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[Table] IAmA: I am Jerry Saltz, New York Magazine's art critic. Ask me anything about art, or everything. Keep your heads down and your helmets on.

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Date: 2013-11-13
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Questions Answers
What's one thing the average person can do to get more out of a visit to a museum? Or, to take it further, what's one thing the average person can do to get more out of a work of art? Don't go to a museum with a destination. Museums are wormholes to other worlds. There are ecstasy machines. Follow your eyes to wherever they lead you, stop, get very quiet, and the world should being to change for you. And if you see me, say something! We can talk about it together.
Jerry, would you pay $140 million dollars for a Francis typtych? If you had the cash? Auctions make me sick. I can't stand them. They're ruining the art world. They change the conversation from art to money, from quality to quantities, and now those quantities are mass quantities. Hey did you ever notice the word tities is in quantities?
The Francis Bacon is completely predictable. A middle-brow painting by a middle-brow painter painting another middle-brow painter.
Banksy came to New York and the entire North East talked about art for a month yet you said it was bad. Dafuq? I didn't say it was bad that we talked about art. I said Banksy is a bad artist. In your heart you know I'm right. But I love that we all talked about art together. More, more -- but not Banksy, please.
Come on, you can admit it, nobody from Work of Art will ever be "the next great artist," right? I really like the work of Peregrine Honig, who was a contestant on the show. Look her up, She's in Kansas City and she also owns one of the greatest lingerie shops in this country, Birdies. I do all my shopping there. TMI?
Hey Jerry, you've written quite extensively on why you think the current art market is flawed. So I'm wondering more about the opposite of the spectrum. What is your vision for an ideal art market and how do you think we can achieve that today? Top question. I know I want artists to make money, and galleries, and I have nothing against collectors getting rich. But somehow all of this has gone way way off the deep end. But it will re-adjust soon enough. And art will go from being part of the 1% to its normal place of being part of the 5%.
I really love Marina Abramovic and I was wondering what you thought of the Picasso Baby video? Did it raise questions about the art world for you? Or was it just another marketing ploy? I was there. I fell in love with Jay Z's smile. I slept with him for one night, and readers have been calling me a "slut" ever since. I don't think the "Picasso Baby" video is art, I think it is a music video. However, and not to hurt your feelings, daaanknugs, I think Jay Z is better than Marina. I'm sorry. I'm not being flip. She's a bit heavy-handed, ponderous, and affected for me. But we'll trust you on this one.
Favorite museum or gallery in the city? The Metropolitan Museum of Art is the greatest, encyclopedic museum on Earth. Sorry, Louvre, your architecture is stupid, and everyone gets lost there. At The Met, you see art within 25 feet of the door. At the Louvre, you've got to walk a half-mile. Fix this.
What is your opinion on the situation at the Detroit Institute of Arts right now? Or the ongoing proliferation of ruin porn of Detroit? We are all Detoiters. All Americans are Detroiters right now. I tell you this here, now: This museum will sell its treasures over my dead body. Which may die soon, anyway. Stop with the ruin porn. Although it always does look amazing. It's getting generic, though.
Hi Jerry! I'm in grad school for art journalism, and sort of feeling like this was a terrible move. Granted, you and a few others just won't let the field die, but I think the program is putting the weight of "the future of art criticism" on our shoulders. There's only 8 of us in the program. I don't think that is an appropriate weight distribution ratio. Any thoughts to help us save the field? Thanks! You ARE the future of art criticism, yo!
Grow. A. Pair.
Never JUSt write enthusiastic reviews, or ONLY negative reviews, or two lines of snark: BE OPIONATED. Or die. Really. There is NO money in what we do. Do you know what that means? It means that you have NOTHING to lose! You are armed and dangerous, man. Now get out there; cover the artists and gallerists of YOUR generation! Now! And write reviews in fucking English, will you, for fuck's sake! I have NO idea what most of the stuff in Artforum is saying. No one does.
Jerry, do you think other art critics are jealous because they don't have their own an action figure? Link to imgur.com. This idiot Sucklord, yes, that's his ridiculous name, made this action figure of me. I don't think it looks anything like me, other than it's bald. I hear he made a bundle from it. I got nothing. I'm happy for him. All artists should make all the money they want. You know I love you, artists. Not you, Sucklord.
There have been a few record sales prices in the recent months and years. Do you feel the art market has rebounded from it lows in the at the turn of the decade? What do you feel should happen to the masterpieces recently discovered in Germany? Good questions. First the work found in Germany constitute a HISTORY CHANGING cache of art. Sadly, however, the real winners of this will probably be the 1000s of lawyers and the heinous auction houses that will swoop in and try to sell the art. My guess is that we won't see this art in our lifetimes.
Hi Jerry, this is @MarlanaAdele from Twitter. My question: During your career have you ever critiqued a particular body of work, artist or show, then revisited later to find that your opinion was drastically different? I thought the late Steven Parrino sucked. He made monochromatic paintings with canvas bunched up all over. But every young artist in the early 2000s loved his work. Around 2005 I finally saw why.
Rule No. 2: Always listen to artists.
What an honour to see you on Reddit, Mr. Saltz! I'm a moderator for /ArtSphere, we share essays and short critical pieces on art, and I've got a question I've wanted to ask you ever since you wrote your essay, The Trouble with Mega-Galleries. If you were to start your own gallery, how would it function? Who or what works would you represent? Great question. But all gallerists are missing the same chromosome. I'm missing a different one, which means I would never be an art dealer. I don't want to work with artists. I never ask artists anything when I am writing on their work. I trust gallerists. I go to 20 or 30 galleries every week. I have done this my whole life, so I better believe in galleries.
Jerry, Between David Byrne and Patti Smith, et al. there's been a lot of scuttlebutt about NYC not being a great place for a young artist. What are your thoughts? Wrong, wrong, wrong. I have not seen the city so open since the late 1970s. Kids can now live in a crappy dump in any borough, except Staten Island--I don't go there, I think it's like Mob Wives and I'm scared. So young artists, come East. We have many, many uniforms for you. Come here, have your nervous breakdowns, get insomnia, and like vampires everywhere, be with as many of your own kind as possible. If you build it, we will watch.
What is the role of critics in art? How should the artist interact with critics? Be nice.
Never use your sales pitch on a critic.
Be as honest as you can, I already know you want me to write on your work.
Don't be afraid of negative criticism.
There is a grain of truth to all criticism.
Focus on critics of your own generation. The geezers can't do much for you.
Critics should be critical. I can't stand it that about four generations of critics learned to write only enthusiastically or only descriptively or just write snark. These are the easy ways out. Being critical of art is a way of showing art respect.
How do two married critics keep some sense of matrimonial peace in the house? Seriously. Help. I'm a critic that's going to marry one of the best young art critics in NYC and we're both too bullheaded for our own good. How do you keep it in the broadsheets and out of the bedsheets? You are about to have the most extraordinary life lived in art that you can possibly imagine. In my case, my wife is by far the superior critic. I am in awe of her work. I like mine, too, so it's really, really easy for two critics to be together. You will talk about art every minute of every day for the rest of your lives. But, you will be poor until you die. I promise you this.
Hi Jerry! I'm 80% sure I saw you at ArtPrize and I was curious what you thought about the whole event. I LOVE ArtPrize. I believe in what I call "The Two-State Solution" of ArtPrize. There is one prize awared by the public. There is one prize awarded by artsy jurors.
Do you feel Warhol was a better Painter, Filmaker, or Celebrity? In the history of the world, no one ever put those colors together before Warhol did. No one ever had images skidding over one another. Warhol changed the way the world looks and the way we look at the world. That is fucking revolutionary.
Who was your favorite artist to meet? I have to say, although she's more of a meta-artist, it was Cynthia Plaster Caster. You know who she is? Just look up her name and Jimi Hendrix.
Hey Jerry, I know next to nothing about art but I read you in NY Mag all the time. My question is: What's one book you'd recommend to someone interested in art and learning more but with next-to-no-knowledge of art history/the art world? OFF THE WALL by Calvin Tompkins. It's about how artists like Jasper Johns, Robert Rauschenberg, John Cage, and Merce Cunningham made the train of American art history jump off the tracks, and land on a new track - the one we're still huffing along on. And, it's an easy read. He writes in English, for God's sake.
