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Masstagger just helped me debunk some b/s on the top of r/bestof

This post in gaming got 1000's of upvotes, all sorts of gold and platnium and was cross-posted to /bestof here where it again got 1000's of upvotes and rose to the top of the sub.
I noticed the OP had a tag for the_donald from masstagger, did a little digging and found all sorts of nonsense in his post history, summarised in my post here:
Look at utehstds2017's post history. 100s of posts in the_donald. It's 100% made-up BS. Edit 6 at the bottom is the icing on the cake.
Fucking lmao. He's got 4 degress, served in the army for 8 years, sold a security company for more money than you can dream of and now works as a dealership mechanic for the job satisfaction. That's literally PAGE 1. What a clusterfuck of a post history. What the hell is this garbage doing on bestof?
Edit 2:
He just got back from civilian patrols along the Texas border. He also had a cease and desist from Twitter for posting Conservative content.
Edit 3:
Since this is getting some attention I'm going to plug masstagger. The OP being tagged tipped me of that they might not be posting in good faith.
Edit 4:
NickRick below dug up some more top notch bullshit:
He claimed he's bi-racial when one of good cousins called him a white nationalist. But earlier he said he was black. His whole post history is just bullshit.
Edit 5:
Great detective work by u/itsZizix below:
He would also try to enlist in the space force since he has a JD/MBA.
He had a knee injury requiring surgery a few months ago and "my 38 year old body won't let me do it anymore but I would gladly re-enlist if I could"...despite just getting back from the border. (Apparently joining the Texas minutemen?)
He also went to jump school despite being a mechanic in the armed forces.
He got kicked out of Planet Fitness for benching 485.
He often advocates violence.
After getting out of the military (motor pool MOS) and going back to his former oil/trucking company (who paid for him to get his JD and MBA, despite him going to law school after being a police officer and/or interning with the Boston PD. I'm not sure if this was when he lived in new hampshire or Louisiana though), he was also a law enforcement officer (who exposed corruption at his own department), and private security contractor before going back to being a mechanic (after he sold his personally started company for more money than you can imagine and obviously more than enough to pay for his $600k bunker.
His ex wife is living on a plot of land in Texas. She is also dead and may have connections to mexican cartels.
He loves his wife very much and would never cheat on her with her friends. Except his ex wife. He is also looking for a live in nanny, preferably 18-24, tanned, Brazilian or spanish who is extremely fit with at least a 36C cup. No worries, he won't cheat on his explicitly French (from France) who is super hot and rich. He doesn't want her 30 family members who live in the US to visit them and find out probably. Besides, she is more than willing to give him sex when ever he wants. Except that he has to make sure the house is immaculate now a days.
He is white. Also Bi-racial. Describes himself as a black man (really just depends on what his 23 and me says that day).
Despite going into basic after highschool and getting out of the military in 2004, he did manage to play D1 football from 97-00 at LSU. Not surprising considering he made All State in high school football in the 8th grade and was the number 19 recruit in America ("Mr. Versatile").
Edit 6:
Best of the bunch so far, from u/dunemafia below which can be found here:
My information comes from living in the real world, serving in the army and seeing the failed policies of other countries .
3 tours gives me that right so fuck your soapbox speech. You hate me and rest assured I would kill you liberal fuckers en masse if given a chance. I'm sick of your multiculturalism bullshit destroying this country that I bled for. Fuck you, and the rest who think like you.
Edit 7:
Bonus incel content if you look at their deleted posts from askreddit, courtesy of u/mgngnjh below
Edit 8:
Poor u/TehSTDs2017, has even failed to find support on the_donald
Edit 9:
And the account is no more. We did it, Reddit!
