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Dell XPS 9570 - Mojave [GUIDE]

Let's get to the point shall we?

My specs:
  • Intel i7-8750H
  • 32GB RAM
  • 1080p display
  • Toshiba SSD
  • Realtek ALC298 (ALC3266 according to Dell)
  • Goodix fingerprint reader
  • Touchpad/Touchscreen
  • BIOS: 1.10.1
  • Dual-booting Windows 10

What's NOT working under Mojave:
  • Fingerprint reader.
  • nVIDIA graphics card.
  • SD Card reader
  • Killer Wifi (must change to DW1560 / DW1830)

In my case, i don't have a compatible wifi chip yet so I'm using a TP-Link TU2 plus (USB WI-FI).

Ok first thing first: you will need to get your hands on a working Mac or download a VM in order to set up your USB installation for mojave. The first time i did it with a VMware emulation of High Sierra and it didn't gave me any problem.

Also remember to change your SSD mode from RAID to AHCI in BIOS SETTINGS. Also, disable Secure Boot.

Preparing the USB installer:

To make things as easy as possible, see Mark's guide to copy the macOS installer files to your USB. Watch the video until the "1:34" minute mark:

Keep the video open: instead of downloading everything that Mark says, just download the latest Clover Boot Loader from this github repo.

Run installer
  • ‘Change Install Location’ -> Select your USB (whatever name it has)
  • ‘Customize’, then ensure the following are checked:
    • [X] Clover for UEFI booting only (this will change a lot of already checked items, leave them)
On the Drivers section make sure you have this options checked:
  • [X] ApfsDriverLoader-64
  • [X] HFSPlus
  • [X] AptioMemoryFix-64
Finish installation.

Go to Finder and you will see an EFI drive. Open it and go to the CLOVER folder.
Now download LuletterSoul's EFI configuration from github.
Open the Clover folder and drag everything except for the CLOVERX64.EFI

Thats it, you should have your bootable USB now.

Installing Mojave:

Reboot your PC and press F2 to enter BIOS setup. In Boot Sequence you should see your USB, put it first on the list so it has the priority on boot. Apply and exit.
Your PC should boot into clover now.
Using the arrow keys navigate to:

Clover options -> Configs -> config_install

Selecting that configuration is VERY important, and we will need to repeat that everytime the machine reboots during installation.
Now, click on "Install Mojave from *whatever your usb name is now*"
You will see a lot of text on a black screen, don't panic. If everything went ok, you should boot into the installer.

Go to Disk Utility -> View -> Show All Devices
Select your SSD, and click on "Erase". Format the drive to APFS. Once its done, exit the Disk Utility and click on "Install Mac OS".

Say yes to everything and then you will see a progress bar. The progress bar will NOT finish and you will get a black screen with white test then your machine will reboot (dont panic this is normal behavior).

When your PC reboots and you see the Dell Logo, press F12 to make sure we boot into our USB instead of the new "MacOS" boot entry.

Repeat the stepts to select config_install. And then go to "Install from Macintosh HD".

You should see a black screen with white text for a few minutes; then the apple logo will appear with a loading bar and then reboot.

Repeat the stepts to select config_install. And then go to "Install from Macintosh HD".

Now, you will see again a black screen with white text but when you see the apple logo, it will take around 13 minutes til the next reboot.

If everything went ok the next time you get into Clover you should see a new option called "recovery". That means we are almost done. Once again select the config_install option. And navigate to the "Install from Macintosh HD" and press the space bar. Using the arrow keys navigate down and select (with the space bar) "safe mode -x". Go all the way up and press enter.

Cross your fingers, after the typical white text on black background, you should FINALLY get to the Setup of your new Hackintosh. At this point make your own choices. Personally I set this machine as one without wifi or ethernet.

Once you arrive to the desktop; go to the launchpad and type "terminal"; press enter. Now enter the following command:
sudo kextcache -i /
Type your password and press enter. Wait a few seconds and you are done.

Installing Clover to your main drive

This process is the same we did with the installation of clover on our USB drive. The only difference is that we will install it on Macintosh HD. Dont forget to copy LuletterSoul's CLOVER folder to your EFI folder on your SSD.

Now reboot/shutdown and make sure you remove your USB before booting again

Adding Clover Boot Manager to UEFI Boot

Press F2 when the pc is rebooting, go to Boot Sequence and "Add Entry". Go to the EFI->Clover Folder and select de CLOVERX64.EFI file. Name the boot entry "Clover Boot Manager" and save it. Delete the other entries, apply and exit.

Post-Installation steps

There is a bug with the audio so... we need to install the ALC298PlugFix
Download the latest release, extract its contents and run the file with this name:
Type your password when you are prompted, and press enter. Once the installer finishes pres enter again and exit.

And we also have to manually change one SSDT to fix the CPU maxing on its own.
Download that file, extract it, and copy it to EFI->CLOVER->ACPI->Others


Since i use this mainly for music production, some software relies on an Ethernet entry in your network list of devices (because they generate some kind of license based on your MAC address). An example would be Spectrasonics products, and Waves Central too. In order to fix that, you will need to instal Rehabman's Null Ethernet KEXT

Also, you will want to Undervolt your CPU. For my specific machine, my best undervolt value was -110. The performance on geekbench scores was on par with the windows score. The best undervolt tool i found was VoltageShift.

And thats it, hope you find this usefull!


I am adding a copy of my CLOVER folder in case anyone with the exact same configuration as mine would like to try it.

CLOVER_AAH XPS 9570 V1.0.zip
https://www71 (DOT) zippyshare.com/v/CBwsqBhp/file.html

In order to not get lots of spam from zippishare, make shure you install ublock origin or your prefered adblocker.
submitted by andresandiah to Dell

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