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A popular strategy game for Windows that features warring factions and an in-depth. The Starcraft 2 demo is finally available for PC and Mac. PLEASE ENTER YOUR DATE OF BIRTH.

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I double dare you to fill this field! Xentry das keygen filehippo https://sneakers-top.ru/forum/?download=7353. You can't skirmish or anything as enemy AI routines aren't implemented and there's no single player mission demo.

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BHVR, stop being cowards with what you're willing to do with Twins.

Seriously, everything we've seen about this chapter is just a bunch of concessions to survivors to make sure they don't feel like this killer is "too threatening", and it's gotten to the place where I don't even see a point in buying this killer.
It's one thing if you don't want another Spirit, but it feels more like you're trying to release another Wraith (and I mean that in the worst possible way).


  • Coup de Grace
With the exception of a couple bugs (Demo, Pig) this perk is pretty weak. Yeah it felt nice when you got to trigger it, but we're still talking a perk that could maybe get you 2-5 hits a little bit earlier. Not 2-5 extra hits, just a little bit earlier.
There was no reason to nerf this perk, and if anything it should have been buffed to get tokens from Hooks rather than Gens.
  • Oppression
Super underwhelming.
  • Doesn't actually cause instant regression in any form, so it can be avoided by somebody coming in two seconds later to stop the regression.
  • If a survivor happens to be on the generator, and they land the skill check, the perk does nothing.
  • If it triggers on a gen with no progress, the perk does nothing.
  • Despite the effect not being very good to begin with... 80 second CD.
  • Hoarder
I mean... it's okay.
Just the knowledge that I'll never have survivors find a dull key makes the perk okay, and the extra tracking is fine, but I'd absolutely rather have something else.


  • Victor as "less than a killer"
For no reason whatsoever, Victor just doesn't get any perks.
The only thing this does is kill off potential cool synergies (Victor with Whispers, Undying, Nurse's Calling, or I'm All Ears).
It's not like there's anything you could put on Victor that would be OP, since he can't basic attack.
  • Kidnapping
Charlotte should be able to see the person Victor is latched to immediately, not after 45 seconds.
Charlotte should be able to recall Victor whenever she wants, not after 45 seconds.
If Victor remains latched for as long as 45 seconds, when the action to remove him only takes 8 seconds and can be done while moving, the punishment shouldn't be something as mild as "oh you get revealed to an m1 killer! Spoooooooooooky!". The punishment for being unable to perform such a basic task should be that you get put into the dying state.
"I should keep this killer attached to my neck" is not a thought that should be going through peoples heads, they should be trying to get him off as soon as possible because THERE'S A KILLER ON YOUR NECK, and that should be kinda urgent.
  • Locker Exploit
Lockers are a tool to make stealth plays or to dodge specific attacks.
If you succeed in making a locker play, you buy yourself extra time.
If you fuck up, you go down.
That's how these things are balanced; you go away without a trace, but become highly vulnerable.
Victor on PTB, and on his initial release, won't be able to do anything to a survivor in a locker.
That alone is inexcusable.
In a hotfix after his release, he will get the ability to "hold" survivors in a locker for a short time, allowing Charlotte to down them if they jump in a locker while she's too close.
So, depending on the numbers, if Victor strays a certain distance from Charlotte (if it's 8 seconds to free yourself, that distance is 23 meters) lockers are completely safe again.
This is not a good mechanic. It's a terrible piece of design that will ensure nobody plays this killer at a high level, and will certainly ensure that fewer people want to spend money on unlocking/decorating them.
  • "Illegal Terrain" death
Having Victor die if he swaps to Charlotte while on top of terrain is more than reasonable, but the inability to be on there for any length of time is a terrible, terrible choice.
The idea here it to stop Victor from idling in a spot where he can't be kicked. That's fine.
The problem is that the devs have done so in a way that restricts the fun plays you can make with the vertical aspect of Victor's power for no damn reason.
Other killers can't be allowed on top of terrain because they have an easy to land basic attack that becomes guaranteed if they can get above you on a tile. VICTOR DOESN'T HAVE THAT. Not only can he not attack somebody directly below him since Pounce has vertical momentum, he loses his pounce charge when he falls off a ledge.
  • Victor's latch target can't be seen
Victor tracks people around the target he latches onto.
Victor cannot track the target themselves until 45 seconds pass.
Sorry, but no. That's stupid. There is a giant, screaming, psychically linked killer baby attached to their neck, and you expect me to believe we shouldn't be able to tell where he is?
  • Micromanaging these two is the clunkiest thing I've ever experienced
Swapping from Charlotte to Victor is fine, no complaints there.
Swapping from Victor to Charlotte is clunky, slow, and terrible. She takes THREE SECONDS to wake up, during which time your turning and movement is basically disabled.
Go play any game with a micro system. Dota 2. Starcraft. Even a game with as shitty of a micro system as League of Legends. Swapping between units is only limited by your connection and your own mechanical skill.
I get that you can't give us control groups or action queues, but you can at least let us swap between our units quickly.
  • Mindgaming which Twin you're currently controlling is impossible
As if this killer didn't hold survivors hands enough, you emit plumes of smoke when you swap.
Fuck you, that's why.
submitted by Flint124 to deadbydaylight


How you Started playing Starcraft 2 and why you have chosen the race you play as main?

The question is as in title: How you Started playing Starcraft 2 and why you have chosen the race you play as main?
I started playing Starcraft 2 because i absolutely loved Starcraft 1(demo, lol - i was too poor then to afford full ;_;), also there was a PRO SC2 player in my small hometown (http://wiki.teamliquid.net/starcraft2/User:Karfussen/Forte) and once he shared on his facebook that he will play some tournament in SC2, i watched this and i loved it on first sight even though i have not understood many things casters said.
I picked Zerg because one of my friend said that Zergs are the hardest since they need to inject and creep spread and do much more multitasking than other ones. After some research about the top zergs i found IdrA stream and i absolutely loved his persona and his macro heavy style. Also i always like playing bad characters, so Zerg armies destroying worlds were very fitting for me.
Now it's my third year with SC2, what's your story?
submitted by Peaceul to starcraft