Edited this post to reflect my updated OP.
submitted by tronaldodumpo to masstagger

The Jank Tank - A List of Odd, Uncommon, and Jank Decks

ALL FURTHER UPDATES CAN BE FOUND AT https://www.reddit.com/ModernMagic/comments/8mu8i0/the_jank_tank_20/
Hi SaffronOlive
Hello /modernmagic! I am RDDR_CEO, Plum_Plum_ on twitch, and also known as Plum on Discord, a member of the fantastic group of brewers known as Team Foonen, and an avid player of all things jank and full of spice. I've collected over 230 250 decklists that I have deemed weird, interesting, and of course, jank. Now I would like to share these lists with this subreddit. If you have any questions about a list feel free to comment, but I'll do my best to provide a short description of what each deck aims to accomplish. I'd also like to mention that obviously I am not the creator of all of these decks, but I didn't think to write down all their names. So you'll most likely see a deck you'll recognize as some of these are from mtggoldfish.com and other such websites.
PS: Some of these lists have not been updated in a while, so they may be missing what might seem like obvious inclusions or even include cards that are now banned in the format. PPS: Sorry that there's quite a few decks that are very similar to one another. I know they have similar game plans but I thought there was enough difference between lists to recognize each as a separate deck.
EDIT: If you have a deck that you think should be included in this list or a current list for something you see is outdated, feel free to leave a link in the comments and I'll do my best to update this post.
1.) Grixis Pits - An interesting take on grixis control. It uses mostly damaged based removal to stall until it can play Death Pits of Rath and turn those same spells into hard removal.
2.) Evo Journey - A 4-color value list trying to abuse an engine created by Evolutionary Leap and Journey to Eternity.
3.) Journey Nic Fit - A list with a similar game plan to the one above but with more of a midrange feel and an engine using Journey to Eternity and Eldritch Evolution.
4.) Dredgios - A different take on a vengevine list that also tries to abuse x costed creatures cast for 0 to power out zombies with Bridge from Below.
5.) Meatball Ponza - Named because of all the spicy one-ofs, it's a fun take on GR Ponza, with a toolbox of interesting creatures.
6.) Baral Reanimator - A somewhat average take on esper reanimator, but the interesting addition is Baral. An early Baral helps to hit turn 3 gifts and power out a beater on turn 4 more consistently than other lists.
7.) 5c Coco - Probably the craziest Coco list I've seen since that the deck is almost completely singletons. Not consistent, but definitely fun.
8.) Holy Quest - A Quest for the Holy Relic and Soul Sisters combo build. Use cheap creatures to up-tick Quest and then crack it for some powerful equipment.
9.) Artifact Prison - A Prison list that uses the tron lands to try and land some big artifacts early. Lock your opponent out with Ensnaring Bridge, Pithing Needles, and Chalice of the Void.
10.) God-Pharaoh's Combo - A list that I've only got to work once, but it tries to dredge some interesting reanimation targets into the grave, reanimate them with God-Pharaoh's Gift, and then tries to one shot your opp with Gisela, and Aurelia.
11.) GrowBots - An affinity-esque aggro deck that wants to abuse Hardened Scales and Winding Constrictor with Modular creatures.
12.) Glittering Walls - A list from URLSweatshirt. Stall with defenders and useful sideboard cards until you can land a worship and a Sigarda and start beating down.
13.) Gideon Tribal - A bunch of Beef Slabs jammed into one deck. Not much else to say.
14.) GB Spores - Honestly not a competitive deck at all, but the best attempt at trying to make saprolings work in modern that I've come across.
15.) GB Shadow - A deck outclassed by current shadow lists, but with the ability to scavenge Death's Shadows out of the grave and put 13 counters on your other creatures.
16.) GB Delirium - Similar to common GB rock lists, but with a twist. This list tries to enable delirium quickly and use Traverse the Ulvenwald to search out eldrazi beaters. Sometimes you just hit early temples and power out a turn 3 Reality Smasher though.
17.) Free Win Red - Spirit Guides and Rituals are used to get an early Blood Moon or Ensnaring Bridge, which is hopefully enough to stop your opponent from doing anything before you can land a threat.
18.) Esper Rally - Dump a bunch of little dudes into your grave, use Rally the Ancestors to get them all back and sac them to trigger Blood Artist and drain your opponent. Repeat.
19.) Maze's Wits - A personal favorite of mine. A 5 color Battle of Wits list with so many combos and synergies, I'll let you take a look at the list and find them all.