Is photography dead? The art world thinks it's an undertaker. First, painting is dead. The novel is dead. Now everyone wants to know if photography is dead. The weird thing is, it IS dead in one way: when you are my age, there will be no more chemical film, no more chemical developing of film, and no more enlargers. The medium is in flux.
I would give anything to be a photographer right now. Photography is the easiest thing to make, and one of the hardest things to make well.
My pictures stink.
Who's the biggest fraud in Art? The dick-waving, masters of the universe, hedge fund art collectors who only buy what other dick-waving, masters of the universe collectors buy. What the market creates, let the market destroy. Bwahaha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha.
How often do artists ask what you think of their work? What do you say when it's terrible? They ask often. I say it's terrible when I think it is terrible and then I say why. Don't ask if you don't want to hear.
Mr Saltz, serious question: Has an artwork ever gotten you sexually aroused? If so, which? (Okay, playful but serious nonetheless). A Matisse once got me all hot and bothered. Truth. I used to masturbate to Ingres' Turkish bath painting as a child, which I guess isn't as bad as the weather woman. And you? Do girls do this, too?
Would you like to see more art depicting fish? Who doesn't like fish?
Do you have a favorite artist, or is that not allowed? Not to be coy, I am lucky to have seen real 50,000 year old cave paintings. These are the most powerful images of mammals ever made. In a way, that would make these artists the greatest I have ever seen. By the way the second most common things in the caves are hand prints. We now know that 51% of these hands are women's hands. Whoa! Guess what the third most common thing depicted on all cave walls is? Va-jay-jays and wieners.
We know you're not a fan of Banksy, but how do you feel about graffiti art at large? I love art in the streets. I love art anywhere. Put the Mona Lisa in a closet and I will look at it. I love the chaos of New York. I don't want the street art to be cleaned up. I just wish that so much of it wouldn't look the same; you know squiggly letters of the artists name in day-glow. You gotta be better than that.
Have you any favorite street artists? I do like Barry McGree and Swoon very much.
As a former student of yours at an MFA program, I was wondering why you take such issue with them as institutions that take more than they give, but still continue to take their money as a professor. It seems like an obvious conflict of interest. Are you not in fact one of the people taking the money out of artists pockets? How many MFA programs are you listed as a professor at and accept money from to lecture? I only teach at one school now, The Art Institute of Chicago, my hometown. I love this school and I need this money. I do not hate art schools, I think they are merely much too expensive and that students aren't getting everything that they pay for. But I would agree, if there is a problem in art schools I would be a part of that problem.
Do you actually read all of your facebook replies in their entirety? Yes, absolutely. They. Complete. Me. I can't live if living is without them.
I just finished watching Breaking Bad and I know that you recently watched it as well. Reddit (along with the rest of the Internet) has a strong following of the series. What do you see is the future trajectory of Television into the contemporary art dialog? This is the golden age of television. We're living it. The Wire is better than any film being made today at a fraction of the price and the thing is like, 75 hours long. All movies should stop these days after 1 hour.
If President Obama asked you for advice on how the federal government should support the arts, what would you tell him? I would say, "I <3 you, Obama. Don't worry about us. Take care of those Republicans, will you?"
Jerry, you are a well known figure on FB and other online platforms. Is this just the beginning of your reddit supremacy? I love the smell of reddit supremacy in the morning.
Jerry, what is the future of art? In my opinion its been relegated to a hobby for the ultra elite, not the culture-wide phenomena of once upon a time. Art/artist-as-commodity seems to be quite alive and well and has had much cultural crossover into the mainstream. I guess I'm asking where is it going? Meaning this thing called the 'artworld' doesn't seem like it can last, so whats next? Come on! Art is NOT just a harmless hobby! Don't be so cynical! Art has been with us since the beginning; I imagine it will be here until we are not. Neanderthal Man made art. Art is part of a cosmic force. It is not optional. It is part of the Whole Ball of Wax.
What did you think of the Mike Kelley retrospective at MoMA PS1? Very moving. There are few artists working today who don't owe Kelly some debt of gratitude and influence. Bravo, MoMA/PS1.
Could you describe a time you revisited a work of art and found yourself changing your view on it completely? I never used to like the work of Louise Bourgeois. After she died, and there were numerous exhibitions of her work, I have to say I came around to her vision, her updated version of surrealism, and her magical drawings. I still hate the spiders.
There is a line of thought out there that anything and everything that an artist labels as "art" qualifies as such. I don't believe that simply slapping the "art" label on something meets the criteria for something to actually be considered or qualify as such. Is holding art to a standard censorship? An artist can call whatever they make art. That's fine with me. Our job is to decide if it is good or bad art.
Excellent, I can put "Artist" on my resume then, as long as quality is not a factor. Yes. You may put "artist" on your resume. That won't make you an artist, of course. Let alone a good one. But go ahead, put it there.
Jerry? Do you have something against Gabriel Orozco? His early fotografs are GENIUS. Love those pictures. I love the yogurt tops, but the guy fell into a rut and just makes those circle paintings and those curvy prints, and a lot of other non-thinking product. My number one rule, however, is I never count an artist out.
Can you name an artist whose poverty improved their art? I don't think poverty is ever good. It's a romantic idea that suffering makes us better. I don't buy it. I sometimes want to shoot van Gogh for killing himself. He was so, so close to doing in his paintings what he had already done in his drawing: The complete integration of painting and drawing. Goddamn you, Vincent, I love you.
Hi Jerry. What is your least favourite current trend as an subject matter for art? Tepid, tame, generic, modest abstraction. The colors are usually black, white, gray, maybe silver. Some reproductive technique, some spray paint, a smudge here and there and presto: made for pointy-headed museum curators. It's dead and it doesn't even know it.
Throughout history, why have some artists become famous and others remained unknown? Is it because their work is groundbreaking, something that has never been done before? The short-hand answer for this is "yes." A more complicated answer would be, for example, in the West, women were not allowed to be artists until the 19th century. So, 400 generations of women artists are lost. So, this is a complex question.
How did you become an art critic, and what is your advice for someone looking to do it today, besides blogging? Edit: I too am a huge fan and extremely excited about this AMA. We're twittefacbook buds, Jerry! Thank you. I became an art critic by calling myself an art critic when I was a long-distance truck driver. Have you ever tried to write? Until then, I had never written anything in my life. It's the worst thing on Earth. You can't listen to music when you write, you're alone 16 hours a day, but I wouldn't have it any other way. Just be whatever you are and tell people that's what you are and then prove it. See you in the Twitterspehere.
Jerry, can we go see art together? That's all. I never see art with anyone except my wife. But, if you see me out there in the trenches, please, please say hello. Tell me what you think, I'm all ears.
Why should anyone listen to you any more or any less than someone with an academic background studying art? They shouldn't! You pick and choose who you listen to. I trust some food critics; I don't trust others. Same with music critics and art critics.
Don't read me if you don't trust me. (But I wish you would read me.)
When is the last time a work of art brought you to tears? It happened recently but I'm forgetting what the work was. However, I can tell you I cried at the end of Matthew Barney's Cremaster 5 when he jumped into Danube and then 7 Jacobean doves lifted his scrotum into the air. True story.
Probably dumb questions but, What advice can you give somebody that is learning about criticism and wants to become sucesfull ? How did you change from a truck driver to art critique ? And Whats the best advice you have for a critic. Look at as much art as possible from your own generation. Stay up very late every night with artists and art critics of YOUR generation. Start a new world. Mine will be gone in like 10-15 years. Your turns then... And take good care of your teeth.
Hi Jerry!! You're awesome!!! Do you think that its heathy for artists to be examining modernism in the 21st century? Do you think that some of those styles can have relevance today, or did pop art end it all. I'm so over pop art. Except Lichtenstein (mostly). Also, does my art stink??? www.jonblatchford.net. Listen, ALL art is contemporary art. ALL art is "useful" to artists. From Cave Painting till today. Everything. Eat the world. Crap it out. Eat that crap. Crap it out. Embrace chaos. And take better care of your teeth, kid.
