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FIFA: President Gianni Infantino recuperating from COVID


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The portal displays the serials on the bottom portion of the middle section. In addition, the update marks the arrival of the new agent Skye. Fifa chief moans that he's had to survive 'with no income' since losing his job as Sepp Blatter's right-hand man. There is no time limit – and you can. FIFA 18 is a far superior game than FIFA 17 - but there are still some issues.


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Short Review of some higher tier/ more expensive players!

Div 1/2 player. Finished 1 win away from gold 1 this weekend rushing my games Sunday night after being busy all weekend & couldn’t play the Monday. Just giving a perspective of where my reviews stand. Not going to bother taking in the price point but doing these reviews purely for performance wise. Here’s some short reviews of some premium players I’ve used so far this fifa:
  1. Cristiano Ronaldo
Solid overall card. Has everything you’d want for a striker & his shooting is out of this world. Best striker I’ve used so far this fifa and isn’t clunky whatsoever. Also amazing aerially! He’d be a 10 for me if he wasn’t so hard to link without an icon. Solid 9.5/10
  1. Mbappe
Pretty good card. I’ve only used Mbappe at the ST position and not out wide so others may have different opinions on this but he’s a tad clunky compared to Ronaldo. Something was off about his movement. Overall his shooting is insane and dribbling is good & is very rapid on the sprint. It’s just his turning that throws me off. 8.5/10
  1. Neymar
Not many negatives to say about this guy. Best on ball feel for a card I’ve used this year. He’s insane and has those glitchy dibbles where it glues to him while trying to get by defenders. Great pace, Great shooting. Only downside is that he’s missed a sitter or two this WL that we’re shocking but that could’ve been due to the servers. My favourite CAM/ Winger this fifa hands down. 9.5/10
  1. Baby Kaka
2nd best CAM I’ve used after Neymar. I’ve never had a 6’1 player feel this agile and smooth on the ball. He also has very good pace . Thinking of Kaka from last year, I didnt wanna take the chance of wasting coins but I needed a strong link to neymar. Don’t regret it one bit. Only downside is his shooting. It was okay and couldn’t bang like the top 3 guys could but still pretty good finishing. 8.5/10
  1. Baby Del Piero
Man I used this guy for 5 games and could just not get on with him. My only positive to this guy was that he had okay pace and could bang. But he just seemed so awkward on the ball. I’m sure his low balance plays a part into it but I just couldn’t get going with him as my CAM. I like to bring out defenders with some dribble moves but he just felt too clunky and not sharp enough on ball. Could’ve been suited better at the ST position but didn’t bother to try him out there. 7.5/10
  1. IF Saint Maximin
Not exactly premium like the other guys but wow is this card nuts. 100% 2nd best on ball feel and dribbling next to neymar. This guy cuts corners so quick and makes his defenders turn into pylons. And for 70 finishing, he finishes almost everything. I’ve had the odd sitter miss but he’s fairly consistent for that low finishing. I’ve found him to be amazing on the wing and just as effective as Neymar out wide. Didn’t wanna bring price into but he’s worth every single coin. He’s one of those cards which just feels premium to use despite only having high pace and dribbling. Amazing amazing amazing card to play out wide and break down defences. 9/10
Edit: thank you to the kind strangers for the silver!!!!!
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RTTF player reviews-futchamps (D1) Rivals

Muriel- Solid all around. Started with hawk on him and even with fairly high dribbling felt kind of clunky. Switched him to engine and he became much better. Very good finisher with good positioning and made good runs. Probably my favorite striker in the Serie A who isn’t Ronaldo (haven’t tried RB lukaku) Overall-8.0/10
Mount- decent player. Not really anything to boast about as he felt fairly average in all departments. Felt a bit stronger than his card suggests but nothing crazy. Better options in the prem. Stats aren’t crazy just more or less looking forward to his upgrade which I believe he will get. Overall-6.5/10 (engine)
Klostermann- ok where to begin. I have used every meta CB this year including some icon CBs. Klostermann’s regular Card was OP but not a Gomez/Varane/Van Dijk, but now this new card is by far the best CB I’ve used this year. (Shadow)
This card was a huge upgrade over his regular card. I used his regular card for over 100 games at the beginning of fifa, and this card is miles better. I have red futchamps Gomez, and he feels like that card but faster, and a better tackler and better heading ability. Honestly, I thought that Gomez IF Card was almost untouchable until I tried this card. I really don’t understand what it is but he feels disgustingly fast. Caught up to every striker I faced with no problem at all. Incredible recovery ability. If this card gets another upgrade, I will just be speechless. Weakness- maybe not as strong as a Van Dijk but better in every other department and felt just as good in tackling. Strength really wasn’t ever a problem though. Overall-9.5/10
Davies- Used his regular Card over a 100 games like Klostermann at the beginning of fifa. Was always impressed by the regular card. The regular Davies was my 2nd favorite LB in the game behind mendy. Road the mendy train for about 200 games after Davies since mendy IMO was an upgrade on Davies. Once I saw this new card I had to try it. (Guardian)
As the case with Klostermann, this Davies Card is by far the best LB in the game. This card makes mendy his bitch. His super high agility with great tackling make him a nightmare to get past. This is truly the ultimate LB as he can easily get forward as well, dribble past defenders, and decent finishing on the card allows him to score off great overlapping runs. The only slight weakness with it and I really mean slight is I personally like high stamina. 82 is decent but I prefer at least 85+ if my fullback is going to be bombing the wings up and down. The thing is, this card is bound to get more upgrades which will inevitably fix the stamina issue. Overall-9.8
Let me know if you want more future reviews and I’ll try to get my hands on some more players. Might try Oblak next.
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