20.) Marvelous Dragonstorm - An energy list in modern with the goal to hit Dragonstorm off of Aetherwork's Marvel. Plan B is to use Spell Twine to cast it instead.
21.) Mardu Walkers - This might seem like a pretty normal list, until you realize that the maindeck is 74 cards. I'm not sure where the list is from, but I vaguely remember that the author had a bunch of math to go along with it that showed it would still be consistent.
22.) Mardu Vehicles - An adaptation of the successful standard list ported into modern.
23.) Mardu Pyromancer - A mardu tokens lists with Young Pyromancer and Monstery Mentor.
24.) Madcap Naya - GR ponza splash white for Nahiri, which can be used to fetch out Platinum Emperion if the Plan A of Madcap Experiment doesn't work out.
25.) Mono-W Devotion - Use free cards like Leyline of Sanctity and Borderposts to get early devotion and power out some powerful creatures.
26.) Lupelines - Jam a bunch of Leylines turn 0 and hopefully play Lupine Protype or Starfield of Nyx to beat down the opponent.
27.) Lava Storm - Generate tokens and use Battle Hymn to get large amounts of mana and continue to storm off before casting Haze of Rage and swinging out.
28.) Landfall Combo - A fun deck trying to loop landfall triggers with cards like Walking Atlas and Retreat to Coralhelm and then winning with Hedron Crab or Tunneling Geopede.
29.) Land Extraction Mill - Use Surgical Extraction and Extirpate to pull out lands from the opponent's deck, and then cast Mind Funeral to mill them for a large amount.
30.) Kuldotha Goblins - A simple goblins deck that wants to cast Kuldotha rebirth turn 1 off of 0 cost artifacts.
31.) UR Coin Flip - I'm sure many of you have heard of this deck. Use Krark's Thumb to try and change the outcome of the coinflips that let you take extra turns like with Stitch in Time or deal more damage with cards like Mana Clash.
32.) Jund Dragons - WELCOME TO THE JUNDER DOMEnow with more dragons.
33.) Asendancy Loam - I've honestly never tried to play this deck but I'll assume it works like normal Ascendancy Combo, but with a fancy Gifts package.
34.) Mono-U Illusions - Lord of the Unreal is honestly not too shabby for a tribe that many forget exists. Plays like a slow merfolk deck.
35.) Humanator Combo - An old standard deck ported to modern. First Dredge humans into the yard. Then reanimate Angel of Glory's Rise, exile the angel with Fiend Hunter, then use the mana from Wild Cantor to sac the Fiend Hunter with Undercity Informer's ability. This puts the angel back on the field and returns all those humans you just sac'd so you can rinse and repeat until you mill them out.
36.) Hollow Red - A RB version of the popular Hollow One decks.
37.) Heartless Eldrazi - A deck that tries to replace the Eye of Ugin effect that was used in combination with Eldrazi Temple in early eldrazi lists with Heartless Summoning.
38.) Heartless Architect - Take the known power of Blue Steel lists, and try to make it faster and stronger by adding Heartless Summoning.
39.) Heartbeat Combo - Use Early Harvest effects in combination with Heartbeat of Spring to generate a large amount of mana to cast Emrakul or a giant Blue Sun's Zenith to deck your opponent.
40.) GW Lifegain Aggro - Use cheap lifegain to power up cards like Ajani's Pridemate or Voracious Wurm and start the beat down.
41.) GW Humans - This is a 2 color take on the aggressive Humans deck using Collected Company.
42.) GW Enchantress - An enchantment based GW prison-esque deck that can switch to a beat down plan through Starfield of Nyx and Yavimaya Enchantress.
43.) Grixis As Foretold - Use As Foretold to cast wheeling effects every turn to get value out of Waste Not.
44.) Grixis Emerge - Uses creatures that can be cast for free (Hollow One, Bloodghast, Prized Amalgam) as early ways to get sac fodder that can be used to cast Elder Deep-Fiend.
45.) Mono-G Devotion - A interesting take on mono green devotion with some fun card choices such as Elspeth and Painful Truths.
46.) Graveshift - A Scapeshift deck that uses Splendid Reclamation to pull all the lands that we dump into the grave onto the field to kill with Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle.