What do you think about the new high of $142.4M for a work of art? Yawn. Do we really care? Dick-wavers will wave their dicks. It is what they do. Same as it ever was. No impact on INNER-LIFE of art. Not on mine, at least.
Where do you and Roberta go on date nights? We look at art. That is all that we do. You will see us on Friday and Saturday nights at the Met.
Hi Jerry When you look at art as a critic, what do you look for? Is there a process you go through or is it organic? Have you ever changed your mind about a critique? What really gets you going (in a positive way)? Thanks! Edit - I saw a reply about a crit you did change your mind on. Frankly, I get very very quiet inside and I begin to hear what I am seeing. Ask me sometime if you see me in a gallery.
I like reading about art. The art world seems like a different world like Hollywood. Anyway, any other art critics or writers worth following? Or do you even read other critics. Are your art advices just for professional artists? Do you think hobbyists can make something as worthwhile as those who chosen art as their profession? I love your last question: "Do you think hobbyists can make something as worthwhile as those who chosen art as their profession?" YES YES YES. In fact, I sometimes think the best artists are actually what you might call "hobbyists." Hobbyists work from obsession, need, unexplained drives, mysterious madeleines in their minds, strange desires, and devote ungodly amounts of time to these off fixations that really only they understand and which they do not understand at all. They are commanded by higher voices. Boom! Darling, that's ART!
Do you think paintings will remain the gold standard of coveted art objects for the foreseeable future? Will new media ever surpass them? In international biennials and many contemporary museum art shows, paintings are virtually absent. These exhibitions are filled with videos, installations, digital media, etc. There are many, many art worlds. Art contains multitudes.
Is there any value placed on asthetics in the modern art world today? Is there a market today for loosely figurative (but not realistic) art today? Like the way Marie Laurencin, Matisse, Modigliani etc... were in the beginning of the century... ? Look, job one for you is to make certain that it looks like your work was made in the PRESENT. Of course, it will be rooted in and connected to history, timlessness, and all that shit. But without the PRESENT in your work, your work is the walking dead. Do me a favor: I LOVE those artists, but stop thinking about them for 18 months. See what happens. Bet you'll be freer and happier...
Any up and coming artists you've seen recently that you're really excited about seeing more from? Right now at Canada, a gallery on the Lower East Side, is a young painter named Michael Williams. Check it out and let me know what you think. I think he is developed one of the most interesting surfaces I have seen in a long time. I have to go back though. How about you?
I'll repost, just because I'm honestly interested but perhaps this question is too academic. Rirkit Tiravanija is wise. And right when he says, "I like positive irony. Irony can create new metaphors, and I find that interesting."
Can you give me your thoughts on why you think irony is such a valued vehicle of expression for contemporary art? You are right when you say you're troubled with the art-world's fixation on "disaffection."
Rirkrit is quoted as saying, "I like positive irony. Irony can create new metaphors, and I find that interesting." I love irony; irony is in the air we breath; Oscar Wilde said "All bad poetry is sincere." Shakespeare wrote "The best poetry is the most feigned poetry." Irony IS the human condition. Each of us is AWARE of being within ourselves yet outside ourselves observing at every waking moment. Even during sex this split exists. I think that the trick is to accept this DOUBLE SELF and to make art that is simultaneously SINCERE AND IRONIC.
I can get behind the idea of "positive irony," but I am often perplexed by the establishment's infatuation with disaffectation, and it's fear of meaning. Why is an honest gesture often reviled or shunned while one that fetishisizes the elision of meaning often coveted? Never, ever valorize sincerity. It's a loser's game. Heed Wilde and Shakespeare and you'll be in great shape. Trust me; I'm a professional. Make sense?
Why did you choose use a picture of you and Bill Clinton (twitter account) as a profile picture? Ref: Link to twitter.com. Don't know. Love the big lug. Miss the big dog. And, I guess I thought it would get people's attention. Now, I'm stuck with it.
What, if anything, do you dislike about the art world? I wish galleries had benches in them and served cashews. Really.
According to you, the best way to approach a US gallery when seeking representation from outside US? thanks! a painter from Canada. I am not an artist so I have no idea how one approaches a gallery. I do know that you should really research the galleries; really make it your job to know what they stand for, what htier vision is. Never, ever just try to drop off images at every gallery on the street. This is beneath you. I imagine that the best way into any gallery is through an artist friend of an artist friend of an artist friend. It is ALL through artists. I NEVER recommend artists to galleries. It would destroy all my neutrality with a gallery.
Cat or dog? Cat, cat and cat.
Jerry Saltz, you broke the first rule of Reddit and didn't post a picture of your cat! Our cat died in early 1998. Too sad to get another.
What's your favorite dessert? Ginger cookies. And I love cashews.
What can today's museums do to better engage their audience and avoid being seen as mausoleums? Just think independently. Don't just think about market share, and for God's sake, don't just show the same fifty-five artists that all fifty-five international curators persist in showing. It's boring. Stop it. Exercise your own taste. If we don't like it, we'll tell you. As you were.
Hi Jerry - Thanks for doing this. I liked your piece concerning the mega galleries. I was curious if you ever write a review and get scared to go back into a gallery because of what you have written? Also what did you eat for breakfast? Didn't you see the picture of mega-dealer David Zwirner trying to choke me to death this past weekend after i went back into his gallery for the first time since writing about the mega-galleries? I tried to choke him to death too. It was a draw. Check out my FB page from this past Monday. For real. No lie.
How do you recognize the difference between good art and bad art? That's like asking, "How do I distinguish between a good steak and a bad steak?" It is a completely subjective process. In my criticism I try to articulate the nuances of my taste and ideas the best I can. I want my readers to know all sides of my thought, as openly as possible.
Jerry, You talk a lot about young artists vs geezers. What about someone middle age who want to emerge into the scene. Any hope in making a splash? These days, yes. Everything is falling apart, except at the very top. This leaves the middle and the bottom open and porous again. My advice, other than making every art every free minute of every day, is show up. Go to galleries. Go to openings. Be around other vampires. Renoir once said, "No great artist in a Hamlet." He meant, artists must be around other artists in order to be other artists at all. Show up, Morcutt. I'll be watching.
Hey Jerry, I saw the artists opinion is important in understanding a work. I say, in case of understanding art, that is totally obsolete. Is it important for you not to understand an artpiece immediatly and turn to the artist for a better view on the work. Does it irritate you when a piece might confront you with a very narrative filled with critique, political content? Thank you ! :) If I understand what you're saying I think I agree. As Oscar Wilde said, "The minute you understand a work of art, it begins to die for you."
Jerry, I have always wondered a few things, since you and your wife have such great access to culture: would you tell me about a great piece of jewelry you got for your wife? What about it do you love, what drew you to it, and does it reflect any art she loves or an experience the two of you had? Thanks. I have gotten pretty good at picking very plain, simple rings fro my wife. At least she says she loves them.
Jerry, what are your thoughts on the work of Arthur Danto, and where do you see the nature of contemporary art heading in the near future? I never really read him. I know that many in the art world respect him enormously. I am very very bad at philosophy, however. Almost the second I start to read it I get sleepy. But I dig the people who dig it.
When do you, as art writer extraordinaire, get those celebrity first dibs to go check out all that recently discovered degenerate art in Germany? I'm waiting for you to explain to me how big (or overrated) that discovery is to the art world. My guess is we will never see this tremendous cache of art in our lifetimes, I'm afraid. The lawyers and the auction houses will be the real winners of this, which only repeats the original historical tragedy. It's like the demons of history won't go away around this issue.
Do you see art as decoration? Of course. But that is not the ONLY thing that I see art as. Art was once used to protect cites, ward off evil, to channel demons, to stop women from becoming pregnant, to commune with the spirit world, to only be seen by those in the afterlife. Art contains multitudes.
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MAME 0.214

