn't bad
Madden 25, PS3 - so recently decided I liked the old days of tech and I hadn't used my PS3 since like '12 (seriously, I was dating a chick and she didn't have a Blu-ray player ((or a decent tv)) so I dug out my PS3 and brought over a 40" Visio tv and we used it to watch movies. Then we broke up so I took my shit back and it's never gone back into storage. Well since the living room TV is better I usually watch stuff out there, but since I was working from home I spent a lot more time in my room, decided to occupy my time. Then I hooked PS3 to internet and shit still plays Amazon video and Netflix so it was gr8. I didn't have to chrome cast everything from my phone. Anyways this isn't the first not last time old tech gets me, but I'll go into that later
NCAA football '10 PS3 - see above PS comment
2.4ghz mini wireless keyboard- was tired of inputting shit on YouTube on the living tv with its Samsung remote. Bought the keyboard. It's annoying sometimes but sometimes it's clutch af (like when I have to sign in with my email which is my whole damn name, REDACTED - who TF has time to keep typing that shit out???)
The Last of Us PS3 - see above PS comment
200 clear push pins - I have a lot of shit I hang up at the apt (it's like a toy store exploded into an anime convention exploded into a sports theme restaurant exploded into a bennigans, f you, I LOVE my decorating style)
FIFA 16 PS3 - see above PS comment
Grand theft auto V PS3 - see above PS comment
Asus TUF gaming k5 mechanical keyboard and light up gaming mouse - so work sent me a docking station and I have 2 monitors setup cause we have all kinds of apps to keep track of and I because of the funky setup I also use the laptop as a third screen. Well it's awkward in my room cause I don't have a good computer desk (soon to be bought just gotta find a good one that isn't hella expensive AND is deliverable cause we can't fit shit in my lil car) and the laptop keyboard annoyed me so I bought a new keyboard/mouse and it's been great.
Pf-5 polyfil premium fiber- 5lbs. - so i have this stuffed dinosaur that I've owned for about 30years (not sure when I got him I think I had to be 7 but it could have been older, I'm pretty sure the boy got a stuffed rabbit so it couldn't have been before I was 5 so the dino is def between 30-32 years old) and he needed some stuffing. I wasn't sure how much he needed so I bought 5lbs. THIS IS A FING MISTAKE I HAVE SO MUCH EXTRA STUFFING!! I suppose I could learn to make a pillow or something, idk. . .
Supreme boxer briefs - I love these damn things lol
Supreme tagless undershirts - I mean why not?
Supreme small box tee pink - for Wednesdays
Supreme splatter dye yellow beanie - I needed a new beanie
Hail, Cesar Blu-ray - cheap
Dash rapid egg cooker:6 egg - the beginning of more kitchen stuff, so I LOVE hard-boiled eggs (true story, it's how I almost died from bird flu back in '15) anyways boiling your own eggs is such peasentry, this thing is amazing and I can't remember how I lived without it
Funko Pop- Exclusive 90th anniversary Mickey Mouse birthday silver pops with matching shirt - do you even fing know me if you question why I bought this???
GoWise USA 7quart 8-in-1 digital airfryer - so kid and Henry have been talking up airfryers but I never bit the bullet. I tried to get don to buy one but he refused. So I got a covid-19 check and was like "f it". THIS.👏 HAS.👏 CHANGED.👏 THE.👏 GAME.👏 AND.👏 MY.👏 LIFE
Electric Arc lighter - so with these candles its annoying trying to light em after they burn down and you can't quite do it without holding candle upside down or burning your hand or w/e. This was an investment I live for.
Nintendo GameCube- I live for old tech damnit. Plus old Nintendo is my jam. I don't like emulators I want the genuine article. Plus old skool games are dope. I'm still trying to get some games (eternal darkness mostly, Luigi mansion, supermario sunshine) but it's been aite.
Supreme windstopper zip up hoodie red - gotta get ready for fall season obviously
3 GameCube controllers - obviously
GameCube memory card - obviously
Sonic adventure 2 GameCube - I just play to get stuff for the chaos
Resident evil 4 GameCube- game was ahead of it's time for graphics/gameplay
Viewtiful Joe GameCube - heard it was good, hasn't arrived yet
Prince of Persia sands of time GameCube - same as above
Tom Clancy's splinter cell chaos theory GameCube - same as above
Pies - Don and I like desserts aite? Calm TF down
Blue bandana 3 pack - I mean.... Plus Joey and Don don't like wearing masks but you can't shop around here without one and I ain't lending out my Supreme or LV masks so. . .
Supreme Neoprene protective facial mask red - Arabic design - so I've become a hypebeast lol and was like whelp, if I gotta cover my face and not actually filter anything out let's use supreme stuff
Louis Vuitton facemask - so LV decided that it was going to have it's factories switch to making cloth masks recently, well a few weeks ago there were test print ones being made off some of their fabric to obv test if they will do anything. Off one of my various resell sites I copped one. It's cottoncloth with the iconic LV design. Since it's a test print one it's obv super hype lol I'm dumb
Pizza stone - self explanatory
Mini spatula/bristle brush - for cleaning essential equipment obviously
Mega crusher kitchen tool - why am I gonna waste my time grinding stuff up when this thing will do it for me?
Medihealer 40pack replacement filter - so fd up on this one as I didn't quite read description and now I have these tiny fucking filter for a CPAP machine I don't have. Doh - also mom returnable to Amazon. Le sigh.
Pies - don't judge me
Rectangular bamboo serving tray with handles - so the recliner is great, until you wanna be a slug and eat without moving or reaching and the chair only has cup holders, this is gonna be a game changer
Homemade box logo supreme facemask - so the official one is nice but my face gets hot af. It's made for skiing fscecover and I was like jfc I'mma melt. So found a mask on Etsy, it looks fairly good but in good faith have to let ppl know it's not legit if you see me with it on (the other one and the LV one are legit and exp lol)
Supremebot - messed up on big drop and got caught on captcha so missed on the jacket/shirt I wanted but still happy with the bot
Supreme new era orange baseball hat 7 3/8ths - hadn't gotten my Dodger 2020 hat so decided to get the hat with all the teams. I really wanted the orange jacket but it insta sold out and I had bot issues so. . .
That's about it. Or at least the stuff I can remember for now. . . I haven't bought anything today.... So far
**Edit I lied. I wanted to read Mel kipers draft analysis/grades but didn't have ESPN +, so I upgraded my standard Disney + and now I have ESPN as well as Hulu huzzah!
***Edit I just bought an electric tea kettle and strainer
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