47.) Graft Ballista - A deck similar to the GrowBots list above, but this one aims to finish off the opponent with a large Walking Ballista.
48.) GR Eldrazi Delirium - A GR eldrazi list with the ability to run Traverse the Ulvenwald to keep up the pressure by tutoring up more Reality Smashers or Tarmogoyfs.
49.) Goryo's Deathvine - This is what happens when you combine a Hollow one build with Death's Shadow and put in Griselbrand as a backup plan.
50.) RB Hollow Call - Another RB Hollow One build but with the addition of Call to the Netherworld which can grab Street Wraiths and other creatures from the grave.
51.) Rats and Taxes - Death and Taxes with a twist. Chittering Rats and Eldrazi Displacer let you lock your opponent out of their draw step.
52.) Rally the Zuberas - A Rally the Ancestors aristocrats style deck that can get value by using Zuberas and their death triggers.
53.) NyxWave - Ramp into a very large Genesis Wave and swing out with all the creatures you get.
54.) Nivmagus Cannon - Play free spells to build storm and then cast Ground Rift and eat all the copies with Nivmagus Elemental and try to one-shot your opponent.
55.) Naya Swans - Hit our Swans, draw some cards. A different take on the known Seismic Swans list. Glittering Wish gives you a fun toolbox sideboard and Knight of the Reliquary is a good beater.
56.) Nexus Control - Give all your stuff cascade and cast spells. Pretty straight forward.
57.) Black Moon - A RB version of common Blue Moon lists. Pack Rat is a fun card.
58.) Puresteel Toolbox - An artifact based toolbox list that uses Puresteel Paladin and Stone Haven Outfitter to give your artifacts a little extra oomph. Puresteel Paladin + Viridian Longbow + Basilisk Collar + Creatures = Machine Gun.
59.) Naya Midrange - This is what you get if you try to make Jund without black.
60.) Puresteel Gift - Another artifact based toolbox deck but with Sigarda's Aid and more aggressive creatures.
61.) Naya Heroic - The popular Theros standard deck ported into modern.
62.) Naya Eldrazi Evolution - A somewhat standard Naya Eldritch Evolution but it replaces the utility creatures for Thought-Knot Seer and Reality Smashers.
63.) Naya Dragons - A list from imperialtrace. Dragon Midrange.dec
64.) Werewolf Prison - Use Spirit Guides to hopefully land an early blood moon, and hope that your opponent is unable to cast spells which helps flip your wolves.
65.) Mono-U Martyrs - a modern port of Gregory Hatch's legacy list. Use your counters on a stick to gain incremental value along side Sky Hussar.
66.) Mono-U Airforce - An aggressive list filled with evasive flyers.
67.) Mono-R Tron - Take Tron, but instead of casting Karn, cast Banefire. Better yet, cast 2 copies with Pyromancer's Goggles.
68.) Mono-R Prison - A list somewhat similar to free win red, but now with another "oops, I win" in the form of Through the Breach and Emrakul.
69.) Liliana Tribal - Take a bunch of Lilianas, put em in a deck together, boom.
70.) Twiddle Storm - Use Twiddle effects along side Utopia Sprawl effects to make tons of mana before casting Gifts Ungiven or Bring to Light and Grapeshotting the opponent.
71.) Mono-G Control - A list I believe the discord created. It seems to play like GR Ponza.
72.) 7 Land Belcher - Fetch out all your basics and try to fire off a Belcher activation. If that doesn't work, Plan B is to use all the defenders along side Assault Formation to go for a beat down plan.
73.) Mono-G Superfriends - A superfriends list that can cast an array of multi-colored walkers thanks to Oath of Nissa.
74.) Mono-U Living End - Dump some fatties in the yard and then reanimate them by casting Living End for free off of As Foretold.
75.) Blue Steel - The blue artifact based aggro deck popularized by Zac Elsik.
76.) Mono-B Panharmonicon - A devotion-ish deck that tries to abuse the etb effects of creatures and Panharmonicon.
77.) Mono-B Burn - An unconventional burn list that gets incremental value with some basic discard synergies and some value creatures.