MAME 0.214

With the end of September almost here, it’s time to see what goodies MAME 0.214 delivers. This month, we’ve got support for five more Nintendo Game & Watch titles (Fire, Flagman, Helmet, Judge and Vermin), four Chinese computers from the 1980s, and three Motorola CPU evaluation kits. Cassette support has been added or fixed for a number of systems, the Dragon Speech Synthesis module has been emulated, and the Dragon Sound Extension module has been fixed. Acorn Archimedes video, sound and joystick support has been greatly improved.
On the arcade side, remaining issues in Capcom CPS-3 video emulation have been resolved and CD images have been upgraded to CHD version 5, Sega versus cabinet billboard support has been added to relevant games, and long-standing issues with music tempo in Data East games have been worked around.
Of course, you can get the source and Windows binary packages from the download page.

MAMETesters Bugs Fixed

  • 00130: [Sound] (darkseal.cpp) darkseal: When using your weapon, the music speed increases. (AJR)
  • 00389: [Sound] (cbuster.cpp) cbuster: The music tempo increases up when the flamethrower is used. (AJR)
  • 02108: [Sound] (vaportra.cpp) vaportra, vaportrau, kuhga: Music tempo changes when firing. (AJR)
  • 03635: [Gameplay] (igspoker.cpp) cpoker, cpokert: Games freezing during play. (Roberto Fresca)
  • 05802: [DIP/Input] (pk8020.cpp) korvet, neiva, kontur: Keyboard does not work! (Robbbert)
  • 06205: [Graphics] (snes.cpp) snes [pilotwinu,pilotwinj]: Upper part of the screen image repeated. (AmatCoder)
  • 06486: [Side-by-side] (a2600.cpp) a2600: Initial stack pointer value for the M6507 (6502) is incorrect. (MoochMcGee)
  • 06901: [Crash/Freeze] (snes.cpp) snes [jdredd and clones]: Judge Dredd (all regions) stops working after title screen. (AmatCoder)
  • 07405: [Sound] (dragon.cpp) dragon32, dragon64, dragon64h, dragon200, dragon200e: Dragon Sound Extention module is silent. (AJR)
  • 07408: [Plugins] “autofire” plugin is not working properly. (Nathan Woods)
  • 07412: [Crash/Freeze] (vgmplay.cpp) vgmplay [chaotixju_md]: Crash when attempting to play Sega 32X audio pack. (cam900)
  • 07413: [Crash/Freeze] (exidy440.cpp) yukon, yukon1: The games crash or get stuck during the initial checks. (AJR)
  • 07416: [Graphics] (legionna.cpp) denjinmk: Broken backgrounds in two game endings. (Angelo Salese)
  • 07419: [Crash/Freeze] (snes.cpp) snes [firemenu, firemenj]: Screen remains black and game doesn’t start. (AmatCoder)
  • 07425: [Misc.] (mac.cpp) macplus: Option/Command key positions swapped (U.S. PC keyboard). (R. Belmont)
  • 07426: [Misc.] (mac.cpp) maciici: Non-matching Option key positions (U.S. PC keyboard). (R. Belmont)
  • 07427: [Crash/Freeze] (arkanoid.cpp) arkgcbl, arkgcbla, arkangc2, arkbloc2, arkbloc3, block2, paddle2: Crash on start. (Robbbert)
  • 07430: [Graphics] (nes.cpp) ultstunt and clones: Introduction screens and playfield are corrupted. (AJR)

New working machines

  • China Jiangmen Computer Equipment Factory H-01 JCE [zzemu]
  • China State-owned 830 Factory NF500A [zzemu]
  • Draw Poker (Joker Poker V.01) [Roberto Fresca TeamEurope]
  • Game & Watch: Fire (silver) [algestam, Mr. Do, Sean Riddle]
  • Game & Watch: Flagman [algestam, Mr. Do, Sean Riddle]
  • Game & Watch: Helmet (Rev. 2) [algestam, hap, Mr. Do, Sean Riddle]
  • Game & Watch: Judge (green) [algestam, Mr. Do, Sean Riddle]
  • Game & Watch: Vermin [algestam, hap, Mr. Do, Sean Riddle]
  • Motorola MEK6802D3 [68bit]
  • Motorola MEK6802D4 [68bit]
  • Motorola MEK6802D5 [68bit]
  • Nanjing Computer Factory Zi Jin I [zzemu]
  • Novag Super Sensor IV [hap, Berger, Achim]
  • SciSys / Philidor Software Chess Champion: Mark V [hap, Berger]
  • SciSys Kasparov Turbostar 432 [hap, anonymous]
  • Urachacha Mudaeri (Korea) [brizzo, Angelo Salese, The Dumping Union]

