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Organized save file with car built (mostly stock)

Here I took the brutally autistic path of organizing everything every part from the auto catalog and all food in the fridge and pantry because I have nothing better to do in life, I also built the car fully and bought all the upgrades from fleetari, but otherwise have no other upgrades put on it so you guys can do all that if you want to, since I was annoyed no one posted saves with the car not upgraded. The only things I dont have in the garage is the zebra and pink seat, dashboard, and wheel covers, only the leopard ones because I didnt notice that you need to select each one individually, I thought it gave all of them, so if you want those youve got to get them yourself the old fashioned way, sorry.
Heres the file:
It goes here:
C:\Users\AppData\LocalLow\Amistech\My Summer Car
Paste everything in there, and the file "meshsave" is set to read only so any time you reload the save it will reset the damage to all vehicles, if you dont want that just rightclick on the file and click properties and uncheck that. You can try to ask me if you have any problems and ill try to help but I wont promise anything. Also yes the macaroni in the fridge isnt full because FUCK stacking items in this game they constantly fall over suck a dick you can stack them yourself if you hate yourself more than me somehow. Enjoy <3
submitted by Brazy- to MySummerCar


Hotline Miami 2: Another Ringtone (Music Mod)

A mod that will change almost all of the songs in game for some that I choose (Changes will be made if needed or voted). Here it is: DOWNLOAD IT FOR THE WIN!
In case you need the HLM WAD Explorer and you don't have it, then here it is too...
Changes made:
Midnight Animal {Detection} -> Scattle - Serrated
Down Under {Voyager} -> Miami Nights 1984 - Ocean Drive
Homicide {Technoir} -> Scattle - Franco American
Hard News {Divide} -> Lazerhawk - King of the Streets
Final Cut {Decade Dance} -> Lazerhawk - Redline
First Trial {New Wave Hookers} -> Mega Drive - Osaka Sewers
Moving Up {In The Face of Evil} -> Perturbator - Satanic Rites
No Mercy {Remorse} -> Scattle - Visitors
Execution {Sexualizer} -> Perturbator - Angel Dust
Ambush {Delay} -> Scattle - Déjà Vu
Into The Pit {We're Sorry} -> Mega Drive - Haunted (Hunted)
Dead Ahead {Bloodline} -> Dynatron - Pulse Power
Deathwish {Roller Mobster} -> Carpenter Brut - Division Ruine
Subway {Run} -> Lifelike - So Electric
Stronghold {Hotline Theme} -> Mega Drive - Delta Protocol
Withdrawal {Quixotic} -> Lazerhawk - Fight to the Top
Casualties {The Way Home} -> Carpenter Brut - Paradise Warfare
First Blood {Richard (Dubmood)} -> Mega Drive - Video Stalker
Demolition {NARC} -> Mega Drive - Mainframe
House Call {The Rumble} -> Scattle - Roulétte
Release {Le Perv} -> Mega Drive - Crimewave
Seizure {She Swallowed Burning Coals} -> Jordan F - Nightwave
Blood Money {Acid Spit} -> Perturbator - Retrogenesis
Caught {Slum Lord} -> Miami Nights 1984 - Clutch
Takeover {Future Club} -> Carpenter Brut - Run, Sally, Run!
Apocalypse {Fakheet} -> Mega Drive - Murderlize'em
The Abyss {Abyss Intro; Abyss} -> Intro: Magic Sword - Reflection; Middlegame: Power Glove - Resurrection
Credits Roll / Score {Dust} -> Miami Nights 1984 - Tiger 42
Staff Roll / Epilogue {You Are The Blood} -> A nuclear Alarm + Trevor Something - Into Your Heart
Crime Scene {Guided Meditation} -> Sun Araw - Ma Holo
Jake's Apt. {Simma Hem (MiamiJam)} -> Sun Araw - Heavy Deeds
Pardo's / Richter's Life {Disturbance} -> Tempel - Disclosure
Russian Mob (Henchman) {The Winding Theme #1 (Hideout)} -> Dag Unenge - The Winding Theme #2
Russian Mob (Son) {Ms.Minnie} -> Dag Unenge - The Winding Theme #6 ("Brilliance")
Main Menu Theme {Untitled (beams)} -> El Huervo - FIVE
Deathwish Aftermath {Keep Calm} -> El Huervo - Shelter
Scenes Aftermath {She Meditates} -> Light Club - Stay Wavvy
Ellen Show / New Rooster Mask Cutscene {Hollywood Heights} -> Mitch Murder - The Touch
Hawaiian Bar (1st Soldier Apparition) {Java} -> Light Club - Sure Shot
Henchman's Nightmare / 50B Building {Frantic Aerobics} -> Lost Years - The Funk
Suspense Cutscenes / Silenced Cutscenes {Interlude} -> Noir Deco - Silence and Echoes
The Ghost Wolves Theme {Rust} -> Old Future Fox Gang - Don't Cry For Me
The Pig Butcher's Apt. {Chamber of Reflections} -> Sjellos - Excavation
Richard Theme {Richard} -> Sun Araw - Bridal Filly
Last Mission {Ghost} -> El Huervo - Air
Bar of Broken Heroes {Black Tar} -> Sjellos - Broken
Evan's Life / Richter's Worries {Around} -> Modulogeek - Walking
Zebra Boss Theme {Untitled(ZebraBackground)} -> Sjellos - Awakening
This is what I did... If I had to update this, I will put a little patch to be downloaded (it's more faster than putting everything at the same patch over and over). Well, have fun! :D
P.S: I made a easter egg. The first to recognize the Easter Egg music name (And his... "place"...) will have 1 Minerva's vote to a change (He can't use that vote to his own change, unfortunately. That will be cheating...).
submitted by JohnRDVSMarston to HotlineMiami