78.) Modular Ballista - A combination of the GrowBots and Graft Ballista decks mentioned above.
79.) Metal Reanimator - A BR list that uses Trash for Treasure and Zombify to reanimate bulky artifact creatures.
80.) Primal Surge - A ramp deck that aims to cast primal surge and dump it's whole deck on to the field.
81.) Primal Door - A deck similar to the one above, but this has a built in combo of Ugin's Nexus and Seal of Primordium to give you an extra to turn to swing out and kill the opponent.
82.) Pokemon Scapeshift - A Scapeshift list that gets its name from the fact that it plays 150 cards.
83.) Oops, All Spells! - A deck ported into modern from legacy. Runs a combo similar to the Humanator list mentioned above, but can use Endless Obedience to get back Angel, which then grabs Laboratory Maniac and Alchemist's Apprentice so you can sac and draw with an empty library to win.
84.) Obzedat's Vengeance - Goryo's Vengeance 's trigger can be stacked to resolve after Obzedat's so you can reanimate him for only 2 mana. The rest plays like an esper midrange list.
85.) RG Shamans - An aggro list that spams a bunch of small shamans and then tries to finish off the opponent with an alpha swing using Rage Forger or Atarka's Command.
86.) BW Myr Combo - Loop Myr Retrievers or Perilous Myr by reducing their costs with Heartless Summoning and Enduring Renewal. The payoff is exiling the opponents library with Bitter Ordeal or milling them out with Altar of the Brood triggers.
87.) Mono-R Hatebears - A red taxes list that uses some lesser known red hatebears along side damage based removal.
88.) RB Death Vine - Yet another Vengevine/Hollow One list that plays Death's Shadow.
89.) Shifting End - A list that combines classic Living End lists with a Scapeshift strategy. Cause' why not?
90.) Season's Past Combo - A Complicated combo deck that allows you to loop Early Harvest, Gifts Ungiven, and some cards with Season's Past until you only have Season's Past left in your deck. Then you can generate inifinte mana and deck your opponent with Careful Considerations or Thought Scour.
91.) Savor the Moment - An aggressive Jeskai strategy that wants to keep attacking for those last few points of damage by using creatures with vigilance along side Savor the Moment.
92.) Jeskai Machines - The Saheeli combo put into a shell similar to that of UB Tezzerator but in Jeskai colors.
93.) RW Stax - A different take on the well known Sun and Moon decks. This list doesn't play Blood Moon but can still go for a land denial plan.
94.) Redvine - A simple GR Vengevine/Hollow One list.
95.) Redvine Zoo - A list very close to the one above but with more small creatures commonly found in zoo decks.
96.) Esper Trading Post - An artifact based control list that utilizes Trading Post as a pseudo planeswalker to gain incremental value.
97.) Suicide Grixis - It's a Suicide Bloo list with Death's Shadow.
98.) Bandit Lord Vizier - An all-in Vizier combo list that aims to win in the first few turns off of Hall of the Bandit Lord and Pacts.
99.) Sonic Boom - What I believe was an old standard list ported into modern. Who knew Plumeveils could be so menacing when you give them chariots to ride?
100.) Slivers - Self Explanatory.
101.) Skred - Skred is a pretty well known deck, my list is a little outdated but it's basically a red control list.
102.) Temur Polymorph - A deck makes tokens so that it can Polymorph them into something much bigger, but now it has copies 5-8 in the form of Indomitable Creativity.
103.) Temur Hollow One - By now your tired of all these Vengevine lists but this one gets to use Stubborn Denial. Other than that its pretty stock.
104.) Temur Ascendancy Zoo - Play a bunch of cheap 4-power creatures that gain haste off of ascendancy, while refilling your hand at the same time.
105.) Taking Turns - This deck is pretty well known. Chain extra turn spells together and win.
106.) Sultai Walkers - A Sultai superfriends list.
107.) Sultai Walkers - A list from Todd Stevens that wants to power out a turn 2 Ashiok or Liliana.
108.) Sultai Illness - Negate the etb triggers of the Hunted creatures and Forbidden Orchard with Illness in the Ranks. This also gives you free death triggers for Blood Artist.