New working clones

  • Birdie Try (Japan revision 2, revision 1 MCU) [TeamEurope, Guru]
  • China HKC HKC 8800A [zzemu]
  • Fidelity Electronics Excel 68000 Mach II (rev. C+, set 2) [Berger]
  • Game & Watch: Balloon Fight (crystal screen) [algestam, hap, Mr Jiggles the Christmas Man]
  • Gouketsuji Ichizoku (Japan, prototype) [twistedsymphony]
  • Hegener + Glaser Mephisto ESB II [Berger, Achim]
  • Hegener + Glaser Mephisto III (ver. B) [Berger, Achim]
  • Kuri Kinton (US, World Games license) [coolmod, The Dumping Union]
  • Novag Constellation 3.6MHz (set 1) [hap, Berger, Achim]
  • Novag Constellation 3.6MHz (set 2) [Berger]
  • Novag Constellation Quattro [hap, anonymous]
  • Novag Savant II [Berger, Achim]
  • Pac Man (U.G. bootleg of Puck Man) [f205v]
  • Psyvariar -Medium Unit- (V2.02O 2000/02/22 13:00) [rtw]
  • Raiden Fighters (Greece) [Sergio Galiano, Recreativos Piscis]
  • SciSys / Philidor Software Chess Champion: Mark VI/Philidor [hap, Berger, anonymous]
  • Venture (version 5 set 2, bootleg) [f205v]

Machines promoted to working

  • Unior [Robbbert]

Clones promoted to working

  • Champion Poker (v101) [Roberto Fresca]
  • Champion Poker (v201F) [Roberto Fresca]
  • Lady Liner (encrypted, set 1) [TeamEurope, Roberto Fresca, Ivan Vangelista]
  • Lady Liner (encrypted, set 2) [TeamEurope, Roberto Fresca, Ivan Vangelista]
  • Lady Liner (encrypted, set 3) [TeamEurope, Roberto Fresca, Ivan Vangelista]
  • Lady Liner (encrypted, set 4) [TeamEurope, Roberto Fresca, Ivan Vangelista]
  • Lovely Cards (encrypted) [TeamEurope, Roberto Fresca, Ivan Vangelista]
  • New Lucky 8 Lines (set 10, W-4, encrypted NEC D315-5136) [Grull Osgo]

New machines marked as NOT_WORKING

  • Alpha Micro AM-1000 [Bitsavers]
  • Cablenet 2039 Controller [Al Kossow, Bitsavers]
  • Maldaliza [brizzo, Angelo Salese, The Dumping Union]
  • VTech Genius Leader Select [TeamEurope, The Dumping Union]
  • Wully Bully [brizzo, Angelo Salese, The Dumping Union]

New clones marked as NOT_WORKING

  • 286 motherboards with 5-chip SUNTAC chipset [rfka01]
  • 286 motherboards with 5-chip VLSI chipset [rfka01]
  • 286 motherboards with Headland G2 chipset [rfka01]
  • 386 Motherboard using the Forex FRX46C402 + FRX46C411 + SiS 85C206 chipset [rfka01]
  • 386 motherboard using the Symphony chipset [rfka01]
  • 386 motherboards using a OPTi 82C495XLC chipset [rfka01]
  • 386 motherboards using the ALi M1429 A1 and M1431 A2 chipset [rfka01]
  • 386 motherboards with a FOREX FRX46C402/FRX36C300/SIS85C206 chipset [rfka01]
  • 386 SC Rev A2 [rfka01]
  • 386-4N-D04A (UMC chipset) [rfka01]
  • Asus ISA-386C [rfka01]
  • Asus ISA-386U30 REV.2.2 [rfka01]
  • AUVA COMPUTER, INC. BAM/12-S2 [rfka01]
  • AUVA VIP-M21502A BAM16-A0 [rfka01]
  • BI-025C HT-12 286 (HT12/A chipset) [rfka01]
  • Biostar MB-1212C [rfka01]
  • CDTEK 286 motherboard with Headland G2 chipset [rfka01]
  • CMP enterprise CO.LTD. 286 motherboard [rfka01]
  • DFI 386-20.REV0 [rfka01]
  • DTK PEM 2539 [rfka01]
  • Eagle PC-2 [rfka01]
  • Everex Systems EV-1815 [rfka01]
  • GOLDSTAR P/N 611-606A Rev 1.0A [rfka01]
  • HLB-286 MBA-009 [rfka01]
  • KMA-202F-12R (Winbond chipset) [rfka01]
  • Leading Edge Model M [rfka01]
  • Leanord SA Elan High Tech 286 [rfka01]
  • Magitronic Technology Magitronic B236 [rfka01]
  • Micromint MPX-16 [rfka01]
  • Morse KP-286 [rfka01]
  • Octek 286 mainboard with Headland G2 chipset [rfka01]
  • Octek Jaguar V v1.4 [rfka01]
  • Olivetti M203 motherboard [rfka01]
  • PC-Chips M205 [rfka01]
  • PC-Chips M321 [rfka01]
  • PC-Chips M326 [rfka01]
  • PC-Chips M919 [rfka01]
  • Pipi & Bibis / Whoopee!! (bootleg, set 2) [anonymous]
  • Shuttle Computer International HOT-304 [rfka01]
  • SM 386-40F (Forex chipset) [rfka01]
  • Snobol Mini 286 [rfka01]
  • Soyo SY-019H and SY-019I [rfka01]
  • SY-012 16/25 386MB VER: 5.2 [rfka01]
  • TAM/33/40-MA0 (CM318R00,M31-R00) [rfka01]
  • Uniron U3911-V3 [rfka01]
  • Vendex HeadStart Plus [rfka01]
  • Wyse WYSEpc 286 [rfka01]