109.) Sultai Death Cloud - Stall until you land a walker and then cast Death Cloud to wipe the opponent's board. Goryo's Vengeance can get back Jace and Liliana for the late game.
110.) Sultai Vengevine - A deck that resembles what Vengevine lists looked like before Hollow One showed up.
111.) UG Gifts - A pretty basic mono green devotion lists that also runs a Gifts reanimation package.
112.) Tezzeret's Intuition. - An engine formed by Artificer's Intuition and Myr Servitor that can fetch silver bullet artifacts, put in a Tezzerator shell.
113.) UB Delvdrazi - A weird mash up of UB Delver and eldrazi.
114.) Temur Sarkhan - An attempt to make a RUG version of Jeskai Nahiri, using Sarkhan and Dragons instead of Nahiri and Emrakul.
115.) UB Control - Control is not uncommon in modern, but straight UB is.
116.) Twiddle Defenders - Twiddle + mana producing defenders = Emrakul.
117.) Token Storm - Mardu tokens with Possibility Storm thrown so that you can cast Squadron Hawk, which pulls out all the creatures except Emrakul.
118.) Token Friends - A superfriends list geared at making a lot of tokens.
119.) RW Pyrohemia - A RW control deck with the all-star being Pyrohemia. Its activated ability can help keep the board clear of small creatures, draw cards of off Swans of Bryn Argoll, or deal double damage with Boros Reckoner.
120.) UG Warp - A Taking Turns variation but with less focus on the idea of chaining turns together, and more focus on going for a midrange strategy.
121.) UG Pili-Pala Combo - The Pili-Pala and Grand Architect combo put into a Collected Company shell. Make infinite mana and then kill with Walking Ballista.
122.) UB Zombie Combo - A combo deck with neat synergies revolving around Gifts Ungiven and Haakon, Stromgald Scourge.
123.) 8-Scales - My personal brew created with the help of the mtggoldfish discord and Team Foonen. Stall with Culling Scales and Porphyry Nodes until you can land a decent threat such as Nahiri or something from the wish board.
124.) Unexpected Results - Ramp into Unexpected results and hope you hit something good.
125.) Abzan Curses - Use Bitterheart Witch to cheat out curses and exhaust your opponent's resources.
126.) Elemental Breach - A tribal Through the Breach deck that wants that wants to cheat out and swing with Liege of the Tangle.
127.) Zombardment - A Jund aristocrats deck.
128.) WR Prison - Another well known deck. Self explanatory.
129.) Westvale Worship - Hide behind Worship and defenders until you can flip Westvale Abbey.
130.) Waste Foretold - Another list featuring As Foretold, Waste Not and wheeling effects but with some spicy tech like Shadow of the Grave and Molten Psyche.
131.) Venser Blink - A Collected Company deck featuring an array of creatures that gain value whenever they enter the battlefield.
132.) UW Turns - Another turns deck with a splash of white for some better removal and sideboard options.
133.) UW Spirits - An aggressive tribal deck with a few controlling elements to help push through damage.
134.) UW Sceptor - An interesting list with a small focus on wizards and using Isochron Sceptor to have access to a counter spell every turn.
135.) UW Renewal Control - A UW control list with a combo finish. Loop the x cost artifact creatures with Enduring Renewal for infinite etb triggers and mill your opponent out with Altar of the Brood.
136.) UW Quest - A Quest for the Holy Relic deck. Play a bunch of cheap creatures, and then grab a sword or Argentum Armor.
137.) UW Pride Spirits - More spirits! This time with Pride of the Clouds.
138.) UW Monument - Use Oketra's Monument to make all your cheap creatures cheaper and get an extra body each time you cast one.
139.) UW Hatebears - A fun take on taxes with some under used cards that work well with Aether Vial such as Skaab Ruinator or Serra Avenger.
140.) UW Hexproof - A color shifted version of Bogles.
141.) UW Airforce - Yet another fliers list, but this one had the fun inclusions of Erayo and Thunderclap Wyvern
142.) UR Tutelage - Hide behind ensnaring bridge as you mill your opponent out with Memeric Orb and Sphinx's Tutelage.
143.) UR Improvise - Play a bunch of free artifacts and then jam an Enraged Giant or other improvised dudes in the first few turns of the game.
144.) Aethermage Sultai - Kind of plays similar to the Unexpected Results deck from above. Cast Aethermage's Touch and try to get a creature with a decent etb effect.
145.) Death's Shadow Infect - Take one of the biggest creatures you can get in modern (Death's Shadow), and give it infect with Tainted Strike.
146.) Solemnity Combo - I'm sure many people already know about this since there was discussion about it as soon as Solemnity was spoiled.
147.) Ultimatum Combo - A fun deck. Try to dump Omniscience into the grave and reanimate it with Obzedat's Aid. Then chain together ultimatums and try to win.
148.) Esper Rally - Another Rally the Ancestors deck but this one includes Bridge from Below to get some more bodies after you sac your board.
149.) GB Ooze Combo - A bunch of combos thrown into one deck, even if part of the combo hits the grave, you can use Necrotic Ooze to go off anyways.
150.) Paradox Engine Combo - An updated version of what's commonly known as dice factory. Use Surge Nodes and Coretappers to give your mana rocks a boost and generate a bunch of mana by untapping them over and over again with Paradox Engine until you can kill them with a giant Walking Ballista.
151.) Esper Turbo Friends - What you get when you want to play turbo fog and superfriends at the same time.
152.) Esper Jet Planes. - An Esper vehicles list that makes use of creatures with Inspire to crew them.
153.) Mono-B Zombies - A simple zombie tribal list.
154.) Charged Destruction - A variation of Dice Factory that tries to ramp into an early Wildfire to leave your opponent short on lands and you with mana via mana rocks so you can pull ahead.
155.) Simic Faeries - Basically mono blue, but with a splash of green for Lead the Stampede and Scryb Ranger.
156.) Crucible Control - A prison deck created by Randall Thompson (a huge contributor to Lantern Control). The only win condition is a single Inkmoth Nexus. Your goal is to loop Ghost Quarters and take out all your opponents lands and then slowly kill them with Inkmoth.
157.) Dark Crimes Combo - Cast Spellweaver's Helix imprinting Raven's Crime and Dark Petition and loop them until you can cast Emrakul.
158.) Descendant's Treefolk - Treefolk tribal, but by using Descendant's Path and a changeling, you can tutor up Emrakul with Congregation at Dawn and cast it for free since it shares a creature type with Chameleon Colossus.
159.) Dragon Rally - A Jeskai Rally deck but instead of bringing back creatures and sacrificing them to win with Blood Artist, we take advantage of Dragon Tempest and the fact that most of the creatures are dragons.
160.) Dredgless Dredgevine - More Vengevine! Plays like a weird dredge deck but doesn't include any cards with dredge.
161.) Ensnaring Aggro - A list from BACEXXXXXX. Stop your opponents from attacking you while you get over Ensnaring Bridge with low power creatures that get buffed as they attack.
162.) Esper Blink - A deck that kind of plays like Eldrazi and Taxes but with more emphasis on flickering synergies.
163.) Bio-Weaver - Play a bunch of creatures including Biovisionary, and then cast Mirrorweave to get 4 or more and win the game.
164.) Sultai 2 Drops - Another Team Foonen brew. Play a bunch of 2 mana cards and ways to tutor them up for any given situation.
165.) Esper Flyers - Self Explanatory.
166.) Blistering Rage - A Suicide Bloo variation featuring Blistercoil Weird.
167.) Golden Zoo - A zoo deck that uses the multi-colored aspect of its creatures to its advantage with cards such as Knight of New Alara.
168.) Blood Funnel Combo - Cast a creature like Riddlesmith and then play Blood Funnel. From there you can chain together 2 mana artifacts that get countered but draw you into more. As you do this you can either be creating an army with Monastery Mentor or try to draw through your deck and win with Lab Maniac.
169.) Bloody Humans - A Free Win Red deck that beats down with assorted humans (sometimes holding swords or riding dragons).