New working software list additions

  • amiga_apps: Amiga Appetizer (Sv), Desktop Budget (Sv), SuperDuper 2.02 [FakeShemp]
  • apple2_flop_clcracked:
    • Charlie Brown's 1, 2, 3's (1990 Queue re-release) (cleanly cracked), Chivalry (Revision 2) (cleanly cracked), Computer Preparation for the SAT (Version 1.1A) (cleanly cracked), Creature Chorus (Version 4.0) (cleanly cracked), Julius Erving and Larry Bird Go One on One (cleanly cracked), MicroExam Test Bank for Computer Mathematics: Structured BASIC with Math Applications (Version 1.01) (cleanly cracked), Millionaire (Version 2.1) (cleanly cracked), Professor Davensteev's Galaxy Search: Blue Level (cleanly cracked), Professor Davensteev's Galaxy Search: Red Level (cleanly cracked), Quiz Castle (cleanly cracked), The Sales Edge (cleanly cracked), Universe II (Version 1.0) (cleanly cracked) [4am, Firehawke]
    • Buck Rogers - Planet of Zoom (cleanly cracked) [LoGo, Firehawke]
    • Star Fleet 1: The War Begins (cleanly cracked) [Peter Ferrie, Firehawke]
  • apple2_flop_misc: Olin in Emerald [www.mocagh.org, Dan Chisarick, Firehawke]
  • apple2_flop_orig:
    • Crossbow, Dogfight, Dragon's Keep, The Fidelity Chessmaster 2100, Hyper Head On, Infiltrator, Infiltrator Part II: The Next Day, International Hockey, Oo-Topos, PHM Pegasus, Racter, Roach Hotel, The Rocky Horror Show, The Sands of Mars, Snoggle, Succession, Super Mario Bros. Print World, Tawala's Last Redoubt, Tuesday Morning Quarterback [4am, Firehawke]
    • Olin in Emerald [4am, www.mocagh.org, Dan Chisarick, Firehawke]
    • Star Fleet 1: The War Begins [Brian Wiser, Firehawke]
  • gba: Broken Circle (Euro) [No-Intro, FakeShemp]
  • ggm: Sandy Edition - Master Chess, Steinitz Edition-4 - Master Chess [anonymous]
  • gtfore: Golden Tee Fore! 2002 (V2.00.00), Golden Tee Fore! 2003 (V3.00.04), Golden Tee Fore! 2004 (V4.00.XX), Golden Tee Fore! 2005 (V5.00.XX), Golden Tee Fore! Complete (V6.00.XX) [FakeShemp]
  • ibm5150: 2400 A.D. (set 2), Colossus Bridge 4, The Faery Tale Adventure: Book I, Star Pack, UMS II: Nations at War - Planet Editor [FakeShemp]
  • ibm5170: Bundesliga Manager Professional, QuickLink II Fax, Veil of Darkness, Vinguiden 1.0 (Sweden) [FakeShemp]
  • mac_flop: Balance of the Planet, Lode Runner [FakeShemp]
  • saitek_kso: Kasparov Selected Openings [Berger, anonymous]
  • sorcerer_cass: Defense [exidyboy]
  • spectrum_cass: The Quill Adventure System (C series) (set 1, C05) [David Haywood]
  • vgmplay: Air Rescue (Sega System 32), Alien3 - The Gun (Sega System 32), Barunba (MSX2), Barunba (PC Engine), Blaster Master - Enemy Below (Nintendo Game Boy Color), Bosconian (MSX), Cueb Runner (Sharp X68000), Dragon Buster (Sharp X68000), Fist of the North Star (NES), Fist of the North Star - 10 Big Brawls for the King of Universe (Nintendo Game Boy), Fray (MSX2), Hokuto no Ken (Family Computer), Illusion City (MSX turbo R), Image Fight (Sharp X68000), John Madden Football II (PC), King & Balloon (MSX), Kyuukyoku Tiger (Sharp X68000), Mappy (NEC PC-8801), Pac-Land (Sharp X68000), Pac-Man (MSX), R-Type (Sharp X68000), The Return of Ishtar (Fujitsu FM77AV), The Return of Ishtar (NEC PC-8801), The Return of Ishtar (NEC PC-9801), SHM (MSX2), Tank Battalion (MSX), Terra Cresta (Sharp X68000), Thunder Dragon (Arcade), Total Carnage (IBM PC AT), Toy Story Racer (Nintendo Game Boy Color), Turok - Battle of the Bionosaurs (Nintendo Game Boy), Turok - Rage Wars (Nintendo Game Boy Color), Turok 2 - Seeds of Evil (Nintendo Game Boy Color), Turok 3 - Shadow of Oblivion (Nintendo Game Boy Color), XVM (MSX) [Tafoid]
  • vsmile_cart:
    • Abenteuer im ABC Park (Germany, Rev. 3), The Batman - Rettung von Gotham City (Germany) [TeamEurope]
    • The Batman - Rescate en Gotham City (Spain), Bob der Baumeister - Bobs spannender Arbeitstag (Germany, Rev. 104), Bob y sus Amigos - Un Día De Trabajo (Spain), Campeonato de Futbol V.Smile (Spain), Disney/Pixar Cars - Acelera el Motor en Radiador Springs (Spain), Disney/Pixar À Procura de Nemo - Nemo À Descoberta do Oceano (Portugal), DreamWorks Shrek - El Cuento de la Dragona (Spain), Lil' Bratz Estrellas De La Moda - Amigos, Moda y Diversión (Spain), Noddy - Detective Por um Dia (Portugal), Scooby-Doo - Misterio En El Parque (Spain, translucent blue cartridge), Superman - El Hombre de Acero (Spain), Walt Disney La Cenicienta - Los sueños mágicos de Cenicienta (Spain) [TeamEurope, ClawGrip]

Software list items promoted to working

  • dragon_cart: Speech Synthesis Module [Nigel Barnes]

New NOT_WORKING software list additions

  • gj4000: Wissen für Kinder [TeamEurope]
  • gl6000sl: Update - Rechtschreibreform [TeamEurope]
  • glcx: Update Programm-Zusatzkassette (Ger) [TeamEurope]
  • gls: Spielend Richtig Schreiben [TeamEurope]
  • ibm5170: Strike Commander, Strike Commander: Speech Pack, Strike Commander: Tactical Operations [FakeShemp]
  • mac_flop: The Supercars - Test Drive II Car Disk [FakeShemp]
  • mac_hdflop: Lost in Time - Parts 1 & 2 [FakeShemp]
  • st_flop: Ferrari Formula One (Euro) [FakeShemp]
  • vsmile_cart:
    • Cranium - Freizeit Park - Ein Jahrmarkt voller Spiel- und Lernspaß (Germany), Dolphis Wasser-abenteuer (Germany) [TeamEurope]
    • Cranium - Parque de Atracciones de Cranium (Spain), Dakota y su mascota (Spain), Disney/Pixar Toy Story 2 (Smartbook) (USA), Disney's Little Einsteins (Spain), Kung Fu Panda - Aventura en el Valle de la Paz (Spain), Nick Jr. Dora the Explorer - Dora's Got a Puppy (Smartbook) (USA), Spider-Man y Amigos - Misiones Secretas (Spain, Rev. 222), V.Smile Estudio De Arte (Spain), V.Smile PC (Spain), Walt Disney La Cenicienta - Los sueños mágicos de Cenicienta (Spain, Rev. 122) [TeamEurope, ClawGrip]
  • vsmilem_cart: Disney La Casa de Mickey Mouse (Spain), Disney Winnie the Pooh - En busca de la miel (Spain), Disney/Pixar Cars - Acelera el Motor en Radiador Springs (Spain), Disney/Pixar Toy Story 3 (Spain), Disney/Pixar UP (Spain), Disney/Pixar Wall-E (Spain), DreamWorks Monstruos contra Alienígenas (Spain), ¡¡Scooby-Doo!! - Misterio en el parque (Spain) [TeamEurope, avlixa, ClawGrip]