170.) Counter Crop - We have Counterbalance in modern but no top, so it got replaced with Cream of the Crop to help manipulate the top of your library.
171.) BR Curses - Use Footsteps of the Goryo to bring back Bitterheart Witch and start cursing your opponent.
172.) BR Tokens - Pack Rat makes rats, Rabblemaster makes Goblins, Young Pyromancer makes elementals, etc.
173.) Transformable Belcher - A Belcher list that turns into Oops, All Spells!
174.) BUG Salvage - A more midrange approach to a Death's Shadow list that utilizes the graveyard more heavily.
175.) 5 Color Humans - An older list that doesn't include cards from Ixalan or Shadows Over Innistrad.
176.) 5 Color Glittering Scales - The original version of the 8-Scales deck posted above.
177.) Elemental Blast - Hit hard and fast with a bunch of elemental creatures.
178.) Abzan Truths - Make use of taxing effects by paying more colors of mana for Painful Truths.
179.) Act of Bees - Boros Reckoner and Hornet Nest have a best friend named Blasphemous Act.
180.) Bant Helix - Lock your opponent of the game with Knowledge Pool and Curse of Exhaustion.
181.) Bant Saheeli - The Saheeli combo put into a shell full of value creatures kind of like Kiki Chord.
182.) Bant Spirits - I'm sure this deck is pretty well known and self explanatory.
183.) Hunted Company - Put the Hunted creatures into a Collected Company build and add Illness in the Ranks and Blood Artists.
184.) Double Moon Walkers - A superfriends list that takes advantage of the ability to cast walkers of any color through Blood Moon via Oath of Nissa.
185.) 4 Color Seance - Fill the yard. Get Value. Win the Pro Tour.
186.) Venser Chord - A variation of Kiki chord with out the combo. Your goal is to assemble Venser and Stonehorn Dignitary to lock your opponent out of attack steps.
Note: These decks are in no way all supposed to be competitively viable. I'm just trying to inspire a few people to try something new and exciting or maybe spark an idea for a new brew.
Below will be decks posted in the comments, updated versions of some of the lists mentioned above, and lists that I forgot to put in when I originally made the post.
187.) Varolz Shadow - A list from lithzz that is another take on the GB Shadow list from above, but tries to put the scavenged counters on to Walking Ballista.
188.) Gro-Bots - A list from Entrei6. An updated version of the Growbots list from above, but it has a combo finish using Rite of Passage + Hardened Scales and Walking Ballista.
189.) Blood Angel's Pact - A list from Xicadarksoul. "The deck's goal is simple: Cheat in play Platinum Angel with Madcap Experiment, and ride it to victory."
190.) Jankrakul, the Combo's Torn - A list from blong217. "So this is just a deck I've wanted to create for ages. It's really a simple concept with a simple execution. Basically you create a token with Dragon Fodder , Spawning Breath or Abstruse Interference then sac it to Polymorph or Indomitable Creativity. Then you cheat out Emrakul, the Aeons Torn."
191.) Jeskai Belcher - A list from john_dune. "Uses a combination of [[Proteus Staff]] and [[Goblin Charbelcher]] to set up a recursive beatdown win con. Can power out a Blightsteel Colossus on T4, or gum and and control any creature game. Isochron Sceptre (the 3rd stick) to help bring back massive threats for the win. Nahiri for fun, Gifts Ungiven to make your opponents cry... Enjoy"
192.) Bant Bellower - Use Painter's Servant to turn all your creatures green, then chain Bellowers and Phantasmal Images with the last creature being Hellraiser Goblin to give all your Bellowers haste.
193.) Bant Martyr Proc - Play this if you like gaining life, playing a wish board, and casting Supreme Verdict.
194.) Beck Alarm - A deck filled to the brim with Intruder Alarm combos created by Conley Woods.
195.) Mono-B Infestation - Make zombies using Zombie Infestation and Squee as well as enabling madness creatures.
196.) Combo Mill - Tutor for Archive Traps and then force your opponent to search their library with Field of Ruin so you can cast all the traps for free.
197.) UR Battle of Wits - A list from URLSweatshirt. Self Explanatory.
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