Source Changes

  • bus/ss50: Corrected SS-30 MPS2 “high” Baud rates. [68bit]
  • bus/ss50: Don’t log reads from empty SS-50 slots when side effects are disabled. [68bit]
  • flex_dsk.cpp: Fixed logging of the disk name extension. [68bit]
  • swtpc09.cpp: Added hard disk support to the DMAF3 controller. [68bit]
    • Includes new WD1000 hard disk controller support, and improved DMAF2/DMAF3 MC6844 DMA emulation.
  • mc6845.cpp: Improved cursor emulation, including differences between the MC6845 and HD6845S. [68bit]
  • asmjs: Removed option to ignore missing libraries, and removed util and SDL2_ttf from link libraries. [68bit]
  • unidasm: Added -xchbytes option to swap input bytes. [AJR]
  • Added dump and emulation for Alpha Micro AM-310 Communications Controller. [AJR, Bitsavers]
  • m37710: Internalized timing for analog-to-digital converter. [AJR]
  • Distinguish DIP switches that belong to different devices but have the same name in UI menus. [AJR]
    • Most likely to occur when multiple instances of the same device type are configured on bus slots.
  • h8: Improved disassembly. [AJR]
    • Corrected sign extension for 16-bit absolute addresses.
    • Add h' prefix to hexadecimal numbers.
    • Restrict address length depending on model.
    • Align arguments.
  • airbustr.cpp, djboy.cpp, hvyunit.cpp, sidearms.cpp: Corrected sound IRQ sources. [AJR]
  • c140.cpp: Added timing output to trigger periodic FIRQ. [AJR]
  • h6820: Added a hack to work around incorrect music speed in cbuster.cpp, darkseal.cpp and vaportra.cpp (MT00130, MT00389, MT02108). [AJR]
  • prestige.cpp: Corrected metadata (glmmc is now gmmc), and marked gmmc system ROM as a bad dump. [AJR]
  • h6280: Reduced logical address space width, and made debugger use official names for banking registers. [AJR]
  • exidy440.cpp: Fixed crash/assertion failure caused by palette having too few entries. [AJR]
  • Added preliminary ELAN Microelectronics RISC II CPU emulation. [AJR]
  • dp8350.cpp: Improved timing, and fixed save states. [AJR]
  • nes.hsi: Fixed mirroring for Ultimate Stuntman. [AJR]
  • Fixed debugger dump command for address-shifted spaces. [AJR]
  • snes.cpp: Don’t reset HDMA on writes to HDMAEN if the register value isn’t changed (fixes MT06205). [AmatCoder]
  • g65816, spc700: Improved cycle counting (fixes MT06901 and MT07419). [AmatCoder]
  • crospuzl.cpp: Improved Flash loading. [Angelo Salese]
  • VRender0 updates: [Angelo Salese]
    • Improved menghong hardware emulation, allowing crzyddz2 to boot and improving menghong colors.
    • Moved video and audio components into the system-on-a-chip device, and added preliminary UART emulation.
    • Allowed external video clock to be set by the host driver.
  • segaic24.cpp: Implemented reverse Y clipping logic (fixes sprite priorities in Crack Down). [Angelo Salese]
  • archimds.cpp updates: [Angelo Salese]
    • Fixed cursor enable and sizing (used by caverns to display score and main player sprite).
    • Added preliminary RTFM and serial joystick support.
    • Re-implemented Acorn VIDC10 emulation, adding stereo sound support and improving raster effects.
  • segac2.cpp: Added links to reference videos. [cam900]
  • gba.xml: Corrected ROM size for brokenc. [cam900]
  • k051649.cpp: Added more address map mirrors, added save state support, and cleaned up code. [cam900]
  • ym2151.cpp: Clear both output buffers when reset is asserted. [cam900]
  • psikyosh.cpp: Refactored common pixel operations into helper functions, improved use of const, and cleaned up code. [cam900]
  • ay8910.cpp: Implemented AY8930 extensions, made pin 26 an input, added notes, and cleaned up code. [cam900]
  • deco_mlc.cpp: Improved blending behavior and cleaned up code. [cam900]
  • mega32x.cpp: Removed assumptions about host system’s sound outputs (fixes MT07412). [cam900]
  • 315_5313.cpp: Fixed 3-bit color mode masking, implemented device_gfx_interface, and separated shadow/highlight palettes. [cam900]
  • calcune.cpp: Converted drawing routine to use VDP palette, added save state support, and reduced redundant code. [cam900]
  • video/generic.cpp: Added 16×16 layouts composed of 2×2 arrangement of 8×8 tiles, and made a number of drivers use generic layouts. [cam900]
  • imagetek_i4100.cpp: Added notes and cleaned up code. [cam900]
  • hyprduel.cpp: Set MACHINE_NO_COCKTAIL flag on hyprduel and hyprduel2. [cam900]
  • nmk16.cpp: Verified some clock sources and CPU types. [cam900]
  • legionna.cpp: Always invalidate tilemaps on bank change for Denjin Makai and Heated Barrel. [cam900]
  • plugins/cheat: Added time functions to the cheat sandbox. [Carl]
  • netlist: Force C locale when formatting numbers (fixes exception when global locale is set). [Couriersud]
  • spectrum: Added preliminary Beta Disk emulation (not working). [David Haywood]
  • karnov.cpp: Hooked up 8031 microcontroller for chelnovjbl. [Dirk Best]
  • model3.cpp: Hook up 315-5649 I/O controller. [Dirk Best]
  • HP9845: Reimplemented TACO based on recently-published internal documentation. [F.Ulivi]
    • Also separated DC100 tape cartridge device, and added support for 16-bit data format used by HP9845 and HP885.
  • hphybrid: Fixed bug that caused hp9825t to hang when calculating logarithms. [F.Ulivi]
  • Don’t throttle emulation while paused if video update-in-pause is enabled. [feos]
  • icebox.cpp: Hooked up floppy controller interrupt request, allowing disk routines to work properly. [Frank Palazzolo]
  • apple2: Corrected Joyport multiplexing. [Golden Child]
  • apple2: Fixed key code for Ctrl-Shift-P and modifier codes for M and N on II and II Plus. [Golden Child]
  • segacrp2_device.cpp: Added NEC D315-5136 device (used by lucky8k). [Grull Osgo]
  • sh: Log SH2 FMR clock multiplier writes. [MetalliC]
  • cps3.cpp updates – imperfect graphics flag has been removed: [MetalliC]
    • Hooked up coin lockouts and coin counters, and connected buttons 5 and 6 to jojo, jojoba and clones.
    • Made SS RAM and registers eight bits wide and fixed EEPROM size.
    • Added fixed delay to palette/character DMA interrupts, and removed periodic interrupt hack.
    • Fixed missing star sprite in introduction and game title background color for jojo.
    • Render tilemaps as sets of rows from sprite list (fixes sfiii Alex stage background).
    • Implemented sprite list caching (fixes warzard two-player versus screen and jojo introduction text).
    • Replaced disk images version 5 CHD files build from trurip database.
    • Re-implemented color fading, and zeroed low three bits of color channels.
    • Improved save state support, Improved function/variable naming, cleaned up code, and improved documentation.
  • cps3.cpp: Implemented tilemap flipping, added a delay to sprite list DMA acknowledgement, and buffered global scroll registers. [MetalliC, David Haywood]
  • geneve: Added PC keyboard connector, allowing the use of emulated PC XT keyboards. [Michael Zapf]
  • m6502: Improved reset sequence emulation (fixes MT06486). [MoochMcGee, hap, smf]
  • Exposed running_machine::exit_pending() and running_machine::hard_reset_pending() to Lua scripts. [Nathan Woods]
  • Changed osd_get_clipboard_text() to return std::string. [Nathan Woods]
  • dragon32: Added JCB Speech Synthesis cartridge emulation. [Nigel Barnes]
  • acorn_vidc.cpp: Generate µ-law table at device start time. [O. Galibert, Angelo Salese]
  • tms34020: Fixed BLMOVE alignment handling (fixes endless loop in Atronic games). [Priit Laes]
  • apple2: Added initial support for ComputerEyes/2 image capture slot card. [R. Belmont, Golden Child]
  • f2mc16 updates: [R. Belmont]
    • Implemented more opcodes.
    • Made interrupt handling more robust.
    • Implemented mb9061x timers 0 and 1, including external event counter mode.
    • Fixed BBC branch offset.
    • Added more opcodes to the disassembler and normalized bit syntax.
    • Added save state support and cleaned up code.
  • Added a preliminary native Cocoa OSD layer for macOS (not working yet). [R. Belmont]
  • mac.cpp, mac128.cpp: Made default mapping for Command key right alt for all machines. [R. Belmont]
  • Emulated Sega Billboard and hooked it up to ST-V, Model 2 and Model 3 games. [Rob Krum, Dirk Best]
  • i8251: Implemented synchronous modes. [Robbbert]
  • unior.cpp, pp01.cpp: Fixed cassette interfaces. [Robbbert]
  • pmd85.cpp: Added cassette to alfa and mato, fixed cassette on other sets, and added notes. [Robbbert]
  • poly88.cpp: Fixed cassette polyphase mode. [Robbbert]
  • argo.cpp: added DMA, CRTC, PIT and cassette by guesswork. [Robbbert]
  • plan80.cpp: Added speaker sound. [Robbbert]
  • pk8020.cpp: Fixed keyboard and updated notes (MT05802). [Robbbert]
  • mycom.cpp: Fixed scrolling. [Robbbert]
  • goldnpkr.cpp: Replaced incorrectly dumped jokercar extended graphics ROMs with data from another set to make the game playable. [Roberto Fresca]
  • goldstar.cpp: Simplified cherrys graphics decryption code. [Roberto Fresca]
  • igspoker.cpp updates: [Roberto Fresca]
    • Patched out protection in cpokert, cpokerx, cpoker101, cpoker201f and cpoker210ks (MT03635).
    • Fixed inputs for cpoker, cpokert and cpoker201f.
  • SGI Newport graphics: Fixed inverted-Y pixel read-back (fixes crash in Alias PowerAnimator 7.5). [Ryan Holtz]
  • r4000: Report the correct sub-revision for the R4600, and allow specific R4x00 types to specify the FPU ID as well. [Ryan Holtz]
  • indigo.cpp: Switched indigo4k to use the new R4000 CPU core. [Ryan Holtz]
  • SGI HAL2 audio: Corrected chip revision ID to match real hardware. [Ryan Holtz]
  • sgi_mc: Flag EISA bus as present on both Indigo² and Indy, as VINO uses EISA signals for GIO64 arbitration. [Ryan Holtz]
  • vino: Implemented the majority of its functionality, and hooked it up to picture_image_device. [Ryan Holtz]
  • hh_sm510.cpp: Improved re-created melody ROMs for gnw_bfight and gnw_mbaway. [algestam]
  • debugger: Added mips and m68k support to gdbstub, and added support for running MAME debugger commands from the client. [Ramiro Polla]
  • Changed Travis CI build to use GCC 9, and added MinGW GCC build to AppVeyor. [Belegdol]
  • marineb.cpp: Documented difficulty settings for hoccer, and added DIP switch locations for most sets. [Brian Troha]
  • policetr.cpp: Re-dumped U163 sound ROM for policetr10, and added speed-up hacks for sshooter, sshooter11 and policetr10. [Brian Troha]
  • karnov.cpp: Re-dumped color BPROMS for chelnovj, confirming they match chelnov/chelnovu. [Brian Troha]
  • ibm5170.xml updates: [FakeShemp]
    • Changed gilispa, mitsmous6, nd010pci, nusound, sndwav32 and wordfndr to IMD images.
    • Changed scroll3d, sndwav32, cpavfw, microcp3, wordfndr and thndrhwk to MFM images.
    • Re-dumped internet and nicklaus.
  • ibm5150.xml: Replaced tgipack and ranger1 with MFM images. [FakeShemp]
  • amiga_hardware.xml: Dumped a590_seagate disk. [FakeShemp]
  • blackt96.cpp: Measured PIC microcontroller clock frequency. [Guru]
  • wyvernf0.cpp: Measured clock frequencies. [Guru]
  • symbolics.cpp: Changed unpopulated ROM regions to read as 0xFF to match hardware tests. [Josh Dersch]
  • neptunp2.cpp: Added EEPROM dump to rockroll. [jordigahan, ClawGrip]
  • commando.cpp: Corrected CPU frequency and updated notes. [Jose Tejada]
  • gng.cpp: Corrected notes. [Jose Tejada]
  • midvunit.cpp: Added re-created A19993 PAL program. [JROK, Hydreigon]
  • naomi.cpp: Re-dumped initdv2ja and ggxxsla GD-ROMs. [MajorPBX]
  • sprint4.cpp: Fixed gear shift controls for fourth player. [Mark Spaeth]
  • bfm_sc4.cpp, exidyttl.cpp, globalfr.cpp, jpmmps.cpp, monacogp.cpp, mpu5.hxx, simple_st0016.cpp: Edited titles for consistency. [MASH]
  • genpc.cpp updates: [rfka01]
    • Increased pc BIOS region size to 64 KiB to support late XT clones.
    • pc: “Added Super Computer BIOS 1.2”, “B-190-B”, “KT 10 M/B” and “Ruud Baltissen's Diagnostics” BIOS options.
  • at.cpp updates: [rfka01]
    • Expanded chipset details and notes.
    • at: Added “286 TACT”, “CDTEK 286” and “Landmark/Supersoft diagnostic ROMs” BIOS options.
    • at386: Added “386 board with Ali chipset”, “386 UMC 3DIUD”, “386GRN-like board rev.03”, “MB1325PM” and “Tandon/Micronics with 385” BIOS options.
    • atvga: Added “286 TACT” and “CDTEK 286” BIOS options.
    • neat: added “286-NEAT”, “VIP BAM/16-11” and “CP-805” BIOS options.
    • vlsi5: Added “MBVLSI-168” BIOS option.
  • ibmpc.cpp: Added “Landmark/Supersoft Diagnostics” BIOS options for ibm5150 and ibm5160. [rfka01]
  • hawk.cpp: Added “DEMOS 2.21 V1.01” BIOS option. [TheEPROM9]
  • cps1.cpp: Dumped U104 PAL for Street Fighter II' CE Mstreet-6 bootlegs sf2cems6a and sf2cems6b. [TwistedTom]
  • chinagat.cpp: Added PCB layouts and TRJ-100 pinout information, and updated notes. [yukaritamura]
  • supbtime.cpp: Fixed DE-0343 board main CPU and audio CPU clock frequencies. [yukaritamura]
submitted by cuavas to MAME